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I’m a crier. This new moon in Pisces arrives, and I know it’s my time to go inward.

For so much of my life, I was embarrassed by my sensitivity.

Even as a kid, my mom would say, “You’re too sensitive. Why do you care about them? They don’t care about you.” It didn’t matter.

Yes, I hid my tears and even tried to suppress them, until I realized that the holding back of emotions became the source of physical pain and illness. I grew up with an ulcer — a direct result of denying my emotions (and eating too much sugar).

Neptune has been on the Sun for the last week, amplifying this time of sensitivity.

For too many of us, we escape to daydreaming, going down the rabbit hole into cyberspace, playing video games and escaping with ‘fill in the blank.’

Why does Pisces love to escape? Because they’ve given up their focus on creativity, music, and their hope that this world could get any better. Somewhere, every Pisces gives up.

It’s like Sleeping Beauty (who I’m convinced was a Pisces) — until she was kissed into awakening, she left this world. Imagine this newsletter as a kiss.

What have you left behind to release the feelings of sensitivity? Pisces rules drug addiction, marijuana, lying, alcohol, any which way to escape the pain body of the collective.

I’m going to challenge you under this new moon to grab a pen, an instrument, a book of poems, or your favorite song, and indulge yourself in the healthy version of Pisces.

Did someone say ‘healthy Pisces?’ Those words are not often put together. Every astrological sign has a divine influence, and there is no such thing as a ‘good’ sign or a ‘bad’ sign. Pisces is the poet, trying to make this life beautiful.

Believe it or not, at the age of 10, the poet in me wrote these words, turned into a Haiku:

Love could be spreading
Like water upon the sand
Not missing a grain

Welcome to a Pisces dream. Can you imagine if we all had a direct experience of love as the constant?

During this New Moon, try this prayer:

May we all remember the angels are watching.
You’re being held. Life has your back.
All you have to do is open your heart.
Starting when?
Starting now.

Have a great new moon and share with me the parts of this life that make you want to cry. I know it’s not a popular question, but Pisces doesn’t care about being popular.

And if you can, send me a good poem. I would love to hear what touches your heart.




  • Aruiz2734@gmail.com' Amanda says:

    I am so deeply moved by every single word I have written above. I am a Pisces. Deeply emotional swimming in opposite directions at all times. Your words brought me a sense of assurance that everything is in fact as real as it seems. I was also a very young poet and I remember being extremely intuitive at a young age. As my birthday arrives, I can feel my soul changing. Thanku for the light in. 💗

    • Iconaw1@msn.com' Nico Heartsleves says:

      Alchemy of the Dance

      For perfect friction is the key, unlocks remembering of past stories. Where sand and water twist the mind, the myth of women and fish combine, with damp and chill our flesh rejoice, our breath the mist of bliss, a voice.
      Singing the alchemy of earth, with spirit above, spiraling out as water and love. Fire and wind blow and bend, creating the balance of life to tend.

      It’s diamond grid to vale the truth to guide our thoughts and steal our youth. Maya’s trick upon our eyes to fool our hearts, we’re in disguise. From one come two, from two there’s four, continues on creating more. Cyclical by design, always ending and redefined.

      Out of the knowing of all that will be. Beginning to end, the body’s story. The need to know experientially of love and pain, of life and death, for this we yearn and drawl our breath.

      The weaving of hearts and minds combine, ancetrial codes for love devine. To kiss the light of oneness and spark the fires of two dispels the dark. Obliviates the self within and repels dualities story again.

      Through ever forming moments of now,  past and future’s visions endow, a stillness, a calm, a peace ensues your balanced a way of life to choose.

      With bright light atop our brow, we honor and praise our sacred cow. A guiding force through the mind, new pathways charted, light codes to find. Refracted colors realign, prisms break for gold to shine. A realm of myth and classic tale, to find at last our holy grail.

    • marge.opacki2@gmail.com' Marge Opacki says:

      I have much to be happy and grateful for but what has been happening in this nation can bring me much sadness and concern. The suffering of others, the lack of compassion and understanding, and the anger and lack of courtesy in the political and social media sphere. And the prevalence of misinformation and deliberate lies. The fact that differences of opinion with friends and family have become quite challenging and sad. That is what came to mind when you asked what makes me want to cry.

    • We have not come here to take prisoners
      But to surrender ever more deeply
      To freedom and joy.

      We have not come into this exquisite world
      to hold ourselves hostage from love.

      Run my dear, From anything
      That may not strengthen
      Your precious budding wings,
      Run like hell, my dear,
      From anyone likely to put a sharp knife
      Into the sacred, tender vision
      Of your beautiful heart.

      We have a duty to befriend
      Those aspects of obedience of our house
      And shout to our reason
      “Oh please, oh please
      come out and play.”

      For we have not come here to take prisoners,
      Or to confine our wondrous spirits
      But to experience ever and ever more deeply
      our divine courage, freedom, and Light!

    • vramphaul@live.com' Viola says:

      I am Pisces and felt what you said, soul changing. 💗🌠✨

  • ladaniels7@yahoo.com' Laura Daniels says:

    Thank you Debra, I so love your messages of hope, humor & heart.
    I created this prayer about 12years ago, to help me through each day.
    I need it more than ever now..at 62

    The Power of Christ is in my life
    The Power of Christ has blessed my life.
    The Power of Christ is in my might.
    The Power of Christ has blessed my life.
    The Power of Christ is in my sights.
    The Power of Christ has ALWAYS blessed my life.

  • Queenofdpk@gmail.com' Joy says:

    “Weird words weigh down our worlds, unbeknownst to them. Look again my fair friends, there is light in these eyes that fill those skies.” That’s been brewing inside me for a month and you’re newsletter letter helped me finish it. Thanks my friend. -Joy 3/24/88

  • patriciaalsup@gmail.com' Patricia Alsup says:

    Oh Deborah, thank you so much.I’ve been crying all week and all day today, no matter whether I’m sad or happy, which is my usual state. My heart feels so open today that I am flooded with love and tears for everybody.
    I am a Sagittarius and I’ve always been a crier. During my first marriage of 23 years, I couldn’t let my family or my husband see me cry during movies because I would be ridiculed. Then I realized they only knew when to turn around (I always hid behind them) to tease me when they were touched but we’re not letting them selves cry.

  • Today we laugh then tomorrow we cry but buy next week it will all be over and we will shine! Live your moments and love your truths because it really just matter’s to you. ❤🙏❤🥰 Much love to all!! Trust your neverending process with ur Devine ❤🙏❤

  • Today we laugh then tomorrow we cry but buy next week it will all be over and we will shine! Live your moments and love your truths because it really just matter’s to you. ❤🙏❤🥰 Trust your neverending process with ur Devine ❤🙏❤

  • clearheart_000@yahoo.ca' Charon says:

    morning … feel inspired to share a poem I wrote many years ago. It’s fun remembering how it burbled forth … one line at a time!!! Titled ”JOY;” once again am smiling ..
    she fills the bowl
    of spirit
    with a fire
    to ignite
    the desire
    of heart
    to do the becoming

  • marilynweber@comcast.net' Marilyn says:

    Your haiku is absolutely beautiful!

  • Mrs. Debra your messages always either reach me in good times or take me to them. I appreciate your consistent approach to continuing your journey while giving others a gentle nudge. My Pisces moon resonates in a maternal way. Don’t stop because you have people counting on you….we will be crying …all of us…for real. Love you to the moon and back. Sincerely, DevineWritez.

  • madamechausseurs@gmail.com' Cherie Marie says:

    Oh gosh, Debra! Thank you for this! I have Saturn & Chiron in Pisces (whatever that means!) and I have been crying off and on all morning with no end in sight! Yes, my life is a mess, but it felt way more external than that, so it
    must be the New Moon energy overwhelming me. It feels cleansing to my Virgo, Gemini Rising, Sag Moon heart.
    or should I say Tears!,

  • k3king2000@yahoo.com' Lois says:

    I’m a Leo. This isn’t a poem, but my all time favorite quote is “Now I lay me down to bleed a while but I shall arise to fight again”! I find that I do suffer though from sensitivity and a need to escape

  • Christinamartinez1914@gmail.com' Christine Mazur says:

    I know exactly what you mean all my life I’ve been feeling out of place I hide my tears and my feelings being called a crybaby and being too sensitive at times I feel like there is something wrong with me I know nowThere’s nothing wrong with me I wish I know more people will feel like that the world would be a much better place thank you so much for Sharing 🥰🥰😪💕

  • redmoonmagic13@gmail.com' Elizabeth Savage says:

    Hi Debra

    This is gorgeous timely and sensitive material X I myself have no placements as such in Pisces or 12th house, however my two T squares release into Pisces and the 12th house and I am surrounded by Sun in Pisces and Pisces Rising members in my household so I’m adapting to their energy, moving on from escapism X my gorgeous Pisces Rising partner wrote me a poem yesterday, the hard working bloke that rarely shows his intellect (Sun in Aquarius, Moon in Sag) so this was doubly beautiful for me X I will share;
    You’re my all
    my missing parts,
    My reason
    you complete my heart,
    You give me drive
    To be better and strive,
    You make me feel
    Fully alive,
    You’ve opened my mind
    And all of my eyes,
    Since our start
    I openly gave you my heart,
    With work and our love
    We shall never part X

  • teach51300@msn.com' Rose says:

    I am easily brought to tears often. Music, stories, good things and bad things. I have always been this way. I used to think of it as a breaking open, but lately I’ve thought about it more as a return to my soul and what it wants me to pay attention to.

  • Morning Debra
    These were the first words of a book I wrote about motherhood as a spiritual rite of passage:
    What if everytime we touch something
    We give it purpose, meaning, a sense of belonging
    How would we touch?

    With Saturn and Chiron in Pisces in 3rd house opposite Pluto, Uranus and Sun in 9th in Virgo, I have been working on integrating the sensitivity of Pisces and how this needs to he expressed as part of my own expression.
    Thank you for the reminder of the Piscean creativity which for me is expressed through words and art.

  • Morningwilliams@gmail.com' Morning says:

    I so love the poem. I practice Nicherin Buddhism and chant Nam Myho Renge Kyo which gives me the ability to have more compassion and love for other people. Growing up as a Pisces girl I always felt different from others like I was informed of somethings that no one else knew, it alway made he feel uncomfortable being in my own skin. I look up at the stars at night and wish I could sleep on a cloud.. I find escaping at times are not alway a bad thing if you know when to bring it back to reality. I chant to align myself with the universe and to connect with my environment. Thank you so much for sharing your story❤️

  • winkyw2017@gmail.com' Diane says:

    Beautifully said Debrah!

    I want to be needed,
    but I need to be wanted.

  • Rachelschuelke@icloud.com' Rachel Schuelke says:

    My progressed moon is in Pisces now, right before it moved To Pisces my mom came to visit and brought all of her paints and creativity with her and I feel in love with painting and arts. Not but a few months later my mom was diagnosed with cancer. I already felt like I was drowning, (not knowing anything about astrology at that time). I went to be with her. After her surgery I walked out and the sky was filled with what looked like angels. Since then they flow through my paintbrush and their messages of LOVE keep pouring through me! This is also my tsquare release point and I am cherishing being the observer right now and savoring the depths that Pisces has shared with me. I have let go of so much this past almost 2 years, I have been extremely humbled! I feel angels all around me and I am so excited, I am launching my art collection this month!

    On a side note Debra, taking your astrology courses have helped me so much! Level 3 in May!🙏🏼🤍
    I have struggled so much and through learning to be the observer my life is radically changing!
    Thank you! Blessings to YOU✨
    I see a new world and I have faith and hope to share with the world!🌈

  • a.Leigh.jacobs@gmail.com' Leigh Jacobs says:

    Thank you so much for this! I’m also a Pisces and relate to much of your story. Parts of this life that make me cry are when animals and human pass on. Below is a poem I wrote last summer and turned into a song:

    The Queen of Pentacles

    Abundant being Soaked in rays of light
    Beaming with a nurturing heart
    You are grounded and practical
    Always balanced, calm and kind
    Connected deeply to the Earth
    your bounty, she brings forth

    She is
    the ultimate mother,
    She is
    The lover and The healer.
    She is
    the Queen of Pentacles

    You give love Where it is deserved
    Blessing those in your care
    Healing in quite the opulent environment
    Wrapped in silk and cuddles in cashmere
    Smiling contently, the thoughtfulness of giving
    Warm and fuzzy feeling

    She is
    the ultimate mother,
    She is
    The lover and The healer.
    She is
    the Queen of Pentacles

    She has learned to let go
    To back away, to say goodbye
    She has learned her worth
    She has healed her pain

    She has toiled her garden
    Long hours with little rest
    She has earned the fruits
    Loves those in her care

    She is
    the ultimate mother,
    She is
    The lover and The healer.
    She is
    The Queen of Pentacles
    She is
    The Queen of Pentacles

  • meganpoakeart@gmail.com' Megan says:

    I went out and saw a Fleetwood Mac tribute band last night- it was a beautiful outdoor venue and the sky was really cloudy and moody. The music was a soundtrack from my childhood and in particular, the song “Silver Springs” made me so emotional tears came to my eyes.

  • pattia1021@yahoo.com' Patricia says:

    I have my moon in Pisces. Thank you for reminding me about my inner poet that materialized when I was 14, but I’ve since left her behind. Time to revive my artistic escapist 🙂

  • klhoch71@gmail.com' Kimberley Hochberg says:

    I wrote this yesterday, just before today’s new moon. My birthday was Wednesday, Pisces Sun, Virgo moon.

    I don’t know exactly when
    I started to see
    Breathing deep
    It’s a blessing
    Knowing you give me rest
    That you’ve got me
    Throughout every test
    This world throws my way
    Bones have no life
    Without the breath
    You give
    It’s not me, it’s not them
    Let go of the constricting grip
    He’s got all of us
    In His midst

  • dstarbrook11@gmail.com' Desiree says:

    Wow!! That resonates SO much for me, heart and soul! I call Pisces Moons my ‘Crying Moons’. The most emotional but,, also the most mystical, creative and inner transforming. I’m not a Pisces nor have a Pisces Moon but I have a Scorpio Moon conjunct Neptune in Neptune’s 12th house. SN in Pisces so when the Moon conjuncts it, then it can be VERY intense. It opens a veil to my past lives, too.
    I do poetry, dance and music and it’s the BEST time to do any of that. Very transcenfing.
    I hear you about covering up your tears cuz it backfires for me if I do. My family has always said the same about being too sensitive and don’t understand (nor accept) to this day. As hard as it is, it’s nice to know other people can relate. Enjoy a blessed kiss by this New Pisces Moon.🌙

  • Ann.callaway11@gmail.com' Annie says:

    The great suffering, ignorance and brutality that continue, despite the wordless beauty, the profound sense that LIFE is good, Spring still comes every year and Love never dies. How can all these things coexist?

  • whyte917@gmail.com' Tina Whyte says:

    I love being Pisces! Mar 19th. “The vices I’ve let take me over time!”( Universal Sound) by Tyler Childers

    • iwonkabaker@gmail.com' Yvonne Baker says:

      Hi Debra,.. where is this Link that you mentioned in your video?? Can’t See it Anywhere??

      Love Yvonne 😍

  • alyeskabev322@yahoo.com' Beverly says:

    So climb the tree for
    Clarity you seek
    The path lays beyond your dreams
    What you seek will appear
    Along your journey
    The many forks will be your challenge
    Feel and follow the light on the path
    The universe will guide you through this dreamy world
    You just need to believe and trust the love.
    Beverly Peterson
    A poem for this Pisces dreamy new moon.

  • sivuulinmurdock@gmail.com' Crystal Murdock says:

    I am a cancer. I have been writing wishes and desires. I have been practicing self love and self care. Learning and letting go if toxic core beliefs and toxic traits. I am in the process of inner work.
    Tonight the moon shall shine
    As it does this I become divine .
    Letting go of that which doesn’t belong
    As in my ears I hear a song
    Each and everyday
    I become the sunshine beautiful ray.
    As each day I gain more strength to my trust of the divinity within me.
    Soon I will be the brightest I can be.

  • epehrman@hotmail.com' Evelina says:

    This new moon is in my 5th house, trining my chart ruler Venus + Jupiter in Scorpio.. I am feeling soo dreamy and soo romantic and very ready to love and be seen in all the ways.. Swaying between being supergiggly, alive, happy, excited and feeling like I will forever be alone. Haha, so happy to have astrology for permissionslips and understanding. Resting and finding balance in that I am always moving in the direction of that which I desire.. So the weeping ends as I get settled into the remembrance. However it feels just SO MUCH! so soon I am weeping again. But it is so nice to feel…. Feels so good sometimes… I would not change it for anything. Definitely painting and flowing on the guitar more. Feels good. Getting ready for something even gooder. Thank you Debra.

  • daniela.wallner@gmx.net' Daniela says:

    My broken heart
    needs a new start.
    Do you think we can
    starting new again?

  • Bonnielass1@hotmail.com' Bonnie says:

    It is my little morning ritual to watch your daily video horoscopes Debra. They bring me joy to listen and watch you. Thank you for posting them.
    I lost my brother last year. He was a Pisces and what I call sensitive as you do. He wrote and played music and was quite brilliant with a big heart. I honour him during his birthday sign.
    Thank you

  • vramphaul@live.com' Viola says:

    Debra. You shinning beam of love and knowledge.

    I am Pisces, and like Amanda I have felt my soul change on a deep level.

    Your newsletter was definitely my kiss into awkening. I have had to be asleep for 37 years to escape this world. Its a new world now, new unimaginable opportunities for health wealth love family peace and joy await me.


  • iest467@gmail.com' Dani says:

    I’m On the cusp Feb 19 of Pisces. I too have always been overly sensitive. As a child, poetry among other things was my favorite escape. Until life got difficult and I was told to “ snap out it”. Desiring to sit and look at the stars or listen to the night time sounds seems like a distance memory, because I remember how being sensitive left me vulnerable. Learning to be in life and emotional with emotions as my super power is a new yet exciting concept. Thank you for this site it gives perspective. Here are thoughts. Not necessarily poetry.
    Being alive is not necessarily living.
    Live life thoughtfully.
    Life as in death, we do not know who or how we affect.
    Fore life and death are neither linear. In honor of cousin Terry.

  • tiapetdog@yahoo.com' Cynthia Gappmayer says:

    Dang, so thats why im so emotional this hole week. Im not a poet or any kind of writer , ive never been good at reading ,or spelling .
    im a Pisces and im all about loving and caring for other’s sometimes to much , and im good with that . I am all about healthy living exercise , ive had my day’s of drugs back in the 70s. I am a Christian women now and struggle with past sins. And yes, its hard to be obedient, we are all sinner in this world . I have a lot of fire , earth, water , little air, in my chart im always in a good mood , I can be very accretive, but I try to be kind . Christian life doesn’t believe in astrology but ive been reading about it since I was 12 years old , following the effects of the planet’s, and how they affect us living creatures and the creations of our earth 🌎, im just saying .

  • beasbox2@yahoo.com' Beatrice says:

    From my open heart
    I sense the love you’re holding
    In your heart, for me 💕🙏😊

  • sophia@lobsterbird.com' Sophia says:

    i’ve been writing a ton of poetry during this new moon portal! and i don’t even have any prominent Pisces in my chart. it’s been a very dreamy, spirited one for sure.

    i don’t know if it’s a “good poem” but here’s one that came out on the page ✨🙃✨

    a rainbow bridge
    glistens in the distance

    calling me home

    is it really a step forward?
    or do i dare disrupt
    and stand my ground

    on an earth
    made of rainbows
    we don’t yet see?

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