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This weekend, we have a dark sky—a new moon in Pisces—with Mercury going backwards.

You know those dreams when you can’t talk, scream, or open your eyes, and you get so scared? This new moon has the ability to set you up to touch anxiety and/or fear.

How many people do you know that suffer from anxiety? How many of us feel scared for no obvious reason, and just carry a low-grade icky feeling in our tummy?

This week, I went to my craniosacral worker because I had the beginning of frozen shoulder. I knew it was some stress I couldn’t identify. As we were in silence I heard: ‘You are scared of 5G? 5G?!’ Ill get to that. But first…

I can see why we are all scared of something. My sweetie, who is a double Virgo, is obsessed with modern science. He reads, talks and dreams of it every chance he gets.

This weekend’s sky is the opposite of double Virgo—it’s a double Pisces: all things abstract, lofty and science-like. In fact, Einstein—one of the greatest scientists of all time—was a Pisces.

What I have learned is that the greatest concern awake scientists wrestle with (next to climate change and the future of water) is 5G/EMF.

What is 5G/EMF? Should we be worried? Yes. 5G are the countless towers that are now being inserted into our cities. By the end of 2020, they will be everywhere!

It will not change much to the eye. Welcome, Pisces, who can see through to the invisible—or at least feel it. The vibrations of 5G will increase the micro waves and the electromagnetic field will be forever changed.

5G is here to increase the speed of downloading videos, social media, and all things Internet. It will increase AT&T and Verizon and all other server speeds by A LOT. But at what cost?

The scientists say it will radically adjust our cells’ functions, increasing cancers, tumors and stress. Our good friend Dr. Thomas Cowan told us that when there are 5G towers, all plants, trees, and leaves will lean in the opposite direction. They immediately reject the effects by moving away from it. Here is what I found from American Scientific magazine:

As a society, should we invest hundreds of billions of dollars deploying 5G, a cellular technology that requires the installation of 800,000 or more new cell antenna sites in the U.S. close to where we live, work and play?

Instead, we should support the recommendations of the 250 scientists and medical doctors who signed the 5G Appeal that calls for an immediate moratorium on the deployment of 5G and demand that our government fund the research needed to adopt biologically based exposure limits that protect our health and safety.

Here are Dr Cowan words: 10,000+ research papers have pointed to the harmful effects of EMF. When you look at cancer incidence over the past 100 years, there was a spike with the introduction of AM radio, then another spike with FM radio, then television, then electronic devices, then 3G and 4G—and the coming spike with 5G will make the previous spikes look like child’s play.

Too often, we don’t know why we are stressed. We cannot point our finger at what makes us sad. This is SO double Pisces. What we can do in the name of the symbol of fish that represents Christianity (I think Christ’s birth ought to have been celebrated under a Pisces new moon) is pray.

Pray during this new moon that we are wise enough to face the truth. That our society as we know it is changing—for the good, for the bad—who knows? What we know is we are in the midst of a huge change. Think two fish going in opposite directions.

We, the observers, at best remain calm, wise, and devoted to spirit. We realize that sharing our fears, talking about 5G, studying, staying conscious and holding hands as we walk through this unprecedented time will keep our hearts open.

My frozen shoulder softened after my session with the healer and by writing this to you. I must be honest and share my fear AND I will prepare for miracles. Assuming the angels are with us, we are in the middle of growing pains.

My heart does hurt. Yet to cope, I open it even more. I love even more. I share Astrology every chance I get. This is what matters most: to share, to care, to keep our hearts wide open.

This new moon is dark, deep and tender. Hold your heart, pet the dog, find your sweetie, kid, BFF, and laugh. We are going to need all the wisdom we can find to make it through this threshold of the Aquarian Age in full swing.

Sending my love,


  • danamdamara@gmail.com' Dana says:

    thank you .. thank you .. thank you xo <3
    would love to chat with you about how i can make a difference in my space as well.

    i work in astrology .. yoga … youth meditation and raise two teen girls on my own.
    Debra.. i feel all of this .. every single bit and i'd like to somehow work along side you with all this

    5G .. vaping … stress.anxiety… the Earth .. water … it gets so overwhelming and .. we must keep sharing … i'm not sure how but i'm just putting this out there to you
    peace and blessings

  • Mangofandango6@yahoo.com' Denise says:

    Wow! What a beautiful article from a beautiful human being!

  • kjk1129@sbcglobal.net' kathleen kramer says:

    I trust you like a incredibly educated, spiritual, loving parent. You are full of wisdom. I’m proud to say I know who you are. Please keep up your good work and not leave us on our own. Bless and thank you. Kathy

  • jazzeyone@rocketmail.com' Lynn H Constantine says:

    Thank you, Debra, for your wisdom, your candor, your vulnerability and most of all, your heart. While in the midst of profound turbulence and uncertainty, we need to continue to be hopeful, heartful and connected. Namaste….

  • marjan.mondt@telenet.be' marjan mondt says:

    That is a beautiful post Debra. Loving more in moments of fragility, praying and staying open. The modern world is quite remorseless, but let’s trust that life always finds a way.

  • Craig.high@comcast.net' Craig high says:

    Debra, that was so beautiful! Yes, 5G is scary! It worries me as well! Sometimes it feels like the world is out of control! But your astrological wisdom and calm certainly helps us with some kind of solace!
    I appreciate you Debra!
    Thank you,

  • Jw62246@aol.com' Sara Ward says:

    That was a terrific blog!

  • msellers88@yahoo.com' Michael Sellers says:

    This is the first ive heard of technology making an impact on our health in such a grand scale. I guess i can safely say ive lived under a rock for the first 3 decades of my life. Finally becoming awake in the world we live in. Of course ive seen other occurrences and events that would ultimately change our world, society, and cultures as well as our health but i never gave much thought to them because i was the star of my own movie for so long and i still am getting out of that truman show biome. If this will truly affect us as a spieces by making us exponentially or even mildly more sick than we already are, why would we do it? It’s not like the multi-billion dollar conglomerates and business owners will be immune to such radical change. Why even attempt it is my question. I mean do we really need our internet speed any faster? Are we going to think of a website and it appear before us? It seems silly to me to think we’ve been on this world for as long as we have and still want to kill each other. I mean just love for crying out loud!

  • Kdante@att.net' Kimberly says:

    I went to the Tucson Gem show and the busiest both was of Shungite. Used for 5G protection.

  • anjanettet1@gmail.com' Anjanette Arnett says:

    I KNEW immediately it was bad!😪

  • Lynnr1954@gmail.com' Lynn says:

    Love you and all you do 🌈🌈🦋💞

  • violetvision7@yahoo.com' Anne Willey says:

    Thank you Debra for sharing your thoughts, fears and insight on the things our society is facing today. It is too easy to look the other way and to not take the time to look into how the new technologies will affect our health as well as that of all the animals and plant life on our planet. Just because this new technology is something that is being made available doesn’t make it safe, which I think may be what most people want to believe. I pray for a better solution to get rid of the cancers that too many are suffering from already and to still have the means to be globally connected. The internet and videos on YouTube are such awesome ways to be informed and connected…but how can we keep doing more of this better and faster without sacrificing the health and well-being of all living things on the planet? The thought brings tears to my eyes… I pray there is a way to make it through this transitory time without killing us. Thank you again for all you and your team share, with love, Namaste.

  • ladylegore1954@gmail.com' Beth Ramsey says:

    Oh, Debra, bless you for bringing this to the surface. I am a 65-yr-old disabled female empath. That last word there, empath, says it all. I alternate between being agoraphobic and curing up in my studio apt and wanting to go our and save the world. As a Libra, I am always seeking balance. I awoke from a very vivid dream this a.m. I think in pictures in my waking hours and when I dream, it is as if I am watching a movie, sometimes I am an actor in this film, sometimes not. I woke in tears, uncontrolable sobs. I would love to continue my story but this typeface is too too tiny and I do not know how to make it larger. Bummer. But thank you for your message. Beth, Manhattan, KS

  • sofiadiazpizarro@gmail.com' Sofia says:

    Thank you Deb! I knew nothing about the 5G. As an individual I have no power to influence a change, as an energy, though prayer, I believe I join and increase the ongoing prayer, thous we, in union, through prayer, become one strong stream of light.

    Would you please share more in the Aquarius Era? I’ve been hearing that we are entering it ever since I was a kid, I thought we where already there, yet Have no idea what it means to be in an Aquarius Era.

    (I’m an Aquarius) 🙂

    Thank you!

  • apgray1@verizon.net' Anne says:

    Dearest Debra, I try to fear not. This is truly a humongous spiritual war against love, light, joy, compassion, intimacy, authenticity, and organic growth by the forces of Ahriman, great demon of darkness, inorganic inauthenticity, soullessness, cold and fear. 5G is not for downloading crap faster. It is here to run CERN, quantum computers, AI, and the full spectrum dominance of planet Earth. One of the many reasons we have incarnated at this most auspicious time in the history and evolution of humanity is to be the guardians and watchers of our humanity; to see to it that humanity is not replaced by inorganic creatures without souls. I find that truly counting my blessings and being truly grateful for absolutely EVERYTHING in my life is what keeps me on track, replenishes my soul, and keeps me excited about my life. I constantly pray. I love to love the love that loves to love.* I AM THAT. Fear not. You are a real joy to me. With much love, Anne

    * Credit to Van Morrison (I think!)

  • sbransfield33@gmail.com' Susan Bransfield says:

    Wow~thank you for writing this. I wasn’t aware that 5G is that serious for our health. It is good to be aware and I also will keep my heart open, love more, laugh, and study astrology. There are so many things to worry about lately, my meditation teacher said that worry depletes our Shakti (spiritual energy) so not to worry. Easier said than done, I know, yet taking deep breaths and realizing there is a higher power helps me snap out of it! I need to pray more, thank you for that reminder~ Thank you for the heads up on the big change, I have felt change coming it in the recent past years and months personally and collectively. Your words are inspiring and I am grateful when I read them!

  • aznatv2@gmail.com' Janet Rockey says:

    Good read! I enjoy your articles. I wish I had the time and money to study and go deeper into this subject. I have always found it to be insightful. My plate runs over with obligations. Maybe one day I can devote more time. Thanks for sharing your insights and know we share a connection! I’m a Taurus Sun, Leo Moon with Aquarius Rising! What a mix! Blessings to you!

  • Mkprendy@gmail.com' Miriam Prendeville says:

    Beautiful. Thanks for sharing 💗

  • melloyellow_09@hotmail.com' Melodie Dubreuil says:

    Thank you Deborah! I feel this as well,it effects us on such a cellular level, Astrology has confirmed this even more for me,thank you for your deep knowledge of the power of the frequency of the stars,5G,truly is,cause for concern! 😔💜I’m praying for all of us!

  • sbransfield33@gmail.com' Susan Bransfield says:

    Also for anyone that is interested I just found
    It is an International Appeal where you can sign your name and/or donate. It is a nonprofit and 100% of the funds go to the appeal!

  • alicethomasyaya@gmail.com' Alice Thomas says:

    Thank you so much for writing and sending information and your thoughts on this subject! I’m greatly concerned about the spike in 5G. I’m equally concerned that those who could bring forth a change through legislation and funding research are not listening. I will, however keep my heart open and keep praying for the shift in consciousness that is needed.

  • lisebouchard715@gmail.com' Lise Bouchard says:

    Yes.Debra..I have heard of this 5G before. I is a sad world that we live in. Why do we have to be faster? To keep up with others that will only suffer in the long run? It scares me very much. My husband who died in a horrific wreck in 1994 was a true Picses. I know he is with God.
    I am a very stressful person and in the past ten years even more so. It just makes me think. What you stated is quite interesting. Thank you for the read.

  • jcmagick@yahoo.com' Jacki C. Shaw says:

    You touch my soul, Thank You. I’ve been having nightmares and headaches for the last week… now it makes sense. Even my journaling is full of “where is all of this darkness and paranoia coming from?”! Taking your classes I’m getting a handle on it but my body, mind and soul are so far ahead when it comes to being aware. My education will catch up. Until then I’ll keep looking to you for the explanations. ♡

  • fetch2638@gmail.com' peg fetscher says:

    shit I’ve got to worry about 5G too!

  • Jonikosan@gmail.com' Joni chancey says:

    Publish a petition for us to sign!

  • Angela-labauve@hotmail.com' Angela says:

    Debra, I feel it. You just described me!!! Thankfully I’m now using a new quantum delivered technology to combat or negate the effects of the harmful radiation emitted from 4G, 5G, cell towers, tv emanation, and many others.

    I would like to share this truly amazing technology with you! It has improved my life in so many ways.
    My email address is: Angela-labauve@hotmail.com.
    Please respond to this message, and I’ll be happy to share with you.

    Angela LaBauve

  • upaaem@gmail.com' Michael L Johnz says:

    Dear Debra, I received a printed piece of paper from a co-worker representing one of the largest Baptist church in Houston. It basically said we should give Trump the authority just as the Germans did to Hitler to get rid of all the illegals in the US. This paper made me so angry and then so sad I could not believe that intelligent people have not learned their lesson and are willing to go backward, instead of learning that we are here to serve each other.

    All my best,


  • upaaem@gmail.com' Michael L Johnz says:

    Dear Debra, I received a printed piece of paper from a co-worker representing one of the largest Baptist church in Houston. It basically said we should give Trump the authority just as the Germans did to Hitler to get rid of all the illegals in the US. This paper made me so angry and then so sad I could not believe that intelligent people have not learned their lesson and are willing to go backward, instead of learning that we are here to serve each other.

    All my best,


  • Hi Debra,, how intersting this was,,thank you…x

  • nadine.gudimard@bbox.fr' Nadine says:

    Hi Debra,
    A very nice text about Fear vs Love.
    Plus I appreciate the fact that for once, you are telling a little bit about yourself.
    Yes Times are changing indeed. But let us not fear them.
    Lots of Love, then!

  • Res053yn.1-2@charter.net' Melody says:

    I believe if we wear our invisible cloak and ask for protection from our GA’s by shielding from the energetic field. We should be some what protected.

  • theresasue64@yahoo.com' Theresa Hitchcock says:

    boy I’ve been feeling a lot over most of the month. it final let up some. my daughters been crying she 23 and other daughters dogy passed away today. the last new letter I read said its going to be crazy all year. I hope not.I’ve had a very hard year with health and money. I just want it to all get better

  • ceceat219@aol.com' cecilia fasano says:

    Thank you for this post. In your lovely way, you have been real about the dangers we face, the reasons for our collective anxiety, etc. But, your encouragement to us to keep our hearts open, and hold each others hands were simple, and comforting. xxx’s

  • Inspiring words. Thank you

  • paolalidera@gmail.com' Paola says:

    Thank you for your amazing insight as always!
    Sending you love and light.
    Paola 🙂

  • naomisantoro@gmail.com' Naomi Santoro says:

    Hi Debra,

    Thank you for this very supportive blog. It does help me to work to get a handle on my fear.

    What magazine are you referring to? “Scientific American” or “American Scientist”? Or another one?

    As to the fish symbol and Christianity:
    The letters of the Greek word for fish, ixthos. spell out in Greek, Jesus Christ, Son of God, Savior. Thus the word ixthos became a kind of password among the followers of early Christianity.

    Let us remember that Jesus was a practicing Jew in ancient Israel, as were the apostles and most of the early followers of Jesus. He was not a Pisces. The story of Mary looking for a place to sleep and how the family could not find an inn gives us the hint as to the month of his birth. During the three major holidays of the Jewish calendar, Passover, Shavuot, Succoth, all harvest holidays, all Jews were obligated to travel to Jerusalem to offer a sacrifice at the Temple. The city of course became very crowded with all inns long sold out. Those with means or connections made reservations in advance or stayed with friends or family. Those who did not, slept where they could. So Jesus was born either in the Spring (probably Aries, possibly early Taurus) or the Fall (probably Libra). And the general scholarly opinion on when is sometime between 4-6 BCE.

    Thank you for everything. I came into your school a raw beginner, knowing nothing except my Sun and Moon and I could not really have told you what they meant. And now I study and study, expanding in so many directions and will be learning this for the rest of my life!

    Naomi Santoro

  • nanashell@gmail.com' Shelley Cannon Frederick says:

    I hear you. Thank you for your message today.

  • nina@noremac.ca' Nina says:

    I just love your blogs and through this new moon in Pisces I have been finding a truth for me, one that also scares me. But as you have said before… once you recognize these and acknowledge them they have so much less power. Thank you for sharing this fear, it is one that I have too ( and still do ) and have had for awhile. Bringing more light on it will make it less powerful and hopefully we will go the way in which our bodies will not be crippled but flourish instead. Big Hugs <3 Your friend Nina

  • lunalice73@hotmail.com' Alice Adams says:

    Dearest Debra, as always I SO appreciate your insightful and heartfelt perspective! As a Gemini (Sun) w/Pisces (Moon) and Libra (Ascendent) my heart
    literally aches as I look around the planet daily, seeing and feeling the havoc our species is causing! Working in the field of Energy Medicine ( I’m a Five Element Acupuncturist ) I am palpably aware of how many, many of us are struggling to stay afloat physically and emotionally! And yet, your advice to
    open more, pray more, love more, express gratitude more, and INTEND to experience positive change more – these actions are a powerful daily practice we all could adopt !!

  • tabulamnews@commander.net.au' Ann Dabron says:

    We here in rural Australia have already noticed the harmful effects of this 5G towers on ourselves as well as nature. It does need to be stopped. They tried with wind turbines but I feel this is obviously much worst.

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