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*TRIGGER WARNING: eating disorders, body dysmorphia


How to be your most conscious self is the hack to living in better balance, to feeling better, to being healthier, and loving more deeply. Who would you be if you became the partner that you have always longed for?


The goal is to “marry yourself,” as told by author, mentor, model, and transformational coach Nikki Sharp. Nikki is passionate about living a conscious and aware life, with her life’s mission dedicated to helping others do the same. Nikki and Debra create a vulnerable, raw, yet uplifting dialogue around what self-care really means and the connection between how we treat our bodies and how we treat Earth. 


Nikki Sharp does believe in Astrology; in fact, she shares her praise for Debra’s method of Astrology in this episode. Debra breaks down the main components of Nikki’s Astrological chart as described by her Big Three- Gemini Sun, Sagittarius Moon, and Leo Rising- alongside Nikki’s Mercury in Cancer, as Nikki shares real-life examples of how these Astrological dynamics show up in her past, present, and future. Debra also speaks to the House that Nikki’s Sun is in, which speaks to Nikki’s non-traditionalist and futuristic energy, fused with the ability to synthesize information and bring it to the masses. 


Both Nikki and Debra approach their life work with an emphasis on compassion and education yet leaving people with the ability to make their own choices, which creates heightened consciousness and awareness. Nikki shares how that plays out in her work as a nutritionalist and coach and Debra echoes that within her work with Astrology. 


Tune in for an episode that is rich with wisdom around the ego, conscious living, Astrologically-connective stories from Nikki and Debra’s pasts, and enlightening Gemini energy.


Find Nikki on Instagram: @nikkisharp

Check out Nikki’s offerings: www.nikkisharp.com


Key Highlights From The Episode

  • How to be your most conscious self and the connection to the mind and ego
  • Nikki and Debra speak to the difference of how Debra’s method of Astrology really makes the language click (learn more at appliedastrology.me)
  • The state of our environment and society and the correlation to what and how we eat
  • How the energetics around things, people, and thoughts play a big role in the way it affects us
  • Examples of channeling and connection to higher power and wisdom

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