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This full moon is exactly the energy we do NOT need right now. How Sagittarius of me to say that out loud.

Yes, the big fat full moon is in Sag this week, and while we need calm—the sky is on fire, and to make it an even stronger influence, it is also an eclipse.

The Mutable T-square in the heavens is not helping. Whenever there are Mutable signs all hanging together, we tend to feel anxious and/or hyper; that energy has our nervous system jacked up.

The T-square looks like this: the Sun and Venus are in Gemini, the Moon 180 degrees opposite in Sagittarius (and there we have a full moon) and Mars and Neptune in Pisces at a 90-degree angle to them both—as they all fight for attention. Mars always wins. We have confusion (Pisces) and lots of energy (Mars).

And by the way, the rest of this year is not very promising either. While Mars is in Pisces right now, squaring the Sun and Moon, come July—Mars enters Aries and stays there for the rest of the year. Oh my—the squares continue, but come July, it will be in a Cardinal pattern.

‘What does that mean?’ asks the novice astrologer. Well, this full moon has A LOT of Mutable energy, meaning you might be feeling scattered, nervous and unable to find relief.

I watch my nervous system during the whole month of Gemini attentively. I notice how my attention span shortens as my need for space increases. I rode my bike the longest I have ever done so yesterday because I was seeking large open spaces. This is so Gemini and so mutable: “Let me out of here.”

There is nowhere to go. I have an idea: go outside. Outdoors is the best solution. (Just do not disobey the curfew in your town.) Deep breaths. I look at Mother Nature and her endless timeline and remember: this too shall pass.

Remember 30 years ago when there was so much unrest? In 1992, there were the Rodney King riots, which was the last time Saturn was in Aquarius. The time before that (1961-1962), we were in civil uproar yet again. No surprise. Saturn in Aquarius is here for the next few years.

May I use this Moon in Sag to be blunt? We are going through the birthing canal. We are changing. A revolution is at hand. We need it.

We got fat. We spent too much, flew around too much, took everything for granted, and we were mean, racist and self-centered. Look what it has taken to wake us up: a virus, a protest, and what’s next?

Are we awake yet? I think not. So Sag of me to say.

Every time I think I am awake, I remember Aristotle’s line (he had Moon in Sag): “The more you know, the more you realize you don’t know.”

Einstein, too, had a Moon in Sag. He was quoted to say: “The more I learn, the more I realize how much I don’t know.”

We do not know what is happening. But we do know what to do.

When I am most uncomfortable, I go outside. There is timeless peace in Mother Nature. She is here to soothe us.

Let this full moon unsettle you enough to remember to seek the answers in the elements. (The first chapter of my book, The Missing Element is called ‘Crisis.’ I knew this was coming.) The elders knew the importance of the respect for the elements.

I always seek wisdom and calm from the wind, the Sun, the ocean and the trees. I encourage you to do the same.

The full moon in Sag increases voltage.

I have Saturn in Sag which means I am responsible to speak truth, even when it’s not easy.

We are being tested. Can we hold steady while the winds of change throw around old, dated, sad stories? Can we update our way of being based on truth, honesty, and integrity?

Go outside—the trees are waiting to talk to you. They are the Sag wisdom keepers who have seen it all. No matter if it’s up or down, wisdom is waiting—regardless of the sound.

Do not misinterpret this newsletter to be a doom and gloom message. The truth can set us free—so says this full moon—and the truth: we needed change badly.

Here it comes this summer, this fall, this 2020…it’s time to be real.

Standing by with a calm space in my heart.

I know the truth: we are being watched.

We are loved; angels are standing by.

We, as a species, are growing like a weed. It may hurt—unless we consult wisdom and nature. Therein are the keys to our liberation: trees, mountains, water, sunshine, wisdom and faith.

Here I am handing you the last two.

Trust: life has your back. Lean in.

Sending you so much love,


  •' Maggie says:

    Debra, this sure strikes home. My birthday was yesterday, June 3rd, and I have had quite a lot of anxiety from recent family events, and from, well, EVERYTHING. My sweetheart gave me the best present — horseback riding for hours in the San Juan mountains, then a hike to my favorite creek, and a wonderful dinner. You are so right — nature is so soothing, and so needed at this time. My Saturn is in Sag, too, and I’m trying to speak my truth, even if some don’t want to hear it. (My Scorpio rising wants to go deep.). So glad you were able to go for a really long bike ride, wind in your hair, sun on your skin, and Mother Earth has your back. Thank you so very much for all you do, both astrologically and psychology/philosophy-wise. We are grateful and blessed to have you here at this time. Much love to you, too.

  •' rhonda says:

    i have sun, moon, and mercury in sag….I too feel change coming. Thank you for speaking bolding, for sharing your feelings, thoughts, visions.
    much appreciated.

  •' Laura Drummond says:

    Makes so much sense Debra. As I watch life unfold I feel that I need to do something. Where is my service to humanity? Big question. Right now I will watch, learn, go outside breathe in breathe out and ask the Divine for direction, for my purpose. She may not answer me for awhile because she knows I m a babe in the woods. Still learning. By the way Im Aquarius and my time is coming.

    I live in Canada, and we had our own George only he was native. Hands hand cuffed behind his back, pepper sprayed and the coroner said that the police officer was not at fault for his death. We need a major over haul too. So much unnecessary violence.

  •' Toni Baker says:

    I absolutely love your articles and insight. However I have difficulty reading the grey font on the bright white background. I know this sounds like such a petty thing with all that’s going on in the world. Again, I love your knowledge! Thank you

  •' Mimsy Bouret says:

    Oh Debra…. thanks for the confirmation of what i know to be true. I am so grateful to share this path with you… you have the map to the treasure chest, within.
    “We got fat. We spent too much, flew around too much, took everything for granted, and we were mean, racist and self-centered. Look what it has taken to wake us up: a virus, a protest, and what’s next?” Bingo!

  •' Janice DeBlieux says:

    A beginner,always interested. I would lay on top of my Mom’s car when I was young and stare a t.y night stars.Love. buy just starting to t.y o lea rye n.

  •' peg case says:

    you are my buddha with boots…..

  • Beautifully expressed Debra…Bravo!!! Here’s to the wind, the sun, the trees, the mountains, the endless skies and the soft soft rain?

  •' Jillian Perkins says:

    Needed to hear this. Been feeling a stirring for a year that a much needed change needs starting… it’s starting now. The numbers 319 keep repeating in my life multiple times a day, wanting to tell me something important. Just wish I knew which role I am to play because I feel a strong sense of being needed to light up the darkness.

  •' Leanne says:

    This is a GORGEOUS message, Debra. Thank you. Thank you. I’m a yoga therapist and all this energy has me thinking vata, vata, vata. I.e. so much air and ether and living literally above our necks (in our heads). Vata needs space – oceans, mountains, trees. It needs to ground. I have been taking my two year old to every nearby state park and to the sea for the last week. And today, whew I feel that full moon energy coming. We’re starting to SEE in 2020. And, once we do, we can’t unsee. No one said it would be easy, and I agree with you that there’s angels all the time. Much love.

  •' Ela Angielski says:

    Thank you. Fucking spot-on.

  •' Deborah L says:

    Thank you. So well said. I took this to mean that while we would love a soft rain to come in and soothe things right now, the energy coming in is still in fire so to speak. Meaning that the pressure to change is not going to let up until the ego is transformed. But this is needed. And we can find our calm in nature even as the storm whips up emotions within and around us. Yes, thank you.

  •' Colleen O'Brien says:

    Enjoyed your take on this upcoming fab full moon & eclipse x

  •' Debra says:

    Hi, Debra
    I’m Debra, too. My Moon is in Sagittarius in my 12th House. I feel like eyes wide open in the dark, curious and expectant, for what, I don’t know!
    I enjoy your posts. Thank you.

  •' Martha Vasquez de ruvalcaba says:

    Oh my its been intense i feel all of it yes i feel it thank you for the guidance sweety yes im leaning inn. Thank you?

  •' gabrielle says:

    Mmm, fine lady…So, what’s the difference between Aries honesty and Sagittarius’? Mine is simply there’s so much power running through me, I’d be an idiot to be other than honest…you don’t put kinks in a cable that’s sending 30,000kw. Obvious. (not to mention that you can’t really do anything at all if you’re not working with the truth of it, and certainly nothing interesting…). Yup 13 April, obvious. (in 8th house) Aquarius Moon. Asc Virgo almost Leo. Enjoying your presentations on very much on all levels. Many thanks!

  •' becka ruble says:

    I called out the la riots.. but then i got burned at the stake for asking questions and saying things dont add up but i have a libra rising and im having a nodal return. Plus i have a bachelors in Organizational Comm and making reference to astrology transits while i go through the comm theory.. oh wait I just want to go back to work instead of being house person..

  •' Sharon Fithian says:

    Thank you. From one Sag to another (with my moon in Gemini). Oy.

  •' Rita cousins says:

    Thank you Debra
    I love the truth, you give it exactly the right time I needed answers.
    I sit here on my bed talking to Christ picture in my bedroom asking him to tell me what is going to happen and ask what is my purpose in all this? What am I able to do? Tarot readings are pointing to me saying, get your energy high again as you are needed, I have lost my spark, I am Leo , lost my fire and strength. My soul mate and I broke up as we were supposed to(divine) but I can’t get myself back to my higher self, I am so sad, it has been 6 months, tarot has been saying he has to work on his past (healing) he is afraid to love . Any advice to get my fire back? Also if you are in touch with spirit or angels ask them these concerns for me please,. Love Rita Cousins ?❤️? namaste
    Thank you for all your work ?❤️
    You are a great teacher with such a great sense of humour ?

  •' Leona+Weigele says:

    Thank you again for PERSPECTIVE!

  •' Darlene says:

    OMG this is why I just love love love you! Your amazing and spot on. I can’t wait to get your book!
    I’m a sag with moon in Aquarius Cap rising merc in sag mars Leo Venus in Scorpio Jupiter in Pieces
    Had my chart done at 12 yrs old it’s on tape I still listen to it. 40 + yes later.
    Thank you you are so sparkling and smart

  •' Tracey Petersen says:

    I live this. As difficult and revolutionary this period in time has been and is, I love the waking up of each of us, the unfolding, the opening of our eyes, ears, hearts. Our humanity needs this collective uprising toward change. Bring it ☆ LOVE and Peace and Earth Healing, said the Taurus Sun, Libra Moon ♡

  •' Jessica Long says:

    I feel it I feel it all…..I just hope im doing enough

  •' Diane says:

    Thank you! Kindness costs nothing.♥️

  •' Sarah Biolo says:

    I love how you said to lean into nature with its timeless wisdom and that the trees have seen so much. I have always felt that with trees. Typically I’m caught off guard when they hit me with this feeling of this huge overwhelming sadness, but it’s more like a sadness when you witness something so incredibly beautiful you can’t even believe it’s true. Also, I just listened to a podcast called earth speak, and the host, I think her name was Natalie Ross, had a message from trees to look around and see how everything true in life is free. The air, the elements, the water, the nutrients. It is all there, free for all of us. When you mentioned finding liberation in all those things it reminded me of this similar message ❤️I’m new to learning about astrology but love it so much!! Thanks for sharing yourself with us all!!

    •' Ian Walllsh says:

      May I be a ‘selfish Sagittarius ‘ and ask how may this affect me personally……..?

      I have Venus at 15 degrees Sagittarius in 3rd and North Node 15 degrees Pisces in 6….

      I’ve been feeling a little nervous like change is in the air…..

      Any guidance I am exceedingly grateful for…..

      Kind regards

      Ian Walllsh
      DOB 17th December 1969, 01:30 AM

  •' Karen Graves says:

    Your words resonated with me. I believe you are right. It’s time.

  •' Carlotta says:

    WOW! absolutely so true. I spend a lot of time in nature. It is soothing, and yes, I do talk to the trees. I am in MN.
    I know, I don’t know. I do know that we need change. Your words are say it all. Thank you.

  •' Deborah R Mersereau says:

    Thank you for the enlightening information, it is helpful in understanding those deep feelings. I too look towards nature for peace and clarity. You are correct, the world is truly in need of change. Many blessings to you.

  •' Kirsten says:

    OMG exactly Debra! My 17-year-old daughter (that’s a Gemini sun, pisces Moon) and I had a discussion yesterday, but the poor girl has been crying literally every day since the whole riots and everything broke out and I just don’t even know how to help her get relief right now, its like she’s in the ocean and waves just keep coming . It breaks my heart. She does like to drive down by the beach just to hear it and smell it and things were/are starting to open back up which I could feel relief from her and then now our City is on curfew every day and I don’t really let her go too far. Like you she said she just wants to be somewhere peaceful and quiet by herself with a dog.☺️

  •' Cindy says:

    You are my wisdom when I need it. Thanks so much Debra. With my own Saturn in Sag you are my inspiration. Learning how to speak my truth, I really feel this full moon and your words… i am in aww (not sure how to spell it) as usual after reading your block. Thanks for the strength and wisdom my timeless teacher. Bless you.

  • Keep doing what your doing. Remember the other person comes

  •' Veronica+Carmosino says:

    Debra, I have been falling you for years and this is the first time I can hear how heavy your heart is in this reading.
    This week has been the hardest so far for me this year, I cry, I get really angry, I can’t sleep but don’t want to get out bed.
    Yesterday my little child came out and went on a binge with food, but for the first time in years, I acknowledge it and did not punish myself
    for it, I thank it.
    I feel like a different person today than yesterday, my heart hurts for what I see outside my window but know it has to happen for a better world.

    Thank you for reminding me the Universe has my back.
    We Love You Too!

  •' Lori Reynolds says:

    Oh boy, I feel you Debra, I have Venus, Sun, Mars in a stellium in Gemini (1st house) opposed by this Lunar Eclipse in Sag. I woke up this morning feeling dizzy and nauseous. I have been using that Neptune/ Mars in Pisces square daily to meditate instead of feel confused and anxious but I’m having trouble today (on the eclipse). I took my dog out early this morning to a park to commune with nature and I plan to use that Pisces energy later for Karaoke night (of music and singing) to get out of my head into my heart / body. Mars in Pisces can be very creative so I intend to use my energy that way through music. The busy Gemini mind mulling over the truths of the Sag belief system needs to turn off for awhile. I’m retreating (Pisces) into emotional self expression release through music. I am also sneaking into the back of my hair dressers salon today so he can cut / color my hair. (he is not open for business but its taking pity on me for grey hair explosion) I guess that is Venus Retrograde on my natal Venus (rules m ASC) LOL. That might make me feel better too. I think we all need to do something to make us feel better today. (especially all mutable signs).

  •' Amy says:

    I have a tiny window for connecting with trees or nature in the desert southwest right now. Before 8 am. Otherwise, 95+ temps make my outsides feel as intense as my insides right now.

    Thanks, Debra for your insights.

  •' Lynette McGee says:

    Fellow May 22nd. Glad I found you.

  •' Annemie Vertongen says:

    So well and explained Debra. Your Astro-language is sometimes like poetry.
    Love to read (and feel) your positive and pure approach to life and to the things that life brings to us. And all 4 elements always have their place in your stories. Just beautiful to read. Thank you for being just the way you are and encouraging us to do the same. Annemie from Belgium

  •' Claudia says:

    Thank You for these words! So true…! Some people can see the changes coming but the most folks have closed their eyes! Sadly… 🙁

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