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During the New Moon in Libra this week…it’s only natural we talk about the election—1, because it’s on the front of our (North American) brains, and 2, because Libras are drawn to these words: Democracy, Diplomacy and (all things to do with) Harmony—even if only as a thought.

I am not sure if you know: currently, and for the remaining weeks leading up to the election, we have Mercury retrograde (in Scorpio). This suggests several things…

The most obvious: a strong suggestion that there will be countless glitches with mailings, transportation, airplanes, number counting and technology. During Mercury retrograde, it is not unusual for miscommunication, short-circuiting in our personal lives, AND our collective life…ultimately reflected by the retrograde.

Retrogrades ask us to stop and look back. What separates us from animals is that we can cry at will and we can reflect on the past with full recount. We cannot accrue wisdom without the ability to stop, reflect, remember, and learn the lessons stalking us.

Let’s stop and sit for a moment. What do we see behind us? Back to Libra’s words: democracy, diplomacy and harmony—important words right now that seem almost foreign at this time.

We in the United States have a split-party system, setting up half of us to hate Trump, thinking him a bad President—and the other half, not so much. At best, this retrograde could be asking us to try and be neutral. To stand still—beyond your party’s point of view—and reflect. This is the Libra gift.

For Democrats or Liberals, dare I ask: Is there anything that Trump has done well?

For Republicans: Is there anything you wish he would be doing differently?

Stand away from your automatic response and let Mercury retrograde challenge you to look again, review, be objective, and seek wisdom.

This would be the high road of Mercury retrograde leading up the election—to just ask: Can I look neutrally at what has happened in the last 3-and-a-half years, thereby allowing my decision about this election to be filled with objectivity?

Mars is asking the same. It, too, is retrograde right now. Mars talks about our male energy and is asking us to look back and review, too.

Mars Retrograde: a time when our output of energy has fits of starts and stops. Mars has been retrograde since September 9, and doesn’t go direct again until November 13; it has not left Aries for months, and will be there until December. We have all had this feeling of going forward—then backward—then forward again.

This is clearly reflected when we consider the virus: mask on/mask off. Quarantine on/quarantine off. Forward/backward, and too often with no clear male (Mars) solution standing by to direct us as to the ‘right’ way to go.

So we are back to the truth of a retrograde sky: stay still, hold a position of curiosity, and seek harmony.

During this double Libra sky—with two personal planets (Mercury and Mars) going backwards (retrograde)—let’s stop and look back.

I, being a Libra rising, practice watching both news stations that speak to the two parties. I force myself to be willing to listen.

Not sure we can do that…it’s a skill we should practice. I am constantly challenging myself to listen to try to understand both sides.

Not that I can do itit’s just that we have to start somewhere. This new moon with double Libra is inspiring us.

Let’s try and be the peacemaker.

You start.

Let me know how you do.

It is NOT easy…not at all.



  • cbroadley@mac.com' Cathy Broadley says:

    Sending love and grounding energy. Meeting & learning Astrology from you has helped me understand my life better ✨??✨ I’m still anxious a lot. I have Libra rising also. I’m also trying to rise above the frayed political systems, do what I can do, and keep observing myself as I get triggered by experiences that burn in my gut. All love to you & your team & beloveds ❤️???

  • Danielle.carifelle@gmail.com' Danielle says:

    We have each walked a moment in time where the harmony could have deeply changed our own personal outcomes. When we become humbled through our own experience of disharmony, we can offer compassionate awareness forwards for ourselves and others. I believe in your words of wisdom Debra. They lead to the treasure in my own heart that is always willing to stay curious and connected to the collective.

  • donnesdream314@gmail.com' Erik says:

    Nice sentiments, Debra….at the very least a nice first draft on how to be “Libran” in a divided world…
    But should a true Libran be “even-handed,” and little more?
    The problem is not fairness, but discernment, which requires that people be reliably informed. These days, most are misinformed about everything, and intentionally so. Much of the disinformation surrounds this President, and the only word for it is “propaganda.”
    Since you watch “both news stations” you know how they portray the “truth” differently; it’s not a matter of interpretation. A careful viewer will quickly detect the tendentious quality of the “supporting evidence” for this President, and his 3 1/2 years. Why? Because the news itself is consistently being revealed as lies and gross distortions of the truth.
    But these are comforting lies and “rewarding” distortions. Easy lies. “Father Knows Best” lies that set our childish, fearful hearts at ease, while other more scary confabulations release endorphins, promoting group-bonding alarmism and fear. Fear-mongering is useful when our “leaders” want us to set ourselves apart from others. The resulting suspicions, disgust and hatred “secure” our hearts in an us-against-them solidarity, cementing the “in-group” limitations of a spurious love….call it “love-mongering.” This bogus, cheap, easy “love” is defined by those it EXCLUDES, and supports itself that way. It feeds on paranoia and group-think and conspiracy: on the “Evil” of the Other.
    It’s simple, sad, and scary. Very scary.
    Get wise, please, and TOUGH-minded, like a true “Libran,” a justice-seeker, and testify to the things you know to be TRUE about the way our country is being divided and conquered by a Fascist-Friendly (or at least “Faschist-adjacent”) promoter of parallel authoritarian regimes…like Duterte, Putin, Erdogan, Balsonaro, Modi, etc., who suppress (and, yes, murder) free-speech, minorities, the indiginous, the poor, the weak, and the different; and who solidify their “base,” and thus their power, that way.
    The world needs YOU…and all of us, to counter this pandemic of back-handed hatred under the guise of a narrow, scary, misbegotten “love.”
    Thanks for your kind heart and vigilant attention….and be well.

  • Rubylincoln@yahoo.com' Sharon says:

    Thank you,I agree.I feel that there is a reason for everything. I understand this is the age we all chose to witness.I understand that in order to have real change,we needed Trump to show us all the crappy
    people and things we are doing to our planet.I also believe that we needed Senator Sanders to show us all the possibilities. And I also understand that as we are all one from the I AM,that it is a gift to experience individuality, now we know how important it is to be “all one again while still experiencing individuality while learning to be in harmony and cooperation with nature ,eachother and the universe.your insights are so helpful.namaste

  • charlym@sbcglobal.net' Charly Mullan says:

    I can only keep going back to a tradition of one of the groups I follow which is to practice principles before personalities…

  • yafahrai33@gmail.com' Thelma Y Chapman says:

    Thank you for sharing, most intuitive. Sounds true

  • deloresperk@aol.com' Delores I Perkins says:

    Maybe while you are evaluating the last 3.5 yrs of President, ask yourself what has Biden done for the last 47 yrs???I cant think of one positive thing other than steal from the Americans and a whole lot of money from other countries.

    • kauaidragon4@live.com' Marta Barbeau says:

      What has the other guy done for the last 40+ years except lie, cheat, bankrupt and rip off people? He is the consummate con man/grifter who is now trying to overthrow democracy. You ok with that??

    • Mskclass100@gmail.com' Sarah K says:

      So you’re ignoring Debra’s advice and not trying at all to see things from a different perspective?. Even for 30 seconds? I think we haven’t lost so much of our humanity that we all can’t put ourselves in someone else’s shoes (or thoughts) for 30 seconds.

    • donnesdream314@gmail.com' Erik says:

      Truly, Delores? If you choose to believe Trump’s “47-year” slogan against Biden, and imagine that a public servant who has been electorally successful for five decades, a man celebrated for promoting women’s and minority rights, bipartisanship and civility, and stable and secure foreign affairs, and who won the Democratic nomination from a field of 23 candidates has only succeeded in stealing “from the Americans and a whole lot of money from other countries,” then you must truly despair of the judgment of your fellow Americans and of Democracy itself. How sad and cynical you must be. But I have an easy cure…

      Begin with the most basic research into Biden’s record, maybe starting with Wikipedia….unless you are not sad at all, but happy to believe every white lie–big or small–that Daddy Trump tells you…

  • gingerblitz@gmail.com' A.e.f.b says:

    I want to share this. Debra, great and insightful, heartfelt Libra-rising analysis of all that’s happening around us. I listen to your astrology five days a week as well as many other astrologist and I really appreciate this warm hearted and homestyle method of bridging the two sides

  • Vitamingirl32@gmail.com' Cathy says:

    I have been trying to do this balancing act with a friend of mine who belongs to the opposite party. It is a difficult narrative indeed! Then we watched the debates and I awoke to the disaster that “T” really is, once again, and I had to take my stance for sanity and common sense. I tried Debra…I really did! ?

  • tiapetdog@yahoo.com' Cynthia Gappmayer says:

    Thank you , what you’ve said is absolutely so beautifully and true in hearts of so many people.

  • kikcind@yahoo.com' Cindy says:

    Yes! I’m feeling it! I’m sensitive to friends right now. If I’m included, or not included. Should I go, should I stay home? Do you like me, Why don’t you like me? Are you mad? What did I do? You get the picture.
    Yes, I think it’s time to take a step back.
    Think about your beliefs and mine and work to start the peace and not over reacting.

  • wilsonlauren08@gmail.com' Lauren Wilson says:

    I see no point in trying to see both sides at this time. Trump has been in office for three and a half years. It’s become quite clear what his stance is. Besides, I’ve already voted. ?

  • Mazk444@yahoo.com' Michele says:

    Thank you for taking the high road in your discussion of the new moon energies. It is such a gift to humanity to be as loving and compassionate as you can be at this time. We are all in this together no matter where each of us stand in our beliefs.

    Much love to all!

  • ekane@bellsouth.net' Ellie says:

    Thanks for your comments and guidance Debra.
    Love that Libra will be illuminating us as we decide who will run our country the next four years.
    As you, I watch different News channels to educate myself on all the information that’s out there.
    I have asked myself the question you posed and I’m clear on my answer and why.
    Listening to opposite opinions and the way current events are presented to us is enlightening and can really open our eyes to what truly is happening…if we fairly pay attention while remaining neutral.
    I have made my decision and know it is the correct one for me.
    May the Stars align for the one who will take this country in the best direction…

  • Dukas2311@gmail.com' Elizabeth Dukas says:

    That’s perfect Debra! The stars are aligned for us to make a difference & in my eyes the best way to do that is impartially. Many blessings to you & all of your readers ?? ?
    Thanks a bunch! See you next time ??

  • conny@connygraf.com' Conny says:

    Thank you for this message of hope! Yes, let’s stop and start listening. Peace and harmony starts with us being willing to listen to both sides. I do that too, sometimes better sometimes not so good. The biggest revelation from level 1 for me was that my North Node is in Aries which makes my South Node in Libra…. this made me understand why I struggle embracing my fire and all the Aries in my chart (Moon, Mars, Saturn & NN) while my sun is in dreamy Pisces and my South Node in Libra. I guess what I try to say is, I have to listen to both of these extremes as well. Thank you for your teachings!

  • barbararose6@gmail.com' Barbara Russell says:

    You are always the voice of reason Debra & for that I’m truly grateful.

  • Libra’s symbol is the scales. My fear is the heaviest contender will win. Is that how the scales operate? I know they are the scales of justice. I am unsure whether the winner rises on the scales or pulls downwards, assisted by gravity. Whichever, it is a hard call for voters: not to be whisked away on false updrafts created by candidates.

  • naturegirl0000@hotmail.com' Christine says:

    There are other choices besides democrat and republican. Since these two can not seem to pick what is best for all and choose what is best for the party instead, perhaps it is time for a democratic/republican USA (them/us) to change to a different party that represents “we the people”. I do not like either one of them. Would the USA cease to function if another party won? Everyone talks and writes like no other option exists except democrat and republican. What does stand out the most is that both parties agree that their is no truth, cooperation, ability to make good decisions even if it means stepping on the party’s ego, and doing what is best for USA no matter who comes up with the idea. It is obvious to all that each party cannot see past the rules of their party and will sacrifice anything to stay within those party’s boundaries. We have turned into democrat vs republican in every thing about anything. An idea, action, belief, behavior, etc. does not have to be broken down into a republican/democratic one for everyone to choose between with the consequences of being labeled as two faced and no longer talked to.
    Do something radical. Research EVERY person running on your ballot, disregard the party name, and choose the one YOU like. So what if you have a ballot with many different parties on it. Parties should not run the country, good, reliable, trustworthy, open minded, loving and caring people should.

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