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You have a dream. You think about it, you ruminate about it, then once it is fully cooked in the oven, you get out a pad of paper and start writing a list. The question is pondered: what exactly do you need next in terms of steps, timing, support?

This full moon is a live-time conversation about these two flavors: the dreamer (Pisces) and the executor (Virgo).

These two signs together are the perfect dance partners. In our school, we call them practical dreamers. And so we have our full moon madness topic: how to dream and then make manifest—doing both as a team sport.

Some of us sit way too long on our dreams—almost there—imagining we are making progress as years go by. Or worse, some leave their dreams in the back room.

I have heard people repeatedly say: “I want to move.” “I want change jobs.” “I want to lose weight.” Without any list or plan Stan, these words float around with no ground to grow their fruits. You have to dream and then you have to execute: two needed partnered ingredients.

For too many years to count, the Virgo in me was constantly practicing Astrology. I wasn’t good at dreaming, I just knew how to work.

For years and years, I sought to become excellent at my craft. While I had a bad case of Virgo (I never felt competent carrying so many expectations), over time life spoke loudly and changed that. I was being acknowledged.

First, it was doing readings for the rich and famous. Somehow their endorsement was supposed to let me know I was good. Yet, even with all their excitement of my skills I was still wondering: am I good?

I do not have Pisces in my chart. Pisces is the part in us who softens the compulsion to measure their success by the outer world. Pisces does what they love because they cannot help it. I worked hard because of my Saturn and my intense work ethic. I wish I had some Pisces to have softened my Virgo.

Virgo on the other hand works hard without ever feeling they’ve reached perfect, which we all know is impossible.

So this full moon begs the question: Are you a dreamer or a doer? Can you do both?

Your Virgo may judge you and your Pisces may continually dream and distract you; however, if they are working as a team, you will get results. If they are struggling, then one is too soft (Pisces) and the other too hard (Virgo)—it’s an internal fight. What is your tendency?

Take the time during this full moon to reflect on what you have accomplished. You had a dream of being married, you wanted children, you always wanted to learn Astrology…you are doing so much better than you know.

Or part two: what is the dream you are carrying that is waiting to be brought forward? Tell us here in the comments.

Standing by during this wonderful fat moon in Pisces,


  • “…you are doing so much better than you know” My Virgo Sun (7 degree) and Pisces North Node (21 degree) needed to read this today. Thank you.

    •' Pamela says:

      Hi, my name is Pam. I am a Gemini with Taurus moon, and Venus in cancer, mars in Pisces! So yes I have a lot of Pisces effecting how I do things! I agree Pisces can be the dreamer but it’s nice not to always be a realist! My Taurus moon can really settle down the frenetic Gemini. But nothing can stop me talking with Mercury in Gemini! I’m still confused how moon effects us! Just went through huge karmic thing this summer finding out Saturn was retrograde! I now have an answer why I couldn’t stop spending money this summer! Paying the piper now that Saturn is direct as of the 18th of September! I wish I knew more about astrology to know ahead of time where planets will be, etc… love all your comments! Thanks Debra

  •' Theresa says:

    Debra, this was so true. My Moon is Virgo and the past few week really working on old patterns in life. My true node is Pisces. Sun Gemini and AC is Sag. My progressed moon is in Aries so have to really tone down so many things.

    Thank you so much for this.

  •' Robin says:

    To write to be published. Just submitted my first query at age 64!
    My husband of 41 years passed away this year and I will reinvent myself!

  •' Rhonda Whited says:

    I dream of a strong healthy body, full of fruits and vegetables and no sodas sitting outside of my new house overlooking the lake in Wisconsin. I can see my new Jeep in the driveway and my ski boat at the boat house. Life is so peaceful here, except when the fish are jumping then I got go catch some fish. LOL.

  •' Judy Pearson says:

    Wow. Just wow. I have spent the past two years and this last year with real intent, writing a book about the rescues I have done as President of The Dixon AnimalProtection Society in New Mexico. I am currently designing the book and getting ready for publishing. I studied book design decades ago in school and never thought I’d ever design MY OWN book. Who knew! I have my south node 14 ° Pisces so north node 14° Virgo. I am Libra with Sag moon Virgo rising

  • Erindibrango@gmail.vom' Erin says:

    Ugh… I am a Pisces with Virgo rising and Sag moon:( I listened to the show with Collette yesterday. This full moon today has been very emotional. I have a dream of getting out of corporate America , but my Virgo is questioning what the heck can I do:( my dream isn’t strong enough to know and my Virgo is being such a perfectionist that I beat myself down. Will I ever move forward… Hmmm

    •' Judy Pearson says:

      I was where you are 30 years ago. You can find a way or you will get to a point where you are forced to move forward. Better to do in your terms no? Put the intension out and follow. It will happen. I have never regretted leaving. I wish you great rewards!

  •' Lisa says:

    I’m a Virgo rising with a Pisces moon. Today for the fist time in my life I recognize what you said to be true. Today these parts are also in balance. Finally.

    I’ve been searching for today my whole life.

  •' Leann says:

    Hi Debra! Will have to place my chart on the InnerView FB page. Have a Grand Fire Trine. My Dad has one if I use 12 Noon for his BD. He’s on the Other Side now. I recently had a reading mentioning about me using Mediumship to speak with my Dad. I just love my Daddy! Happy that in his last days he called me a Good Girl and a Good Woman! I know I have a kind heart and gentle spirit about me. Having spiritual connections is very important. I hope I’ll learn more re my chart. I want to use astro-numerology to help others find their paths. Plus create my personal passion in photography. Many Blessings! P.S. I spoke with Colette and you on a joint webinar this summer. Love & Light x3!!!

  •' Tracy says:

    Leo Sun, Pisces Rising here and no Virgo in my chart. I have lots of dreams, big ones! In the past I’ve always known what the next step was and I’ve managed to be good at whatever I decide to do. Lately I’ve been in a bit of a void space… nothing has truly caught my heart and soul enough to act on. So I’m learning patience and tapping in to my inner guidance so when the time is right I’ll hear the call. ?✨

  •' Gina Bates Brown says:

    Hi! I’m a graduate of Applied Astrology. 5 planets in Virgo. Four of them sextile my Neptune conjunct the IC, and Jupiter in Virgo on my ASC square Neptune.. Been thinking a lot lately about my Neptune influence. It has been stronger in my life than I realized, but my perfectionist, critical Virgo seemed to be more influential in my personality. However, I’m a dancer, yogi and mystic ( Scorpio Sun). Been reading astrology info since a child. Dancing since a child. Figuring out my place has been a challenge. Am I a dancer, or am I a mystical healer? I’ve been the dancer, and would like to see if the mystical healer has a place to express, and can see her value. One step is that I will be offering a Reiki and Restorative yoga class soon. Friends are encouraging to step into sharing astrology. That Virgo in me always questions if I’m enough. I have made some dreams come true into manifestation except when it comes to financial independence.

  •' Chantal says:

    No doubts here, definitely a full Pisces softy! Sun at 20 degrees of Pisces opposite Pluto at 21 degrees of Virgo and except for cleaning, Virgo never got triggered to “doing”. This full Moon though is sure putting the spotlight on this issue and illuminating just how unbalanced it is to just dream! How then to find harmony between the two when it’s always been so one sided??

  •' Stephanie says:

    YES!!!! I want to be in private practice doing what I love!! Exactly what YOU do! I’m a psychotherapist that has studied astrology my whole life. Aquarius sun, Virgo rising and Scorpio Moon.

  •' Melissa says:

    My ascendant sign is Virgo and my descendant is Piscesi am a cancer born on the 21 of June.
    My life has completely changed now that I started taking action towards my goals and dreams. Bringing them to reality. ?

  •' Mary Collins says:

    Very beautifully explained. Thank you.

  •' Juliann says:

    Great article! My sun is in Pisces and my moon is in Virgo!! It’s been an interesting balance act through tour my life journey. I am really going to reflect with this evenings full moon as to where i truest need to be focusing my efforts moving forward. Thank you!

  •' Sarah says:

    I’ve so many dreams, it’s hard to choose which one to focus on. That’s part of my struggle. But for now, my immediate dream is to start to build my businesses, doing herbal consultations/vending medicine at markets, and teaching community yoga classes. I have my moon, mars, & venus in Pisces so it’s easy for me to get distracted sometimes. And when I get overwhelmed because I’m too hard on myself (Capricorn Rising) I tend to want to escape reality. I have my Jupiter in Virgo, which I’ve yet to learn a whole lot about, but I’m curious how this opposition to my Pisces might play out. I’m sure I’m feeling it, but just not able to articulate it. I’ve been dreaming up the herbal business for 2+ years now since taking classes, and teaching yoga for over a year since getting certified last June, but I am so ready to start DOING! Thanks for this excerpt, gonna journal about it 🙂

  • Thank you. I will take reflection time. And you are right. I have accomplished so much!

  •' Vanitybarnett says:

    Yes i have a dream. It was to help the less fortunate which i do what i can but wanted to use my inheritance to open up a place for the homeless and also a sober house to help addicts stay in recovery. My inheritance is unknown for being disowned by father. A dream is a dream.

  •' Sharon says:

    Thank you for writing in such a way that I could actually FEEL what you are saying. This reasonates with me in such a huge way,

    I have Virgo energies galore in my birth chart, while “little” Saturn sits across in Pisces, and my NN sits alone in the 12th house.

    I’m here to learn/DO Pisces. I’m a worker bee, a fixer, I need to let my self dream and imagine and plan out a wonderfully new path in my life.

  •' Anne W. says:

    I am s Pisces and guilty if being a dreamer more than a doer up until now. I’m working on doing more to reach a better life for myself. I’ve always loved astrology and all things mystic and science fiction too. Being able to make these interests work in a practical world is a challenge. Finding the right people to work with is equally challenging.

  •' Sue says:

    Hello –

    I really enjoyed reading your message. YES – you can have both!! Being a “dreamer” and a “doer” to me is believing in your dreams and knowing they will manifest. You have to keep the positive vibration going – no resistance to what you want. Things always work out for me!!
    I am an awesome vibrational being. I love to create. I live in the “now” and always looking forward to the fabulous things that are coming to me. I never look back, there is no benefit of going back to the past. It happened, lots of times I learned and I live for this wonderful life I am having, loving the excitement that I know there is soooo much more!!
    I can say I “used to work hard” now I just enjoy my job – I don’t need anyone to tell me I am good at what I do – I know I am great at what I do, at work and when I’m just doing projects on my own, my friends – the wonderful people I have around me now and knowing there more and more wonderful friends coming, and having FUN!
    My thoughts on “steps” – that’s all done, I have it all in place, – I’ve asked for what “I want”, “timing” – it will be as it’s supposed to be – the Universe and Source Energy has got that covered, “support” – got that 110%.
    Lastly – I have accomplished some awesome things, I am so thankful and truly appreciated what I’ve received. and soooo excited for the awesome things that are coming!!

  •' glory says:

    I am a Virgo oh yah never quite good enough, I love doing astrology readings for folks and then think what good does it do to tell them the jist of their signs and aspects. Am I overloading them with meanings and information. Never really getting feedback or knowing how this can open them up to their inner light is frustrating. It is a lot of work doing a reading and of course I get so into the details it is even exhausting and frustrating for me at times. I do have my sun conjunct jupiter in the 12th so I have the 12th house stuff and mercury and venus in the first conjunct the asc. so I love to teach and to share and I have taught astrology and am/was a teacher. I feel I should be doing this as a gift to others in this lifetime. In Vedic I am a Leo with Leo rising and am coming into a Saturn dosha for many years from a Jupiter dosha of many years which brought me back to my Guru in a sweet way now perhaps Saturn will focus me more on my purpose in life.
    Thanks for such a great description of the full moon in ….the lovely mutable dilema opposition.

  •' Karen says:

    Wow! What is the dream I’m carrying, waiting to be brought forward? I dream of the day I complete my studies/certification for the aromatherapy course and the end of life doula course (I help patients and their families prepare for death). I’m aiming for December. The dream continues, relocating back home to Kauai ( I moved to the mainland last year to be with my children after my husbands passing and to clear my head/regroup), and bring awareness of my services to the people of the islands and living the life I am meant to live. This dream has begun and I’m excited to keep taking the next steps. I’m trying my best to be both the dreamer and the doer. My Pisces is keeping the dreams and happy ending in view so my Virgo keeps the movement forward. This is a great full moon for me to really reflect on all my accomplishments since becoming a Widow. I’ve had to start over doing it on my own, with not much support and not being understood of my career choices ( Helping people in their most trying times, making a difference through love and compassion. What’s not to understand?) I have worked hard and the lessons and aha’s have been pretty amazing. I’m so ready for the happy ending. During this full moon I have a message for my dear Kauai, I, Karen, am coming home with some new awesome skills to offer the people who choose to spend their last months/days/minutes in their homes with their loved ones, on your sacred land, in your loving arms, to make their journey home as peaceful and comfortable as possible and supporting the family after. I believe this is my true calling. I believe you are calling me home. And yes, learning astrology is on my to do list. Has been for a couple of years. Goal for next fall 2020. Namaste!

  • I need more Pisces in my life. I am a virgo rising, which I see why I work and work and never feel acomplished. But I am also not working on things I love. Things that ignite my fire. My sun is Aries. WTF.

  •' Doreen Del Col says:

    Hello Debra,

    Thank you for this inspirational writing, Debra!

    I am in my second Saturn return this year so am totally focused on actions needed to cause the life I feel called to live. I am a Pisces rising and have a Virgo North Node so I am a doer with multiple dreams and will be manifesting my heart out in tonight’s full moon to help bring it all forward. 🙂

    Blessings to you and your team for continued expansion as you help so many people get in touch with who they are really.

    Namaste <3

  •' Tera says:

    My dream is to live in nature, by a lake, and to do healing work with others. I have a lot of Pisces in my chart: Mars, Venus, Jupiter stellium in Pisces in 7th Hse. And NNode in Pisces in 8th Hse. Stressing about keeping a roof over my head and getting distracted by ‘studying’ all the time.

  •' Sherry Gunn says:

    Hi Debra,
    Yiu’re wonderful!
    I always enjoy and appreciate what you share with all of us.’

    I’m a creative Cancer born on the Fourth of July, but had a wonderful Virgo mother who always applauded me, but at the same time never thought what I did was ever as good as it could be. Therefore, although I have self-confidence I’m, also, a harsh critic of my talents. Your column today really made me think about putting the doubts aside and getting to work at my true purpose.

    Thank you, Sherry

  •' Shira Mardis says:

    I still dream to perform as a dancer again.

  •' Paulette Lucas says:

    I am a Virgo, deeply. It has been an interesting time as I am called to ground in what I know works for me in order to fuel my dreams. It has been a time to really accept my accomplishments for the incredible efforts they have been. Not be judgemental tearing an accomplishment apart for not being perfect. Scary so much I have not allowed myself to take pride in!

  •' Lisa Metzler says:

    To allow myself to be exactly what I was born to be and to be of service to others.

  • Im feeling very torn in my career. I really want to pursue my art full time but finances make me feel like I cant move freely. Im feeling like I need to make a decision right…i cant stop thinking abt it

  •' Courtney Clark says:

    I am just diving deeper into my chart, so it’s funny this Pisces/Virgo Full Moon is right now. I’m a Pisces sun and Virgo rising, so all is very relevant. I’ve been working internally to allow these two aspects of myself to become partners and work together. My dream is to write a book, which I have started and some beautiful opportunities have just came up within the past 2 days related to support for this dream to come to life. I’m also Gemini Midheaven, so it all feels so cosmically aligned I can hardly believe it.

  •' Joanne says:

    My soulmate, someone who loves to do the things I do and who loves me for me with no ties or is at least willing to let the ties go. I keep trying to let go

  •' Gareth says:

    Wow, Debra. You have NOTHING in Pisces?! I’m starting to understand why I was compelled to take your class. I have Sun, Mercury, Venus (plus Juno and Pallus) in Pisces, Ascendant in 28 Cancer, and NO AIR (except Chiron and Vesta in Aquarius).I also have Jupiter at 28 Virgo, sextile my Ascendant and in Mutual Reception to Mercury in Pisces. If we ever get to meet, our first conversation is going to be quite interesting. Cheers!

  •' Suzanne says:

    I just feel amused these days. I’m a Pisces, with Gemini rising, Taurus moon. I’ve been in the healing realm for 25+ years, and love to write. Want to create an online program to share tools for navigating transformation, for calming/healing/balancing nervous system and learning how to manage your energetics (have taught energy work for 19 years). Yet, I picked up a guitar this year and have been writing songs since summer – oh what fun THIS is! hahahaha So all that I want to share, and it is also practical self care/awareness, swirls around as I ponder the various ways I could organize it or structure it ….. oh …. maybe I’ll write a song about it. hahaha

  •' Iman says:

    I am Pisces, my south node Pisces and north node Virgo. Pluto is on Virgo. I am a perfectionist hard on my self and others, never enough is enough. At the same time I am creator and dreamer. I need to soften my approches to life and others while remaining compassionate. I wa t up be a writer and coach but power and career stood in the way. Thank am learning to be better version of myself and learning astrology with Debra. So blessing !

  •' Tonia says:

    Wonderful to hear everyone’s stories and dreams. ? I’m a Scorpio sun, Libra moon with a virgo rising. Also north node in virgo. Yes how to integrate imagination and practicality. I also have a third house stellium so I have lots of ideas. I don’t have much earth in my chart but yes I feel my virgo rising is what I need to integrate. My dream is to have a healthy body, to be a dancer, to have wonderful loving reciprocal relationships, to live in community, to live the values of permaculture and nature, to live in love, a great love for myself and others, and this world we live in.

  •' Belinda Rogers says:

    I am a Pisces Moon and a Aquarius Sun and Gemini rising, I think it I speak it and I dream it. Then I don’t do it. I really want too and in my dreams … I see my self doing it. My mind says …You can’t do that and I wait for validation from others. I may have three say hey your doing great and then one say …nothing and I focus on the one and withdraw from life. I worry about what people think.

    I then pour myself into others in helping them and watch them succeed and then feel sad I haven’t. I do this to myself no one does it to me. Time for me to stand up and focus and not worry what people think of me. I want to leave my marriage. I want to loose weight and be fit, healthy and happy and have my energy healing biz and be an Astrologer. In service to others and I want to be loved.

  •' amy doran says:

    Dreaming of my Certification as a Debra Silverman Astrologer. See You in Kauai!:)

  •' Joy says:

    I am a Virgo with Pisces rising, moon in Virgo. i love this combination because i love dreaming but i am a doer as well, it seems very well balanced in my life. Thank you for this information as i now know myself better

  •' Kelly says:

    Virgo rising here, moon in Pisces (7th house)
    a boy reaches out to me on Facebook.. he is a double Virgo with his moon in Pisces (6th house, woooo weeeee Virgo boooooiiii!) anywho. I asked him to marry me and he said yes. Also, Friday the 13th was his 38th birthday, and I am in the midsts of my Saturn Return (Saturn in Capricorn, 5th house)
    We have been talking since August 2nd, and he said yes before we even met. Amywho, he is quite literally a day dream come true, and it is very much like practical magic (for the life of me, I can not find the paper that I addressed “dear universe, please send me a husband that is spiritual, funny, kind, etc..) he isn’t anymore creepy than I already am , and it is a match made in heaven. I feel like I day dreamed him into existence ??‍♀️?✨

  •' Patchi says:

    The dream that is waiting to be brought forward is the one where I share my gifts openly through healing practices <3

  •' SunnySunny says:

    Venus/Chiron/Saturn conjunct in Pisces/2nd house. Yuck. Dreamer! You bet.
    Doer? Yeah. Mars cazimi Sun in 4th.
    Supposedly a late bloomer. I’ll say.
    Dying on the vine is that it feels like. Oh Saturn you make me nuts.
    Maybe this is the month they’ll read my screenplays?

  •' Katrina says:

    I had a dream to study English alongside maths. I was told it was in my ‘own best interests’ to pursue science, go to Cambridge and become an engineer. I wondered what these authorities knew about my interests, let alone my best ones. I have a constellation in Virgo: Uranus and Pluto conjunct, with the Sun and Juno at 1 degree Libra, all in the sixth house, along with Jupiter and Venus in Leo. Saturn is in Aries, next to Chiron in late Pisces, which is my mother’s sun sign. Dad’s is Virgo.

    I suppose I am a doer. For a long time I could not do what I dreamt of, until illness forced me to resign from a boring accountancy job for the government and I decided to study English Literature and Community Engagement. I had always wanted to be a therapist but since my mother was one, believed I should not follow her footsteps. Followed my father’s instead, angrily. There is always demand for accountants to do what nobody wants to waste their time on; but in 2010 the right-wing came to power and inevitably, for those managing school budgets, this means cutting outlay on staff in schools. I didn’t want to be responsible for firing teachers and catering staff, so I left. Academia was made meaningful by the Community Engagement aspect, where I worked with ex-prisoners. Now I am teaching psychiatrists, but I do have challenges with my physical health (caused, I think, by thoughtless treatment for type 1 diabetes). My dream ten years ago was to become a certified dramatherapist in London; but I am being tested for epilepsy at the end of the month, so the dream is on hold.

  •' Alice Walker says:

    I am Sun in Libra, Moon in Pisces with my Rising sign in Virgo. I occasionally am in a tug of war with myself , right now I’m in one that’s making me crazy. I can’t seem to find clarity. But of course this is nothing new …..

  •' Lena Gad says:

    So lovely and clearly said! I’m a Leo Sun/moon with Peixes ascendant and Venus in Virgo in 7house. I get things done i have always been a doer but hard on myself. when i decide I do it. Im full of ideas and imagination, and I appreciate and need help though . When moon is on my ASC like this full moon Im so sensitive. Now I have sold a big apartment and Im moving beginning of November I know what i have to do, just asked my Libra friend to kickstart me this upcoming week. we are a great team working together. Im moving from a 25 year old place and Now its a bit overwhelming …..with neptune in Peixes on my Asc…. Thank you Debra u are spot on as always. Light energies

  •' Marcia Kirk says:

    Hi Debra, I am a Cancer, Leo moon and a Scorpio rising. No planets in Pisces but Virgo in Lilith in the 10th house. I found some info on Lilith, and it was very interesting.
    I love all the info you provide as well as your book “The Missing Element.” I attended your lecture when you were visiting your hometown of Detroit. Thanks again, and keep on, keeping on!

  •' Belinda says:

    I believe its divine guidance that has lead me here today.. I know i’m supposed to share the love with others about the meaning of life that includes our planet and all living things and what our purpose is as human beings just so you know this is all new to me i’m just acting on my intuition I believe i’m being guided even now I just trust its the NOW!! – Belinda Robinson > 3

  •' Marty Thomas says:

    My sun is in Virgo and my moon is in Pisces… and I was born on Labor Day… my long time career was a cardiac RN… but in my retirement I have finally found my Pisces by starting a little business painting on silk… it’s a dream come true and Debra’s question of dreamer or doer is answered with my mantra..Vision without action is merely a daydream… thank you Debra for your beautiful explanations of our astrological makeup

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