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I wish I was a double Leo.

Wait — in two years I will be, when my progressed Sun and Moon enter the same sign. (You may not know what a progressed Sun and Moon are — that’s a good reason to study Astrology — and you can start by watching this workshop.)

This will be the only time in my life that I will be a double Leo, and it will last for two and a half years. Not for a while yet. I’m getting a taste of what this feels like already (said the progressed Sun in Leo) — however, it’s not all about me…this newsletter is to talk about YOU.

This dark sky is asking for your attention. We are in the middle of Mercury retrograde (July 26 – August 18, 2018), and there were a series of three eclipses — the last one is about to occur early Saturday, August 11, 2018. Seven planets have been retrograde, and this summer has been quite intense. Check out the weather — the warmest the water has ever been in Florida in the history of records, the warmest summer Europe has ever seen, and the biggest fire we’ve ever had in California. This is a perfect time for us to pay attention to our own radical changes and be honest and clear about the topic of this solar cycle: Leo. Everyone needs someone to address the state of their Ego…

Nothing feels better in the whole world than falling in love — knowing that someone is adoring you and may even decide to kiss you. What brings more joy than the sound of your child’s laughter, the feeling of getting a raise, an acknowledgement at work that you matter and have succeeded? This is the theme of double Leo: love, acknowledgment and kisses.

I remember the day I was hired by a very high-level family in our world, but they insisted I sign many pages promising privacy so no one would ever know we worked together. My ego was on fire to start with, as I got ready to see them and their team. I remember going to yoga with my little secret and was so full of myself. I was thrilled that after doing some research, they had chosen me to be their astrologer; however, I could not tell anyone but my family — even ’til now.

What a great exercise this was: to know in the privacy of my own mind that I had been chosen, but not tell ‘others’ that my ego was having a party, feeding itself in mouthfuls in a room all by ourselves. This was so nutritional for my starving Ego and so limited for the outer personality.

When a Double Leo knows their own worth, when they do not require an outer reflection, when you are really in love with who you are and what you do — then this is just dessert. You can feed yourself. You don’t need the outward reflection.

This is why our Astrology classes have been so successful — because you get to feed yourself with the truth of your gifts and not for any other reason than to enhance your self esteem.

What would the world be like if everyone knew their worth and could display boundaries and strengths, naturally and organically? This new moon begs you to look over at your self esteem, your ego’s appetite, and feed it. You and you alone can tame that monster. We all have one.

A healthy Ego knows it’s not the center of the universe and that the soul must be right nearby to have balance. But a soul without an Ego is not going to have you happy. I promise.

Pray during this new moon for self esteem, for true love, and to have faith in your ability to reach your goals and be loved.

Sending love,


P.S. We are endorsing a year-long storytelling course by Leah Lamb that will really feed your Leo nature — the creative part, the storytelling part, the part in all of us who longs to stand out and stand up to tell YOUR story…check out her work by clicking here.


  •' Caroline Marriott says:

    Debra….I am just so lucky that I found you on the internet. You have made such a difference to my life. Sadly, I am miles away in the UK cos I would give anything to attend one of your courses and learn more. I need the face-to-face approach. You are, SIMPLY THE BEST!!! And thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything, especially the laughs. Yours Caroline

  •' Jane Reilly says:

    Debra, I believe it is an act of God and a miracle that I found you. It has been so validating, and I’m always ‘seeking ‘, so this gives me full rein!❤️???

  • You are an amazing gift Debra!
    So happy that our paths have crossed. I gobble up all your free offers & look forward to the day when I can have YOU read my chart & I can take your classes.
    Until then… know your a shining star woman & a lovely soul!
    Thank you for being you & sharing your gifts.
    Peace & Love from Oregon.

  •' Erin says:

    Whooo, yeah. I am a double Leo and this whole eclipse season has hit me pretty hard in the ego! Knowing my worth, requiring outer reflection ohhhhhhhhhh god. Thanks for this insight!

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