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If you look up at the heavens these next two days (June 16-17, 2019), you will see a big fat full moon. As well, there is a very shiny star (planet) standing right nearby: that would be Jupiter. This configuration, the Moon conjunct Jupiter, suggests an extremely positive energy coming our way. It’s the sign of joy and childlikeness, upbeat humor and philosophical thoughts.

Oh, if only this life allowed us to always feel lighthearted and full of joy.

By the way—this is the exact full moon that Trump was born under, making him (and potentially us these few days) flamboyant, loud and full of optimism… even when there are plenty (countless) reasons to be sad.

To be happy during sad times seems odd—it is; however, all the elders of spirituality, the enlightened ones, have always displayed humor as one of their clues of true enlightenment. While laughing in the face of despair appears to be disrespectful for some, the truth is it can be solid, true medicine.

Now, let’s not forget that this full moon has some planets (Mercury and Mars) in Cancer, standing by. Cancer’s energy is just the opposite of Gemini/Sag. Cancers feel sad for no real reason. They hang out in small, dark, familiar spaces where they cuddle with the cat or dog, and listen to sad music indulging in all things soft, sad and even melancholy. As usual, life life has a sweet and sour sauce which will be following us around this week.

Jupiter and the full moon energy of joy will definitely trump (no pun intended) the Cancer softness. Happy/sad—it’s our call.

Sometimes as I bike around town, I catch a fast glance at someone’s face where I can see their seriousness, or their joy. I have always wondered why some people are so good at smiling, while others just cannot find that feeling without great effort.

It’s not a good or bad truth: it’s just a fact.

Some of you reading this linger in sadness; others wake up energized and happy. Which are you? This full moon, you are entitled to turn up the joy, even if it’s not really authentic to you. ‘Fake it ’til you make it’ is real!!!

I am more of a somber personality on the inside. I relate to Scorpios, to Capricorns, to Cancers—the serious ones who just have to get something done. I love the feeling of depth, yet I have learned enough from this life to seek joy. I make it a full-time effort.

It’s so much more fun when joy sneaks up on us as laughter, jokes, or just silly mistakes. All of a sudden, energy fills the room and everything looks so much brighter and easier.

I use this energy every day of my life. I seek joy. I seek the high road. I wonder why others just do not do the same? It’s puzzling to me. I LOVE TO LAUGH.

‘It’s so much easier to frown,’ they say. It takes more muscles to frown. It’s so much easier to be sad. What about trying the spiritual practice of joy?

I want nothing more than to lift us up. If I don’t do it, who will?

This Gemini/Sagittarius full moon is asking you to look up, smile and remember that while there is so much wrong in this world, we must never forget to enjoy. This is a spiritual practice: humor and joy. Watch a happy movie, giggle with some kids, go get an ice cream and indulge!!

I sure enjoyed writing this newsletter. Hope you are having a fun day too.



  • I like this info Debra thanks for it Cindy.

  • nemchocks@sbcglobal.net' Becky Nemchock says:

    We’re glad that you make joy a full-time effort and then lift us all up, Debra!

    Thank you for sharing your joy and laughter with us!

    Becky Nemchock

  • Imwindrose@gmail.com' Stephanie says:

    Thank you, Debra, for your insights and your humor! Stephanie

  • livelifecreatively1@gmail.com' Kristine says:

    This is a wonderful time! I too have always been a positive being of light and I can appreciate the mentioning of Trump in your words, how he is a positive being even when most are bashing him and his demeanor. I wonder how many other enlightened individuals think the same way! Thank you for your heart-felt words of encouragement, we all need more positivity in our lives! Smile on!

  • tkaatz@yahoo.com' Terri says:

    Debra! This was awesome and love the new Stars and Cards videos⭐️

  • jburch1146@comcast.net' Jan says:

    So loved this ? AND video. Thanks so much.
    Tried to send before but accid. hit video link instead of SUBMIT. Wanted to be sure you knew how much I appreciated all of this – and YOU.

    Jan Burch, Eugene, OR

  • dmddance@msn.com' Diane DeMarco says:

    Beautiful post Deb! Thanks for sharing ❤️?

  • kentuckywoman2@gmail.com' Sandie says:

    Thank you, Debra, for this insightful advice! I, too, the older I get in particular, choose to find joy and reject sadness and/or depression. I have always used humor to deal with the negatives of life, and of course, my faith in God has given me the strength to carry on in the face of life’s challenges and obstacles. Learning to laugh at oneself, and to find humor in every situation lightens the load, I believe. I’ve always said, “Into each life a little rain must fall”, so why not learn to dance in the rain instead of drowning in it? 🙂 Besides, there’s always someone who has things so much worse, so I like to try to bring joy where I can, whether it’s a smile, a wave hello, or just a few words about the weather, etc. I once did an experiment where I looked everyone in the eye that I met walking on the street, smiled and said “Hi”. 9 times out of 10, people will smile back at you and say “Hi”, too. I still do that, especially when I need to feel more connected to humanity, to people. I’m older, live alone, and have no family or friends nearby anymore, and while I’m perfectly content to be alone with my thoughts and genealogy research, I sometimes do feel the need to connect with “live” people (versus dead ones!). Your article here is inspiring, and it brings to mind a verse that I have on my wall – “Today is the day the Lord hath made; rejoice and be glad in it.” (Psalm 118:24). There is always joy to be found if one looks for it. God bless.

  • battiranch@gmail.com' Dawn Batti says:

    Appreciate your comments on HAPPY and laughter!!
    Finding something to smile about is easy when you really make it important ?

  • betsysantos60@gmail.com' Betsy says:

    I love waking up to this “bubble of love”! Thank you for always reminding us to seek joy, all the while accepting our authentic inate astrological tendencies Debra. You have definitely been one of my all time favorite teachers!
    Happy full moon and love to you!
    Betsy ?

  • wildheartmountain@yahoo.com' Wyld Heart says:

    As a melancholy Cancer, this recent burst of joy has made me almost euphoric, but i recognize the significance & wisdom of feeling every feeling, no matter what it is. And i am learning how powerful it is to allow myself to feel this joy even tho it feels a tad foreign. Ironically i AM a smiley person in public. I have a rich and vivid imagination and find comfort in my cozy house. This moon has been exhilarating! I too wish i could feel this intense joy all the time instead of the sadness i carry, but i have always felt i was mourning for those who couldn’t, for whatever reason. In any case, this full moon is such a blessing. I have enjoyed every intense second of euphoria and happy imaginings. BYW, my Dharma Teacher says the same thing about humor and wisdom.
    Thanks for explaining what the heck has been going on! I enjoyed your video on Instagram, too.
    PS: thanks for recognizing that Cancers and their melancholy aren’t always a bad thingy 🙂

  • meredithcockerille@gmail.com' Meredith Cockerille says:

    What a wonderful and uplifting message! And such great advice too. I have become a smiler myself. I didn’t used to be. I have suffered with depression since middle school … and I just turned 29 in April. It is a CHOICE to be happy. Joy truly is a spiritual PRACTICE. It takes effort in the beginning, but it pays off BIG TIME in the end. If you can just get the ball rolling, the momentum of joy will eventually take over. And you’ll find you don’t have to try so hard anymore! Eventually, it just becomes who you are. Blessings to all this full moon!

  • jenwill.believetoachieve@gmail.com' Jen M Williams says:

    Loved reading
    I remember reading about Jupiter before in one of your onlines
    I do love to hear your insight
    It is great
    Thanks a million for being you

  • Bentonts@yahoo.com' Tonya from Seattle says:

    This transit falls on my natal north node south node axis, a great opportunity to elevate myself and get closer to burning some karma! Also I am a learning maniac right now! Joy in the discovery and search for Unity! Grateful for your generosity of wisdom and positivity, balanced with real lessons to be our best souls in this life! Hugs and blessings to all!

  • tigressa27@gmail.com' linda says:

    Love you, Debra!

  • sadyb3@yahoo.com' Gail Bonnett says:

    Debra, your seeking joy rather than succumbing to the opposite is inspiring. Thank you. I will try it!

    Gail Bonnett

  • Thanks Debra, this full moon is surely giving me huge smiles and love and the ability to put irksome things aside to let them sort themselves out. I just hope that a beginning of empathy is growing in the Donald which he’s lacking sorely. Even children have that quality much more than he has. Praying that a crack of that light will grow in him and all like him and an increase of it in all.
    Blessings. ?

  • bloomergirl7@gmail.com' Diana says:

    I am so encouraged and have found my own personal ‘Beloved Deep Meanings’ since I found your readings on Utube.Thank you soooo much for ALL your efforts for us and your own growth ! ?✌???? If you want to energize and elevate with even more Joy…I highly recommend daily chanting of the Mystic Law, NAM MYOHO RENGE KYO. (the Quintessence of ALL TEACHINGS, both Buddhist and non-Buddhist) ??✌?✌????? I am turning 75 as of this September 1st, and I could not have survived this long without my Daily Chanting of the Mystic Law. It might encourage you to know that everyday now in 192 nations , there are more than 12 MILLION people embracing this awesome Practice, and experiencing PROFOUND BENEFITS and karma change for their Ultimate Mission for appearing on Earth as Human Beings in process of Attaining Enlightenment for Everyone’s ABSOLUTE HAPPINESS! Yaaaay for that !!! ??✌???????Thanking you again.

  • kaixin077@gmail.com' Sharon says:

    Thank you Debra. I am now having crisis but still I am smiling a lot. Its comes naturally. I find smiling is automatically when I meet people, even to strangers. Perhaps they think I am not normal. Just be positive and thankful when God giving to me. I started to learn how to be thankful and doing a short meditation twice a day. Don’t waste time being unhappy and negative. It’s won’t help, we should trying to laugh as much as we can. Life is short term just enjoy whatever we are doing. All the best to everyone and greetings from Switzerland.

  • mernaconnects@gmail.com' Merna says:

    I woke up early, read this, went out and captured the full moon setting over the farmhouse and fields; thanks for this. Our old farm/house cat is passing away under this moon, he has lived a protective life among us and we are grateful for him. Joyful that this moon of all moons, is calling his life forward to another place—alleviates the sadness—and makes our ‘hospice’ care of him seem congruent with the whole of life.

  • pa8676@aol.com' Susan Perry says:

    Fake it til you make it. Great advice

  • A few weeks back I chose to be happy again. To put a smile on my face & enjoy everything. I had become too serious as a Cancer & the Fire in my chart had been nearly extinguished. I didn’t like who I was becoming & decided to change. I have had enough of letting negative people bring me down & physical stuff bring me down. I’m doing a lot better now & feeling more like myself. SO here’s to all of us who make joy & laughter a full-time effort until there is no effort. Thank you Debra!

  • Pamelamcintyre@comcast.net' Pamela says:

    Since there is always a higher and lower way to express the energy of a planet, Jupiter can also express itself through hubris, thinking what you say and do is is great for no apparent reason. And expressing itself in a unfiltered, impulsive way, without considering the feelings of others. I think we see this with Trump.

  • KPlumb7979@aol.com' Katrina says:

    Please say it was a typo. I am an optimist and usually I’m on your wavelength, but right now I’m confused. If it takes more muscles to frown, surely it would be harder, not easier. Did I misunderstand your irony? Or do you mean that realistic people indulge in misery, so more imaginative people have to cheer them up? I would have thought people seeking therapy might feel both misunderstood and trumped by peroxide in the invincibility of a perennial happy smile ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ . Yeah, yeah, I am being pedantic; but I hope my logic has not forsaken me.

  • donnafargnoli@yahoo.com' Donna Fargnoli says:

    I am finding this full moon extremely agitating! So strange….trying to figure this out.
    I’m a Cancer, though…heavily into the sad sauce this moon… ??✨?✨

  • Thank you Debra for sharing this full moon insight with us. Although I want to get out of the serious and heavier mode, I seem stuck. Usually I am filled with joy and optimism but in the past few days have felt weighed down. Thank you, too, for the Stars and Cards videos. I will pull a card right now to see what I need to learn to let go of this weight! I pulled from Wisdom of the Oracle the Yin card in protection. Ahhhh… that’s it time to receive the abundance and to be grateful. What a beautiful card. I am smiling now!

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