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There’s a new moon in Pisces coming Wednesday, March 6—better known as a double Pisces sky. This week we have a dark sky, deep influences and a Mercury retrograde (March 5 – 28, 2019).

I don’t know about you, but I have always been something of a skeptic. I have a very practical mind (said the Mercury in Taurus). So when people talk about ‘spirituality’ and get into theories about past lives and chakras—while I love to listen soon enough, at some point, I get impatient. Woo woo can go too far away from reality and lose me.

However, as the years have gone by, I have found more and more reality in believing in the land of magic. I know now, beyond a doubt, that angels watch us and magic is real.

I am writing you from the town where it all began: Detroit. I was just barely out of high school and went to a psychic’s party with my mom. The large earrings and full hairdo inserted a stereotype vision for what a psychic should look like. She was the original seer. Her technique was to have us drop wax droppings into a glass as she spoke what she saw.

She told my mom that a man named Morris was deeply in love with her and thought of her all the time. My mom walked out of the session unimpressed. She told me two men—Randy and Matt—were in my future and I would be friends with them my whole life, and that I would get a job in Alaska wearing all white that upcoming summer. I was amazed she knew Matt and Randy’s names and was surely startled how she could pull that out of thin air.

We went home and mom told dad what the lady had said. My dad pulled out his birth certificate. There was his name: Morris, even though he had gone by Milton all those years—which blew my mom away. It was true for me too: I ended up working in Anchorage that summer at a hospital as an admitting clerk. And yes, I wore a white outfit to work all summer long. This was the beginning of my relationship with woo woo.

This new moon begs the question: what is your belief in the land beyond logic—where the left brain is left behind and the right brain takes over? Do you have faith that magic exists? Do you trust it? Do you lean into it?

When Mercury is retrograde—which is happening now—it is not uncommon for both magic to occur and shit to happen. Things go funny. This is the time above all to trust that angels are watching.

Our school is in full swing. Level 1 has been reflected in our private Facebook group, where you can see the inspired actions that people are taking to change their lives: cleaning rooms, doing videos for the first time, dancing, or telling stories.

Pisces assists dreams to come true. But we have to match it with enough earth to follow through.

The school is one of my dreams that has manifested. But it took work. We have to realize while the Sun and the Moon are in Water, there are enough planets in Earth right now to assist us toward the spiritual magical dream world finding legs.

Use the Earth (Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn and Mars in Taurus) plus the Pisces energy to make your dream come true. If you don’t know what your dream is, dare I suggest: get a reading. What better way to remember who you are than using the stars (said the Pisces dreamer to the sleepy one)? Dream while you sleep.



  • kathy@kathykoziak.com' Kathy Koziak says:

    Thanks Debra, that was beautiful

  • Ccoppockservicar@comcast.net' Charlene says:

    Hi Debra, I’m from Troy, Michigan I grew up here.
    Anyways I had at my graduation party a lady friend that was a physic do my reading off words that she had me write down off my handwriting. The way I made my letters. I’m almost 60 and everything she told me at my graduation party has come true to the T. I lost my husband at the age of 53 she told me I would be a widow early in my life. I would have 2 children boy and girl which was true. But when she seen me she would say to me that she was upset with me cause I’m not using the talents that were giving to me. Never understood and the only thing I have done all my life was take care off my family members care giver like I’m taken care of my mom and grandson now. I would love to know what my talents were she was taken about. Any ways I wanted to share this with you cause I know what you mean.

  • angelalynnadams7@gmail.com' Angela Adams says:

    Yesterday, at the end of th my yoga practice, I floated off into the ether, it was magical. I am a Pisces sun person, who also has Mercury in Pisces retrograde. I was filled with gratitude and happiness to the point of tears, I don’t know what I saw during my trip, but the feelings remain. I am certain that I am going to reconnect with a former lover, he is my divine partner.

  • reastwind@msn.com' Ramona says:

    Thanks. I am in Level 1 and hanging onto every word!! I see so much magic, I believe!!

  • julesbartel@gmail.com' Julie says:

    Another Michigander here as well! Ann Arbor area. I have always been drawn to different psychic’s over the years. I never felt I was going in the right direction and would continually search for my purpose and wonder what on earth are my gifts? I’m 58 and still wondering!

  • jennifer789@icloud.com' Jennifer says:

    Thanks Debra for sharing your beautiful insights with the world! I was born in Trenton, Michigan! I took your first and second level courses – they helped me open up into my soul’s calling and paired me up with a study buddy now turned dear friend. We talk astrology together all the time. Blessings!

  • kingglenda@msn.com' GLENDA says:

    That was very encouraging. Just because we are in Mercury Retrograde doesn’t mean it’s all bad.. something good can come of it 🙂

  • lisamoore116@gmail.com' Lisa Moore says:

    Yes, yes and yes. Love this and your school!

  • Its so hard for me to understand why some people dont believe …

  • winkyw2017@gmail.com' Diane says:

    Hi Debra, I admire all that you do and have a woo-woo question. A psychic told me I was bewitched after birth and have been living someone else’s destiny. Can this be true? Yes, I’m a pisces.

  • harriswmu@gmail.com' Brittany says:

    Thank you for this! I am also from Detroit! I had no idea you were too! Small world!

  • chelseagrant1981@gmail.com' Chelsea says:

    Hi Deborah (and others reading!)
    I really enjoyed reading this blog entry and can attest to the magic and truth around clairvoyants. I have had several encounters with them (psychics); most often they were just crossing my path. I was lucky to have visited India several years ago, and stay on an Ashram in Northern India. One of the ladies who was hosting my group of travelers, told us one night that she was psychic, and asked us if we would like a reading for the next 5 year period. She mentioned that I would own a business and that I would meet a guy named Ken. I wasn’t particularly impressed, although I wrote everything in my journal. After that 5 year period, I reread my old journal one day and discovered it was true, what this woman had said. The irony is that my good friend Ken (the one she had referenced) had sort of stumbled into the reality that he was also psychic. Another situation happened with Ken, similar to my experience in India. A group of people gathered after work at Ken’s house when he told us that he had a ghost in his home. I was so curious! I just kept asking him more questions and then asked, “do you also think you are psychic?”. Ken said maybe, and then he went around to everyone in the room (10-12 people) and started stating facts. “Your father built you a rocking horse” or, “You wrote a coming out of the closet letter that you hid under your bed and your Mother found it”…everyone, including myself, could verify what he was saying. He also later told me at that time that I would never marry, which was upsetting to me. I worked with a theta energy healer for some time who helped explain that sometimes psychics can be reckless and that they should never “dump” on you information that you may not want to hear. I think this is very important when seeking healing through clairvoyants. Thank you for writing this post, it inspired me to keep focusing on PMA during some crazy times.

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