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Think back to a time when you were face-to-face with a hard decision. Was it to break up with ol’ whatstheirname? Was it which city to move to after university finished? Was it to buy a house? Was it to get married and begin your adult life?

The right use of Mercury retrograde in Leo/Cancer is to look behind (retro) and acknowledge the hard decisions you made and review from the now.

Ask yourself the hard questions: What could I have done differently? Was security ruling my mind versus my risk-taking genius moving freely? Did I listen to the deepest part of me or did I slip into comfort and go for the surface? Only you know.

Surely, you have heard of the classical symptoms of Mercury retrograde: broken schedules, miscommunication, computer glitches, flight disturbances, mishaps and endings. It is scientifically recorded how many more flights are changed, computers break, phones go AWOL—yes, it’s predictable.

What is not predictable is what you do with the retrograde energy. Do you review? Do you slow down? Do you find the part of you that is NOT going to react? Our reactions are what cause all the disturbance in this world.

When I am in the presence of what appears to be high drama, I stand still. This is the best response a person can have during a retrograde. When things go wrong, just wait a moment and reason will reappear, standing close to wisdom. You become a healing agent.

What happened when those hard decisions came by? What did you do? You reflected, you asked others for help, and finally you made the decision that was so obvious. Everyone has a different way of making choices. This is what Astrology makes sense of: how we are all different. Some fret, some rush, some cry—we all have different coping mechanisms. What is your style?

This Mercury retrograde is offering a chance to re-look at what you do when you are under stress. How can you change your style? When the plane is delayed and your plans disrupted, do you fight with the attendant at the counter, do you willingly change, or do you let the whole rigmarole shorten your fuse?

The second question Mercury retrograde is asking is how do you deal with big decisions? Because this month also includes two eclipses, it implies a very significant marker to allow change or awareness to come to your house. Are you wanting to change something or make a shift? This is the time. Change is never easy, except when an eclipse shows up.

During the two eclipses this month (one is a total solar eclipse during the new moon in Cancer on July 2, and the other is a partial lunar eclipse during the full moon in Capricorn on July 16), you can change your style and rewrite your old story.  You really can mark the date by saying: these eclipses in July 2019, during the retrograde—I changed it up.

We are in the future looking forward and I am suggesting to use the gift of Astrology and the prophetic tool of Mercury’s movement to assist you in waking up to a new level of your evolution. If you are interested in including the cosmic vantage point and you pride yourself in all things spiritual, you will want to track both the eclipses and the Mercury retrograde, using it as a marker to let your dance become one with spirit—not your old ego running the show again.

Join me on July 2nd for the new moon, July 8th for the Mercury retrograde, and July 16th for the full moon. A fully packed month in 2019 to walk into a portal, ask hard questions and support real change.

I’d love to hear how it’s affecting YOU.



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