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If the road from scarcity to prosperity isn’t on your map, it’s time to pave your own road. Debra connects with Jolie Dawn, an intuitive business coach, writer for Entrepreneur Magazine, and the bestselling author of eight Amazon books including Empowered, Sexy and Free

Embodying the title of her work, Jolie reflects on the myriad of ways that the Universe put her on the path to where she is now, helping her create her very own road to prosperity and deep self-love. Armed with the tools Jolie collected through her life experiences, her life’s work is financial empowerment through entrepreneurship with support from a trauma-informed way. 

Jolie and Debra discuss the implications of abundant Earth energy. Using Jolie’s Astrological chart Debra shows the high road and low road and how it has manifested in Jolie’s life. Jolie and Debra also take a deep dive into Jolie’s family life, highlighting the differences in generational perspectives and how the choices Jolie made in her life were vastly different from her parents.

Jolie embodies the freedom to follow your own rhythm on your own terms; this conversation highlights catalytic moments and will inspire you to think about your own scarcity mindset and self-doubt. Speaking of a shift in mindset, if you have any doubts or ambivalence about Astrology, tune in for Jolie’s first hand experience of how her time with Debra shifted her perspective on the power and accuracy of Astrology. 

Key Highlights From This Episode:

  • Jolie’s road from scarcity to prosperity
  • How trauma can be a catalyst for mindset shifts
  • The spectrum of Earth energy and how it can play out
  • The importance of following your own rhythm 
  • How much Jolie’s Astrological practice has impacted her


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