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This astrological time is unprecedented. The Earth’s situation is unprecedented.

The sky lately is a very unusual one, and so we are in a time-sensitive, astrologically-explained trauma period. Pluto in Capricorn gone mad. So many planets asking us to STOP.

Have you stopped? I would guess it’s a yes. Unless your business is Internet related—then you may be very busy.

Saturn entered Aquarius March 23, 2020, for the first time in 30 years. Aquarius rules computers, technology and cyberspace; we now all live in cyberspace. Yes, we do…

What is this full moon asking of us? Well, the Moon and Sun are in cardinal signs, begging us for leadership. Doing everything on our own: we have to cook our food, clean our houses, teach our kids, and be our own governors—no one else to rely on.

This crisis is demanding we look for our own center. No matter what the situation you are living in: too many kids, not enough kids, too much alone time, too little, sick or healthy—it doesn’t matter: we get to choose our response. This is what is true.

Come up here with me. Stand on the edge of this full moon.

“From here it’s calm; the Earth feels so quiet. Less pollution. How is it down there on Earth during a pandemic? The experiment didn’t work. We gave the Earthlings the land, they took all the real estate, exchanged for very little care and never looked back or up. We sent fires, we sent horrible storms, we have been trying to get your attention but it seems this disease was needed to get their attention. Is it working? Will they start looking up?”

Back to my voice:

It’s a funny thing my video views have gone way up.  We are in the middle of the Aquarian age and Astrology seems to be center stage. Is it because people are home and bored are they finally looking up? Are they hearing the call?

All of you who are reading this have some kind of interest in the stars and the sky or you wouldn’t be here. So many of us are remembering the esoteric sciences that hold wisdom. We desperately need wisdom.

Be still. Let this full moon be different. Don’t go out and have a party (you can’t). Stay in and enjoy. Seek wisdom. Be willing to consider what can I change? What is life trying to say to me? Such important questions.

For me, it is to keep giving to you! To keep sounding the high vibe. To be a voice of comfort. This is my promise: sealed with even more conviction, to give and share with you my faith.

What about you? What are you changing and opening to since this radical Pluto awakening? Promise me it will not be business as usual when this is over. Saturn will have nothing to do with that.

What will you change/promise?



  •' Marta says:

    I’m doing a social media detox and going deeper within. I am amazed how much lighter and more focused I feel, there’s so much I don’t know about myself because I kept distracting myself with instant gratification, being pulled from one thing to another. Time to realign, slow down, become curious again and find my true purpose. What can I change? I need to trust myself and my intuition more, learn how to self soothe and reparent myself, be my own best friend.

  •' Trisha in DC says:

    I really appreciate your inspirational works and words. I move very slowly, like a slow-motion second hand, on a cartoon clock, or the turtle in the sands of a beach. Yet, I will not stop. I keep moving, and moving in a direction that’s healthy for me, not just moving. I’m glad I’m in Level II of Astrology, yet painful and slow. Nevertheless, necessary for me, in order that I might grow.

  •' Susan Bransfield says:

    So beautiful Debra! Thank you again for caring so much and for your divine inspiration!!!

  •' Sandy says:

    After sulking for the first two weeks, I listened. I’m a Scorpio and stubborn as Hell. I don’t like being told what to do and on top of that my bestie moved out of state. I was spinning. And sulking. I heard someone say this is not a good time for a sensitive or intuitive. The lightbulb came on. I restarted my meditation to center myself and am also doing my daily protections. I’m cleaning out what no longer serves me, but I’ll have to wait to donate it. I’m doing a total refocus of my life, my intentions, & what I should be doing. And all because I listened. And I am looking up. And saying thank you.

  •' kellyzieber says:

    Thank you Debra for your words of wisdom ❤️. I am working 10 hour days on my laptop .. grateful for my job as it provides funds .. but looking for fulfillment ?

  • Debra, I am a Registered Dietitian and have had to stop one on one office visits. Technology is not me strength. However this kick is forcing me to have another way to counsel & share information. My colleagues are also evolving. Too bad so many of us were focused on taking and not serving.
    Thanks for your insights. wishing you the very best of health.

  •' Bob Lifson says:

    Thank you. Blessings. Much love and peace ❤️???

  •' Dians says:

    Im learning to step out. For the first time being so physically alone im learning who I really am and what to share now, in this world. Its a new layer of me. For the first time it feels vulnerable and very new.
    WheneverI rush to complete tasks im feeling very anxious and manic. My body is literally telling me to stop. When i stop and align with the pace that the planet wants us at right now, i feel stillness and calm and rooted. Unsurprisingly. I promise to express a more truthful me and be unafraid at sharing that. I’m changing who I allow into my intimate space and choose to love myself and my inner child above all, to honour myself completely, to lead from my powerful feminine.

  •' Tonya Barrett says:

    I’m trying to figure out how I will be different moving forward. I’m taking your level 2 class and I am spending a lot of time studying. I am hopeful I will learn and have new door open up to me on this new path.
    Thank you,

  •' Jessica says:

    This was such a beautiful article. I resonate so well with it.
    I trust that we are awakening.
    You have been on my journey for a few years now and I am blessed to be able to look up to a strong woman like you. I honour and I love you. And I do my best to take what I have learned from you and other healers, to others that I am connected with.

  • This is what I’ve been thinking too… “I hope this will not be business as usual when this is over.” I want us to wake up and stay awake, shift in alignment, have a stronger community culture, let the rat race go and focus on what is important. Thanks for sharing your insight. ❤️

  •' Tracie Campbell says:

    Wonderful thanks sooo much for your own special insightfully spoken essence ???

  •' G says:

    Have you ever thought perhaps that the stars could tell you there is something far more sinister behind this situation. Far more sinister. Yes these would be human facts not heavenly reasoning as to why we have arrived here. Everything happens for a reason. Just a thought. I have loved astrology all my life but something lurks here. What say you?

  •' Tracie Campbell says:

    Wonderful thanks sooo much for your own special insightfully spoken essence ???

    I believe they/we are hearing the call, I know I feel like
    the top of my head is open and taking in massive light intake faster than instantaneousness.

  •' Denise Avgeres says:

    Oh, I loved it! Staying in, enjoying, seeking wisdom, considering what I can change and asking what life is trying to say to me? Yesssssss! I am receiving this time as a gift to myself. Thank you for the astrological “permission slip” if you will to utilize this time in that way! Blessings to you also!

  •' Martha Vasquez de ruvalcaba says:

    Hi debra thank you for inviting. To your program ive done so much self care and changes in my life i was very toxic in all subjects of my life its been a journey of self reflecting changing my whole course of lmy way of seeing life. Im just starting but iv done so much in this last three years im finely accepting my self and loving me unconditionally i love the internet ive learned so much thank you.

  •' Rita says:

    I am thinking of what I can do after this pandemic is over, I feel like we are just starting a new world, I have no idea what my future is.
    I am a single mom with type 1 diabetic daughter
    So I worry about her health needs .
    I had to leave work so I won’t bring virus home to her, I am very healthy (I am grateful) so I could fight off the virus I am confident but she would not fair so well. I like lots of healing modalities but do not possess any gifts that I know about.
    I feel there are gifts hidden from me, anytime I look within I hear (not yet) I look for answers everywhere including within, no answers, I don’t even know my birthday so astrology can’t help there.
    Pray that I get the answers, guidance that I need .God Bless you and your family ?❤️
    Namaste ?

  •' Martha Vasquez de ruvalcaba says:

    Didnt read that part what have changed i left my past behind i worked on my relationships but didnt get hung up on them i left the crowds of people that dont serve my highest good i left drugs that where sabotoging my life i learned how to set boundaries i stopped being selfless to an extent and i more than anything i learned how to process my emmotions and how to forgive to be a better me yay! I did a whole 360 in these past three years now im just being patient for my new life ?

  •' James says:

    Keep doing what you’re doing

  •' Maria says:

    Hi ?
    It’s me – Maria – the old lady that found u years ago and LV all u say and do! I feel so blessed to read or hear u – u brighten my life – really u do :). I believe Spirit is trying to tell us to change – I literally told my husband in 1997 that there would be a price to pay little did I know things could get worse! I believe this is just the beginning – change has to come to keep our earth in tact – Old Testament shows how disobedience was treated. Thank u for letting me know what the planets are doing currently.
    LV Truth Light 🙂

  •' Valerie Lovejoy says:

    I love reading your astrology, I’m a Libra, with a Gemini ascendant, and an Aquarius Moon, I was just outside, the Aires full Pink Moon in Libra was just coming up in the East and directly across from it was Venus in all her glory, it’s as if she was there waiting for her Libra full Moon before she sat down in the West, it was really very beautiful, the night sky in the country can be very sweet and beautiful.

  •' Michael says:

    I just watched mister david icke on londonreal. I am hopeful for a ressugence in our personal power to topple this “pandemic”. We all have more power than we realize. We can put a stop to global power and 1% control. Look to the stars and look within for the answers we already know to be true! Good luck to us all in these trying times. Don’t acquiesce!

  •' Dawn says:

    My reply is to forward, create and demonstrate truth, kindness and awesomeness to humanity on a daily basis. So needed and so simple.❤️

  •' Julie Corlett says:

    Thank you for sharing with us Debra. In South Africa many are not heeding the call to stay indoors which is such a pity as the infection rate increases daily. Stay safe, Julie

  •' Lisa Metzler says:

    Hello there,.
    Personally working on my past issues that I thought were in an okay place so I could move forward.
    Learned very quickly about this and couldn’t have been farther from the truth.
    Desperately, wanting it to be expressed and be let go of…
    Being a sun in Libra with a scorpio moon gas been an not so interesting adventure.

  •' Barbara Schmidt says:

    I am 69 years old. I’ve learned through hardship and a devout love of the earth and all it’s beauty and bounty to be resourceful. Be your own governor you said early on. That is precisely what I have done. It has been a time to use my resources and talents and skills. The slowing down has not been a hardship for me but rather a time to assess. The internet has provided ease in information and the ability to connect with family and friends that has brought comfort and inspiration. I have seen the comfort and inspiration I can bring to my loved ones as well. My family has learned to combine there skills and help one another respectively. We have been given the opportunity to hone in on our children and they with us. The world has slowed down and it was needed to take stock in our collective resources. We have a new appreciation for our health and immune system. In some ways we have learned the importance of taking responsibility for our own health as well. We can’t run off to a doctor to fix non essential ailments. And we have to protect our fragile ones amongst us. And then the global meditations. To unify our consciousness. Priceless. To fix, enrich appreciate and grow
    Where we are planted as well as appreciate what other culture have given us.

  •' Renee B Messina says:

    You continue to shed light in the darkness, thank you.
    You tell it like it is, thank you.
    You remind us that we still have options, if only we will go within, thank you.
    Bless you ?

  •' Ksenija says:

    thank you for the wisdom but it’s still so hard to grasp when “ being still” is not so easy … I miss my kids my grandkids my family my friends… I can sew masks and bake bread but it’s not the same ! I’m tired of looking at screens! I’m grateful for the technology but would rather feel a real hug… I’m desperate to help my kids but we are not allowed… how is this helping? We’ve lost our jobs so where will paying the bills come from? What does sheer exhaustion from working from home after her small children go to bed every night allow my daughter to learn?
    Yes it’s great the pollution levels on the earth are dissipating but greed and industry will all make it resume once “ it’s over” don’t you think?
    I’m trying to be patient and still and look up and feel the peace but i feel so guilty not being able to help those who matter to me ….
    so many people being jobless will create so much more inequity and an astronomic economic strain on us little people
    I’m trying hard to be still but my brain is in overdrive keeping me restless and unsettled ….,there is so much fear and anxiety out there that precludes people from being still….
    the old line “ stop the world I want to get off…” might ring true for some people
    I know we are “all in this together” but isolation and distancing and quarantine and lockdown certainly don’t make it feel like togetherness
    Ok … thanks for letting me vent

  •' Kathryn says:

    A very interesting time. On my walks each day I take in the silence, the stillness of the planet resting. The birds are chirping & a light breeze may be blowing, the sky is very blue, everything is so still and silent. I love taking that all in as my heart opens to all that is.

  •' Susan Hoefke says:

    Thank you Debra. I have not participated in ‘social online networking’, I have been very resistant because there has been too much sharing of hatred over these platforms and it is very time consuming to be ‘following’ all of it! I prefer the wonderful, more silent atmosphere and have always enjoyed the one on one experience with my fellow humans. This is what I’ve longer for and have always relished: life without the background noise. So, ultimately, I have signed up for Facebook, but with only one goal….to ‘have coffee’ with my few close friends, and check on my favorite relatives:) Also, because I haven’t been online, I have been having actual telephone conversations with people!

  •' Joan Elliott says:

    Thank you Debra Silverman for being a voice of light within this darkness we all seem to be experiencing. It seems the universe wants global healing. That is also a personal goal of mine. So that is how I’m spending this time. Blessings to All.

  • i will change how i show up in relationships. I will be easier with myself. I, now, claim my power to choose how to perceive circumstances and argue for
    my freedom rather than my limitations. I will start every single day feeling lucky to wake up as me. I will tap into my creative juices and find fun and amazing ways to uplift my spirits and share my light with others. I will educated myself in astrology and spread the word that we are innocent of our predispositions and deserve more love and compassion, not less. thank you for asking; and thank you for listening.

  • I have felt for a long time that something had to change, and that people were running like crazy with little time left to even cook a nutritious meal for themselves or their family. They were married to their phones and the internet and while they are a wonderful asset to have, I don’t think it’s necessary to know what everyone else is doing or to have a cell phone out during meals and family time..
    What happened to being quiet, reflective and considerate of others? Manners and just being kind to others was not a priority or going the extra mile in business. Since I am an older person but still actively working in my own business, I have lived in many different decades. I have felt for a few years that something had to wake people up so that they could more fully enjoy their lives and their families and nature and what is really important. To find peace and some kind of spirituality. During this time, my retail business is closed, but I decided to make masks out of prewashed cotton, lined with soft flannel, and give to neighbors, friends and clients without charge. (They are washable and not going to a landfill)! It’s time to give back to people that need help, in any way,if you are able to in a time like this. It’s so encouraging now to see so many people giving back and it’s very uplifting. I now have new hope and maybe it will enlighten many and continue to unite us in positive ways. Hopefully.

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