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Here Comes 2017! We Are All Healers…What Will Your Medicine Be?  

Mercury in Retrograde with Debra Silverman Astrology


2016 was a giant calamity of a year—with a huge list of traumatic events, not to mention the 2016 presidential election, it’s a year we are all ready to leave in the past.

As a nation, and planet we have been deeply wounded and we are sick. But don’t worry! Using tools from my newest book: The Missing Element, we can see ourselves and others from the compassionate vantage point that unites all of us. We are ALL healers. Coming together as a community and a collective consciousness is going to be the medicine in the coming year.

Mercury In Retrograde

In light of Mercury retrograde, this week is the perfect time to take a look back and review in preparation for 2017. Mercury is in retrograde (when the planet appears to be going backwards) from now until December 31st, and an end-of-year review is in order for all of us. Sometimes the best way to move forward is to look backwards then make a concrete plan of action that is true to your nature.

For some people that “plan of action” will be acting as mediator, for others it will mean standing on a soapbox and yelling out your truth. It’s different for all of us.

We are going to have to come together as a collective to make it through this transition, using mercury retrograde as an excellent window of opportunity.

So take a little time to get a list together of what matters to you, and what can you do…and then let’s help each other make 2017 a remarkable year of change!

2016 In Memoriam: A Goodbye List

I think it’s safe to say we are all ready to say goodbye to a year that was filled with so many traumas. Brace yourself; this (partial) list is going to hurt–just writing it hurt.

  • The 2016 US presidential election where Donald Trump is elected president.
  • Brexit: the mess that threw the EU into turmoil.
  • Record high temperatures—global warming and climate change is real!
  • The Syrian refugee crisis.
  • The Istanbul airport attack.
  • Bombings in Paris
  • Bombings in Brussels.
  • Harambe was killed in the Cincinnati zoo.
  • The shooting in Orlando.
  • The Dallas police shooting.
  • Surge in racist crimes this year.
  • The city of Flint, Michigan and their lead-poisoned water.
  • United States surge in hate crimes.
  • Deaths of so many talents who have passed on:
    • David Bowie
    • Prince
    • Leonard Cohen
    • Gene Wilder
    • Muhammad Ali
    • Natalie Cole
    • Harper Lee
    • Alan Rickman
    • So many more…

The T-Square

Mercury in Retrograde with Debra Silverman Astrology

Mercury in Retrograde with Debra Silverman Astrology

As the prophets and elders predicted, change has found us. The T-square between Uranus, Pluto and Jupiter that began back in mid-November and will grace our skies until April 2017 is absolutely having an effect on all the turmoil.

The T-square pattern in astrology is formed when 2 points are in opposition with a third point that is 90 degrees to them both, forming a literal “T.” The T-square describes argumentative forces conflicted.

The Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto T-Square is likely to magnify the consequences of mercury retrograde. However, using this to its highest potential, we have a chance as a nation to gain a greater understanding of our collective issues and problems – particularly where we need to change.

So what can we do? How can we seek to find some balance inside our selves? There’s power in numbers, everybody knows this; this is what our tribe is all about for us “Astro-maniacs.” What we do to embrace this change and move forward is to encourage people–and our selves–to stand up and be real.

We can become proactive within the community and work together. Talk about our fears. Complain until we have to act. This new year we are going to promise each other to get motivated and to stand up for the underdog.

Potent Potential: The Medicine is In the Four Elements

My newest book: The Missing Element uses personality types that are based on the four elements, revealing that whatever pain you experience is specific to your elemental personality, and that your issues will repeat themselves again and again until you see yourself and others from the compassionate vantage point that unites all of us.

As Sting so eloquently stated, my book “…is based on stories of people, and the system of the four elements appeals to (his) my sense of logic.”

I think it will do the same for you. Read it and then practice the observer who will motivate you to be yourself.

Here’s how the four elements feel during crisis:

  • The Water Element: Water people are emotional and psychic. If you’re a water person in crisis you do need to know how to find stillness and calm to regain your faith. Hint: it’s not from watching TV, playing video games and zoning out. There is a free meditation on my website that can surely help you ground. Water medicine: meditate good music/ yoga, pets and cuddling.
  • The Air Element: Air people are filled with words and can appear impractical and restless. Air people tend to go online and find themselves stuck inside a computer during crisis. It’s OK to be yourself, but it’s important, now more than ever, to write and share with us what you discovered. Communicate your voice! Air medicine: write, share your ideas and reframe the story with a positive action step.
  • The Earth Element: Earth people are grounded, and they like instruction and results. They become action oriented when in crisis. If you’re an earth person, it’s time to start sharing. Who can you give money to? Who can you give your time to? Where can you volunteer? Earth medicine: share your money, and give freely during this era.
  • The Fire Element: Fire people are enthusiastic and natural performers. It is important to remember that fire people speak and act bravely, straight from the heart. They can use that radical energy for political activism, standing up for the underdog and going out to the world using their shield of fearlessness. Fire medicine: be an activist, speak to the unspeakable, stand up for the underdog.

In summary, there’s a very unique way that we can each help to foster a change in direction for the New Year. If we communicate better with peace and understanding to one another, dismiss bigotry, and work together, we CAN overcome this huge pile of bullshit!

Let me know how YOU are dealing with the crisis we are in—while staying true to being yourself.


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