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Our world… Crazy. Hard to understand. And then comes a double Leo sky.

Everyone usually thinks: “Wow, you are a double Leo?! You must be wild, loud, free, and out there.” But it’s not always true. When the Sun and Moon are in the same sign, it is built for introversion.

This sky suggests it’s time to reflect, so says the Moon hidden by the Sun. You will not be able to see the Moon tonight. It’s dark—hence, go in.

This fall, said the astrologer, we are headed for a very tense time. The new moon sky this week is softer. Take advantage of this gentler time we are in.

We are well aspected by Mars (Mars trines the Sun and Moon), implying good energy. There is healthy Fire up there.

Mars will NOT be well aspected this fall. Mars will square the Sun and 3 other planets come mid-October…entangling them all in a T-square. Any of you who do not speak Astrology, this means it will be a tense time. Starting in September, we are headed for a capital T in the sky, standing for Tension and it will last through the Libra month.

So let’s enjoy this sky now. It’s the end of the summer, with a double Leo energy: which I refer to as the shy show off.

I’ve been thinking about it and how it relates to human nature. Here’s how it showed up for me…

I never thought of myself as anything special (we grow into self esteem; it’s a silly truth that we don’t come with it). I worked hard. Gave my job all I had, and over time, I came to discover that I had a gift at my craft…not just as an astrologer but as a healer as well. Yet, I couldn’t see it. It took a lot of time for me to say: “Oh, I guess I’m good at this.” And as I aged, my self esteem slowly emerged. This is what Leo suffers from. They are dependent on the outer world for that feedback.

Leo’s life lesson is self acknowledgement—not being dependent on applause or outward reflection. To feel secure just because it is true and obvious. This is how we realize our own power. Certainly it helps to have a mom, or a best friend, or a spouse who thinks you special—who knows you are ‘the best.’

It was my mom’s birthday last week. She passed 15 years ago. I wrote on Facebook about how hard our relationship was, and got so many comments saying: ‘yes me too. I had a hard relationship with my mom too.’ This is how we fall flat with our self esteem—if right at the beginning no one told you: “You’re the best.”

Can you receive the gift of acknowledgment? Can you see through the eyes of love? During this reprieve we are having right now while the sky is dark, look in the mirror. Mothering ourselves is not an easy feat. I had to do it, with the help of a really good therapist (if you need a referral we have some in our files).

As my self-esteem grew and I could see myself as a good astrologer/healer (you fill in the blank for what you’re good at), I became a far more useful Human Being—especially during these ‘crazy’ times.

I always knew we would hit this point. Have you heard of the old Chinese curse: “May you live in interesting times”? We are here.

This double Leo sky is a time for a deep breath. We need strong, self-assured people right now. People who can hold their own, who can use their fire, who can stand up for what they believe in. To stand in the Fire, walk in their Fire (as Trevor Hall sings in his song Sagittarius) with confidence.

If you need some help, ask. We have therapists in our Rolodex, we have astrologers who are really good at identifying what you are here for and where the weaknesses lie.

Ask and you shall receive. This double Leo sky says: fall in love with you.

Hey, and you can always sign up for our school. The doors are opening this week. Studying Astrology can help get you back to you!

A proud no longer shy show off,


  •' Annie says:

    You make this really fun!

  •' Donna Puccinelli-Kenihan says:

    Oh Wow this was an amazing read!
    My mom died 15 years ago as well. And like you – I had a difficult relationship with her. I was “ what ruined her life”
    I’m a double Leo. However, with my ascendant and a moon just smack behind it. I’m a 00 Capricorn sun.
    Finding my Shine was Extremely hard. And did not begin until after my 1st Saturn return.
    Thank You So Much for sharing this article with me. And sharing your personal story.
    Be Blessed Beautiful Lady and Keep Shinning ☀️?✨. You are So Very Needed!!!!
    Much Love!!!

  •' Maureen says:

    I thought you were a Gemini, not double Leo.

    As far as walk through the fire, this is now the 6th time in a week walking in fire has been mentioned. I keep hearing about Three In The Fire The story of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego (Three In the Fire) is both simple and dramatic. It reveals that God is in control of all nations and will protect His people in accordance with His will and purposes.

    For me, I am Aries, Leo Rising and my Libra Mom was never forthcoming with any compliments. She actual discouraged anyone else from complimenting me.

    Love you Debra. You are a gift. All my best!

  •' Theresa Holmes says:

    Thank You Debra You are breath of fresh air. Helping me so much to kinda understand my birth chart. ♉?♉?♏⏫ & MC Leo.

  •' Jacki C. Shaw says:

    Thank You… I needed to hear that!

  •' Breanna says:

    Wow thank you so much for sharing this! I really enjoyed it 🙂 I grew up with a very strong bond with my mother. She was everything you could ever dream of in a mom and best friend. We had a very tense couple of years leading up to her death. This is definitely a relationship I will look deeper into. I greatly value your insight!

  •' Joan Dreyer says:

    So much to learn, these pearls of wisdom finally make sense. Thank you

  •' Evelina Larissa Licon says:

    Debra, you always inspire and touch my soul. Thank you

  •' Neeru Sharma says:

    Dear Debra, I resonate with what you have written about the self-esteem part. I still doubt myself and have not flowered yet. I distinctly see myself as a contributor to society, a strong empath with a healing touch. Looking forward to the double Leo to set me in motion and exist as a calm, loving being, confident and full of self esteem

  •' Dawn says:

    Very interesting…
    So with ♌️ at my midheaven… that explains my introverted, need someone to tell me I’m good…lack of self confidence without praise or compliments ??‍♀️

  •' Barbara says:

    I too suffered with a mother who should never have had children. And even though she crossed over in 2006 she had to get a final dig in during the shut down with a shocking revelation I discovered through Ancestry. But following you, and others like you, has led me on the path I am currently on. And some day I will take your class. Stay safe and thank you again for all that you share.

  • I had a vivid dream last night, featuring both my parents, who have died, a bottle of whiskey and a broken washing machine. When I awoke, it took a while to realise it was a dream, even though the people and surroundings were incompatible.

  •' Nancy Sacco says:

    Debra , Thank you for sparking my interest and help to lead me on my journey to self discovery
    I have viewed your first 3 video s And to my delight
    Have learned the very basics , to start me on my way
    Scorpio , Capricorn, Scorpio .. Saturn in Sagittarius.. that’s some combo ✨
    Will read on and I do agree with you .. these are extremely strange times Blessings to you and yours
    Nancy Sacco

  •' Vikki says:

    This resonates with me greatly~ Although I’m a Leo, but not a double Leo…….I long to understand what I’m here for!! How do I find that out thru my chart??
    Thank you for the work you do!

  •' Barb says:

    You hit the “Nail On The Head”! From what you had said concerning your Mother, I too have experienced the same. I couldn’t figure out why today of all days I started to reflect on my life and experiences. I had this feeling my life wasn’t so bad. I have accomplished quite a bit in my 62 years on this Earth and have had wonderful experiences that made me who I am today. I thought to myself “I’m not so bad”. I am actually quite an interesting character.

  •' DeAnna Brown says:

    Oh yes your words definitely resonated with this Leo lady (8/3/1963). My Mom was an Aquarian 2/16/38 she passed two years ago . On good days we could laugh , joke and see the beauty in the world ( there weren’t too many of these ) . Other times it was like Godzilla versus King Kong !
    By the way my Big Sister is an Aquarian too 2/2/1962 (can you say never right ) ??? Yup I was trapped in a house of opposition. I survived though.
    Thank you for insight and compassion we need more people like you in the World.
    Sincerely ,
    DeAnna Brown (AKA ) Docduchess

  •' Tricia says:

    Leo rising and Leo moon here. My self esteem is in the gutter. I had a great mom who I miss terribly. Now I have a great spouse who thinks I am the best. But I’m actually very insecure, sensitive and deeply depressed. Could use a good therapist.. How can I get the name of one? Thanks

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