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This full moon has me so excited.

Before we get to that, I have to mention that this Mercury retrograde has tested all of us. Did the glitches get to you, or did you weather the storm? It’s over March 28th–coming soon to your neighborhood.

Now here comes a full moon with a theme worthy of our attention. Sun in Aries (spring is desperate to find us) and then, as you might know with every full moon, the Moon is exactly opposite the Sun. The Moon is in Libra (where we practice our wit and put on our best jewelry). Fire (Aries) plus Air (Libra) is a party waiting to happen. This is why I personally love this full moon; the energy is exciting.

Talk about parties… I just had the most interesting thought process with an Aries. I had the honor of listening to a philosopher speak. His name, believe it or not, is Tim Freke (pronounced ‘freak’). He is an Englishman and an Aries.

I don’t know if this ever happens to you, but while he was speaking, I was secretly struggling in my head to figure out his chart–to understand the wild meanderings of his thoughts–which leads straight into the topic of this full moon.

He had an adventurous mind. I find anyone with Mercury at zero degrees is often a wildly independent thinker (you need to know your chart to see if you are in the club). Mr Freke’s Mercury was just entering Taurus–but you couldn’t tell.

His conversation was wild. He said we were sound asleep if we didn’t realize that this was the most profound time to be alive. He was an optimist beyond compare. He said if only we knew how life was 100 years ago, we would realize we were living like kings and queens. His fire was screaming: look up as you focus on the magic. This universe is riddled with love oozing at its center–if only we can find it.

So when this full moon in Libra screams at you, wakes you up in the night, energizes you and has you feeling more alive, try pretending that you too are a radical optimist. That you believe in love and it’s at the core of this reality. That this life is being organized by a force that is benevolent and essentially creative and beautiful. I love his theory.

For example, he was so excited we lived in a time where women and men could study together in the same room with no restriction. He was celebrating how lucky we are–when a women in the room spoke up and said: “Easy for you to say as white English man…”

But he didn’t get the typical Aries response to defend, fight and argue, he just gave her umpteen ways to see his point. He was fighting for love, peace, and his optimism. He displayed a very healthy version of Aries male energy.

This is the theme of this month. Without sounding too Pollyanna… what if you just thought this life was evolving and whether it was Trump and our American politics, or Brexit, all that was happening was in service to evolution?

Is evolution friendly? Is it kind? Will we as a species endure this giant change cycle? He had the longest answer when I finally said: just say yes or no. He went again but I did my own synopsis. I am, in honor of this feisty energized full moon going to say: Yes. Evolution is kind and on our side!!!

I am doing what I am asking you to do. Live this month with the attitude it’s all going great. I love this Aries line: In the end it all works out. If it’s not all worked out yet, it’s not the end.

Haha. Let’s practice positive thinking for one month and see if we can do it. “Gravity and negativity,” he said, “are well worn pathways in our collective psyche.” I am willing to try to be an Aries/Libra and make it a smiley month… how about you?



  •' amy doran says:

    Yes. Yes. Yeeessssss…. Evolution doesn’t happen overnight. Precisely aaaaannnnnd Thank You for THiS!!

  •' Stacey Turner says:

    I really enjoy your enthusiasm. Thank you. 🙂

  •' Pamela says:

    Having Mercury in Cancer retrograde in my 12th house…Cancer rising, I always feel a bit more grounded. With this full moon approaching I am almost giddy with happiness, like I have come out of a dark depression that has been hanging on for a couple of years for no apparent reason. Just glad that it is gone.

  •' Gail Lossia says:

    Thanks. I needed that! Seriously.

  •' linda says:

    wow! i AM an Aries with Libra Rising … bday is 27th! Sadge Moon. am i giddy and so dang positive in the midst of alot weird, aggressive, convoluted, confusing, amusing moments? YES! love you debra!

  •' MaeLou says:

    Thank you. Love the perspective. I have to keep reminding myself last two years, this global political meltdown is both global physical and spiritual climate change and an answer to prayer. After all humanity has asked for centuries that all people Awaken. Here it is, our answer, a deep continual shaking until all eyes open…Awakening is not always kind or gentle. That is a great Aries/Libra meme: In the end it all works out. If it’s not all worked out yet, it’s not the end.

  •' Lynn faulkner says:

    Oh Deb, how I relish your wit, inintelligence and exuberance, and always look forward to seeing what you have to say. No, it aint over, but can we really ask everyone to make this a smiley month? Can we ask the hundreds of thousands of refugees and victims of wars and oppression, and the suffering children, and the desperate, dying animals to believe its all going to be ok if we just keep a positive attitude? As I contemplate the world and my own circumstances, its increasingly a balancing act between despair and courage. We need to see and feel and be increasingly and unceasingly grateful for the beauty and wisdom that is still there, but please, hold space for those who, through no fault of that own, are in sad and somber places. Love.

  •' Sharon says:

    I choose to be on the positivity boat too, not just because I’m a Libra, because I believe we are evolving, especially through the rough patches.

  •' Kathleen Sweeney says:

    Great article! Thanks!

  • I am an Aries Libra! And yes it feels to me that we are in this beautiful transformation point in our world. Infinite blessings to you. Sharron

  •' Dona Dalton says:

    Why not! This is brilliant and nothing to lose

  •' Sherry says:

    Men and Women studying together in one room is not universal. Some countries are still way behind. I’m so grateful that part of the world has become somewhat enlightened but so many countries are still living in darkness. The Lightworkers’ work is not finished.

  •' Jeanne O’Tyson says:

    Amen Debra!
    Let’s make it a smiley month!
    The Optimist

  •' Marina says:

    Yes me too..

  •' Kelsey says:

    i have been say YES YES YES the past day or so. just along to myself as i go. and particularly while doing reiki.
    i appreciate this email so much. especially because i am doing level one right now and i have made so much room for this believing.
    thank you for being on earth right now!

  •' Mona says:

    Delightfully inspiring?✨& hopeful?❤️

  •' Emily says:

    ♥️ This! There is always something to feel glad about!

  •' Fran McKay says:

    Wonderful message! Thank you??
    Count me in for a smiley month?

  •' Lisa Francis says:

    I am willing too .. and I have totally been doing this, seeing the good, looking for it, focusing on it .. he is a smart man

  •' Marlene says:

    Thank you dear Debra. I am grateful that I know you. I will make it a smiley month.

  •' myra says:

    That is typically what I do (like real). Not in a too icky syrupy way, or an in-your-face way. Not everyone likes it when you are a positive thinker. I have dealt with some hard stuff to arrive here. At the end of the day I was determined to live in a loving accepting way. Sure beat the alternatives! Choose! Debra, just want to say I just love your meanderings and truth, so clicks with me. I am sure we will meet someday. Reading through Missing Element…no light reading, for me. Love you, love it all, keep sharing!

  • Omg Debra!! Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!!! I love that!! We can change the world with happiness!! Why not?!?! Let’s try!! Thank you thank you thank you!!

  •' Karen says:

    Always enjoy what you have to say it speaks to my heart!

  • Debra,

    I have to comment! I deeply resonate with your post and reading it gave me the chills, I am an Aries sun and my Mercury, like Tim’s, is in at the zero-degree mark between Aries and Taurus. Plus, my moon is in Libra! I feel this post was made for me! This is what struck me the most:

    “This is the theme of this month. Without sounding too Pollyanna… what if you just thought this life was evolving and whether it was Trump and our American politics, or Brexit, all that was happening was in service to evolution?”

    Ever since Trump was elected I have had this theory that it is all for the greater good. He is changing things. He is causing people to rise up and fight against bigotry, injustice, and hatred like never before. I feel this fire coming from people nowadays… people are mad. They crave change. They aren’t going to sit around and not be involved in politics because look what happens. Trump being elected was a huuuuge wake-up call. No more excuses. Your post is so right on and I’ve never heard anyone else talk about the good behind the Trump Era.

    Thank you for all that you do!

  •' constance crumley says:

    I’m in to be gracefully in gratitude and celebration of all flowing even with ripples but always with a golden light available!

  •' Kathleen Allen says:

    … sounds good to me Debra, and yes, this last couple of weeks definitely has been showing me the character of Mercury retrograde!!

    Take care, and thank you for sharing your devotion to informed awareness, ka

  •' Kevin says:

    Love his philosophy, Tim sounds like an incredible English chap, is brits can be pretty inciteful. I’m feeling that exciting energy for transition and shake-up – why else would I be up at 5am. I’m with you on the smiles and fun this month Debra

  •' Misty doan says:

    Thank you Debra I needed that ❤️

  •' Karyn says:

    I really enjoyed your disciption of Mr Freke the healthy English Male Aries. The Aries and Libra combination is very significant in my life. I myself am an Aries female married to a Libra male for 27 yrs and we have two sons 1 born on my husbands birthday our second born the day after mine. So two Aries and libras. It’s interesting learning more about all of families charts and how our moons can really influence the dynamics in the house hold. Thanks for sharing your stories and teaching astrology with your sense of humor and own optimism.

  •' Rita Montes Martin says:

    Debra=Love your astrology. as a 97 year old Sag still working to educate our world -with new ideas, maybe the earth was colinized by people by from another planet and we humans on earth are an experiment. Love that thought also can coincide with the bible. I have written to you before about my book, and my personal true experience with the Holy Spirit- My big projects- having the Seventh day Adventist sponsor my projects, partner with me in my writing publishing . I remember some time back when astrology said many screts would be exposed and boy have they been with now all the college cheating, before that all the men thinking they got way with useing their power to sexualy attack women, Bill Cosby, Bret Kavensugh and more. Husband of host of The View millionaires, CEOs
    I am organizing a corp. Sharing Gods Word Ministries, planning TV programs an on camera review of spiritual, inspirational and educational books, music and videos. SDA are big on health, and education. As a bible student for 70 yrs studying religious history, archeology and more. I will be bapized as an SDA-in April. Do read about Ellen White lady one of the founders of SDA. my Gemini daughter and her Capricorn husband go to Spain in April with all the unrest in Europe I worry about them-but ask God to protect them and bring them home safely. Keep up your good work educate people to look at the moon and stars for guidance too, God created the universe for us- Jesus prayer Thy kingdom come ON EARTH as it is in heaven

  •' Maria says:

    Good idea – My husband and I agree – Love u Miss Debra 🙂

  •' Natalie Jones says:

    Love this! ♥️

    Going to make this my mantra for the next month “In the end it all works out. If it’s not all worked out yet, it’s not the end”.

    Blessings to you Debra, you never fail to inspire me.


  •' Dawn Spivey says:

    Very nicely said..

  • My husband always says I see the world through rose colored glasses. I always am triggered by this & say back “no I’m not! I see things as they are!” I don’t know why I am so indignant about it. However after reading your article about Tim Freke I am now rather proud to see the positive, the love, the evolution and the best in people. If people are putting me down for being happy all the time (most of the time) then so be it, that’s on them. ???

  •' Jo Ellen says:

    Wow, over the moon (No pun intended) helpful. I’ve just gone through a month where my husband wanted to commit suicide before his 75th birthday for various reasons and wanted me to essentially say it was okay. I didn’t & he didn’t do it. Shook this cancer girl to the core though as I have always been an optimist. Besides other ‘bigger than me’ not fun experiences lately, reading this realigns me to recognize it is all good, my journey can be optimistic and there are others out there who collectively think this is an amazing time of change and value & creativity even thru scary, shitty, incredibly sad experiences. I have the same 24 hours in my day as Davinci and am in joy to experience this playground right now. Look at what I’m learning, seeing and being able to experience the spectrum of emotions.
    Yes, it’s all a gift. Ty So much Debra for sharing your unique voice and energy. I hope I’ve conveyed how deeply this meant to me today and LOVE reading your info. I’d give you a hug if I could. As Colette Baron-reid, your amazing friend and another mentor to me, this might have served as a ‘cledon’ message from Spirit to me. Thank you!

  • I love this! I am highly energized as Mars has been in my sign all the month of March. And good ole Uranus moved in at the beginning of the month, too. I have found my soul’s purpose (using ASTROLOGY!) this month, and I have worked like a demon to get started on my mission, which I have already been working on for quite awhile without knowing that that was what I was doing. Yes, things are going GREAT! Yes, the Universe is on our side! Yes, the energy of the heavens is helping us. And, yes, you DEFINITELY are sound asleep if you can’t feel, see, hear, and know what is going on around you. WAKE UP, LOVELY LADIES! THIS IS OUR TIME TO SHINE! THE WORLD NEEDS US, AND WE’VE BEEN WAITING FOR MILLENIA TO SAY OUR TWO CENTS WORTH. DO IT! There isn’t going to be a better time. Start now. Don’t panic. Follow your guidance. Follow your intuition. Be strong. Band together for support, but DO IT!


  •' Moira says:

    Awesome recap of what sounds like a dynamic and inspiring experience. Thanks for sharing…so much of the message is right on point for staying focused, in love, with this crazy process we call life at this time. Gratitude.

  • Thanks for this, Debra. Lovely to hear the uplifting message in a time when dang near everything we read is such the opposite. I’ll spread the vibe!!!!!

  •' Gillian says:

    From an Aries – I couldn’t agree more. The Universe is totally on our side when we get out of the way and let it. Live Positively with a smile on your face and love in your heart.

  •' Rosanne says:

    ok. Energized. I will do it. I felt the positive energy pulsing thru my body as I read the article. Blessings to all.

  •' Donna says:

    Yes, I love that philosophy! Thanks for all the positive vibes you bring to everyone!!!

  •' GLENDA says:

    This was refreshing !!! yes lets do it.

  •' Malvine says:

    Great plan i love it.

  •' Monika says:

    Yes! Definitely! Lets make it a smiley month! That used to be my nickname when I was in my teens.I was always happy ,smiling and an eternal optimist so everyone used to call me smiley.Haven’t thought of those memories in a longtime!? ?♎️ Asc♊️ ?♍️? Loving this Libran full moon energy!!!???

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