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Empowerment and finding your unique lane and understanding your unique contribution is what we are missing in today’s world. Put in another way, understanding your self and finding your purpose is the key to unlocking many of our collective issues. That’s the mission behind Debra’s extensive work pairing Astrology and psychology, and it’s a boldly-embodied mission of our guest, Janne Robinson.


Blunt, raw, and immediately accessible emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually to all who read her words, Janne Robinson is a societal visionary, author, film director, and coach who swings from the very first sentence. Robinson’s work as an artist and facilitator is to encourage people to become accessible to their truths. She believes that our world is sick—and truth is our medicine. 


Janne and Debra share many common threads- from the celebration of women’s power and entrepreneurship, to the liberation of our planet, to the brightly-colored tapestry that is a Gemini’s personality, and so much in between. Debra highlights these connections and also breaks down where there are differences between her and Janne as seen in Janne’s Astrological chart, like how the big, spontaneous, and loud effects of Jupiter play a part in giving Janne “extra juju”. 


Hitchhike on a moving trip to Sedona that Janne recalls having a profound impact on her, and how leaning into the indigenous lessons of that trip have instilled new perspectives on the importance of being in right relation to the planet and to others. This conversation with Janne and Debra is rich with wisdom on our history as tribal people, the power of intuition, and individual empowerment with authentic living. 


“Let there be no reason to not eat this life alive.” Enjoy!


This is for the Women Who Don’t Give a Fuck: https://amzn.to/3ZRR2rp 

Website: www.jannerobinson.com

Instagram: @jannerobinson


Key Highlights From The Episode

  • Empowerment and leaning into your purpose
  • How everyone identifying their own unique lane (and staying in) would be a game-changer
  • Moving out of outdated societal perspectives 
  • Happiness in life does not equate to the economy game we play
  • How Astrology helps to integrate and name parts of who we are

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