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A double Libra sky: it’s a wonderful night for romance…with the Moon hiding in the arms of the Sun. A dark sky with the Sun and Moon all cuddled up in the heavens with no reflection anywhere.

Will it sound like I am dropping names when I tell you I had the privilege of knowing a very famous double Libra with such intimacy that we became really dear friends? This year when he celebrated 27 years of marriage (37 years of being in relationship), he and his wife had a party and I got invited to the hills of Tuscany, Italy to celebrate. We drank his wine, listened to his love poems dressed up in music and watched the reflection of true love.

Double Libra has the gift of writing words of love that become universal. He wrote the song Fragile—so Libra: sweet and tender. And yet, if I told you Libra can be the most cut off, emotionally numb sign, having the ability to lose its temper and fully rage to another, all in the name of love, would you believe me?

During this double Libra sky, ask yourself, what is my relationship with love? Libra can be so warm and sweet, then detached and distant. They go both ways: sweet and sour. They can be sure they want to commit and sign the dotted line, then all of a sudden want freedom, flirtations and time out.

Libra is the sign of indecisiveness. Without a true north, without holding your deepest value close up and personal, it will feel like you want to be in relationship—and yet you want to be alone. You want to go to the movies and visit with friends AND you want to be alone and quiet. It’s the ultimate indecisiveness that has your mind playing ping-pong until you get whiplash and cannot do it anymore. Indecisiveness is painful. We are not meant to be sitting on a fence.

I want to move away from this city but I can’t. I want to end this relationship because it’s dated…but not really. I want to get married, yet I don’t believe in that stupid structure… There are a million variations on this list of how to be committed and then to drop the entire idea and just pretend.

What needs your attention as far as decisions? What part of your life needs your full commitment so you are not just flirting, but you are sure to give it your all? Think about it during this new moon, so your true north is leading the way and you are not just pretending to love what you do, who you are with, and who you are.

This is why we study Astrology: to find our deep YES and give it all we’ve got.

If you are not there yet, let us know. We have such great Certified Astrologers who are standing by, ready to help.


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