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It took me years to figure out how to manifest (or as I like to call it, womanfest) dreams into reality. I have enough Virgo in my chart to be endlessly in service, yet not enough Pisces to have believed that my dreams would come true.

This full moon addresses our ability to man/womanfest our dreams into reality.

While the world continues to constantly change with a backdrop of uncertainty, the ability to hold our dreams steady must not waver.

It’s hard to remain optimistic — or even believe that you can fulfill the dream — to travel the world, or to be a massage therapist or a yoga teacher, to change jobs and go for acting, singing, any dream at all, when we are locked down feeling so unsafe. That doesn’t matter — this full moon in Pisces says:  hold on to your dreams.

I always thought one day I would make Astrology and the 4 Elements accessible and less woo-woo. I didn’t have an actual dream board with that on it, nor did I have a clear articulate intention — until very late in life. All I did was work, pouring out my life force to fulfill my desire to serve, because I love to help.

Day by day — for decades — I would offer classes, do readings, and talk Astrology to whoever would listen. I always charged a sliding scale, making sure I was available to EVERYONE. I just kept giving.

This is, in fact, the flavor of this full moon. Virgo the giver, who at worst, coupled with Pisces, ends up being the sacrificed lamb who always says, “Okay,  I’ll give more, Ill do it.” Too often, Pisces loses its boundaries.

That word has become popular, and yes, we are all being taught boundaries. I wish I had learned earlier. I did over-give. I was selfless for a very long time, yet it worked.

I gave so much for so long, and now, at last, there is a returning cycle — as I see people hungry for our kind of Astrology. I built (Virgo) a well-worn system.

My dreams are coming true. To be candid, I am not the poster child for the theory brought to us in the film The Secret, nor am I an expert in positive thinking; what is true is that I carry a deep reverence for Virgo: to selflessly serve.

Mothers everywhere know what I am talking about. They carry a dream (Pisces) that their child will grow up to be a solid human with good values, an open heart and a box of dreams that they can carry around. Mothers just give and give with no attachment to results.

In our last Level 3, I saw Virgo in action. By the end of the class, more than two people were crying with discontent on hard it was to fulfill their purpose. They felt disillusioned with who they were and what their charts had to say. One had too much Air and couldn’t stick to one thing; the other lacked Earth and didn’t feel financially stable. The judgments that our minds spray on our egos are awful.

Nothing ever feels right,’ says Virgo to Pisces. ‘I am not sure my dreams will ever come true. I am not sure I am good enough.’

Please, during this full moon, look again. What you have was meant for you. It may not live up to the full idea of what you ‘thought’ you ought to have. It may seem like it is too mundane for your Pisces to be fulfilled. Look again.

I wish I knew all those years ago that my dreams were coming true because of my hard work. I would have done less worrying (Virgo) and lived with more trust (Pisces). I never knew that I was  wo/manifesting, yet I was doing it all along. What made my success is my innocent compulsion to just keep giving.

Now, as I look back, I see that with more acknowledgement, with a bit more self esteem (that was last month’s Leo topic), I would have known that yes I was a good teacher, that yes I was serving with full commitment.  Whether it is mothering, teaching, or cleaning: you are planting seeds for your future. You are doing better than your mind (Virgo) may be telling you.

This full moon celebrates the simplest things you already do. Full moons are always time for celebrating.

Make this one silly: I am celebrating the fulfillment of the obvious. I have a home. I live in beauty, and I am going to clean (Virgo) it up this full moon, or just bask in the beauty and not take for granted the simplest of pleasures that are right here in front of me.

Dreams come true because we work hard, serve selflessly and look up to the stars for guidance to be sure we are on time and moving in the right direction.

Celebrate you are doing way better than you realize.



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  •' Cindy Hodgkinson says:

    Debra… this was one of the best things I have read in a very long time. I actually had a very similar conversation with my adult son today on many of what you touched on. This brought me to tears but in a good way. It was the message that I want to believe each day. I am Sag (sun) Taurus (moon) and Virgo (rising). Your words in this message spoke very loudly to me. Thank you. I am enrolled for your class with Mailika and I am full of excitement, nervousness and more excitement. I knew 2020 was gonna be a life changing year for me. So happy I found you, as I KNOW astrology is what has been waiting for me. Take care. Will see you soon in class.

    Feeling blessed,

    Cindy Hodgkinson.

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