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Full Moon in Libra, Aries season. Air meets Fire.

There isn’t one Aries out there that has not felt energetic demands and shifts. I hear it everyday. I was just at the skin doc (she has taken my classes so we now speak Astrology). I noticed shifts in her office. More art, new technology, a new nurse, she was excited about all of it and I asked her, “What is the degree of your Moon in Aries? Did you know you are going through a transit?”

She didn’t know (she hadn’t done Level 3 yet) so she checked it out, and yes, her Moon was being touched by a Jupiter transit and had been for the last two months. I could feel/see/sense the change.

This Full Moon is offering a shift for these signs: Aries/Libra/Capricorn/Cancer. Jupiter is activating a strong energy right now for all cardinal signs (those that were just named.) It works like that, one planet moving through the sky can have a whiplash effect. Like in a pinball machine, one ball hits one side, then it hits another, gets pushed back and forth. Astrology revolves around connectivity. Just as the Earth revolves around the Sun – all the planets dance in the heavens together.

You are dancing with the cosmos whether you know it or not. Please do not take this as a sales pitch, because it is true. One way to get educated is to get a reading from one of our trained Astrologers to determine what cycle you are in right now. You can ask: what energy is calling my name?

Some of you may know, for the first time in 30 years, Saturn has arrived in Pisces. Do you have Pisces in your chart? Good question. Once again you need to know the degrees to determine the precise timing. It’s already affecting some of you.

My friend Larry, whom I have known forever and has yet to study Astrology, asked recently, “Am I in a Saturn return?” No, you are way past that – he is almost 80, but I understood the question – he was feeling a shift. All Pisces will in the next two and half years. Pisces just entered a new Saturn cycle, meaning that not unlike the cardinal signs we mentioned above, Pisces will be feeling a strong request to go get disciplined. Change something. Not so easy for mutable Pisces. Life is going to demand it.

So, I said: “No, Larry, it is not your Saturn return – it’s slightly different but just consider it a kick from the universe to get you motivated to find your discipline. If not, you are going to feel rumblings.” (This was his word.) It’s a bit of discomfort asking you to grow.

“Rumblings” is a good word: you know if life is shifting your templates. One more indicator: if you are at early-degree Aquarius, born the first few days of Aquarius (Jan 18-20) you are bound to be feeling Pluto – another transit that carries a shift. At first – it’s just nudging, something feels not quite right. Something has to change. We all first get the foreshadowing, then rumblings.

I am feeling it, I’m in one of those Saturn cycles (too much to explain here – simply for those who know the lingo, I just entered a brand new Saturn cycle). I noticed. I just met with more than half a dozen NYC top line publishers. Suddenly I am getting ready to write a book. I felt it, I resisted. I didn’t want to write another book. But it didn’t take long and I surrendered to letting the magic unfold.

This is exactly how Astrology works – if you are in the flow. Here is a law of this universe: you have let go of resistance.

This Full Moon is a possible activation point. Why? Because Aries do not resist – they jump at the first impulse, the early sign, or the invitation to shift/change/move. That may not be you. This may be an era for you to rest, listen and trust. Two distinct different seasons.

In the Southern Hemisphere there is Fall and then Winter about to return. In North America Spring has sprung. Then Summer arrives. Different seasons, different timing. When looking at your chart, how are you supposed to know the cycle you are in without consulting the stars? If I didn’t know Astrology, I really think I would be miserable. I resist change. Astrology prevents me from resisting. Life talks and I listen.

Truth be told, I do not like change (you may love change). My personality does not like to be pushed; however, when informed by trustworthy sources – in this case Astrology – I willingly conform to its demands.

Don’t get me wrong; not without voicing my resistance. I told myself I would NEVER write a book again. See, don’t use that word. I was upset when I first heard I had to write another book. No, no, I swore I was done.

I needed to be negative. The worst thing we can do is bypass our human nature and pretend. I was upset. I didn’t want to write the book and then I heard the request in a myriad of ways. You know: the cards, my heart, life showing up with an invite.

A long time ago, probably long before this lifetime, I made a promise that I would never resist spirit as my teacher or with its requests. I would listen and follow instructions. This is why life hands me such large assignments. Life speaks – I listen.

Life speaks to all us – in so many ways. She grabs your attention with an illness, heart break, tiredness, excitement, financial ease or discomfort, opportunities. If you are lucky – you hear the call; if you are luckier, a muse or a good teacher will arrive to come along and inspire you. Opportunity knocks, then it nudges you, shows up in your cards, your chart, your dreams and then the question arrives: will you say yes? Or is it time to say no?

You tell me. Enjoy this Full Moon in Libra, it’s a biggy.

This Full Moon is asking you to up your voltage. Full Moon in Aries season screams: be honest. No judgment welcome here. Simply be willing to discern what is true, stay grounded and follow through. YOU ready?


  • sjscott1210@gmail.com' sharon scott says:

    Debra , your words ring truth to me. Must be your energy with them. Thank you for following your path and influencing means

  • Repent4tk@bellsouth.net' Shirley says:

    Thank you
    Can you help me get started on something that came to mind to do with Shirley Reads

  • reganmaryrose@gmail.com' MaryRose Regan says:

    So true, we must learn to listen to life in a multitude of ways!
    To balance the revolution into evolution is very necessary in our many lifetimes in this universe.

  • annier1763@gmail.com' Ann says:

    Debra, I have all the cardinal sign in my chart Capricorn Sun, Cancer ascendant, Libra moon, and Aires Midheaven. What does this mean for me ? I really need help !

  • jcmagick@yahoo.com' Jacki Shaw says:

    Doing my best to listen, discern and act. Am I ready… I don’t know. But I’m willing.

  • cichilddact2022@gmail.com' Susan says:

    Thank you. I began my healing journey back in 2016 & I believe I had come across one of your videos and I subscribed. It has been a rough ride, draining. Up until recently I was so numb from it all. I needed to take the time, go through the grieving process, mourning everything I thought I had and everything I knew I didn’t have. I know something is going to happen because that’s when they get faster and louder, vibrations. But to answer your question, YES, thanks

  • beverlyrtt@hotmail.com' Beverly says:

    Love reading what you have to say! I’m a scorpio, sag rising but I have a heavy heart & to be honest a bit scared about my near future – decisions etc… is this full moon affecting me as well?

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