The Missing Element Self-Survey

The following is a survey to establish which elements are naturally strong in your personality and which are less familiar.

Take the test and then, when reading each chapter of The Missing Element, go back to the score and pay attention to whether it is an area you need to develop or one that is comfortable and easy to access.

The point of my work is to help you have all four elements in equal proportion and fully expressed. Having said that, no one has all four elements developed; there is always a missing element, and one or two that are effortless and strong. Just like the analogy of four wheels on a car needing to be balanced for an easy ride, so is true also that all four elements in you work best when they are equally balanced.

The test results will change over time. There are times in life when one of the elements is needed. For example, shortly after having a baby, a new mother will spend months seeking quiet and peace for the baby. Water becomes the primary element. Or Earth becomes strong when you are just starting a new job, and details and precision are required. So our elemental constitution changes. As you learn how to balance all four parts of your personality, you will notice how much easier manifestation becomes, how much more you will enjoy your life, and your consistent ability to be yourself.

Start by taking the element self-survey below. This is a quick survey that will establish, for you — at the present time — your relationship to each of the four elements.

It is a Yes/No question: If the statement is true 50% or more of the time, say yes and score 1; if less than 50% of the time, say no and score zero; and if undecided, give it a score of 1/2.

Working on our elemental nature

This survey helps establish — for you, at the present time — your relationship to each of the four Elements.

A score of 7-10 means you’re well immersed in that Element; if you score a 6 or less, you’re likely lacking in that Element.

To work toward balancing your elemental influences, it’s best if all the scores are about the same. Explore your internal habitual patterns, create a new practice intended to update those behaviors, and begin to develop and maintain the right balance and transform your life:

WATERExplore. Go inside and identify the Element’s energies and patterns in your life.

AIRArticulate. Put words to your Elemental patterns — speak to and laugh about them with a trusted witness.

EARTHInvestigate. Acknowledge the strengths and shadow-sides. Identify and get familiar with your Elemental lessons.

FIRETransform. Begin a practice to create a new paradigm.

Remember, the goal is to keep all Four Elements in balance. As you learn to turn on your Observer, gain compassion for the human condition, and develop a new practice, you may want to retake the survey as part of your journey of transformation.

You will also find information about ways to dive deeper into each Element in my book, The Missing Element, and in my online course, Applied Astrology.