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How to learn through your suffering is a concept brought to us all through our karma.

Two things that seem to universally evoke feelings of uneasiness are our inner worlds and the future. What lies beneath the depths of our personalities and our behavioral patterns- the unknowns of our lineage and the roots of our imprints- and our karma is not to be feared, but revered. We are all beings of light, divinity embodied, with the ability to transcend the now into a brighter, sustainable, and spiritually evolved future.

That is the message of our guest, Rita Hraiz, whose mission and purpose is to embody and evoke the essence of our spiritual evolution. Rita supports people through grief and trauma, helping other to shamanically call back the places they have abandoned themselves, to heal addictions, to glimpse and then anchor wholeness in order to experience the great liberation that comes from finally being able to find a way off the emotional treadmill that keeps us locked on the wheel of illusion.

Rita and Debra have a friendship that has spanned decades; they share their remembrances of times past together and in the name of vulnerability they share some deeply personal and human experiences that have brought them to points of their spiritual awakening. As Rita voices through her Mercury in Aquarius and Gemini Rising, pain and suffering is here to pray into it, to bring about the light within us and around us.

This is a deeply transformational conversation, weaving through notions of our karma, past life remembrance, death, and navigating the noise factory that is our psyche to find stillness and our path towards greater purpose. Tune in as Rita and Debra have a very 8th House conversation with the thorough and exquisite excellence that Capricorn Rita embodies- you’ll walk away lighter and enlightened.

Key Highlights From The Episode
How to learn and pray through your suffering
The transition of our humanity into “The Light Age” and the prophecies that support it
The importance of balance in our lives and the ways the Universe nudges us for greater balance
How Christ energy and the teachings of Buddhism have influenced Rita
Rita’s Astrology and transformational Saturn Return story

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