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Yoga Girl: Conversations from the Heart: Get Ready for 2020 with Astrologer Debra Silverman
On this episode, Debra joins Rachel (AKA Yoga Girl) to answer all of your questions about astrology and how to apply it as a practice to improve your life.

How can we get to know ourselves and our personality traits better? Astrology will help you to understand yourself, your friends, your family and your partner. Learning about your astrological configuration gives you a permission slip to be EXACTLY who you are, the way you were born. Astrology helps you to define yourself, your purpose in life, and gives you a map (your natal chart) on how to navigate life! I also give an astrological forecast for each sign for the year 2020.

Pretty Intense with Danica Patrick: Episode 23 with Debra Silverman
I’ve had the pleasure of working with Danica Patrick, who is a double Aries, an incredible interviewer, and probably many of you know her as a racecar driver. I think I would change that to spaceship driver, because she is so enthusiastic about all things to do with consciousness, awareness, and Astrology.

The Balanced Blonde: Episode 69: Saturn Returns, Music, Astrology & Inspiration with Debra Silverman & Trevor Hall
Debra sits down with host Jordan and friend Trevor Hall, who many of you may know as the folk and reggae artist who sings Green Mountain State, To Zion, Where’s the Love and so many other favorites. We discuss everything from Saturn Returns to reading birth charts to astrological trends.

We also talk about how astrology has influenced Trevor’s music, what our spiritual routines are, and our banter is sure to make you chuckle. I am Trevor’s “fairy godmother,” if you will, and we had so much fun talking with Jordan.

The Chasing Joy Podcast: Practical Applications of Astrology (& why it’s about more than just your sun sign) with Debra Silverman
On this episode, we discuss how I was first introduced to Astrology, and how I blend psychology and Astrology. Your birth chart is so much more than just your Sun sign, and we look at the relationship between the Sun, Moon, and Rising sign and how to use the knowledge from astrology in relationships, understanding your life’s purpose, and understanding your children better. We also cover a basic overview of the 4 elements, and what can happen during a Saturn return.

Awaken With JP Sears Show: #66 Getting AstrologicalAF with Debra Silverman
I join my new friend JP in this fun episode. I share why Astrology and Psychology are a perfect match, and how I combine my expertise in Esoteric (soul-centered) Astrology with her extensive education in Psychology to help those going through major life changes, especially in crisis. We also discuss how each individual chart is so different, and how I help my clients as students, using Astrology and Psychology as a magical healing combination.

Pretty Insense with Danica Patrick: Episode 35 with Debra Silverman
Danica and I met a second time for a timely show, during the COVID-19 pandemic. We are all sitting at home. We all want answers. What’s going to happen? Why is this happening? I share why there is this huge shift in the universe, and how we are having to reevaluate our whole value system. How long this shift is going to last? We also talk to each sign, about what the effect of Saturn entering Aquarius for the first time in nearly 30 years has on that specific sign. We hope you enjoy this timely, informative, and comforting podcast.

Mind Body Musings with Maddy Moon: Womanfesting, Applied Astrology, and the Yumyum Factor with Debra Silverman
On Maddy’s podcast, we discuss why Astrology is still popular after 5,000 years, and what I say to skeptics who don’t believe in it. “You don’t have to believe in astrology; it believes in you. It doesn’t matter if you believe in it.”

You’ll hear about the interesting and quirky parts of Madelyn’s chart and mine, and I share the specific prayer I use daily for “womanfesting”. Plus, we discuss pleasure, using the “YumYum factor” as medicine, and how to get the joy factor back in your life.

Wake Up with Marci
On this live video interview with Marci, I share how Astrology and Psychology work together, and why they’re best friends. We talk about how you’re more than just your Sun sign, and she asked me to share how Astrology can explain the current shifts happening in our world today. 

That’s So Retrograde: Ep. 246 COVID-19 and the Astros with Debra Silverman
This is a very popular podcast and I had so much fun talking with the two woman who host it. They wanted some advice and prayers during this unusual time, and we shared a great conversation.

We talk about the current cosmic forecast as it relates to the global pandemic we are facing, and on a micro level, I break down how we individually deal with crisis based on the elements of our astrological chart, providing actionable advice on how to self soothe. Plus, I share a heartfelt meditative prayer around trusting the moment.

Almost 30: Ep. 317 – Written in the Stars: 2020 Astrology Forecast
I joined hosts Krista and Lindsey to give an astrological update on what’s currently happening in the world. I share what was written in the stars when the virus came and things started to shift, when it looks like we’re going to get out of it, what every sign needs to be doing during this time, what transitions in astrology we need to be aware of over the coming year, and what the new normal will look like on the other side of this. (Don’t worry too much. There’s opportunity there.) We close the episode out with a beautiful prayer, a mic-drop moment that we hope will help you open up to the power of prayer and meditation as you move forward through this crisis.

Nahko’s ‘Real Medicine’ Series
My favorite Aquarian…that would be Nahko Bear. We have a lot of chemistry (both being Air signs), and this interview really became super popular at the height of the pandemic. In it, you can watch two Air signs free associating, interacting, and tickling ourselves — and you.