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Testimonials: Working With Debra

People like working with Debra, a lot, and we’re sure you will too. Here’s what these clients have to say.

“A remarkable talent and true friend”

“My good friend Debra has a remarkable talent, the ability to see the world the way you yourself see it, as if with your own eyes.

The important thing is this: She reminds you what fun it is to be you, the singular, freakish, awkward you. And she also reminds you of your potential, of your gifts to the world and of your place in it.”

– Sting

Debra Silverman stood out in the midst of an endless sea of coaches, therapists and healers. Debra’s work is intuitive, smart, compassionate and direct and brings the heavens right down to earth in a way that is inspiring and easy to understand. Hers is a well-needed vision in our complex times.

Seane Corn - Internationally renowned yoga teacher and spiritual activist.

In the din and roar that surrounds us, we need to be centered to make decisions, pause and listen to forces much larger than us, yet there for us… if we listen. Debra helps us listen, gently shares tools and in this book, and her work, helps people, like myself, think and act from a place where I am connected.

Winona LaDuke - American Indian activist, environmentalist, economist, and writer.

“She can align you with your true purpose and give you the right tools to help you define and bring clarity to your life.”

-Rochelle Ballard

“Her ability to zoom right in on who you are makes you feel seen. And in that, there’s permission to be all the parts of ourselves.”

– Trista Gipple

“She will talk to you as if she’s known you forever, and she’s very honest. And for the first time, you’ll understand it.”

“I learned deep compassion for the human condition.”

– Carla Johnson

“She gives you the ability to look at the hard things with a good perspective.”

– Ashley Johnson

Debra taught me a whole new way of communicating with the people that matter to me.”

“It doesn’t take too long to get the grasp and the hang of what the four elements are.”

– Lion Martell

“Through astrology, Debra helps you understand yourself.”

“Anyone who knows Debra loves her.”

– Janie Brown

“It reminds me of who I am and the reason for the things that are coming my way.”

– Donna Rankin

“She’s a force. What [Debra] has to say is going to change you, and it’s going to change your life, and it’s going to change the world.”

– June Lantz

“She gave me peace to trust myself, and where I am in life… I have a path and a purpose, and I know where I’m going.”

– Michelle Coor

“I had always known that I was a Pisces because I was born March 12, but I had never known I was a Taurus.”

– Deni O’ Shay

“Before, I used to be concerned it was not based on science, but after [Debra] explained everything, it’s improved my life… It will be the best investment you could ever make for yourself.”

– Margie Merryman



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