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Full Moon in Pisces, Sun in Virgo

It’s the second Full Moon in August. When there are two Full Moons in a month, the second is called a Blue Moon. “Once in a blue moon” as the saying goes: we see a reason to be filled with hope and joy.

I just finished two weddings in Vancouver this week. What a gift. To be fresh in love, to have the world in front of you with nothing but hope. An audience who wants to celebrate your love, and you get to kiss in public with a promise of forever. One of my dearest friends whose child was getting married was talking to me about grandkids and the beauty of this life – as we sat in front of the ocean, having just jumped into the cold Pacific that felt so alive.

I asked her: “What do you think about climate change and the future of your grandchildren?” Quickly she said: “Oh no, we aren’t going to talk about that to my kids. I know what’s coming but we do not go there.”

“Once in a blue moon” is a saying that really has left us flat. At this time in our history — alive for one million years, we have seen so much – there is a scary, underlying feeling that something is wrong. That we are going along waiting for the rug to be pulled out from under us. We live with that feeling.

However, the Full Moon in Pisces carries a sliver of optimism. The idealistic dreamer in us has hope. It sees the positive possibilities and believes they can come true. Right? Pisces has the wisdom to see what is, and to hope for better, for the ideal. Part of that is acknowledging the good we have in our world – focusing on what does work, what is getting better. There are so many new and advanced things in our world:

  1. We learn Astrology with a computer now – no more heavy math & chart drawing
  2. We talk to anyone, anywhere with a camera, with the touch of a button
  3. We can get food from any country with our phones, plus they will deliver the delectable meal within the hour
  4. You no longer need recipe books, just a button to find all the goodies – push and voila
  5. A new song appears on social media blowing up to 60 million views all in one month (or week or day) with no album or need to buy the record
  6. We fly through the air in electronic tubes at 500 miles an hour and feel safe
  7. Our psychic abilities and intuitive gifts are now sought out openly and worthy of attention
  8. Women are Astrologers/Rabbis/Priestesses and play significant roles in government
  9. Past lives and Akashic records are now discussed in many circles without fear
  10. Where once Yoga was left to the Far East, it’s on every block of every town in North America
  11. Bicycles have electric motors and can last for 50 miles without plugging in
  12. Everyone carries a smartphone – even your grandfather

See what I mean? There are so many new, vital, positive things under the Sun. “Once in a blue moon” may be a dated phrase but the concept of seizing opportunities is not. The power of change, of living up to our ideals, is anything but dated.

This next month we are opening our doors to our Applied Astrology school for the last time this year. Can you imagine an Astrology school online with classes all week long that will allow you to become a practicing Astrologer and even better, a kinder person because we watch you fall in love with yourself? It’s pretty amazing and we feel so blessed to have this wonderful community of people who are shining their light in the world. “Once in a blue moon,” as the saying goes, you find something that speaks to your soul and you heed the call, changing your life in ways you never knew possible.

This Pisces Blue Moon has such newness – and yes, there are heavier conversations that will be had, but for now we’ll wait. They’re not going anywhere. There are too many reasons to stay positive while we can.


  • Azunanu555@gmail.com' Paul says:

    That writing is alive

  • pennybrdly@yahoo.com' Penny says:

    I feel lighter already 💖

  • dandelionintherockies@gmail.com' Gabriela says:

    I still haven’t invested in a smartphone… I haven’t found a use for it. My flip phone works great for phone calls. Any time I look at someone using a smart phone they are just “wasting time” on social media or shopping or playing a game… the mind is never quiet this way. (oh, now you can guess my Sun sign!) it is mind blowing that people who claim to have no money for food or shelter find money for smart phones…?? Something wrong?

    • reann@debrasilvermanastrology.com' reannadmin says:

      You are making some good points! Totally respect distancing yourself from smart phones but we are so glad you’re here on the computer with us!

  • 3stonesandrocks@gmail.com' Phil says:

    Well my moon is in Pisces,and it says everyone carrying a dumbphone is not a good thing,in fact it is turning everyone into bigger jerks, along with the massive amounts of microwaves in the air.

  • coastalgal88@gmail.com' Brenda says:

    So true – “Once in a blue moon”! is as classic as a great love story of old.

    Thanks for sharing

  • reganmaryrose@gmail.com' MaryRose says:

    Thank you Deb.
    You have a gift of telling us what is brewing but still keeping it positive.
    Really gotta love the positivity, said the one with a Sag moon and Sag rising!

  • patriciapavey5@gmail.com' Patricia Pavey says:

    I have been trying to find out if I am set to go for Fall session of Applied Astrology. I have paid for Level 1 last semester but postponed it until now.
    I don’t want to miss out so please help.

    Thank you, Patty

  • Jivin@hotmail.com' Sparkey says:

    Thank you for such encouragement 👏❤ We do need to focus on the positives in life and do our part to renew the old delapitated versions of the world. What uncoverings we have had… Bring in new ideas from the earth people solid and community building. 🙏❤ Earth wind water and fire. Ease off the fire please dear God 🙏🦅🕊Pisces moon bring some healing water just enough to put out fires for the earth to manifest and flourish again in clear fresh air!!
    In God I trust the timing of everything 🙏🙏🙏❤🦅🕊🌻

  • pdmees10048@gmail.com' Trillian says:

    What if it’s our collective mental energy that is driving climate change? Millions of people see a forest fire on the TV news, and then we all start thinking about forest fires, and suddenly it seems like fires are all over the world – from California to northern Canada to the Rainforests of South America, Italy, Greece… What if we could get everyone everywhere to visualize the fires easily being put out, all at the same time? What if we could all focus on an end to gun violence or seeing all the children of the world safe and well fed? Would it work? Would all that focused energy make a difference?

    • reann@debrasilvermanastrology.com' reannadmin says:

      You are speaking to the collective consciousness and it’s true, we are all powerful creators. Love your thought of positivity and prayer for the whole world! We hope you keep sharing this kind of light!

  • 3stonesandrocks@gmail.com' Phil says:

    My Pisces moon says everyone carry a phone is not a good thing,it has ruined going to concerts and turned people into zombies,among other things.

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