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A relationship has the means to elicit the greatest feeling of all: love.

(And by the way, the word ‘relationship’ is not related only to the one you sleep with — it occurs in every area in life. Relationships are just as meaningful with a family member/best friend/great colleague, or the dog/cat.)

What is it about relationships? It’s simple: we want to be known. We long to be seen and ultimately (said the Astrologer), to be understood.

If you really knew me, you’d know that I am an electric bike addict; I ride every day. You’d know that I live to be outside; I don’t like air conditioning. I long for softness in all materials — and in someone’s heart. I love a bright room (extra lighting makes me happy), and I pretty much require coconut water every day, wherever I go.

Those are some small details that reveal Deb to Deb. It took years for me to understand how to make Debra happy.

In true relationships, you help your person be happy. You know your person inside-out. Hello double Libra — the theme of this new moon.

And yet, in a deep relationship, you are surely surprised when new flavors appear — but that’s the best part — you never get tired of discovering what is true of your person.

Herein lies the wish of every Libra; we all long for someone like that. Who wants to know me? (This is why Astrology is so important: in a reading, a skilled Astrologer knows the real you.)

Relationships come in so many shapes, yet it has been said that romantic idealization is the source of the greatest love… but that’s hard to hear if you are single or not blessed to have found the ‘one’.

How did it get so idealized? We come in alone. And we leave alone.

When you arrived here, you left God’s country — the land of ONE — and entered the land of the others: family, siblings, your mother’s arms. Truth be told, not all of us entered this reality into friendly arms.

Some of us know the feeling of separation right from the start. Being disappointed — even abandoned — by the ones who were supposed to be ‘family’ can set us up for relationship lessons. If the original imprint you arrived in was faulty and you did not know true love as a little person, it may become difficult to bond and to find that connection as an adult.

Obviously, love is the backdrop for this reality. It’s why we are here — or so it seems. We love our kids, our house, our country, our person — and then again maybe not. Can you hear the Libra yes but? I do but I don’t?

Of all the signs, Libra is the most likely to end up in the constant pursuit of the push-pull game called love: s/he loves me, s/he loves me not. It’s a seesaw, balancing scales image for Libra — the sign of Justice, who can swing from one side of the pendulum to the other.

It took me years to determine the very specific distinct taste buds for Debra. At first I was a pleaser (said every Libra). It took me time to realize I didn’t like the dark lighting, air conditioning, or an unsoftened world.

In the same vein, it took me years to find out my priority for authenticity was supreme — that to be in a relationship, pretending to be in love when I wasn’t any longer, was not going to be enough to keep me in. I long for true love, and I know the difference.

This is the essence of Libra: to be so true to yourself, to truly know your preferences and then to honor them even if it means letting go of everything, including the almost-true love — pretty good but not it. Libra, when they are honest enough, cannot pretend. They do not love lightly; it’s all or nothing.

If you are someone who has shamed yourself for either staying in a relationship for comfort, or you have not yet found a solid love affair that passed the test of time — you probably have Libra in your chart. Under this new moon sky it begs the questions:

Am I okay alone? Can I tell the truth about my depths? Does anyone truly know me?

There is no right or wrong answer for these questions. It’s okay to admit that the Libra in you is alive and kicking, longing to be understood and loved.

Perhaps you’re lonely right there in the middle of your world. ‘Lonely’ is just a word indicating a longing that is based in love. The best thing I’ve learned to combat loneliness is to constantly give the gift of true love to someone (not necessarily romantic love), and watch loneliness be soothed.

I am in love with life, colors, my kids, and too many people to count. It is NOT just romantic love that determines fulfillment. This, too, took this Libra rising a long time to learn.

Don’t feel bad if loneliness comes to visit. It’s just life’s way of asking you to self-soothe. Your soul is madly in love with you. I’m sure of it.




  • cjkobor@ymail.com' Cat Kobor says:


    I love that you know me a Libra so well. Thank you for showing me-me. To be honest I was almost in tears which is a very good emotion for me after burying me for years.

  • tracydunnit@gmail.com' Tracy Sparks says:

    Thank you for reminding me of myself! I just love you, Debra, so very much and am so very grateful to have you and your wisdom in my life… assisting me in finding the sage within!!!

  • Hollytayloruk@yahoo.co.uk' HT says:

    Lovely words thank you Debra.. from a libra moon going through divorce 🙁 your words are soothing in themselves! 🙂

    • heightenedexperience@gmail.com' Frank says:

      Your not alone coming from another libra moon who lost it all the first of this month. And how right she is about not being limited to intimate relations. The scales tipped full weight. Grace be with you dear one.

  • qi4all@aol.com' Kathryn says:

    Best part: “Your soul is madly in love with you. I’m sure of it.” I’m sure of it too Debra & that took me a long time to comprehend.

  • didesigns@gmail.com' Diane says:

    Delightful, Thank you!

  • noelle@noellenadeaukhoo.ca' Noëlle says:

    I love that you’ve found your magical lovable you. Thank you for sharing yourself so authentically. Your wisdom and joy shine through the words you speak – ever so much more real – for it is evident you’ve shadow boxed and come to love all you believed to be unlovable. Thank you for being a guiding light in so many peoples lives ( including mine :-). I love you, Debra.

  • innergirl1101@gmail.com' Carolyn says:

    I Just read your message! Wow perfect timing! Thank you for what you wrote! thank you 🙂 appreciate your positivity and love!

  • kris10walter@gmail.com' Kristen Walter says:

    Your depiction of a a Libran soul just brought tears to my eyes! I’m a fellow Libra rising too with 5 planets in the 7H .. I love so hard and have been heartbroken many times. Currently going through the toughest heartbreak yet and your words spoke to my heart, so thank you so much for seeing me and knowing the deepest part of me that just wants to love and be loved.

  • mickeyharris@yahoo.com' Michelle says:

    Thank you for this from another ♎️ rising.

  • connectivecounselling@gmail.com' Tanya says:

    Debra, this is a beautiFULL post; I am in love with these words, as they are just the soft landing needed to remind, that my soul – our souls – are in love with me, with us. I love softness around me, I love honing my breath and my words to be soft and loving – this is what I strive for every day. Thank you for the beautiful reminder. xo

  • drenna623@gmail.com' Deborah A Renna says:

    Thank you for the your word of light and knowledge. It took me a long time. I finally love me and I am ok with me
    I am happy to be me. I finally under stand who I am and how I am . The good and the bad. I have made peace with myself.

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