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This week, the Sun and Moon meet in the shiny golden sign of Leo. With Leo, we would expect a bright, bold version of energy but it’s not the usual Leo—it’s a dark sky as it always is during a new moon.

My very first great love was a Leo, my mother was a Leo, my dearest friends are either Leo rising, Moon in Leo or live with a strong fifth house. I just adore this energy.

Who doesn’t love the exuberance of a child eating their favorite ice cream, a brand new outfit for the dance party, the teenage delight of telling your best friend about your first kiss?

This is the part in all of us that cannot be stopped. No one wants to tell a child to stop its laughter, and good luck trying to stifle a kid’s crying. I cherish wild instinctive energy.

So while you too may love wild kid energy, there are those kids who prefer it to be delightfully quiet. That’s what this new moon is calling for: the kid inside you that lives contently with your inner world.

The Sun and Moon are standing together, enjoying each other’s company. They are not screaming LOOK AT ME! We leave that for the full moon of Leo. Today is the flavor of the shy child, wanting to stay at home and be creative.

So much of this life, and so much of classical Leo is to have DRAMA to consume our waking hours. Is it a broken love affair? Your kids growing up? Or is it our current-day politics on either side creating a kerfuffle?

Whatever the drama/trauma in your life during this new moon, the sky is asking you to invoke your quietly happy child… the part who celebrates the smallest events, like waking up in the morning, watching the sun go down at the end of the day—or maybe it’s just the feel of the warm wind on a summer day.

Not every Leo is a show off, not every fire sign is all jacked up. There is an inner world that is called forward during a new moon of any sort, giving us a reflection time to go in. During this double Leo energy: allow yourself to value your ‘me’ time.

This is why we study Astrology deeply: to move as far away from generalities as we can. A new moon is a time to go in to reflect and study. A full moon is a time to celebrate and be out—at the party, around the campfire, playing.

Let’s do a new moon prayer:

“Allow me the ability to stand in my quiet with comfort—to know stillness and ease. To live a life of little to no drama. To be with what is and to love what I have been given.”

This is the right use of double Leo as a source of wisdom. Not so easy to accomplish, but what a great goal.



  •' Donna Phillips says:

    My birthday was Monday, the 29th and there are lots of creative, exciting things going on for me. I am building a greenhouse for growing micro-greens and I am brain-storming for a book I plan to put together regarding backyard farming and animal husbandry and spirituality.


  •' Roz says:

    As above so below, as below so above

  •' Carol Cederstrom says:

    Thank you Debra. It’s been a beautiful morning and I’m glad to hear from you. I spent my morning by the beach. Haven’t been there for a long time. I discovered that the water holds its own against the rushing world. It’s a lot stronger than we think

  •' MaryAnne says:

    Namaste my friend…you are always so inspiring ?❣️??

  •' Lisa says:

    Thank you, It’s been hard lately and I am being tested, patience, resolve, my steadfast nature pushed to it’s limit. I needed that prayer and today of the New Moon (a black moon) I will retreat with in my self and care for those I love even thou they try my patience. You, really have been a source of positive light and love, seeing things and understanding others in a brand new light, helping me to clean away some of the toxic past and move fearlessly into a brighter future. Thank you

  •' Iman says:

    Debra, your wisdom and words go straight to my soul. You see I would love to remember happy moment of my childhood but there are few to remember !. I tried all my life to keep going and be successful wearing a mask to protect myslef. Now the veil is down and i am broke both emotionally and financially. I sill can not realize what is happening. I discovered astrology a year ago and was immediately attracted to it as trying to find answers to who I am and where am I going? I hit the wall and left with empty heart. I am stuck between the past lives and this one and feel floating in the cosmos with no routes. I can not be embodied as my spirt is not on earth. I have been told i am possessed ! Long story !!! I found few answers in my Astro chart that I studied myself but still a lot to discover. In this new moon i wish i can be free and be myself and connect body and spirit and stop trying to fit in at all cost. I give up trying and surrender. The exist is here somewhere. Blessing with love. Namaste.


    i THANK YOU FOR THIS DIALOGUE TODAY i AM LEO WITH CANCER RISING i WAS BORN ON JULY 25 1950 I WAS BORN A TWIN MY BROTHER WAS BORN 4:30 AM (PASSED AWAY 2016) AND i WAS BORN CLOSER TO 5 AM. I RECENTLY FOUND I WAS BORN IN THE CUSP OF OSCILLATION I just discovered this recently Now I can acknowledge why I am conflicted in my inner self as a result of the dual influences of cancer and leo. I do not know if you do private readings of birth charts-I feel at this time in my life that i need a professional – I have tried to study astrology for many years but my personal preference of reading into it is not subjective Please respond to and let me know what your fee will be. I live in Canada so I need to convert into Canadian $ Thank yOU i READ YOUR BOOK THE FOUR ELEMENTS INTERESTING i WAS WEAK WITH EARTH AND I MARRIED A CAPRICORN !!!!!!!!!

  •' Nancy says:

    How interesting! I’m a double Aries and I’m realizing this is why I don’t fit into that fiery Aries mold. I’m strong but I prefer quiet times. This is the first explanation that’s made sense! Thank you.

  •' Amy Bonich says:

    What a great article and very uplifting and positive. Thank you for writing this and sharing.

  •' Lou Ann Kieffer says:

    Thank you for the prayer Debra. My moon is in Leo and today has been very emotional for me. I hope if I say this prayer often enough today I will find the peace and stillness in my heart. Thank you for your words and all that you do.

  •' Karen Rhodes says:

    Thank you Debra. So very wise and true.

  •' Christine says:

    Thank you! I’ve struggled with Leo energy .. never really connecting with it before. This is helping me step away from an assumption / generality and see the side of Leo I’ve been overlooking. ??

  •' Krystin says:

    Dearest Debra,
    you cannot know how much I love you for all what you give to me! THANK YOU.
    and it is all so true. we are born in the same time on this earth and we are seeing the same sun and all the planets and Stars,
    only from different places.
    there is so much sense to be here, i have no words… i just lost my 23 year old beautiful son ,it is still
    beyond all my experiences, but there is so much love and healing coming from the other side, i can say, with all what i feel:
    I love to live. ( got moon in leo)
    Thank you my Sister in Heart

  • Just what I wanted to hear today! Thanks.

  •' Alfred says:

    Thank you Debora, your reading I appreciate it all…

  •' Joyce says:

    So beautiful, Debra! Thank you especially for this perfect prayer. ✨ You’ve captured the energy of the moment to a tee.

  •' Louise says:

    Thank you. I needed to hear this. It
    Is why I am using this period of reflection to step away from local politics I have done intensely for 3 years. It was important to engage in for a while for the planet but all political groups have constant wrangling (drama) so now look forward to letting go Of what I can’t fix or change, which is hard for Aquarian’s and Leo’s to say. But it is healing to let it go and let some people go. If something meant for your higher good it will come back and respect the terms I set in order to be healthy. If not? Time for my tortoise and I to chill out together.

    I adopted a full grown African Sulcata Tortoise names Mocha and he helps me still the Leo Moon (opp sun) I have inside me well as get in tune with my Missing Element, earth.

    Mocha is 65 lbs of practical, quiet, predictable, methodical, strong, persistent, slow, herbaceous and earth-centric energy. I love his vibe and he grounds me just being around him.

    Funny how another organism can ground us and make us more aware of finding balance due to our our missing puzzle pieces.

    I vouch that tortoises are good animal magic for finding Earth or balancing too much Leo or Fire.

  •' Christine McPherson says:

    I really love the New Moon prayer so appropriate as I’m full of energy. And enjoying the quietness and relaxation that allows you to be free and creative.

  • Hi Debra,
    Thanks for this because it is so my LEO. I know that when I was younger OMG my ego, my whole being was look at me, look at me.
    Oh and the stories I could come up with to keep everyone amused. Its been a long time now I do not feel comfortable in crowds. Love my own space peaceful and quiet.
    I love to get lost in art work and helping others. Doing art projects with kids and by observing a lot of animal behavior, I find it fascinating and beautiful. BRAVO
    Mother Nature. Luckily for me I found an ARIES partner who feels just the same. We always say about us, we saved the best for last.
    It’s funny that both my bosses in these past 30 years have been and still are LEO’s. Strong personalities and yes in front of the crowd, August babies. I turned 58 a couple
    of days ago on Jul 29th, I can’t stand being in front of a crowd which I have to be for my job. We have no drama in my house its not aloud. We have a sign Don’t Piss Off My Fairies. It should say don’t piss of our guardians, angels and spirits they are forever around which is a blessing.

  •' Ava Goodman says:

    Thank you! I love the new moon prayer! Perfect timing . . . the sweet sign that Mercury’s going direct! Love and Light always <3

  •' Diane says:

    Thank you for your words of wisdom?

  •' Marty says:

    Today has been a day of creativity for me and tonight I can bask in the peace of the black new moon… and reset myself, leaving what past in the past..your prayer is just perfect for this endeavor
    Thank you… you are a blessing

  •' Jennifyerheart says:

    Yess, says a leo sun conjunct mars on the mid heaven.

  •' Nancy says:

    Thank you so very much for sharing your wisdom! This new moon prayer is a such a powerful affirmation!

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