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Online Astrology Training: GPS Directions To Your Purpose

Online Astrology Class with Debra Silverman Astrology

Debra Silverman Online Astrology School & Certification

Online astrology training provides you with GPS guide to your purpose — and a weather report of the astrological weather that’s coming toward you and your world.

Online astrology classes teach about:

  • observing the movements of planets and how they influence you and your life.
  • deep understanding of your psyche and your repetitive patterns.
  • compassion for others and why they do what they do.
  • timing and era shifts that are affecting your life.
  • deep study of archetypes based on the 12 signs and 10 planets.

I will demystify astrology so that you can navigate the stars with our online astrology school and certification. When understood, the sky guides us into a deep understanding of our destiny and purpose.

If you’ve got an appetite to learn and a desire to serve, this course is the answer to your dreams. If you are a practitioner or a healer of any sort, wanting to make your services custom-designed to your client, learning Astrology gives you a step up and away from all of the others that are doing the same.

Online Astrology Courses: What’s in it for me?

Online astrology courses are like learning a new language in an experiential setting by studying your chart. Everything is hands-on; we go past theory into a direct experience of understanding your psyche.

You have your own birth chart, which is a snapshot of the planets at the moment of your birth. The art of deciphering the hieroglyphics has been left for very few. This class makes that ancient, abstract language very practical and accessible.

Learning astrology is empowering: it teaches you your strengths and weaknesses, revealing very clear indicators of your vocation, your timing, and your purpose.

How Will Astrology Classes Online Change My Life?

All of the celestial bodies in our solar system have a unique meaning that reveal insights into what we can expect in each area of our lives, from love to career.

Your life will change when you learn to get in tune with the music of the stars. You’ll discover the best times to make a big career leap and which direction to go in, when to flirt with the good looking person you’ve been eyeing at a café, when to travel to a new city, or how and when to slow it down and rest.

Earlier this month I wrote about how you can “Discover your purpose in this life and enroll in the Debra Silverman Online Astrology Course.

Take a moment to read over the many in-depth topics that are covered during my astrology classes online. Whether you are a beginner or have studied Astrology for years you can become a Certified Astrologer in three comprehensive yet practical steps.

In a very practical way you will learn about:

  • The Four Elements
  • Where your mindset is stuck
  • How your thought process works — or doesn’t
  • Your shadow & psychological patterns that reoccur
  • Your life lesson: what you came here to learn in this lifetime
  • How to be part of a community and find your tribe

Online astrology courses will change your life through deep personal growth. You will learn more about the language of astrology, and determine your life’s purpose.

You can continue to take your astrology skills to a more advanced level, becoming confident to give readings to family members, friends and even clients! When you continue on to Level 3 you will be adding “Astrology” to your business card, and be able to give astrological readings.

How Will Astrology Certification Be Useful To Me?

The value of online astrology classes lies in “Life Application + Action.” You really can’t change your life without follow through, and if you’re like most people you need a director, an enthusiast and a supporter.

By studying with my online astrology class and becoming part of my Astrologers Apprenticeship Program you will find community.

Using tools from my newest book: The Missing Element, students see themselves and others from the compassionate vantage point of the Observer.

When you sign-up now you will be the first to know when registration opens.

When the student is ready, the teacher appears: find your life’s purpose and then help others discover theirs. Use the astrological GPS to find the directions to your purpose!

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