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Here comes another full moon where the Sun and Moon are opposite. They polarize during a full moon, and sing of themes that are diverse and even conflicted—until we arrive and try to mediate.

In this month’s case, one flavor says Me, Me, Me (that would be the Sun in Aries), while the Moon says: What about us? And how are we doing (Libra)? Me versus you—I think it’s safe to say every relationship has this tune running around in their heads.

Mercury has finally left Pisces! Nothing personal, but I would say that’s a relief. Powerful Mars is in talkative Gemini for awhile—it’s a time to be energized.

We all long for romance. Admit it, no one can deny the beauty of seeing love. And yet, there is the constant balancing act of staying true to oneself, while not getting lost in the sucky romance novel that has nothing to do with reality.

I have a very close friend who found her love seven years ago, but she insisted they never live together. This is the best example of love, yet independence. They share a bed more times than not, but she will not let the relationship get stagnant and go soft. She wants a red hot fire to be in her life without giving in to some romantic notion of you have to stay close all. the. time.

I have learned a lot from this example. In every situation I am always setting free my captives. The people who life has assigned me as the close ones: my kids, my lover, my right-hand partners in work—they must always have a large bandwidth to roam so they can return out of their free will.

I have to say one of my favorite qualities I learned about in high school religion class was the theme of non-attachment. This is this full moon topic. Do I love you enough to set you free? It sounds so cliché, but what if you lived with the feeling of letting go, of not knowing, of wanting to have the other open to choose you again?

I think the greatest teachers are our animals—they come and go way too soon and equally with our kids. We adore them, they are Velcro and stuck to us and then…they leave. It’s at that moment (which I prepare for, use death as your ally) as they leave you are learning about how to let go and trust love in all its colors.

This is not an easy topic. Empty nesters know it, when you have a break up, when you are on the fence—someone once said to me: just shoot the horse. If you know it’s time to let go, this is the full moon to do so. If you know you’re opening your heart—give it all you’ve got, knowing you are at the center (Aries) of your reality. No one has power over you but YOU.

It’s so true. You always come first and then the relationship will survive. Promise. The Buddha doesn’t have a big belly for no reason—letting go tends to make us nervous, so we eat a bit too much, drink a bit too much…it’s scary.

This is the full moon to realize everything is a dance between me and me: can I set this world free and keep letting go or do I stagnant everything with the pretense that we are safe by me pretending to nail down, own and control? ‘Life flows as we let go,’ said the Buddha.

‘It is better to conquer yourself than win a million battles,’ said Buddha. What a great quote. This game is all about you and you.

This full moon demands you address your independence and that of others. We own no one—we are just sharing space and trusting the love will last forever.



  • I love this full moon!! After splitting up with my last husband in the fall, and having every second week off from babysitting my grandson, I have come to relish those days to myself…and the energy was so strong yesterday that I had to have a “Me” day!! It was so fun!!! It is helping me to put me first all the time!!

  •' Jeanne says:

    Beautifully said and so true, Debra.
    This full moon brings me a lot of understanding in this realm; of letting go of a child, a home, a very difficult relationship.
    This full moon demands that I own my independence and celebrate myself for putting me first. Finally!
    Thank you,
    Jeanne O’Tyson
    Level 2 student

  • SUSAN@SPMPROP.COM' Susan says:

    I had to let my dog go last Tuesday. Although I have gone through this many many times, its do hard to let go of the knowing that you will never (until I die) be able to hold or smell them again. It is a very humbling experience each and every time. May the love she gave be enough to be grateful fore.

  •' Two Metre Man says:

    Can we say “Timely”?? As in “OMG! Right on the numbers! EXACTLY where my relationship is today.” Mahalo, Debra. ? ? Your words are so supportive and clarifying. Reminding me what I already know deep inside, and helping me hold “us” far more gently and wisely. Aloha.

  •' Gem Maven says:


    Thank you, Debra.

  •' John G Wrubel Jr says:

    Am Doing just that I was deeply in Love With a woman Who is an Aries Sun Libra Moon Virgo Rising I’m a Capricorn Sun and Rising Virgo Moon Cancer Descendant She Let Me Go in 2018 Just walked away ( it was a Third Party Situation ) But I was Very Hurt very angry About it But since have accepted My own Culpability for Allowing myself to Be overly emotional ( Damned Cancerian tendency) . I Now am prioritizing Myself rather than giving myself away to Anyone that happens by From Now on I am treating Myself like The Precious Commodity that i am Being Much More Selective about where and with Who I invest My Time and Self. If there’s No Mutual reciprocity and respect I won’t Stay and If I do It’s my best interest that comes First and Foremost from now on . My romantic Life is going to be Run like a Financial venture with risks and rewards Evaluated.

  •' Jan says:

    This was great and I am just at the point (71 years old) to finally get it. Especially as it pertained to the “empty nester”. I have not done well here and my “kids” are 43 and 41 with families of their own. I have not moved on. Maybe I can now. I really enjoy all of your posts and want to get your book on astrology. You make astrology make sense, not some just out there for only the chosen ones

  •' Dana Manning says:

    This is great. It’s funny. When I’ve been in a relationship in the past I’d usually spend or all of my time with that person. Now I think living next door with locks on both doors & mutual respect would be nice. Side by side, so you can’t see what’s going on in each other’s home’s you have to call and make a date. LOL . I absolutely treasure my time alone. I love that quote, it’s better and totally necessary to conquer yourself and accept yourself. It can be hard said the Aries, with Pisces Rising and moon in Libra. I am much better now and can choose who I will be co-dependent with, and then some people just can’t/don’t want to “handle” my traits. Sorry/not sorry

  •' Marianne Stanley says:

    Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

  •' Nefise says:

    Thank you for this nice message. I hope I can understand the astrology and my own horoscope. My destiny and life purpose. Thank you for your help.

  •' Lisa Moore says:

    Debra, love this, love you and loving your Astrology classes. Thank you ❤️

  •' Lindsay Laughlin says:

    Being 4/4/64 with Aries rising and going through changes. This helps immensely.

    Thank you Debra. ?

  •' Coby Schneider says:

    Fabulous blog Debra…good reminder…hard to do sometimes but so beautiful to think of it this way…we all need the freedom to be fully ourselves and yet also desire partnership, intimacy, closeness with others…not an easy journey but I love your take on this…❤

  •' Barb says:

    Thanks for the blog Debra! I really enjoyed reading it. It really resonates with me . And is so nice to have some support for letting go instead of hanging on. I always so enjoy your star guided perspective!:)

  •' Fran McKay says:

    Thank you for this wonderful post….so well written…???

  • Debra,

    I am so so so grateful for your full moon write ups! They always hit home and help me to utilize the power of the moon. I’m so glad I learned astrology with you.


    Annamarie Chantel

  •' Samantha says:

    Thank you Debra I really needed to hear this today. ???????

  •' Maryann says:

    This really says it all! It is right on target and especially felt by me! I so need some space right now……I love the woman in the story who won’t live with the lover…..I totally agree. I wish my husband understood this as I do and isn’t so affected by my request for him to go visit his relatives in another state for a week or two! I feel it is a healthy break for both of us. Thank you for this wonderful confirmation of what is truly happening in my life now!

  •' Joanne Bruno says:

    Beautifully beautifully said thank you!

  •' Carol says:

    Fabulous and so beautifully written. Thank you Debra. Full Moon Blessings to you and all!

  •' Emily says:

    I needed to read this today. Possibly, everyday I need to read this. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  •' Nathália Díaz says:

    I love this soooo much! What an awesome confirmation of what is happening to me right now! Thank you! ♥️

  •' Grace says:

    I totally enjoy how you (Debra) get the message across. What to look for… helping understand the workings of the full moon etc. Thank you for being so candid and funny at the same time

  •' Kelly says:

    Wow. That was beautiful. Perhaps the most profound of your posts I’ve read to date. Or maybe it’s just our synchronity right now, too, but thank you!

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