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The full moon while the Sun is in Aries immediately suggests Libra’s (opposite sign, where the Moon is) influence.

This polarity comes with a dialogue that goes like this:

Libra: How I love to be in love. There’s nothing more exciting than the feeling of sticky-sweet romance that has me believing that life is worth living.”

Aries: What a sucky, ridiculous, codependent sentence that is.”

Libra: Don’t you remember falling in love? Being the object of your lover’s devotion and having their full attention?”

Aries: Yeah, that lasted for about a week… then I noticed he never folds his clothes, does the dishes, or takes out the garbage.”

Welcome to the full moon in Aries/Libra! Half of us love being in love; the other half of us avoid it like COVID.

It’s been said that love makes the world go round. Yes, until the breakup/divorce.

How many couples have I worked with who start off starry-eyed in love, coming to the astrologer holding all the potential in the world… only to find out years later they ended up at the lawyer’s office with their dreams shattered?

In addition to this full moon in Aries/Libra, there is a grand trine in Air this week, which suggests a prime-time opportunity to communicate, articulate and tell the truth about love.

Are you in a relationship? Is it healthy? Do you speak to the unspeakable? Do you feel listened to and heard? Do you listen?

In my chart, I have Saturn opposite Venus. Relationship has never been a topic I’ve left unstudied. All my life, I’ve stared at couples, assessing whether or not they have that magical something or they’re just pretending?

I can’t say I’ve been “successful” at relationships. What I can say is that I’ve never failed. I always do my therapy asking these hard questions: ‘What am I learning? What is the dynamic of this partnership? What happened on my side that contributed to the breakdown?’

Then of course I make a list of 45 things that are so obvious and make him an idiot. Doesn’t everyone do that – point their finger at the other? Do a personality assassination and take about 2 percent accountability? I sincerely do acknowledge that it’s a 50/50 game, whether I want to admit that or not.

My best friend has been married 35 years. Every year on her anniversary they ask the hard questions. How are we doing? Do we want to continue? What worked this year? What didn’t? Are there any ghosts in the closest that we’re hiding?

This full moon is begging you to answer these questions. What’s the nature of your relationship? If you’re single, you can ask the same questions to yourself.

I have a friend who will not date. She has this Aries/Libra configuration in her chart, and she gave up. Those two screaming voices continue: “I love love” / “Oh shut up, that’s so stupid.”

These voices are combative and relentless for someone like her. She’s made up a story that there are no good men. Or is it that she’s not willing to take the risk because she can’t handle disappointment?

This is tender to say out loud: I recently took the risk and have entered into a new romantic relationship. My theory is as long as I’m a turtle, I’ll be safe. The turtle won the race (by the way, I’m dating a triple Taurus, and I often compare Taurus to a turtle).

Walk into love — don’t fall in love… that hurts.

You can’t make a mistake if you’re going slowly. That’s what makes it so easy to course-correct.

The wisdom of the turtle…

Don’t be afraid of going slowly. Only be afraid of standing still. ~ Chinese Proverb

The profound wisdom of this full moon is that when you are polarized between faith and despair, stand in the middle, take a deep breath, turn on your Observer and insert this mantra:

Life works.

Angels have my back.

I just need to continue moving forward, slowly but surely, one step at a time.

Whoever thought we would be talking about a turtle when the full moon is in Libra with a grand trine in Air?! After all, both Aries and Libra are all about speed.

However, the grand trine in Air is an indicator of wisdom, deep thought, and lessons well learned.

I love getting comments about these newsletters! Tell me below what you’ve learned about relationship?

My Moon is in Aries, and I’ll tell you this: I will never shut down my heart. I’ll never give up.

That’s why you’re reading this newsletter: I’m here to tell you, anything is possible.

Love is waiting in the wings for you to try again.



  • aldisbara.reynisdottir@hotmail.com' Aldis Reynisdottir says:

    I love this!!! My birthday is on Sunday and I’m hoping that my family members will kiss and make up. Three older sisters that don’t always get along very well. I am hoping with this full moon that conflicts between them will resolve.

    I am so happy for you Debra 💗

  • classicalmovemnt@aol.com' Lori says:

    I don’t want to try again. So done

  • Okay , I feel like you wrote this for me Debra ! My Relationship is currently rocky has been for awhile. No fucking wonder my partner is Aries Sun .I’m Taurus Sun we both have Mercury in Aries and Libra Rising. This Taurus has to go slowwww.
    Your blog gives me hope that I can step forward and not be stuck in my Shitty first draft as Brene Brown would say and hand in Heart as you said in Level 3.
    7 more months of Progressed Moon in Scorpio 👭Thank you 🙏🏻💞

  • la.fla@live.com' Lisa says:

    Having the sun, Venus, Mars, Pluto and Uranus in Libra, I am a very “in love with love” Libra! Good luck Debra!!!! Love is life’s sweet reward!!!!

  • mariecukoo@icloud.com' Marie says:

    Thank you Debra, that is so lovely and encouraging. I myself can be impatient but I’m going to try the way of the turtle and see what happens. All the Best, Marie .

  • srminsc@gmail.com' Stephanie Martinez says:

    I’ve been single for 11 years now, the longest solo period of my life. But it’s been good. I decided after a 9 yr relationship (my longest) that I would not settle for mediocre. And I’d say over the last 5 years I’ve been open to a relationship and become more clear about our life together. I have faith that he’s out there I just need to stay open.

  • oerainbow@gmail.com' Debie says:

    As soon as it pops up, I will try it said the Aries!

  • canillar@yahoo.com' Marta says:

    I have a sun in Aires with Libra raising and have been single for many, many years after a 12 year marriage. I also have very conflicting feelings and thoughts about relationships. Don’t like the word dating and even though I miss some of the dinamics of a relationship, I don’t dare to do anything to make one happen. I do love my independence and if I am interested in somebody is almost purely sexual…

  • barnesmamie4@gmail.com' Mamie Barnes says:

    Thank you Debra, I appreciate your support, love and encouragement. Right on Sistah.

  • keryn@kerynrose.com.au' Keryn says:

    Hi Debra … I love your newsletters. Somehow, when you tell it as it is I feel safe enough to listen. Thanks for sharing

  • dpsoto@gmail.com' Diana says:

    Exactly what I needed to hear this morning, thank you!

  • unamarti@gmail.com' Martina Vredevoort says:

    Hi dear Debra: i was born in Argentina october 6th 1949, and I have Libra opposite the moon, which is a blessing! I never doubt what I want ! But as you say having a partner was very essential to me,with my personal history. But I truly love hearing stories of couples being in love after 50 years together! The romantic in me feels so much gratitude for the future of the Earth somehow, just being able to love and forgive and forget? I forget nothing, a real pain to be honest! I love your humor and the fun you transmit,especially in this trouble time. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! So glad you are happy in your new relationship, blessings🌷

  • morrowjoyce@outlook.com' Joyce Morrow says:

    Good day Debra,

    I am a ♎🌞♋⬆️♒🌛, I am in a relationship with an ♈🌞 but don’t know anything else as he doesn’t know birth time. He is out of a 25 yrs relationship, and I am out of a 40yrs marriage now for about 6yrs. He is moving fast, I am slower, but do care for him. How does someone find out the time of birth?

    Thank you for all that you do !

  • nemchocks@sbcglobal.net' Becky Nemchock says:

    First, let me say that I’m SO happy and excited for you! With all of the love that you have in your heart, you deserve someone to share it with; even if you take it slowly, steady-Eddie Taurus-style. I’m a Libra Sun and Taurus Moon, so I feel like I can relate a bit to your thoughts.
    Over the years, I’ve had a difficult time feeling emotionally connected with my sister and brother. Through your teachings, though, I realized that both of them have sun in Aries, which is more about “me” than “we”. Now I feel like I can accept them for who they are and not expect them to think like I do. Thank you for that!

  • Love this…Than you Debra for the enlightenment!

  • pdqservicesinc@yahoo.com' Linda Michaels says:

    What a great post! Happy to hear you are trying it again. I believe there is always hope.

  • nxngrl@yahoo.com' Tiffany Nixon says:

    Oh my goodness! This resonates for me on just about every aspect brought up! Thank you so much for sharing your gift! xoxoxo

  • rinafb@yahoo.com' Maria says:

    Thank you for your newsletters, I look forward to them, there is so much wisdom in your words and so real. I’m in the sit that I must be truthful with myself and ask those hard questions, thank you again, and many blessings to you as well.

    Maria Richey

  • Rsonatore@gmail.com' Rosanne says:

    Hi Debra,
    I’m saving up to attend Level 1 and Level 2 of your course and enjoy being in your Eleventh House Astrology Facebook Group. I also signed up and am waiting for a reading with one of your Astrology students. I was first introduced to Astrology by a special aunt of mine when I was 9 years old and I have been studying on my own ever since (Sun Capricorn – 4th House, Moon in Virgo and Virgo Rising – 12th House). The Aries/Libra dialogue about love that you are describing is so true for me (Jupiter Libra – 1st House and Mars Aries – 8th House). I am writing to request that when you speak about relationships, if the language could be more inclusive of LGBTQ+ students. I recognize that the majority of your students might be women interested in men, but my heart sinks for those of us who don’t fit that description. Rather than using the word men, if you could use the word partner, that might help other LGBTQ+ students feel more spoken to when you are speaking about love and relationships. Thank you for all you have done to educate so many about the wonders of Astrology. I look forward to continuing to learn from you and your students for a long time to come. 💜

  • rsonatore@gmail.com' Rosanne says:

    I just re-read what you wrote so please disregard my last comment. I saw that you were quoting a friend and she was referencing her specific experience with reference to men. I am going to take your advice and get outside and release some of this anxious Virgo energy I have today. Please delete my comments after reading rather than posting. Thank you!

  • dkun3d@gmail.com' DMarie Times says:


  • Hello Debra,

    I am with you, Moon in Aries. And I will never shut down my heart, never give up.

    Congratulations on your new relationship, love can be so delicious. My third husband is a double Taurus, or triple? He has a lot of Taurus. Slow and so steady, an arty rock so that my wings can fly. Our love is solid and harmonious.

    Dorine (Capricorn, Aries, Pisces, about to begin Level 2.) HooYkaas in New Zealand

  • lanawilliams73@outlook.com' Lana says:

    My rising and moon are both in Aries and at the beginning of the year I met a gentleman who sun is In Libra and boy can you ever notice the opposition in our friendship. 😅but I do adore him and really would love to find the balance between us. Really enjoyed this article immensely.

  • KIMCARMAN6@GMAIL.COM' Kimberly Carman says:

    Thanks for sharing this info. Can u work with me on more readings, etc,? I don’t have the money to go further w/u right now otherwise. Please help me & I’ll leave testimony for u and proper reviews. C’mon,~ take a chance on me & u will be pleased with my effort and determination to follow the best path I’m aware of on my journey. I am interested in finding out what that is…Thanks so much & plz tell me more about my birth chart, etc,. Take care! Kimberly ♐♈

  • Sylgreenstein@gmail.com' Sylvia says:

    I have two good girlfriends of mine (ones is an Aires) who are both going thru breakups over the last three days because they’re releasing with love what no longer serves them. This also coincides with Passover which is about moving into and taking freedom from what has become enslaving rather than healthy and walking forward no mater however difficult it may be for comfort and dependence and familiarity reasons.

  • louiseboeger@gmail.com' Louise says:

    I was born a Libra (Sun) with an Aries Moon, and that text speaks so much about my life journey. Love has always been an important part of me, thank the Gods!

  • marnieaflalo@hotmail.com' Marnie says:

    Thankyou, i was just randomly (or so I thought!) thinking about relationships… it’s really not the focus of my life right now, well not romantic ones…but little glimmers to know that aspect is around is good… Thankyou for your always wise, funny and uplifting guidance! It made me happy to hear that you have a moon in Aries ♈️ too, and that you are still hopefull about love, and other things… so am I 💗. Even if I’m standing in between exactly as you described, right now… xo 😘

  • angelalynnadams7@gmail.com' Angela Adams says:

    I ‘fell in love’ 4 years ago…..and when he chose to withdraw from the relationship, I was devastated, more devastated then I was when my marriage of 22 years ended. I have been caught between the love of love and wanting to avoid it like the plague.
    In The 12 Astrological Houses by Dane Rudyar: in the chapter about The Seventh House in the opening paragraph: There is a great mystery to be unveiled in the seventh house: the mystery of the obvious- perhaps the greatest of all mysteries! The “obvious” is that which literally and etymologically speaking, confronts you on the way. It is that which you must meet as you take a step out of yourself; and meeting it, you have no choice: you must become related to it. Running away from it is being related in the Negative way of Fear. Rushing to Absorb it is being related in the way of Greed or Lust. Bumping into it Blindly is Relationship based on mere Instinct. Meeting it Openly and Courageously, with a sense of Curiosity and Wonder, with the Expectancy born of the Realization of the Need for Growth- This is Love, in Reality and in Truth.
    I’m very much like you Debra, wherein I take an inventory of myself upon the ending of a relationship. In the past I have had a tendency to take on more than my share of responsibility in the demise of the relationship, I’m sure that this has been the case due to my Virgo Rising/ Pisces Descendant, as well I have the Sun and Mercury Rx in Pisces. However, I believe that I have finally reached a place of feeling like I might be able to walk into a love relationship.

  • innerequinox@verizon.net' Rebecca says:

    Oh my…spoke to me 6/16/21! Keep telling myself how “we are not supposed to suffer”…the universe has got this…hopefully my last class for this “lesson”!

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