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Moon in Pisces, Sun in Pisces

This New Moon in Pisces provides us with a sky holding 5 planets in Pisces, which, by the way, has been highlighted for two weeks as the flavor of this month, so you ought to be noticing it.

This is a significant amount of energy in one sign. It’s feeling all the feels, laced with dreamy qualities, and can include a longing or inspiration.

Maybe you didn’t notice that the Pisces energy has been shining brightly. That’s why this blog is useful. For weeks now, we’ve had a minimum of 3 planets hanging out in Pisces.

In Astrology, we call that a stellium, when 3 or more planets are situated in the same sign. But this New Moon has 5 planets in Pisces, all standing ready for service with either a drink in hand, a gummy nearby, or at least a deep visit to Netflix – because five planets in Pisces is A LOT. 

Here are some Piscean questions: 

  • Are you following your instincts?
  • Are you letting intuition lead your day?
  • Do you include music and incense in your life?
  • Have you been walking into a room and then forgetting why you are there? (Of course, there are a lot more reasons other than Pisces season to explain that.)
  • Are you feeling off?

Pisces can be a funny energetic that is full of creative flow – or it could be a crazy unfocused time steeped in emotions and distractions. I have had to learn to be okay with both. During this New Moon: I will let go of my goals and allow myself to float. 

For some of us who have lots of Earth it’s hard to float, to let go. For those of us who are filled with Water it’s easy to flow through a day without structure – and then feel bad about it. No judgment on either side. For everyone it’s so important to know the difference between the two different energies – the doer and the be-er – so that you can follow the flow of the sky and your authenticity. 

So many Pisces (Water) people judge themselves for daydreaming or being less focused. Not this month, you get a “get out of jail free” card. We all need to know when to drift.

I was lucky enough to be with one of our Certified Astrologers, Sara Elise, for a week on Kauai. What a treat! She has a very strong Piscean flavor to her chart – which explains why she is such a great Astrologer, and teacher. Did you know that Pisces is a great influence on the fascination of Astrology?

We sat together discussing large ideas like the formation of the human species seen from a mythical tale of the Anunnaki. I was in awe.

So, I googled Wikipedia: “The Anunnaki were 7 gods mentioned by Utanapistim (later Noah) to Gilgamesh as the old gods that sent the flood on Earth.”

Such a Pisces conversation we had. So interested am I to hear all the theories about creation and the beginnings of our species. While we spoke I let my intuition take in her voice. Since being young I have never left behind this existential inquiry, always wanting to understand – where did humanity begin? How was the human template put in place? Of course, it’s no surprise during this Pisces season that this conversation was ignited.

In my new book, which arrives in a year, I seriously pose the question about the human operating system. The book begins with this sentence: “It’s a setup. You couldn’t get this right if you wanted to – we learn from our mistakes. That’s how we are hard-wired.” 

The book soothes the feeling that something is wrong or that we, as individuals, are wrong. It’s not true. 

Here is the prayer I have for all of us during this Pisces New Moon: 

Help me to understand the value of silence.
Take away the internal dialogue that interrupts my peace.
Give me access to the part of me that can rest in the quiet.

As I feel the arms of the angels wrapped around me
I do believe in magic.
Right now, in this moment, I am resting with the angels
As I close my eyes and take a breath.

Give yourself the gift to slow down and engage in Pisces month. It’s a dark sky during this New Moon. Time to stop, to feel, to meditate. Just know that if you are overly sensitive or feeling off, nothing is wrong. The sky is filled with Water…tears are normal. Quiet is the medicine. 

I love to go deep and ask the hard questions. I wonder which questions you have floating around your head.

Sending love,



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