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Discover Your Purpose in this Life and Enroll in The Debra Silverman Online Astrology Course

Debra Silverman Online Astrology Class

Are you interested in astrology? Have you ever thought you would give really good astrological readings? Would you like to make a lot of extra money doing something you love and change your life for the better? Now is the perfect time to follow that celestial hunch and join the tribe of other Astro Maniacs. There are still a few spaces left for you to be a part of my online astrology course and astrology apprenticeship program.

Sign-up now to be the first to know when registration opens. Abundant rewards—both personal and financial—are waiting for you in 2017!

The Debra Silverman Astrology Apprenticeship Program and Online Astrology Course

The applied astrology courses in my apprenticeship program are really about personal transformation. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or if you come to the table knowing the depths of astrology already, it’s all about you learning about you.

The power of my online astrology program is as much about the tribal affects of women together studying their purpose, as it is about creating a career. These classes are presenting both a psychological and philosophical model based on astrology, and act as the springboard for you to dive into the depths of your psyche.

Jumping in deep and falling in love with yourself, sparks the fire to enrich, motivate and make changes in your life.  Warning: This class can be addicting and get you hooked. In fact, after the Level I astrology course, people want to continue with Level II and III because they become fascinated through learning about their soul and purpose; which is why I sometimes feel like a drug dealer.

My Online Astrology Course: Applied Astrology

The Debra Silverman online astrology classes start with a stand-alone first class that takes place once a week for an hour and a half for six weeks. All classes are held in a Zoom chat room with nine other students and a well-prepared mentor.

The entire astrology apprenticeship program contains three levels, each done separately, in addition to:

  • Accelerated Online Learning Platform
  • Group Q&A Calls with Debra Silverman
  • Community Access to the Applied Astrology Inner Circle
  • Live Chart Lectures with me
  • Incorporating psychic enhancement activities through the use of dream boards, journaling and music
  • A 30-Minute Private Check-In Call With a mentor
  • Video recordings of all classes
  • An opportunity to apply to be a Debra Silverman Certified Astrologer
  • Ability to join a private Facebook community
  • Lifetime Access to Program Content

Level I: The first level covers the elements, Mercury, the North Node and Saturn. You’ll discover what your missing element is, what your unique thought process is, and with your shadow, what your ultimate life lesson is.

Level II: You learn about the sun, moon, and ascendant (rising) sign, transits, progressions and how to do an astrological reading. We will provide a client for you to do your first reading/session.

Level III: If you’re really serious about being an astrologer when you grow up, level 3 is for you! You get to come and spend three highly structured days with me, either in Colorado or Hawaii (airfare not included). I will sit with you and coach you while you do a reading. The ultimate goal here is astrology certification.

After training over 300 people in the Debra Silverman Online Astrology Course, we’ve never had anybody want their money back though we offer a 7-Day, 100% Money-Back Guarantee.

Graduate Testimonials of the Debra Silverman Online Astrology Course and Astrologer’s Apprenticeship Program

Don’t just take my word for it. So many lives have been transformed in a  radical way through these classes. When you complete the astrology program you will be joining forces with an enthusiastic tribe. Not only will you take a deep dive into yourself, but you’ll also be swimming with a bunch of other beloved Astrophelliacs (those whom love Astrology) entering a life of new adventures.

  • “Your course opened me up in ways I didn’t know I could be further opened. There is more compassion and more magic everywhere I turn. It’s as if all of the world has started to speak to me in this new language of stars, planets and magic. I know that further study of astrology will help me be a better therapist and will help my clients find the love for themselves that I’ve found for myself through this study. Thank you.”
  • “Studying Astrology changed my life. It changed my career path. It changed my relationships. It changed me. All for the better.”
  • “I would not walk, I would run to register for this class. Why would you want to be a mystery to yourself? Debra’s commitment to us, her students, went above and beyond the call of duty. Her drive was to show us ours.”
  • “Applied Astrology gave me permission to step into my soul’s purpose and use the gifts that I came here to share. It’s been really helpful to know that I’m giving myself permission to step into being the woo-woo astrology crazy lady that I am.”
  • “I wanted to know if this teaching style would work. I have been reading about Astrology forever. How did you do it Debra? I so get it now. I am doing readings, I am getting paid. Honestly I came in skeptical, ready to ask for my money back with your guarantee, but the truth was I did learn and am practicing astrology now. All thanks to you and your gift as a teacher, not to mention the mentors I had. Each one shinier than the next. I am so grateful.”
  • “How come this wasn’t around years ago? I wanted to be an astrologer when I grew up. Where were you then? So glad to have found you.”

You’re ready. The world needs your compassionate insights as an astrologer. Sign-up to learn when the online astrology course registration opens—and when it opens, your life’s transformation will begin.


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