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The full moon in Pisces is here—meaning the Sun is in Virgo and the Moon in Pisces.

For so many years I worried: would I ever be successful? Would my work reach a level that I felt was ‘good enough’? Was I working hard enough? How would I get my message out to the world and find the means to share Astrology with you?

I suffered from a bad case of Virgo. I had a sneaky little voice that undermined my authority. I remember being invited to speak to a group of Astrologers in Virginia, and I was just so scared. How could I ever meet up to the standards I imagined a ‘professional Astrologer’ would carry? Would I be accepted?

So I worried and practiced and researched and showed up with my model of the elements. When I finished, sure, I got the few thank yous and moments of appreciation, but honestly I left thinking—I am not a very good Astrologer. They are all so much better.

The truth was I was good—even good enough to eventually become known for my work with the Elements: but I never knew it. I felt so insecure of my worth.

This full moon has a dualistic (as they all do) theme. On the one hand, your Virgo knows that while you may be good at what you do—you are not that good. While you may have had some success, there are surely others who are so much better at what they do. However, Pisces saves the day.

Why compare? It robs you of the moment and sets you up for never getting to the feeling of ‘I am good at what I do. It sets you up for competition and takes you as far away from your soul-filled desire to give, but rather you want to take the chance of trying to be the ‘best’ and then realizing you just aren’t.

Pisces saves the day with the spiritual truth: Who cares? You have only you to answer to. I know in my heart of hearts that I cannot help but do the best reading possible. I know in my soul that I cannot live without giving someone the gift of my love. I cannot survive a life without a spirited desire to share my heart.

This full moon, tell Virgo to move over. Yes, you can seek perfection, and yes, you can raise your goals to a far off distance where success is waiting for you, but in the meantime…today is the perfect moment to eat this life alive—to give yourself full permission to adore what you are doing.

Do you think the Pisces in you could care how perfect it isn’t? The Pisces in you has no other intention but to pour out compassion and kindness—that’s it. Honestly, your soul is having a party no matter what your life circumstance. Your soul is willing to be uncomfortable and even pained just to learn how to love what is.

This is the ultimate Virgo/Pisces conversation. I served, I taught Astrology way back then. But I held myself back from any sense of satisfaction. I was too shy to move Virgo out of the way—that part of me used to rule my psyche.

Not anymore. Now I know the right use of acceptance, and delight, in realizing I am doing the best I can and pouring out love any chance I get. That’s all I do. How can I judge, compare or criticize that quality?

During this beautiful full moon, give yourself a few days of satisfaction. Even if it’s not true and your heart is not open…just pretend you are loved and that you are loving and you just want to give. This is the truth of Virgo—the servant—with Pisces—the mystic. A slave to love, to service and to feeling good enough to just be.

May this full moon seep you in the sweetness of angelic love…loving you just for who you are now!!

Can you give yourself such true spiritual love? At 61, I think I am getting better and better at just letting me be me, and acknowledging how much my heart longs to give.



  •' Lori says:

    Thank you, my dear! Yes, I was once told that somewhere in my stars is an answer to why I give, give, give and don’t feel it reciprocated – hoping to learn this part of myself deeply in Level 1 and finally reach acceptance… to be free to give more – my calling!

    •' Kathy Sexton says:

      Thank you for you words. I too am 61 and feel some days like I am seeing the world for the first time. It is a time of great joy for us…these are great days.

  • I resonate with that. I have been repeating lately “I am loved. I am loving & I am lovable.” It really makes me feel better. I relate to never being good enough at what I did even with people thanking me & telling me what a healer I was. I guess just stuck in Virgo. Now that the Universe has made me stop once again & really look into this transition, I am going to choose something that will make me excited to get out of bed, not care how many family members think I am “weird” & just do what I really want to do. I want to start anew, serve others & find a way to reach people that will want my services to help them love themselves. It was synchronicity that brought me to you. I stumbles upon Colette Baron-Reid’s Oracle cards & loved opening up that part of my Spirit I had hidden. The she recommended you & again another doorway opened to something I thought I could never do! I am 66 & want to do more & have a fun time doing it while helping others (especially the younger ones so they don’t have to wait until 66 to love themselves & be themselves.)

  •' Daun Murphy says:

    Loved this Debra, thank you.

  •' Hope Erlandson says:

    Cudos! I’m 6o and finally comfortable in my own skin.
    I was going to take the “101” class, but I’m a triplet and readings usually don’t pertain to me. Thanks anyway. ?

    •' Martina Cevero says:

      Dear Hope,

      I am so sorry that this has been your experience with readings. I will be so bold as to say that you haven’t found the right astrologer. Until now. 🙂 Regardless of whether you’re a twin, a triplet, a quadruplet, you, dear Hope, are unique and special, and the Signs, Planets and Houses all have a unique love relationship with you. The Elements alone are powerful to explore and taking Debra’s Elemental Survey, you could discover how the Elements are at work in your life right now, in the present day, and what you are being invited to do to help bring balance to your life and yours alone…nothing to do with the other triplets. And then there’s the Planets in the Signs and Houses. Even if they were in exactly the same position for all 3 of you, each of you responds to the Planets in your unique way and are at different points on your life’s journey..

      There’s always a high road and a low road to something. E.g. The low road of Earth .. the perfectionist; feel like you’re not getting it right; judge yourself; feel inadequate; don’t feel like you’re making enough money; don’t feel like you’re producing enough; don’t feel like you’re good enough. The high road of Earth is you love your job. You would do it without even getting paid. You’re in service. You love to work because it gives you the fulfilling feeling that you’re doing your purpose here. Earth is all about functionality. The low road of Air is talking and talking and having so many words, your words don’t have meaning and you go on and on, distracting. The high road of Air is your words are poignant, they’re poetry. You’re using words to tell the truth. Your words are bridges to other people.

      So where you are on your life’s journey will be different from where the other triplets are on their journey. Your life lesson and what you’d need to do to learn from and fulfill your life lesson will be different from the life lessons for the other triplets.

      Don’t give up on astrology readings just yet. Check out any of Debra’s certified astrologers and have a reading with one of them. I guarantee that it will not be like any other reading that you may have had.

      And better yet…Debra’s Introduction to Applied Astrology course is now open for a limited length of time. It only opens up twice a year. Come study astrology with Debra and learn to read your own chart! Take that deep dive and come to know just how unique and special and loved that you are! You won’t be disappointed. It would be money well spent. You are sooo worth it! Level 1 is all about you and the beautiful gift that you are.

      I hope that you will consider having another reading or taking Debra’s course.

      Debra’s Certified Astrologers:

      Sign up for the course:

      You are so worth it!

      You may also want to get Debra’s book, The Missing Element. So easy to read and very powerful. See:

      Wishing you great joy!


  •' Linda says:

    Thank you Debra for sharing such an inspiring post.

  •' Joan Merritt Kraus says:

    Thank you so much Debra. Your live presentation on Virgo yesterday was amazing. And this topic re the full moon re the Virgo/Pisces power-just solidifies what you shared yesterday. I have lots of Virgo in my chart and my mom was a Pisces sun (we struggled in our relationship to say the least). However it was so helpful to me to think of my Mom In a different light. I have been collecting fish ? since she died almost 12 years ago to create a connection with her in my efforts to heal. Until I heard what you shared yesterday and today I have not been able to get far. I am not sure this make sense astrologically-but it certainly leaves me with a grateful heart ?

  • At 48 and 13 chronic conditions later I have no choice but to find a balanced life

  •' Wanda Sanders says:

    Thank you .

  •' Linde Walker says:

    Hi there Debra,
    Thank you so much for this. I am Pisces Moon so always struggle with Pisces/virgo (The virgo judgemental critical) but the rest my friends all call me an Angel LOL!

    However, I am just wondering how you are over in Hawaii as your prayer were answered in asking for the hurricane to move away. Well done, that was successful but I noticed on NZ news of all the flooding. My heart goes out to you all. Let me know if you are OK and not so affected.

    Love and warm embraces

    Linde from exotic New Zealand

  •' Bonnie L McNulty says:

    I adore you Debra…you are raw and honest and so real! Your astrology insight is for those of us living in the real world…thank you for being you:) xoxoxox

  •' Richard Boesen says:

    AMEN, you came thru your 2nd Saturn Return WELL !!!

    I just hope a dear friend who’s a Gemini-Cancer Cusp ( June 20 ) with a Virgo Ascendant & is going thru hers right now can get the self-confidence to put the “toxic relationships” in her life behind and grow 1/2 as well.

    Blessings and thanks to you.

  • Thank you Debra!
    Yes, I may have more wrinkles than I did 10 yrs ago but with age I have found more self love & trust in my intuition.
    I still have a day here & there where I forget that but over all I know that I am a good soul, doing her best to love & serve.
    Blessings & with appreciation,

  •' Ebony M says:

    Wow Debra, thank you so much for the reading.
    How perfectly aligned this feels and to hear it coming from you sounds divine. Thank you for showing up in this world. You make astrology so fun :)!

  •' Julie says:

    Thanks Debra. I’m 60. I needed to hear that. ♡

  •' MaeLou says:

    Your words are inspiring. A true Leader is both servant and mystic. A servant to service and just letting people be themselves. My Pisces Moon (9th) is bullied by Virgo Saturn (3rd) (only earth element). I’m pasting your inspired words on the next needed protest sign to carry in the next needed People’s March. To remind my Moon Beam Empathy aspect to step up, step out and hold the energy beam of strength and trust, knowing the people of this country are standing up and regaining their footing again! “May Truth, Justice (and Oneness) Prevail!” Mahalo!

  •' Leslie A Steeves says:

    Hey Debra: Did I need this today! Like you, I have frequently suffered from a bad case of Virgo!!! Thanks for putting it all in perspective. I’m ready to push Virgo over and sit with Pisces for a whilel. As usual, you are great!!!!


  •' Ed says:

    Pisces FTW (for the win)

  •' Jonathan says:

    Thank you Deb! My North node is in Pisces and my south node is in Virgo (conjunct Mercury) and my ascendant is in Virgo. If anything sums up my destiny in this life, this is it. Maybe I’m not good enough. Maybe I could be much more then I am. But in the meantime, I am where I am and I am allowed to muddle around, being just where I am. I’m not quite there yet with getting my Virgo under control (oops, I mean – allowing Virgo to enjoy the process in stead of being so result oriented).
    Thank you for this beautiful encouragement.
    I’ve honestly learned so so much from your work. Your approach to life, to the elements, to the planets, and thus to people, has taught me so much. So thank you so much.
    Thank you!

    Much love from the Netherlands

  •' Tahnia says:

    Thank you. this has always been my struggle, and I am finally feeling empowered to tell Virgo to move out of the way. Self-acceptance. You are wonderful.

  • This is BEAUTIFUL, Debra! Thank you for posting!

    Fiery K.

  •' Kate says:

    Thank you so much from this 10th house Virgo! I turn 40 on the 12th and am where you describe you were in your Virgo, but I’m working on embracing what is and being good enough for right now. Sun, Mercury, Saturn, NN in Virgo in 10th. So, I feel this one hardcore. Moon in Capricorn. Yikes! Thanks for understand us and adequately sharing helpful information.

  • Debra,
    I never realized how much I suffer from a bad case of virgo (rising). I think my cap moon might intensify this aspect in myself. As much as I’ve always appreciated my drive, work ethic, & ambition, I’m truly grateful to know that I can let my virgo off the hook. I do think you are a great example of self acceptance and feeling easy in your own skin. Keep doing you, and thank you for all that you give.

  • Yes! My gosh did I need to hear that! It’s so helpful to know some of the “larger” influences on my inner life. Thank you so much for your freely given wisdom and insights, I love reading your stuff or watching your videos. Thank you also for hanging in there all these years until you have now really “come out” in your business. Bravo to you and bows for your example to me and us all! Big hugs!

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