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Happy full moon and happy lunar eclipse.

There is so much energy in the sky.

Fire (Moon in Sagittarius) + Air (Sun in Gemini) = Combustion.

Cause to celebrate…where is the kid in us?

GEMINI: So much fun! SAG says: Turn up the volume!

Maybe it’s because I have these two signs in my chart that I have always been a kid at heart. It’s so easy for me to laugh, for my legs to run when I could walk. I stick my finger in the frosting — even though I know it’s wrong.

The sight of a sunset, the sound of children laughing, the tears of a broken heart — they touch me and make me want to cry. At the grown-up parties, I’m always the one in the room with the kids, playing.

It’s as if I swallowed the Sun and ate the stars one by one… until lately.

Hello, COVID.

I have secretly been feeling that the world is no longer as shiny as I had perceived it before. I find myself aging in my soul, and not having as much fun.

This full moon lunar eclipse (lunar eclipses always happen during a full moon) on May 26, 2021, is asking us to consider what happens when sadness comes to town.

What philosophical angle can we use to lift up the energy? A Sagittarian would say ‘everything is nothing and nothing is everything.’ A philosophical attitude can lift us out of despair and put us in a light-hearted, semi-fake joy position.

The best medicine I have found is to turn on my observer and talk to myself. I say things like…
Think about black holes.
Don’t forget: there are angels watching.
Consider the big picture.
You’re just a speck of dust.

Michael lives across the street from me and is a world-renowned astro-photographer (veryoldphotons.com). There is no way you could take your little problems too seriously when looking upon these photos; however, the emotional body walks around blindfolded and victimized.

There is no way to talk your sadness and despair into true joy when the world is in the situation it’s in. Try as I might, I go all philosophical and when no one is looking, I drop back into sadness.

It’s like trying to tell your kid to stop crying because the Sun will come up tomorrow. The child doesn’t understand the concept of tomorrow.

But you do. You can use your grown-up spiritual powers to consciously decide to hold the positive energy — even in the face of our collective despair.

Three years ago during a eclipse, I literally told myself there will be no more complaining about living on this planet… and it worked. I used to hear myself say all the time, ‘I just want to go home.’ I don’t use that sentence anymore.

There I was, in meditation outside during a full moon, when I declared that I live here on planet Earth out of choice. Nobody pushed me on the bus. Nobody cajoled or seduced me to come here, even though my little child’s emotional body insisted that I was a victim and orphaned. My grown-up philosophical self knew different and I changed my inner dialogue for real.

If I’m allowed to eat the icing off the cake as an adult, I’m also allowed to tell my whiny little kid to swallow the Mad Hatter Tea called Sagittarian Blend and change my attitude (it doesn’t hurt to add some vodka to that tea).

I’m so curious if your little child is in despair. If you’ve lost hope.

I heard someone say the other day that COVID took away the bounce in their step — they’ve lost their fun factor.

This eclipse is an opportunity to choose again. It takes muscles; it’s a choice.

I would be dishonest to tell you this is easy. It’s not. However, in honor of the frequency and the energetic imprint you are putting out in the world, we must consciously lift up the energy to joy.

I always encourage people to listen to music when they wake up in the morning, to sing loud, and to find a way to access your healthy inner kid. Get outside and play (said the Sagittarian full moon) — summer’s just around the corner. Doesn’t everyone love summer?

Tell me in the comments below: What to you do to change your sadness? What is your philosophical angle that keeps the bounce in your step?

Sometimes it’s the glass of wine, sometimes it’s going shopping, sometimes it’s hanging around with the kids that don’t know we’re supposed to be sad. What do you do?

And tell me the truth: Are you suffering from the collective pain of our times?

I’m so sensitive. I always feel it. Some of you don’t have to dwell in the sadness.

I’d love to hear from all of you. Where is your inner child and how is he/she doing?



  • abigale.borsberry@gmail.com' Abi says:

    It’s all about dancing and singing for me! That brings the joy straight back into my heart, and when I need a reminder of how beautiful, powerful and beyond my control this planet is … I take a trip to the ocean x

  • a.Leigh.jacobs@gmail.com' Leigh Jacobs says:

    I play ukulele. And even if I’m feeling down, I might play a sad song, but playing and singing still uplifts my spirits. I was fortunate enough to escape the default/covid world in an intentional community in Costa Rica and then travel in Mexico until earlier this month. However, I did that because I got so low last fall, I knew if I kept my normal routine, I’d come out even lower after the winter.

  • dvieira2@cogeco.ca' Donna says:

    A year ago, my Progressive Moon moved from Pisces (ugh! that was tough) to Aries, so you might say the heavens were on my side. My active inner child immediately went into renovation mode from August through November and committed to daily walks in nature, year-round, regardless of the weather — well, almost. She also began a 90-minute routine of meditation, exercise and prayer every morning before hitting the shower. My curious inner child decided to deal with the isolation and the world’s pain by studying and learning about whatever she finds interesting on any given day. No rules or schedules, just going with the flow and probing whatever catches her attention. As a result, her online communities grew from a couple to 10 active ones. Now, she has to figure out how to delete the communities she left from the lineup before she signs up for more. Something else for her to learn! Whee!

  • cindyamorse33@gmail.com' Cynthia says:

    My inner child used to love nature & is choosing sometimes to go out & be renewed my saving grace. She is also painting, and currently napping all the time. She is tired so that shifts energy when she’s awake again. She is saying no to requests for things she really doesn’t want to do. Staying in the moment knowing another one will come soon

  • livelifefit@gmail.com' LaBet Pritchard says:

    Thanks so much Debra for you raw honest share. I can always count on you. For me, I travel to new places and get out into nature to hang out with the more than human world. Four legged and winged creatures are my turn ons. The help me to remember to stay in this moment. There’s no other. From one Sagittarius to another 🙏✌️

  • m31288@att.net' christy williams says:

    I am a Sag,I also have auto immune, this Covid crap has given me anger, sadness, confusion.
    I am in such disbelief what our government has done to all of us!!
    I want to be the kid I was in the 60’s but my adult self knows that is not possible and I worry for my kids and grand kids! This Covid crap has caused such sadness and emotional turmoil, we still have hope😌

  • nicslifeflowyoga@gmail.com' Nicole Shields says:

    Thanks Debra
    Yes, I too feel the collective hurt. I loved how you chose to change your internal dialogue & discovered that you can choose to be happy!!!
    I need more joy in my life, so on this full moon lunar eclipse I am choosing JOY, LOVE & LAUGHTER.
    Blessed be 🙏🥳🌈😁🦋💞

  • srminsc@gmail.com' Stephanie says:

    I personally have not had sadness due to covid. Due to my family, yes a little bit. For that I find immersing my self into work worked wonders. I’m retired and get to do 3-6 month stints contracting.
    As far as the quarantine, I just continued to take my dog on his walls near the river or on the irrigation ditch. I did not feel all the tangelment many did. Because of you and Colette telling us what the stars were saying about what was happening and her giving her weekly oracle readings I stayed and still am very hopeful for our future. And listening to Meg Benedictine about creating our New Earth, this last 15 months have been good, providing time for introspection.

  • marysauer4@gmail.com' Mary says:

    I am experiencing a lot of memories. Good and bad. Which for me mean the flood gates of tears. I am asking my angels what I need to learn. Thanks Debra for all of your wisdom

  • bsdll@live.ca' Paul Ubsdell says:

    Hi Debra.
    I am also super sensitive to energy around me. Negative and positive.
    I am usually in touch with my inner child. I love having fun and seeing the positive side of everything. Its tough with all this covid crap. I am also very sensitive to energy. I am a reiki master with a good dose of empathy. I can put up my happy face most of the time. Its getting so I want o not be around people and just stay by myself. I know my role in life is to shine my light but its seems to be getting harder and harder to do this. I need to block myself when I go out in public so I don’t get dragged down. It never used to be so prominent. I really sense a growing definition of light souls and dark souls. The line is getting more defined. I will keep on shining my light and staying positive and joyful. We all need to shine our light and push back the darkness(sadness).

  • megcmurphy@hotmail.com' Megan Murphy says:

    My inner child is sad and stressed out right now. I am Cancer Sun, Sag moon and Cancer rising, so I have all the feels. I don’t like change much, I don’t let go easily. To change my sadness, I go outside, sit in my yard, go for walks and listen to music. Posts like this from you help me shift my perspective and pull me out from my inside. I have re-read this post a few times and feel a little lighter and more positive. Thank you Debra!

  • Janevolker@hotmail.com' Jane says:

    Hi Debra,
    I have a few different things I do depending on the situation. If it’s just irritating or disappointing I always say … but on the upside … because there’s always an upside. “My car broke down – on the upside, I can stop rushing around.” Reframe a crappy situation so you can squeeze a gift from it.

    If I’m faced with a huge difficulty I always ask first “Is it real or am I catastrophising?” If it is real I ask, ”what can I do to change it?” If I can do that thing I take action; if I can’t, I say “Fuck it.” And I take that thing that’s worrying me and I chuck it in the fuck it bucket.
    I can’t do anything about it. So fuck it!

    I’m not saying to ignore your feelings. Acknowledge them but be realistic about your power. If there’s something to learn then take the lesson. Be grateful for it. Allow it to bless your life and enrich it. But don’t poison your blessed life with worry and sadness. Fuck it!
    On the upside , there’s always the fuck it bucket!

    Love and lots of yum yum 😉
    Jane xxx

  • jimsull@dakotacom.net' James Sullivan says:

    my contentment/glee arises daily & directly from my dog, Aretha Jade (The Wonder Dig) !!
    She carries within her spirit the Golden Key to what’s better than joy – and that is simply “please to get up off yr ass & go find some/anybody to help.”
    Pandemic-busting Hugs to you, Debra!!

  • dmdrinkall@hotmail.com' Dawn says:

    I am a cancer and I have so much water in my chart, you would think I am a fish…lol When I get down or I feel the world has lost its spunk, all it takes for me to perk up is go outside and sit. Watch everything nature has to offer around me. Look at the Bee buzzing around the beautiful flower. The bee is pollinating and doing what nature intended for him to do. Does he know we have been dealing with a pandemic, no he is just doing what comes naturally to him. Look at the bird, who stops to eat a few seeds from the bird-feeder then makes a beautiful song. I know he is calling his friends to come eat….Look at the sunrise or sunset and see how nature made all these beautiful colors. Once you really take a slow look around you, how can you not be happy with all this beauty? If its nite time, I look for the moon to see her shine in all her glory as she crosses the night sky and the twinkling of the stars. I even have taken all my troubles, written them down on paper and set that paper on fire and watched it float away as it burned, taking my troubles away from me. So even though there is hurt, pain and depression, there is beauty, love and light. You have to have both to stay balanced. So when you feel depressed, find the love and the light in anything. Then you no longer feel as depressed as you once were. This comes from a water sign who feels everything. It works!

  • jimsull@dakotacom.net' James Sullivan says:

    “Dog, not Dig”

  • Lfosty@yahoo.ca' Laurie Fosty says:

    Oh Debra. Nobody has asked this. We are all so busy just getting through it or maybe just trying to figure out when it might get less intense. My inner child has been in seclusion. There are no playmates- there are co-workers. I’ve been lucky to have work through the entire pandemic.

    Seclusion does have some freedom. I play really loud music that bothers nobody. I dance like nobody is watching ‘cause nobody is. I find the absurd stuff in everyday life and laugh. Who would have believed this two years ago and who will believe it in 30? I try to remember that non- essential items (like my nylons I wear to work) will be available for purchase after this current lockdown ends. I ran out of this item months ago and had to change how I dressed – really altering my identity. I remember this is inconvenient rather than a problem. But my inner child wants to dress up for work…. like a costume … and she sulks.

    In a blink this will be finished. The world is forever different. My inner child is in awe to be alive at this time. The awe plus the seclusion has inspired deep spiritual and philosophical growth. How I see the world and my place in it has changed.

    Am I happy? Am I feeling joy? Not so much. I’m feeling grounded in what’s real and important though. I trust better days are ahead.

    Thank you Debra.

    Laurie Fosty

  • maz10668@gmail.com' Marilyn Ayres says:

    Thank you Debra. That is exactly how I feel. As it’s my birthday today, 26th May I know I am a Gemini
    I am definitely a Gemini as part of me at 74 today still thinks like a child but another part of me worries a lot. I am from Australia! Would love to know my other sign. Have been following you for about 16/17 years and one day would love to one of your courses.

  • courtneyquintrell@gmail.com' Courtney says:

    Awe turn that frown upside down Debra. This is an exciting time of great awakening & change! I’ve learned astrology because of COVID ( I recently took your Applied Astrology 1&2) & now I am sharing this new wisdom with others! So many people are waking up to our true power! To fully understand that it is up to each individual to CHOOSE joy is what will save the world. It’s such an exciting time to be alive!

  • Amyj421@gmail.com' Amy says:

    What do I do to change my sadness? I remind myself that I have a choice in how I feel. I don’t have to respond, react or in any other way accept how another person is, how the collective is or what is happening. I can choose how I am in each moment. I also take the time to sit with my pain and sorrow as well, to let it pour out of me instead of pushing it down. Then I can take the despair and hold the space for the collective grief.

  • pumpkinpatch43@yahoo.com' Nancy McKay says:

    I’m a sag moon and rising – I am pretty happy right about now. However, knowing I am here on purpose makes me feel better. I do have meaning and I am here for purposes probably many. Just knowing that I can keep growing, loving, sharing and learning keeps me wanting more.

  • sherrie.thomas82@gmail.con' Sherrie Thomas says:

    Hi I’m Sherrie and I’m from the Caribbean island of St Lucia so what I do is sit outside with a cup of ginger tea smoke a small joint/weed because I do not drink alcohol and go inside myself find all the fun stuff I did with my brothers as a child reminiscing is so much fun most time I laugh so loud my neighbors will turn on their lights just to make sure that I am okay.
    Thanks for your guidance lost of love always!

  • soudantk@mac.com' Kate Soudant says:

    I am a Sagg sun, Leo moon, Taurus rising – with a Gemini stellium (mars, Uranus in first house, Saturn in second)..ouch! Feeling mucho sad. This message helped. Hoping to use it to grow…

  • Msleneycast@gmail.com' Leney says:

    My fiancé and I have been arguing for the last two weeks (he’s Pieces and I’m a Cancer -lots of water, yes) , and there has been such a mix of emotions lately. Lots of disagreements. Hurt and love shown at the same time. It’s Making matters so confusing and I’m feeling desperately confused and losing hope. I feel he’s feeling the same way. I feel my energy is depleted, and I’m feeling sad and helpless. But when I look at the big picture I know I love him, and want my future to include him. What the heaviness? Scared of what tomorrow’s Eclipse might bring.

  • thejillianaire@gmail.com' Jillian says:

    Wow, this is potentially such an exciting astrological time for me. I’m a Cancer sun, Leo rising, and Aquarius moon, fighting my way out of a two year long major depressive episode, and I feel so ready to shed the old inner voice (I named her Stephanie) that tells me I am not worthy of living, much less living a life of joy and purpose. I very deeply feel the collective suffering but with the study of yoga, astrology, therapy, and EFT, I’m starting to find what I call my ‘truffles’ – just a sweet little moment in the day that makes my inner child happy. Thank you for sharing your gift Debra 💜

    • musera@earthlink.net' Angela says:

      Hi Jillian,
      I have to greet you because I have the same – Cancer sun, Leo rising, Aquarius moon – and forever and ever choosing to move towards healing and wholeness.
      I wish you the Very Best!


  • melissa.redfern@yahoo.com' Melissa says:

    Hi beauty,

    I too feel like I have lost my sense that people in general are essentially G O O D. Everyone seems so Angry lately. I never thought that a virus would come between me and the people I L O V E.
    My stance and beliefs about COVID have done that. Driven space between myself and some of the most important people in my life. I feel sad…a lot. I’m scared. I’ve lost the pep in my step and my zest for life. I have recently gone through a major event in my life and am working on picking up the pieces.
    I am going to use this full moon to RESET. I will build a fire, meditate, set new intentions, and move forward with love in my heart.
    Thank you for this post.
    Much Love ❤️
    Melissa xo

  • Jennykam85@yahoo.com' Jenny kamstra says:

    Awe Debra!!! Thank you!! Amen to our inner children!!! I am indeed still very much in love with little Jenny. She is so courageous and kind, just like Cinderella, she loves no matter what, and is my power of being, I’m 35, but I’ve never felt my ‘age’ because I’ve never let my innocence go!! Yeah covid was brutal, but I was able to extract the most light of it and have been applying it wisely!!! I’m so elated for what’s to come in my next 35!!! I’m so greatful to have the best of friends who love and support me, some of who have been there for me since elementary school!!! I wouldn’t be the person I am today, one so connected to my little inner being, full of joy, laughter and innocence!!!
    Full moon Blessings everyone!!
    Jenny K.❤️

  • stahshakay@gmail.com' Stahsha says:

    Aaaah Debra, I’m sad that you’re sad! You are always so full of life and joy! I do get the blues from time to time, I live with a chronic illness that has me sleep during the day and up all night. It gets discouraging. But I limit sugar, I make sure I exercise, and meditate, these are soooo important for me. And I cry! I’m really good at crying, when I feel it, I give it space and time, and inevitably it moves through and I’m smiling again, appreciating all the amazing things in this world. Like sunsets and nieces, and good food. It’s the simple things that make life beautiful 🙂

  • missann04@msn.com' Miriam Howard says:

    Aloha Debra!
    Sending you a heartfelt hug and aloha!

    I have gone back and forth about the sadness. Being an empath, it’s challenging not to take it on. I have been ramping up my self care and getting more sleep to rejuvenate my body. Being outside in nature really does help! Living in Hawai’i, I appreciate it SO much! I wish I could send this same feeling to everyone on the planet!
    I do tarot card readings, check in with friends on the phone, write, watch inspirational videos or films, make art, use aromatherapy, crystals, yoga, meditation and pretty much all the healing modalities I can incorporate in my life. I am a rising Aquarius at 19 degrees, but my 1st house is all Pisces except that 11 degrees. I now have Jupiter and Neptune in my 1st house and I am feeling the giant waves of emotional and spiritual growth expanding me and how I view myself. That being said, I also so feel some of the cloudy foresight and confusion for the future. For myself. I suppose this will all be revealed in time. For now, I am enjoying the eclipse energy and ready for the new wave of energy coming! My MC is at 4degrees of Sagittarius so this lunar eclipse is right on there! Thinking of starting a career as a travel agent, the luck of Jupiter kinda landed it in my lap. Gemini is my 4th house with all the opposing energy of the home and family life. So working from home with a new career in travel could be a really good fit for me!

    Many blessings to you and THANK YOU for all the work you too in the world!!
    Thank you for the reminder that WE ARE HOME.

  • jen.ken74@live.com' Jennifer Williams says:

    I feel blessed to have my own pocket of peace on our property in the middle of the woods up here in Alaska! With my Piscean escapism tendencies it’s a healthy out. Being the feeler I am I have worked very hard to separate myself from the Worlds sadness. It’s not always easy but I am able to rise above and release with the help of Vitamin D and lots of fresh air! My mission right now is to focus on what I am leaving behind when my journey is done on Earth. I’m going to leave as much kindness and love as I can! Peace with you my Sistar!! BTW, our new puppy’s name is Debra!!!!

  • flossiieislove@gmail.com' Leonora Bird says:

    Yeah, I feel as if I’m a misfit.

    What brings me joy? These days , not even thinking of the pandemic just thinking of this police violence and fear that is so systemic ;makes me outrageously unhappy.

    But, lifting up my pup to hold and kiss 💋. I love my Flossie and these days she brings instant joy.
    And meditation 🧘‍♂️.

    Thant’s all. Thank you.

  • sandydp57@outlook.com' Sandra Pidgeon says:

    Hello Debra, I can’t walk haven’t in years. I do PT anyway keeps me moving. I will keep you in my thoughts for some recovery. I do appreciate the memories of backpacking and how nice it was to get home and appreciate water coming out of my faucet. Turn the heater on when it gets cold. Having a roof over my head.
    Always was taught someone has less than myself. I’m sad because I don’t have the man I would like to have and hold.
    I do have three healthy grandkids We enjoy each other’s company.

  • sheilamyrcik@gmail.com' Sheila Myrcik says:

    I am always trying to look for the positive. I journal every day and if there is anger or any negativity I write it down and then make sure to to end with something I feel grateful and blessed about. I have to move workouts. Biking,Walking,Yoga. Dance. It is a release and makes me happy. I have great friends and lots of fun,plus we are support for each other always!!

  • wendybird123@gmail.com' wendy says:

    thank you
    sadness is real- maybe its not bad…
    and I am a Saggitarian ! LOL
    bit slowly finding- sadness and sorrow is deep because its really a face of love
    not whining victimized BS- feeling sorry for yourself- but letting the fluid of feelings- of loss- of suffering be felt
    have so often had the “fake joy”- people count on my smile an to lift up situations- thst now I am learning to slow down- be with the Whole-
    and sadness is appropriate when it is
    ….it is not “negative”
    its human
    if we could really feel the sadness of the world- maybe then we will all want to do what is needed to make changes
    FEEL and connect

  • daniwhite66@gmail.com' Danielle White says:

    I am very much a “roll with it all” kind of person, and look for the bright side of everything. When the lockdowns came, I started spending more time taking online courses and learning about investing in the stock market; fixing things around the house, and even donating loads and loads of stuff that no longer serves me. Even when a job change didn’t go as planned, I gave the “other” team I ended up with a chance and my open mind, and it has turned out to be a spectacular change in my career path! The only sadness I feel is over how trashy our political system has become, and we’re the laughing stocks of the modern world…so I don’t focus on it, since I can’t control or influence it.

    I think a lot of people spend too much focus on things that are outside of their direct control or influence – my mom lives with me now, so I’m having to teach her about respecting my boundaries and the few “rules” I have (i.e., if it’s not yours, leave it alone for ME to deal with, don’t talk to me in the mornings until my brain is awake). It’s getting better. So I think honestly, if people put more focus on their drama and less worrying about what’s going on with everyone else that’s none of their business, it just might become a much happier place. =)
    Thank you, for what you do – you always make me smile!

  • Drthysherman@yahoo.com' Dorothy says:

    Last night I had a dream. I was standing in front of the Dalai Lama. I took another step toward him and he put his arms around me. I just cried. I think this image provides me a place to acknowledge and lay down the burden of sadness and loss. I have been soldiering on and am exhausted feeling all the personal and particular and the global grief of this passage.

  • nikoletamoondance@gmail.com' Nikoleta says:

    Changing sadness isn’t the answer. Running from our feelings isn’t the answer. Feeling our feelings is.
    The point is not to feel better… But to get better at feeling.
    With all the numbing and running and fighting… We are missing the point. Let all surface. Feel feelings. Don’t try to move them or change them. Allow them the space to breathe so that they may live out their full expression and so that we may live out ours.
    When I allow myself to feel the discomfort, I know I am growing. I know I am exactly where I need to be, that the universe has my back and that it only gives me what I can handle. Escape not!

  • Alexandrafotopoulos@hotmail.com' Alexandra says:

    My inner child is tender but has just stopped crying because I just started paying REAL attention to her, asking what she needs from me to be happy and creative again. You’re right, it’s not easy at all. It’s messy and uncomfortable and NECESSARY! My soul purpose is to be the artist that that inner child is, so I’m taking her by the hand, up off her butt and into the land of creation… She’s just stood up.

  • spiderkitty65@yahoo.com' Autumn Guild says:

    Depression is a major issue I struggle with, but lately I’ve been helped by taking up meditation. Everyday on Clubhouse, I meditate with people from around the world, and we share what we’re grateful for. It might sound like an exaggeration, but I feel like it saved me.

  • ramirezsoccermom@gmail.com' Michelle Ramirez says:

    She’s scared. Scared to go out and scared to stay in. Scared to loose friends yet still so unsure if it’s safe to go out. There is a hopeless feeling in all of this. What can I do?? When will it end? Are we going back to “normal “ when in all honesty that wasn’t working too well either. But I have to grab her so gently yet firmly by the hand and say “ we don’t know everything. We don’t. And that’s ok. We can learn together “. Because that’s all I know how to do right now. And that’s going to be more then enough. Because I am showing up. I am not going to stay sad. I have to remind myself a quick visit is actually quite therapeutic. But then I must move on out of sadness.

  • mafink9@gmail.com' Mary Ann says:

    Hi Debra. I’m heartbroken for this planet and all the animals, plants and trees, the oceans, etc. I’m the least heartbroken for the human species that has brought this on ourselves. I struggle on how to turn this deep and undivided sorrow into joy. I know from my past I’ve had brief moments of happiness and years of sadness. Maybe it’s not a matter of turning the sadness into joy but rather to ride out the hurt wave. Not heatwaves (that’s here and going to intensify as humans continue on with their greed) but waves of hurt and sadness. I don’t have the answer
    other to continue to take deep breath’s, relax into whatever is coming and to continue to try and make people laugh (which I adore doing) and to show kindness and generosity wherever I possibly can.
    From one of your YouTube followers…..Mary Ann

  • Jaxxbk@verizon.net' AJ says:

    Hi Debra. Thanks for post! My natal moon is Sag 5 deg. My north node is Gem 6 deg, so obviously, south node Sag 6 deg. Crazy day with so much emotion. Thank goodness I studied with you a few years back. I am prepared! Your training has really helped me (along with my inner child) navigate this eclipse. I feel blessed to have this knowledge!
    Sending much love, AJ

  • Janellechappell@gmail.com' Janelle Chappell says:

    Ahhh sweet girl I feel ya! And yet this pandemic allowed me to spend a lot of time with my dearest friend who at the beginning of lockdown was diagnosed with stage four stomach cancer and two inoperable tumors in her pelvis.
    We laughed and played and made sun catchers the day before her treatments.
    It was an honor to be with her when she crossed.
    Death pulls life into a crisp knowing to focus on what is beautiful. What is precious.
    My focus is sharpened into knowing not to waste my energy and time on stupid stuff or negative things.
    I am looking at change as an opportunity to look for good things coming. We have a tendency to imagine change means bad. We cling to what we expect to always be.
    Fuck it! No time to wallow and complain.
    Look for what I want more of. Relish in all that I love. Be present in my now moments with loved ones.
    Be love be light and be contagious with that.
    Always looking up! The stars and planets remind us to do that as they shine for us every night!
    I adore you and appreciate your guidance and humor as I romp in joy while I can!
    Janelle Chappell

  • Tisharlb@outlook.com' Tisha Benner says:

    I absolutely am feeling it. Luckily it’s finally spring/summer here in Colorado. I always feel better in the warmer months than the cold. The world is kind of returning to normal. Right? I do feel socially awkward now around others. When I’m not behind a screen. It also takes way more energy. Very much enjoy your daily posts. They’ve given me so much insight to myself and my relationships with others.

    A Gemini Sun, Libra moon, Libra rising, Gemini mercury, cancer Venus

  • mtngraphic@yahoo.com' Christie Abel says:

    I go outside and reclaim my sense of awe and wonder in the divine designs and sounds of mother nature! She is my favorite artist!

    I look back at my photos to re-member the beauty, joy and blessings of the people, places and and experiences of my life. Remembering specific events and those around me at the time or the experiences I came across always seem to uplift my spirit.

    I am an empath to the Nth degree and I often need my space to feel, cry or write and/ or simply emerge into an epson salt bath with a chicklit /feel good movie. Honoring myself and my needs and my time by saying no to things that don’t resonate and by choosing to be with uplifting souls and /or working on healthy boundaries (life lesson for me)

    Last month was very challenging for me and I too realized I have been missing play and fun and passion in my life. Thankfully the last 4 -5 days have been MUCH better and beautiful things are showing up when I choose to make it a great day. When I’m really determined to nudge myself into more alignment and fun, I start my day with an oldie but goodie song on You Tube, “It’s a Good Day” by Cyrille Aimée! (original by Peggy Lee)

    AND, I can’t sign off with out expressing the joy I felt reading that you live across the street from a world renowned astro photographer… of course you do!!! Even those little divine synchronicities fill my soul with joy and sense of awe and wonder in the natural and magical unfolding of the flow of life!

  • Morrowjoyce@outlook.com' Joyce says:

    My inner kid is having a tough time. I am seriously considering to stop seeing this fella I met Sept 2019…he is 65 and I am 62 in Oct.
    I told him we would have trouble once I expected things from him..and now I am right..he wants an old fashion woman, but independent..I work outside with him all day hard work, then expects me to do all the cooking without help.

  • bellaraehawaii@yahoo.com' Marie Canavan says:

    I have several ways to keep my inner child smiling when my adult me feels sad…
    I walk the land across the street..it presently has 17 lambs born jan- present…along with 14 sheep! This land is magical…
    I also have been singing more…just for myself..in my house!
    I dance like everyone is watching..lol..in my house so fun!!
    I laugh my ass off at comedians Bob Marley and Sebastian Maniscalco daily!
    I wear bright colors and fun jewelry..I’m definitely a hat girl! I recently found a baby pic of me with a hat on and I stuck the pic on my memo board behind my computer…to re-remeber me! 😍
    Just a few things for now…

  • ayurveda-bliss@att.net' Laurie Millar says:

    Hello Debra,
    You have expressed my state of being throughout this year so well. Despite me not believing the entirety of the Covid narrative and knowing it didn’t have to sound so bad in the news media’s presentation–I got alternatively sad and angry. My husband and I traveled by car to 5 States, ate out indoors and outdoors, went to museums and visitor centers that were open, hiked up to 10,000 ft elevation, saw the Grand Canyon with 4 others by helicopter, went to LasVegas and saw the Titanic museum indoors, took an ATV bike tour through the Red Rock Canyon and a boat ride on Lake Meade plus many other things. Except for those darn unhealthy masks and some frustrations along the way you would not know there was a Pandemic. We didn’t get sick and I don’t know anyone else personally who got sick. Are we the crazy ones–living in someone else’s nightmare? I journaled all the craziness of the year during my travels and I still cannot totally make sense of it. We even had 3 visits to different hospitals for muscle cramps and saw no evidence of a Pandemic or that they were overrun. I began to see through the many lies, propaganda and distorted statistics in April 2020. We met others on the road who knew the same. With the exception of protecting the elderly and making sure that those needing the good Covid remedies we have had since March–April 2020 got help-this event was the worst thing so falsely portrayed to the world population as a threat justifying damaging lockdowns, masks and vaccines and it’s now becoming more serious with the mandatory vaccines agenda. Are we really so blind? Corruption throughout the media and government agencies, tech industries, malnourished people, pollution, toxic environments, profit motives and an unhealthy and eldery population are the key drivers of the narrative, not a treatable virus that 99.8 percent survived, including the elderly. I hope people wake up and we will view this in contex. How does astrology view these past 16 months???? There must be some better explanation for the insanity.
    I’m glad we traveled. It kept me sane! This virus is not what people think it is.

  • blstamh@aol.com' Brenda Story says:

    HI Deb!
    You ask fabulous questions. Quick responses: I spend time in nature, walking with the dog, to change my sadness. I often take photos of the tree buds or leaves or other details that I would normally overlook, and I celebrate them. My philosophical angle that keeps the bounce in my step is that I invite and welcome this time for reflection, to go deep and ask the difficult questions. I haven’t had this much time and opportunity to reflect and daydream since I was a kid when I had whole summers free. I celebrate my feeling of connection with the whole Universe and Great Spirit even as I feel my feet solidly on Mother Earth.

    I am definitely suffering from the collective pain of our times, and the times before that, and the times yet to come. It feels like a burden and makes me feel sad sometimes, and at other times, I recognize that my plight could be worse. My ancestors suffered through different crises, and my descendants will bear their own burdens. Humanity’s plight has never been all sunshine, lollipops and rainbows. But, not to make light of our current situation, we have all been through a lot of fear this year. My inner child would like to come out and play in the sunshine, without a care in the World. But the cares are everywhere. I’m trying to coax her out to play. Thanks for leading us to a place of inquiry, and for respecting our answers. <3

  • iamsarahhulslander@gmail.com' Sarah Hulslander says:

    I am not doing so well. Thank you for sharing your truth. I’m with you. Yes to the wine and yes to the shopping. Unfortunately they don’t fill the void. Learning about astrology is a blessing. Xx

  • dragonflyflutterbybri@gmail.com' Bridget Ferrell says:

    Listen to music and perform in outside voice to the words with wand \ microphone and must dance! Dancing in shower putting on hit concerts with shower head in hand\ microphone lol ( theme it seems) going to a play ground and swinging really high. Feeling the flutters in your tummy. At 48 I don’t jump out of swing at highest peak anymore lol
    The feeling I get when playing is divenly walking on cloud 9

    Sun- Aquarius
    Sag- moon

  • slpatrickmarion@gmail.com' Sarah P says:

    I’ve been feeling the collective funk and tried to work (I love my profession…) my way through it. Had moments of joy but mainly just tired myself out. Met with a friend today, sat in the sun, and just took the time to describe all we felt and what arose. We talked our mother’s deaths, our S/Os, our jobs, our needs, where we felt what we felt. It was so cathartic! I am so grateful to have loving people in my life!

  • Ericapenn18@gmail.com' Erica says:

    Thank you. A glass of wine , a listen to some great music always puts a bounce in my step. A walk to the beach watching the beach volley, the surfers. Yes, the kids make my heart smile. ❤ Definately a shopping mall , I seem to breathe in the good new vibe and get excited. I love to be able to give a gift no matter if its just a small one, just love that feeling of making someone smile. Always lifts the spirits ❤ Thsnk you Debra

  • Xtinazahn@gmail.com' Christina says:

    These past 2 years have been tough on me emotionally. I am an empath and I feel other’s sadness and especially fear. It’s important for me to discern if the thoughts and emotions are truly my own-so I pray and intend for the power of discernment. I live in Colorado ~ nature is my cathedral and my healing safe place. The beauty of this earth and its people lifts me up and sustains me.

  • ginskers@yahoo.com' Ginny says:

    I have been an extremely sensitive person and my siblings tell me I’m too sensitive about things. I disagree, but I won’t argue with them. I had to take on a lot of responsibility at a very early age and don’t feel like I’ve ever had a real childhood. On many occasions I was the glue that held the family together, but my remaining siblings have a very short memory. The appearance of the virus gave me a different view of life; it’s too short to not do what I desire, so I made the decision to retire in early January. I feel the pain of others, the vibrations in a room when I enter, and have to be careful to not take on the problems of others because I have and will, so I try to make sure I stay “neutral” whenever I can. Each day is a blessing to me; I can now do exactly what I want, when I want, or I don’t have to do anything. I find lots of joy in watching the birds and seeing the pair of cardinals feed each day and this makes life good, for me.

  • Laurenmlchambers@mail.com' Lauren Chambers says:

    Hi Debra
    I am not sad at all.. strangely I feel that my happiness has increase. Yes lay Autumn was especially difficult. Now I just want to play with other kids and participate more in the world.

  • rainbdance@gmail.com' Chi says:

    To shift my sadness i move I dance. I dance my yoga. I dance and move my emotions in, through and out of my body so they do not stay stuck for any length of time creating dis- ease.I create rhythms, chant, sing During covid my mat has been the recipient of many, many tears both joy and sorrow filled. I am deeply grateful I am able to take deep breaths. And grateful for your teachings:)

  • bpmnm@outlook.com' Irene says:

    I wish I could blame my sadness on covid but it’ started long before and I’m a Sagittarius lol I find myself alone and angry that everyone that I had to help me now are all gone I am the last one standing and can’t cope with the silence. How can I figure out what I’m suppposed to do if I have no one you talk to? So there you have it I can’t even laugh at me anymore. Thank you for listening .

  • keryn@kerynrose.com.au' Keryn says:

    I’m in the process of learning to sit with my sadness. I have spent my life running away from it, busying myself with other people’s lives so I didn’t have to be in mine. I’m now understanding the power of acknowledging all of who I am, and that includes the down times. I find walking along the beach is wonderful for lifting me out of the depths I have fallen into, particularly with a nice cup of coffee in my hands.

  • sbonickcpa@gmail.com' Stephen Bonick says:

    Ohm Shanthi Debra

    I have a daily Hatha Yoga practice thru http://www.yogihari.com. I do one of his programs each day.

    After that I do 2 hours of boxing and if I can, I play basketball. This typically keeps me in a good mood.

    If I don’t have this much activity; my mind can get into the past. My past is one that was riddled with untreated alcohilism.

    In any event; I was wondering if you would reframe your “sensitivity” quote. Are you an empath? Meaning, empaths take in energy from others. They say that you are too sensitive” however, I think that is misleading. I easily pick on on others energy. Like today at the gym guys yawning; or talking on their cell phone. It brings negative debbie downer energy too the atmosphere. I just move away. In the past I thought it was me and it is but not for the same reason.

    Thank you for your teaching in the daily videos. Happy birthday.

    Ohm Shanthi


  • sbonickcpa@gmail.com' Stephen Bonick says:

    Ohm Shanthi Debra

    I have a daily Hatha Yoga practice thru http://www.yogihari.com. I do one of his programs each day.

    After that I do 2 hours of boxing and if I can, I play basketball. This typically keeps me in a good mood.

    If I don’t have this much activity; my mind can get into the past. My past is one that was riddled with untreated alcohilism.

    In any event; I was wondering if you would reframe your “sensitivity” quote. Are you an empath? Meaning, empaths take in energy from others. They say that you are too sensitive” however, I think that is misleading. I easily pick on on others energy. Like today at the gym guys yawning; or talking on their cell phone. It brings negative debbie downer energy too the atmosphere. I just move away. In the past I thought it was me and it is but not for the same reason.

    Thank you for your teaching in the daily videos. Happy birthday.

    Ohm Shanthi


  • slut1208@yahoo.com' Ilene Goldstein says:

    I feel you. I’m an empath/Spiritworker. 2021 has its own intensity and after 2020, it’s like a double whammy.These are some of the tools that help me navigate these intense times:listening to music, meditation, astrology podcasts, learning new things (recently took a sacred astronomy class and am constantly learning new layers of astrology), gratitude practice, gardening, nature, webinars with the Grandmothers, Buddhist webinars, connecting with friends. Recently, I got to spend a week with a group of old close friends after more than a year! It was epic to be in the same physical space, touch, hug, so much laughter, great food, beach time and dolphins! We ate outside in 2 different restaurants! I I called it The Reunion Tour:the band is getting back together! It was so healing and rich and gave me hope and a sense of moving forward. It was FUN! Since then, I have had “vacation drop” and sadness.
    I’m feeling the buildup of the of this eclipse intensely, along with Saturn retrograde, shadow of Mercury retrograde, etc. I know we learn a lot from our opposites and everything about the eclipse/this lunar cycle is on opposing axises. My Sun in Sag, in a stellium with Mercury and my North Node.Jupiter is in Pisces at 1° and my Jupiter is in Virgo at 1°Venus will be entering Cancer in early June and my Venus is in Capricorn. The challenge seems to be finding balance and integration between opposites.

  • Castsnelling@gmail.com' Susan Snelling says:

    I feel the collective too and it sometimes becomes overwhelming. To lift my sadness, I have a good cry, practice self-Reiki, then sing at the top of my lungs as I drive the 40 minutes to spend time with our horse. Spending time in nature and with my horse are an uplifting combination. Horses are such incredibly intuitive animals and I always leave feeling as though a switch was flipped!

  • aloha_terri@yahoo.com' Terri Tippets says:

    Hello Debra,
    Yes, feeling all the feels, I’m a sponge too!
    More than a year of extreme emotions.
    Being outside helps, especially if it’s sunny.
    Full spectrum plant or ‘happy ‘light works too.
    Being with animals, they are always my happy place.
    Listening to the neighbor kids playing and laughing outside. Listening to another neighbor lead her Zumba class on Zoom from her balcony.
    Talking to myself as you do can change my perspective. I tell myself I’m better off than a lot of people. Not sick, roof over my head, food to eat, etc.
    Lately, I shocked myself by saying I wanted to go home, I’m done with it here.
    I’m not suicidal or have ever thought I’d be ready to exit before advanced age, but life has been so challenging. I’m aware that I came here for a reason, and I’m fairly certain I’ve not finished it yet. And I have grandchildren I hope to see become adults.
    This past year I’ve been searching myself for some answers and coaching myself to let go of some very old ball and chains I’ve been dragging around most of my life. Last summer I thought about finding a therapist just to talk about all my issues.
    You have helped me understand the bigger picture and I thank you for that.
    This morning I got to watch you live in action and You are amazing with your knowledge and how you use it.
    I’m an optimist and know things will be better soon, but these have been rough growing pains.
    Your lessons have given me new hope and reminded me of my philosophy as a child: everything will work out like it’s supposed to if I pay attention and do my part.
    ‘Life sucks then you die’ is not my mantra,
    I think life is beautiful, and fun. Most of the time.
    Thanks for the reminder that we influence the energy and we all need to suck it up or fake till we make it, to be positive again.
    Happy flower moon and belated birthday wishes

  • ximena.romane@gmail.com' Ximena says:

    Hi Debra!

    As you say, it is not easy.

    Back in 2018 there was a socio/poilitical conflict in my country Nicaragua. Hundreds of thousands of citizens had to leave in exile. Hundreds died.
    The collective pain was SO BIG, it broke my heart, it was too much… I just lost the spark and fell into depression. It was one of the hardest and most enriching experiences in my life.
    I knew that it would take time to get better, and that I had to be kind to myself, to this present version of me and the inner little girl that felt abandoned.
    I slowly started to remember what it was that I REALLY liked, since I was a kid. I began to color books with markers and pencils and crayons. Then I started to do DIY projects with fabrics and furniture. After that I wanted to make macrame plant hangers and cute little pots to put all over the house, before that even cacti would die on my watch.
    I started to listen to music and dance by myself. Finally, I got a kitty, my first pet ever! He makes me so happy and frustrated everyday. He’s my little pandemic partner, and I love him so much.
    It learned to live with the sadness, mine as well as the collective, it makes me appreciate the past, how lucky I was… how carefree it all was. And at the same time now I can see the blessings and priviledge I still have. It does not make me jump in joy either, but this will not last forever.

    I hope you feel better soon Debra!
    I am so grateful for you and your teachings.
    <3 <3 <3

  • Windinthewater9@gmail.com' Alfred Trudeau says:

    Hi Debra, I have been doing a daily yoga practice for the last 11 years I went to a class in 2010 and Tanya the teacher seen my posture and my injuries from a accident at a mill in 1978 and she said “Dude dont stop moving,” so i took that to heart and have been listening to music and doing a practice of walking and yoga for the last 11 years it has helped me develop awareness, in my inner and outer world.
    Listening to music and singing while cooking is so nummers, I have clairaudiance so I have many voices in my head, the trees, animals, water,rock people and on and on, it is apart of who I am, I tuned into my inner child and he is doing pretty good he kinda follows my patterns when I am happy he’s and when I get scared he gets scared, I have been on my own for many years we are pretty good buddies.
    I find for myself a balance of stiĺlness and silence, breath work, with music, mantras, drumming, shakers to move shtuff, with tears.
    I have been following you for years you are a hoot, I moved from BC to a community house in Alberta 3 years ago and I used your video’s on the characteristics of the Astrology signs to get to know the people in the house I moved into Wow ! You read them like a book. Lol
    The biggest thing for me has been the connection to Mother Earth I so Love her, I think we have lost connection with her and for us to balance ourselves again is to open our hearts fully to Herstory 😉 again, thank you Debra you Rock. 🌎💙🦄

  • Yvienelson@hotmail.com' Yvonne says:

    To change sadness, I create. I write, paint, sew, knit-whatever flows. I have felt the communal sadness of the rise of far right politics, the pandemic, and climate change. I have painted to express my feelings, and knitted and quilted to quiet and soothe my soul

  • kaltman52@hotmail.com' Kathy Altman says:

    Debra, Thank you for sharing this information. My husband passed away in Sept 2020. I have been feeling so much despair today, it feels almost unbearable. Maybe it is something about the astrological time. This too, shall pass. The sadness is kind of overwhelming

  • agt228@yahoo.com' annie says:

    Yes I totally relate. I feel sad and find myself bursting into tears. I’ve let go of a lot of heart ache in the past 2 months – my pisces sensitivity and collective grief combined? I go to the ocean to put bounce back into my step, blast dance music while driving, play with my nephews 2 and 4 and watch as they explore life with joy virus or no virus. I will make the choice on 5/26 to do more of all of those things to raise the vibration and hope others can too. 💜

  • I am a Sag, Libra Moon, Aquarius Rising and I stopped saying to myself ” I wish I didn’t feel so much”. I turn the sadness around into a feeling of gratitude. How lucky I am to be so aware of so much. Isn’t that how life is suppose to be? I also take it all as a lesson, what is this teaching me or triggering in me? I vowed when I entered this lifetime to love. I have learned in the last 48 years of my life, my purpose, that is LOVE. Here is to a whole newness in our world, how exciting is that?!! Happy Full Sag Lunar Eclipse XO-Rach

  • rachelhan22@gmail.com' Rachel says:

    I feel i lost my joy totally. And I want it back but don’t know how.

  • kathrynles@gmail.com' Kathryn Lesneski says:

    I am suffering the sadness but I am a Scorpio with moon in Cancer. I suffer most of the time. I feel the collective sadness and have since I can remember as did my twin. I do the sometimes shopping, sometimes a martini, sometimes crying , sometimes cleaning, sometimes gratitude, always a prayer.

  • Jaws1899@gmail.com' Jacquelyn says:

    I first heard about your brilliance from Colette baron Reid . Like Spirits , you know. I’m definitely hyper sensitive to all things. I’ve studied astrology, psychology, psychic realms, Reiki, homeopathy, past lives, intuitive guidance, meditation, and on and on. One thing that rings true is astrology doesn’t lie. The stars and planets align. The angles create varied obstacles or triumphs. It’s evident throughout time. I love Debra’s work. It is beautiful and helps reach us all to a better way of living.

  • anneosterhaus@gmail.com' Anne says:

    Gratitude. Is my only way. Yes i feel the collective energies and the waves of energies. Fear, confusion, anger and then when it settles. I sing love, let them pass, pray. I go to the water, i live in a rv so im in nature a lot. 💜✌

  • I have lost my inner child. COVID took away valuable time from my husband and I. He died after a three year battle with cancer on January 6 , 2021
    I try very hard to keep the sadness from overwhelming me. I fly to see my kids and spend time with them. They bring me comfort and make me feel alive.
    I want to find the child inside me again , I want to figure out who I want to be.

  • Tkcobaugh@aol.com' Kimmberly says:

    This eclipse is exactly on my Venus in the 10th with many other aspects. I am letting go of being a victim in this incarnation. I fully embrace the essence of JOY and LOVE in all things. We are blessed beyond our wildest dreams. I will meet you there. Xo

  • Sandygg@me.com' Sandra Couture says:

    It seems as though I’ve kind of had a little bit of a sadness for maybe the last 20 years! Pluto started to go through all of my personal plan it’s about that time, so I had to teach myself not to wallow when I was feeling a bit emptied out. So when Covid came I was pretty good at practicing not wallowing. And I continue to move forward allowing myself to see the blessings

  • apache.princess1117@gmail.com' Yvette Llanes says:

    Debra you always left my spirits. You give me motivation to keep going and have courage. If I do have a day thats not so good, you help all of us who subscribe to you know its ok to not be ok sometimes. It all changes gradually as our planets move around, go retrograde. Its amazing, astrology and our wonderful planet’s and our great big beautiful universe. We are forever changing and growing. Your an inspiration…..thank you Debra I love and appreciate all the good you contribute to all of us and our universe…I also love your sense of humor lol 🥰

  • fragandbones@gmail.com' bunny says:

    my inner child is 5 and either gleeful-glad to be in conversation with her cats or otherwise bursting out in mini-tantrums that fizzle as quickly as they pop…

  • Hi Debra,
    As a Pisces, Sun, Moon, and Mars, I’ve been quite sensitive to all kinds of energies. I’ve taught myself a lot about how to manage the inner and outer flows.
    Now, I mentor others in this art form. Among my many effective ways to manage the flow of mental and emotional energies is not only listening to music
    but also dancing in my studio whenever I sense my thoughts going down the rabbit hole. Dancing helps me to fully engage and ground the energies rather than denying or running from them.
    From a big picture view, I’ve become aware that one reason Souls incarnate as a human on Earth is to play the forgetting game. Souls volunteer to enter the illusion of separation on Earth to expand their Self-Knowing by temporarily forgetting their inherent Union. I’ve come to trust that my Soul has done this and this view puts all my separating experiences into perspective. I’ve chosen to play this game conscious of it now which has me able to turn my trials into triumphs. I share some of this concept in my book, Eyes In The Mirror: Everything Changed When He Met His Soul.
    Always enjoy your videos!
    Many blessings,
    Albert C. Moore
    Richmond, VA

  • Crjame50@yahoo.com' Carole Jameson says:

    I was just diagnosed with early breast cancer, so I am up and down. I am a Sag with Libra rising, moon in Aries. So my masc side wants to just ‘fix it’, while my fem side wants to mourn the loss of health and being young. Saturn in my 12th has gone retro, but I don’t quite know how I feel or how I am doing.

    Humor covers the fear of surgery and makes me a real talker! I actually have a meeting tomorrow with a resource from integrative medicine to explore these feelings and approaches to treatments and after-care. I feel open to listen and am a proponent of holistic treatment. So, I am excited and recognize that I really need to talk to someone who is neutral in my disease. Just having a positive attitude is not enough. I cannot do this alone.

    Always optimistic, I try to take the philosophical approach in things. But I feel myself dry with wise words. I am a Light Worker who cannot shine her Light right now! I have lost the sensitivity, it seems, because of covid and, now, with having cancer. I do not feel like a victim, but I am sad. Most everyone around me is sad. But I fight on, refusing to be in fear and searching for a place and people who make me feel joy. These few are at a distance and hopefully there will be a visit this summer. I am watching 3 people leave my life, as the energies shift and we all change. I will no longer beg people to be in my life. I am better than that. I am worth it to find a soul family that is with me and responsive to the need to be in contact in some form. That makes me sad, too, but putting myself first is the energy shift.

    So, I am sad for several situations, trying to see the lesson, but most of all, I need connection. I need to talk!

  • Crjame50@yahoo.com' Carole Jameson says:

    I also wanted to say that to break the stress or intensity, I watch a doggy daycare from Australia with a guy running 25, or more dogs on his farm. This makes my heart sing as I watch the joy of animals just doing what they love! Very freeing!!

  • kassied001@yahoo.com' Kassandra Helderman says:

    Riding my horse gives me joy and brings out my inner child! I’ve used the energy leading up to this eclipse to make some changes in my life for the better. I plan on asking myself questions tomorrow and directing my thoughts to physical change and attitude. Hugs and much love to you and everyone!

  • marnieaflalo@hotmail.com' Marnie says:

    Aww…Debra it made me sad to think of you being sad, the way you were talking made me wonder if you are into and follow energetic stuff, it might help you… there’s so much going on, this is the main person I follow https://www.facebook.com/shunanda
    And recently I also found Lorie Ladd and Phil Good or Instagram and YouTube.

    I’m doing intense healing and shadow work full time right now, traumas and stuff that wasn’t diagnosed properly for decades… and this week has been rough, I’m well practiced right now and have the tools, but I’m tired if it… but just trying to work through the emotions and tasks step by step, using nature to soothe and trying to reach out to people a little. That’s as far as I’ve gotten so far… 🤗💗🧚🏽
    Thanks for letting me know it’s not just me… sending love to you!

  • georgiathistlewood@gmail.com' Gale says:

    When I feel overwhelmed, I take out my art supplies and start making owls and mermaids with my clay. It was during my second Saturn return that I discovered my art abilities. Out of no where one day my artist abilities came back to me. I hadn’t done anything artistic since high school. It has changed my whole life. ❤️🙏

  • I dance in the kitchen with my 2 year old great grandson. He loves to dance and how could you not join in. He is a breath of fresh air in my world.

  • marnyroylett@gmail.com' Marny says:

    I am struggling with COVID, I’d sold my house prior to Covid, put my furniture in storage, dogs in boarding kennels and moved back to my home state. Fast forward my daughter and I are now living in our car half the week and a hotel the other half as we now only have one dog as we were unable to go to her when she only had a day to live because of restrictions, I couldn’t go and be with the other dog and can’t get my furniture out of storage to even look for anywhere to live as there keeps being outbreaks and the borders keep getting shut, so I’m trying to cope by doing craft, my sag self is finding it very difficult, my happy self seems to have gone into hibernation and I can’t even get to my other dog to have some sort of comfort as our relatives cut us out of the family because of our current living arrangement but there’s no choice where we are, craft helps but it’s not a beautiful golden Labrador.

  • jennielee_g@yahoo.com.au' Jennie-lee Gardiner says:

    I guess I vasillate between sadness and concern for the earth and its various predicaments (don’t get me started) and my innately optimistic outlook of life.
    I am fortunate that I am great at making lemonade. Even though these last 15 months has seen the passing of my father, my stepfather, and my favourite aunt and uncle, losing a majority of the elders in my family has brought out the best in me as a human being.
    I feel grateful to have been able to take the time to support and encourage my family during our collective grief and have a better understanding of my own humility which has been the fertiliser for the compassion that has grown in me for other human beings who grieve the loss of loved ones.
    And still I am excited to have had this time to plan my big hairy-assed dream of building an off grid eco-retreat. The world has slowed down and the opportunity to plan this phantasmagorical place for people to connect to source, through art and spiritual guidance, is my purpose. As a six planet Virgo with Capricorn Ascendant and South Node, I have been making my way towards my Cancer North Node my whole life. Covid has provided me with the time to get clear about what I am here to achieve in this existence and I am so well-placed to do this as a business woman supporting the emotional and spiritual needs of my community and by enabling others to enable themselves. So, with my lemonade stand and fishing lessons, I say bring it on!

  • Charmim@msn.com' Charlotte says:

    Meditating every morning
    Doing something creative/artistic every day
    Practice being grateful

  • burchell.nicole@gmail.com' Nicole Burchell says:

    My inner child is so sad that for the the second time since the pandemic, my body has turned out in eczema on my wrist and around my neck. When COVID hit I felt the noose around my neck in tiny itchy bumps. Today’s it’s on my wrists and it feels like prisoner of war cuffs. I have Crohn’s disease too so you’ll probably guess I’m a cancerian sun and Leo moon.

    I’ve learnt from you that my joyful Jupiter is in Pisces. So I’m embracing duality. Gardening honestly makes the difference to my sizzle, watching documentaries, playing house, bathing in water and the sun.

    On this lunar eclipse, I’m manifesting more astrology for more healing in a warm sunny happy home.

  • gardengirl.ek@gmail.com' Elizabeth Krebs says:

    I sing. I make believe that I’m an acomplished singer and make up music and sing it out loud. No words just the music. I also make up movies in my mind. I also like to play in the dirt. Usually planting some herbs, but I’m still playing in the dirt. Or I just goof around with my four small dogs. They’re great fun when I’m feeling down. I’m going to be 60 years old this July and I have to keep myself feeling young. I’m not ready to be old yet.

  • Clemjarrin@yahoo.com' Clementina says:

    Thank you Debra for your honesty, 2020 and 2021 has been very hard on my joy, I lost my husband of 57 years in January and the last two years I felt like some thing of my self was dying too. I have always been a positive and happy person, but now I feel I lost my zest for life, I am trying to find a purpose to keep going and enjoy life again. I am very grateful that I have loving and caring children and a family that cares for me but I feel a great emptiness inside and it may me sad the world we live in now. I been meditating for healing and for finding joy again and hope I will find a good reason to keep going.

  • sunnycitrus2@gmail.com' Joy H says:

    I do feel the pain and despair of our times, although mine is mainly focused on climate change and ecological destruction. I come to Astrology from Tarot, and your words just made me look… This Sagittarius Full Moon is directly opposite (within 3 degrees of) my conjunct Mercury/Moon/Venus in Gemini. That Gemini decan is represented in the Tarot by the 8 of Swords – Jupiter in Gemini: thoughts going in circles, feeling confused and paralyzed. The Full Moon Eclipse is represented by the 8 of Wands – Mercury in Sagittarius: everything moving fast, news rolling in, free-flying. It feels like a message to follow your example: open up a new way of thinking, a new attitude about what it means to be here now. My life is good… noticing and feeling that every day can help balance my intellectual obsessions. Thank you for alerting me to this opportunity.

  • Halifax79@aol.com' Colette W says:

    Music is what awakens me every day – soft piano music…

  • colleenwalkernz@gmail.com' Colleen Walker says:

    Hi Debra,
    Three things help keep me on an even keel. As you mentioned music in the morning, Hell yes to that one. For me it has to be up beat, if its too slow, I feel it makes me slow down too. Nothing wrong with slow music don’t get me wrong, a time and a place. But if its upbeat, I find I get things done much quicker. I can’t not want to sing along at the top of my voice and my body just has to have a little bit of a boogie as well.
    2nd is nature, in all its glory, I just love it. Trees, flowers, rivers, the ocean, open meadows, mountains, the sky, beauty everywhere you look, magnificent. My Garden gives me so much pleasure, if I have what I term a so so day, just stepping out into my garden makes me feel 1000% better in seconds. I mean how could it not. What you are looking at is perfection in every sense of the word. Imagine a honey bee flitting from flower to flower, establishing further population as it moves about.
    3rd, my family. All grown now. Grandchildren all grown as well. Well the youngest just turned 18. I just know we have each others back. Oh my goodness yes, we do argue and have hissy fits, of course we have our ups and downs, but we all love each other just as hard. I actually work with 2 of my children and 1 grandchild, my other daughter we see every day and my 2 other granddaughters I see every weekend.
    I just love your style of teaching, I love how you make me look at things from a different perspective. You have opened my eyes and for that I thank you.

  • kowgrldiva1@aol.com' mary waight says:

    I am old enough to know the sun will come up tomorrow and wise enough to know I won,t be here on earth when the shit hits the fan,if it continues the way itis going. Like many events before you either live through or not

  • rita1215@aol.com' Rita Montes Martin says:

    Today is my beautiful l Gemini daughter BD I am the soon to be 100 yr old Sag. we are healthy, haoppy and blessed. t hanks for your thoughts and words always
    Rita Montes Martin

  • larissalicon@hotmail.com' Larissa Licon says:

    I have never been more depressed than I have this calendar year. I feel as though reality hit me in the face. Slowly I have been regaining optimism. Very slowly but I am.

  • ceweger@ptd.net' Cheryl says:

    Inner Child, Adolescent? Neither has been easy, and quite honestly, I was done with both of them until I became a dance mom and a band parent. Right now though, I think I am stuck in adolescence… I have a dilemma and honestly, I am not choosing joy as much as I’ve decided to stand my truth and walk away. I am done being taken advantage of. I just read an email prior to reading yours. My story — my daughter has danced at the same dance studio for 15 years (this is her last year as she is graduating from high school). It has always been customary for each senior dancer to perform a 30 second solo dance of their choosing at the end of the recital when they recognize them for their dancing years… This year, the recital is completely different. First, it won’t be held at a high school auditorium; it will be held at a golf club with alcoholic beverages being sold (could be a plus, but bc there are so many little ones, I don’t think it’s very appropriate, esp given how long recitals generally are. Second, it will be held at night starting at 7pm. Third, the recital will take place over 3 days. And last but not least and the most annoying, no senior dancer will be allowed to perform their 30 second solo because, get this, there are too many senior dancers this year = 12 of them! In addition, I tried to pay my tuition for March, April, May and June back in March with a credit card and was told they don’t take credit cards anymore. And because they don’t want parents in the studio, it’s not the first thing that comes to my mind everyday — that is, remembering to send in a check with my daughter. Half the time she is going straight to dance from work. It just irks me that if your dancer is not on the competition team you are treated very differently. My daughter was on comp for 7 years and her high school years decided to step down to recreational dance so she could join the dance team in high school. This year she was captain of the dance team, although it was not much of a season due to covid. The hard part for me is that she wants me to pay my bill and just pretend everything is okay because it is almost over. But I don’t want to do that. I asked her if it was okay if I didn’t go to the recital and she said yes. She is literally in two dances and will take her last dance as a trio. I have had enough of being told what I can and can’t do. I suppose being an older parent (58 this year) while she is just 18, that things will look very different amongst the other dance families. I would just rather not attend after being disconnected from the studio for the last year plus (other than the money aspect). It used to be an open door policy. There is so much entangled here and I am aware of what they are, I just want to walk away and be done. Will she regret it in the years to come? Do I just suck it up by paying the bill and attending the recital and having an attitude the whole time? I know I have a choice but I am mad. And I know it’s not about being right, but still, I’ve had enough of this studio telling us what we can and can’t do. They have decided not to sell me recital tickets unless I pay my bill by tomorrow. Blackmailing me saying they are going to sell my tickets to anyone who needs more tickets. How convenient that it will all benefit them. I typed up an email and was going to send it to the general studio email since there is never a signed email from them when information goes out — my daughter told me it was too harsh and not to send it. So while I feel this way, the studio isn’t even aware of how I am feeling. Although they know senior parents are not happy. Someone told me the Assistant Director said she is not changing it so don’t even try to change her mind. Every time I hear that loop play over in head, I flash back to when my daughter was just 3 years old and she had the Assistant Director has her teacher– I am reminded of the joy and the excitement. After Emma stopped competition, I stopped communicating and hanging out with the moms. It just made sense. We were only really friends because our girls were on the team together. That isn’t anything new, I really never fit in there to begin with. Suck it up or something else?

  • jofitzgerald1@hotmail.com' Jo says:

    Actually it’s nearly Winter where I live. It’s important to remember when we talk about the positive aspects of Summer arriving, that half the hemisphere is experiencing a completely different and much more negative energy 😁

  • kenashah204@gmail.com' Kena Shah says:

    I love this full moon as my north and south nodes are Gemini and Saggi. Plus being the Gemini as my moon sign and Aries as Sun sign(though I am born in cusp), along with Moon in Cancer (Moon baby) I am always pulled between my heart and mind+ freedom and being home. Yes, now I feel the urge to roam in the wild and be a monk and leave all these pleasures which are slowly killing me inside. Yes, I want to have my independence back and be a wanderlust rather than caught up in the drama of the world because everything is superficial and the actual truth is hidden nowhere to found. I believe in only one thing that Universe/Divine has a plan which we may not know but what we know is the power to make choice by listening to our intuitions. Maybe this is the chance for the people who are lost like me to find their way back to their true selves. As we say Fool’s journey needs to begin again by taking a leap of faith to the unknown…

  • mya.jones.nyc@gmail.com' Mya Jones says:

    Hi Debra,

    I absolutely love you and your honesty! I thought you were surely a Sag when I first (recently) started following you. I’m a true Sag born Nov. 24, 1961, in Denver, CO under a full moon (Gemini, I think). We seem to have some parallels. I now live in NYC (for 16 years now). Last November, the day after my birthday, my b/f of 2.5 years threw in the towel and called our relationship off. It was coming to this, but it still hurt so much. Less than 6 months after we split up his new much younger g/f moved in with him and he retired as an Otolaryngologist. So painful! I am an educated, attractive, fit, smart, kind, compassionate, professional woman, and growing up in CO, I’m an athlete by default. We played golf and tennis together almost daily (weather permitting). I have a great job and make my own money and support myself. Now he’s with someone 25 years younger than him who doesn’t even speak English well (she’s of Hispanic descent, but I am also part Spanish and Portuguese but born and raised in the US). She doesn’t play sports with him or have anything in common with our mutual friends. THIS IS SUCH A BLOW, but I am trying to get past it. I also just had full-knee replacement surgery just to get it over with so I can enjoy the rest of my life playing sports without pain. Between being all alone now in my NYC apartment (I was mostly living with him on Long Island and South Carolina), and recovering from my knee replacement surgery just 2 weeks ago, I am really hurting. Hanging on by a thread and hoping that the full moon in Sagittarius during the lunar eclipse is a good sign for me and things are about to turn. I also am a meditation practitioner and teacher mostly from traditional Theravadan and Zen Buddhism.

    I would love to learn astrology from you but now isn’t the time. With my present workload and part-time practice/studies needed to keep up in order to teach, and now my grueling physical therapy I can’t fit one more thing in. It wouldn’t even register. I just need someone to tell me exactly what is going on with me from an astrological aspect and help me understand the significance of my planets, houses, moon, and sun positioning. Did I miss anything? I cry so much lately and am so desperately trying to find out why this is all happening. Any guidance or feedback is most appreciated.

    Respectfully yours,

  • wcosta66@gmail.com' William says:

    My inner child is healing..and yes I do suffer from the collective pain and sadness in these times..I turn to God he is my inner peace he gives me strength and I focus on putting positive vibes and unconditional love and energy out to combat the sadness to heal it..i look within during meditation also wanting to end the sadness in me fix those childhood wounds..i dont dwell in sadness i drift there time to time but don’t live there anymore..I forgive myself and others and release my past I focus on the now for a brighter future

  • kyra_murphy@yahoo.com' Kyra Murphy says:

    Actually its been the best year I have ever had. I was told to feel that complete joy of a 5 year old. I hadn’t allowed myself to feel or do that ever. Being raised in a house where children were seen and not herd made me feel invisible. Now at almost 66 years young.I will bust out a dance move when listening to music. This may sound strange but I never heard the words to any songs. Now I hear then. If I want to wear a bikini and sunbathe at my apartment building in redneck Idaho, I do. What other people think is not my business and for the first time in my life I don’t care. I am true to myself and happiness. I sped most of my time outside in nature really looking and listening to mothers earth. It truly keeps me grounded.

  • madisonnryder@gmail.com' Madison says:

    I find it so spot on that you bring up sadness. I have not let myself feels this for so long. I had my hear broken 3-4 years ago and still my heart will ache. I haven’t allowed myself a good cry in ages… I am FEELING it with my moon the and moon uniting, lovely timing I know.
    Honestly right now I’m the best I’ve been and still just okay. But if you asked I’d say I’m good. Being a fellow Libra I understand wanting your bases covered.

    To get myself out of the funk, I dance. It is my first love and brings me back to my youthful jubilance every time. I am so thankful for this, and for people like you, I hope to be as helpful to others as you are.

    I wish you a wonderful flower moon.

  • Thank you for the vulnerable share, as always!

    I’ve been processing and releasing my emotional body of pain from the collective for a few years now (Pisces Sun, Cancer Moon!). I’ve absolutely felt the intense energy of the lunar eclipse on the rise ~ the revealing of that which can no longer remain behind the veil. So glad we are not in this alone 🙏🏻💖✨

  • Your words touch my heart. I find truth in them, deep reflection and guidance for the days where i find it easy to escape my scorpionic landscape. I definitely feel lighter these days, thanks to astrology i sm able to ride the waves with more compassion. There is room for more fun and lightheartedness for sure. I will re-read this again. Covid hasn’t stopped me in any way, i would say it has brought me back to myself.

  • iris.zatelli@gmx.net' Iris says:

    Hello Debra, thank you for asking, how we do. Covid has been a roller coaster and in a way a medicine. You have to face the topics you could choose to avoid and distract yourself. You can’t escape in the distancing and lockdowns yourself and your most important emerging topics. What is true in life, what is true for me? There is no travel, dining, party, shopping that takes you away from the truth. There is sadness, yes, what have I spent my time with by now, and there is hope. I can stand the topics now, I can transform them slowly and steadily. No, my perception doesn’t disappear the next day, it’s still there, oh here is another piece deep down, that contributes to the situation that is. Sadness is the step paving the way to transformation. If you don’t allow after the shock to be sad about the loss of the past, acknowledge it won’t be what it was and be sad about, you probably can’t open up the next door and enter the new reality. Times of sadness are a purgatory. It’s not only ok, but important to have them. Iris with Sun in Gemini and Ascendent in Sag.

  • lorettadaniel718@gmail.com' Loretta DANIEL says:

    Put Music in the morning! Beautiful, the best way to start the day with Joy!
    My Mom was an opera singer, at age 15 she was in concentration camp with the whole family, she was hiding her 2 years old brother
    under her bed, giving him her food….My mother was an optimist…she was singing in the camp to help the other women keeping hope…
    The entire family came back .Just a miracle!
    My mom was always in Joy, laughing and singing ! She always said’ Life is beautiful, Enjoy and Have Fun “…..and she was Not a Sagittarian, but a Scorpio…Nothing impossible!

  • ladysnow08@hotmail.com' Lady says:

    I would love to meet my soul mate, my spiritual partener… everything is nicer when we cross the river of change in twos

  • hesterdavis001@gmail.com' Hester Davis says:

    Hi Debra
    Thank you for your article. I surely feel the pain as my son lost his little baby last week at 3 months old. It is such a sad time for us. I tried to look at my son’s and his babies chart and mine, but am non the wiser. It was really a sad time for us. It seems like the bad news and terrible happenings just followed me where-ever I went. I hope that from now on it will be a more lighter time, and that I can find my joy again. Thank you for your lovely articles.

  • carolada4u@yahoo.com' Ada says:

    Oh, Dear Debra, i so much resonate with your words , also sag+gemini here. I also noticed that somehow i‘ve changed, that careless/ childish feeling is gone. Hope to find it again sometime.
    And my mother just died so yes i fel so sad, like an orphan( my father died also Long time ago).
    But i try to feel happygolucky again and accept my sadness.
    Love and shine, blessings from Salzburg, Austria, Sound of Music city

  • Lorrainedonnachie@hotmail.com' Lorri says:

    This morning I am feeling exactly as you described “ the sadness” I’m also very sensitive. Reading your email today has picked me up. Funny how things just pop up exactly when you need them. Thank you

  • kraftyz@mindspring.com' Peggy says:

    It is like I aged to the age I am in one year. Before that, yes i was aging, but I cared more about appearance. Now I look at myself in the mirror and see age age age. It is scary. I think it is a phycological thing when the entire world is told what to do. it is like having a Giant Parent telling us to go stand in the corner. It truly was like being punished and we had no control over our lives. Being a Gemini there is a side of me that still never gives up to a degree , I just have to get the body up and walking for exercise again. I will do it, I will do it. Thanks Debra for always writing the correct thing during a difficult time.

  • geoff@gelageo.com' Geoff says:

    The ‘collective pain’ of our time results, imho, from the dominance of the extremely biased media in the majority of Westerners lives – the constant bombardment of propaganda and fear-based news leading people into seeking happiness in rampant consumerism.
    We are living in exciting times but for many the uncertainty and the changes that are happening to their world is resulting in the ‘pain’ you referred to and ultimately is leading to a scenario where those who have exercised their choice not to comply with government mandates will be ostracised by those who have.
    Those living in the East are less likely to be subjected to the fear and thus happier with their lot in part due to their higher spiritual nature.
    I believe the epicurean approach to life offers a remedy through ataraxia and of course living by the golden rule.

  • lina@avenuestore.be' Lina Fredriksson says:

    Debra, you put words to exactly what I’ve secretly been feeling!
    “I have secretly been feeling that the world is no longer as shiny as I had perceived it before. I find myself aging in my soul, and not having as much fun.”
    The worst part is the feeling of loneliness, like I’m the only one in the world feeling like this. Which of course is a load of BS but try to convince my mind about that 🙂
    My usual ‘tricks’ don’t seem to help like they used to but there is still hope! Hope, meditation and astrology is what is keeping on my feet right now.
    Blessings on your path and thank you for your teachings and wisdom <3

  • jjmstarr@icloud.com' Justine says:

    Last year I was in total despair, actually, the last 4 years I was in total despair. The political situation and then the virus, ( My brother died, I moved, twice! My best friends son died of an accidental drug overdose, my Dad’s partner died, I was caught in Australia for 7 months during the pandemic) it all became too much. I stopped and did something Ive never done before, I asked for help. I worked with a therapist weekly for 7 months, acknowledge some past trauma and did some inner-housekeeping, it got pretty heavy. Then, I created such a big -gigantic PLAN that’s creating such change that Im so excited about, that Im happy when Im not thinking about it and Im positively virbrating when I am. Im also taking a time out from the US for a year (part of the change) and that makes me happy. You might say I’m picking up my toys and going to play in a new playground 🙂

    But I believe change is the answer to everything. Remember you are not a tree, you are not stuck :). ( I also learnt about Astrology, and the learning was helpful)

  • Tcreativesoul@gmail.com' Thérèse Williams, Santa Fe, NM (grew up in St Louis) says:


    My heart aches for you sister.

    I am experiencing quite the opposite. Everything’s feeling more and more right in my world. Not because of wine or buying things or losing myself into others. I’m learning to simply decide to feel joyful, to feel appreciative and happy, just because I’m here. I chose to be here. I’m feeling more and more that alcohol and smoking pot are not healthy for my overall system. I take joy in activities and work that I love…especially lying naked in the sun and taking long hot baths in baking soda, then adding essential herbs.

    There are many things that I could focus on that would pull me down into despair quite easily but I’m learning to think and feel differently. The Law of Attraction is a wondrous discovery for me. It has helped me so much. I’d bern taken down by traumatic and an almost unspeakable series of horrible tragedies 20 years ago. It has been a very difficult journey.

    I no longer want to feel sad. I don’t know why we cling to our pain when we can simply decide not to focus on the darker feelings.

    Your words reflect what you are feeling sister.
    I send you so much Love, Light, Healing, and Peace <3

  • Bexmcintyre@hotmail.com' Rebecca says:

    My inner child is scared and sad, my moon in Scorpio has me soaking in hot water in the bath each night and my Taurus sun misses the routine of life before covid. I’ve now got a 6 week old mini Aries to look after and I look at her and wonder why she chose now to come to this planet…we dance to the radio each day to raise our vibrations and be in the moment together ❤ 🎶

  • I also have strong Sag and Gemini in my chart (and a playful spirit). I used to try to alleviate sadness any way I could when ai felt like I was slipping into the abyss only to be frustrated that nothing worked. Now I manage the sadness by just letting it happen because experience has told me “this too shall pass.”

  • Katiej32@gmail.com' Katie says:

    Yes, I’m absolutely suffering the collective pain, and bouts of joy. Thank you for this info!

  • morgantree74@gmail.com' Michelle Morgan says:

    God bless you and your sensitive heart! You are speaking to us Starseeds, that made the decision to come, but now that we are here, we are struggling! When will we see the peace love and harmony that we are bringing forward in this collective DARKNESS?

    You have reminded me that I am an Angel on a mission. When I see the chip on shoulders and the holes in people’s hearts, my job is to be understanding, and hold BIG SPACE, even if those scars are kicking me around!!

    The collective has really suffered through this time, no matter your take on the virus. It’s reflective in each individual’s personal experience. As above, so below, yes? What are we to do? A great reminder to get back into meditation, and speak the what we want to be into existence. So much healing work to be done!

    Again, God bless you, dear woman!!:-)))

  • lisapaquette7@gmail.com' Lisa says:

    Debra, I try to change my sadness by doing the first thing that comes to my mind, sometimes going for a walk by myself, watch a movie, or sometimes just moving and doing things really work for me. I am a hairstylist, definitely working solves the problem, love my job. Other than working, I go with my first instinct.

  • When it gets really bad and my regular activities like dancing, writing, anything creative isn’t quite enough I am blessed with little people at this time. Nieces and nephews. Close enough to walk to visit. I do the most for them to feel free and be wild. They do the same for me without even realizing. And their hugs are thee most potent magic on this planet for me🥰

  • Yodhey8@yahoo.com' Saundra says:

    I also am sensitive and when I feel the downward pull I call a friend who is also sensitive. We talk and share our experiences. We give each other support and confirmation of every thing is always in state of potential. We encourage each other to give the optimal response to relax, let go and allow the potential better change to manifest. We can all use a change toward higher better experiences.

  • c_argabright@hotmail.com' Crystal Brown says:

    I am a collection of being knocked over by lifes waves. Currently grieving a sudden loss in out family and my husbands job. I believe that everything is part of a bigger plan, just so tired from the rollercoaster of the last 8 years. I look
    To meditation for daily grounding and ask those that walk in the white light of God to fill me with hope, encouragement, protection and Grace.

    Thank You,
    Crystal Brown

  • taramaz7@comcast.net' Tara Mazza says:

    Hi Debra! I stay grateful for the little things, like the beauty of nature and the miracle of life. I also practice yoga and meditation which helps focus my attention on inner peace and allowing myself to let go of the negative. Blessed, Tara

  • denwatt@rocketmail.com' denise says:

    I have been reaching for the sugar fix and then telling myself off until the other day when I told myself that I need a new distraction. I had no idea what it would be but trusted in law of attraction etc. I went shopping (food of course!) With my daughter and they had 1000pc jigsaws on offer so we bought 3. There it was, smack bang right in front of me. Now I indulge in popping some pieces into the jigsaw instead of heading for the chocolate. Also get to spend quality time being a child again with my teenagers. Filling my soul. Filling their soul. Teaching them, teaching me.
    Thank you for your article and making me aware of how the universe is guiding me. X

  • Jurby50@msn.com' Josephine says:

    I listen to you all the time. This really touched me. I ALWAYS say “I want to go home”. I know from a hypnosis session that I didn’t want to be born. Guess I had buyer’s remorse after committing to this life. This was helpful. I realize I sometimes choose to live in the sadness. For me, it’s just been exacerbated during CoVid. Daily practice of mindfulness helps. Gratitude affirmations upon awakening makes it easier to face the challenges of these times. Strong connection to spirituality keeps me centered throughout the day. Especially, when I slip and find myself hurling down the Rabbit hole. Thank you for your commitment to the global community. I look forward to your forecasts. They are among the first things I watch daily.

  • dnersesian@yahoo.com' Dianne McGuire says:

    I am feeling a lot of sadness right now as well. I think it is both for collective and individual reasons. I miss my home state and my family and I find myself wondering why did I agree to make a move 6 years ago to a different state? But I did participate in that choice. I resonate with your statement “I just want to go home.” Today I will make the decision to stop saying this, to experience the present place and time where I am living, and if I am directed to move back then so it is. I really feel the energy of this full moon! Thank you, Dianne

  • amberdurrell@gmail.com' Amber Durrell says:

    It’s a balance of acknowledging the pain in the world enough to feel grateful, but not linger on that reality to the point of depression. I struggle with anxiety because the grown-up in me doesn’t want to drop the ball, but once the work is done, I let the inner child take center stage always. Music is essential either way. And wine pairs well with my son’s cartoons.

  • moemaccarthy86@gmail.com' Maura Maccarthy says:

    I have truly been able to get quiet enough to nurture my lust for life into a full blown bonfire. It feels like I might burst into flames some days. And then there is grief for all the years I didn’t have myself. I gave so much of my authority away for my whole life. I need to cry for the one who wasn’t allowed a voice but rejoice she is back. Thank you for the work you do ❤️

  • fullsceneathletics@gmail.com' Alissa says:

    So much YES!! January 2020 before covid-everything, I was rushing to work (always rushing always busy) and I slipped in my garage and hit my head on the concrete floor. I suffered a concussion, and have been dealing with post concussion syndrome since then. Not only that, but myself and my husband own a business and due to covid, have been shut down longer than we’ve been open in the last year and a half. All of our years of hard work, sacrifices, sleepless nights all just seem wasted, as now the future of our industry is unknown. It’s a very sad time and dealing with chronic health issues does NOT help. We also have a 3 year old which, I totally and completely believe, that without her, this life would just be unbearable. She IS the light in our lives and is what drives us to persevere. Spending time with a child is like being allowed into a tiny club of positivity. They don’t see the world as you do. They are innocent, and their days of imagination, fun, and joy is all they’re made to know….and I LOVE that. I will forever remember this time in life as one of the most difficult of my life ..but my daughter will know it as days filled with time with mommy and daddy doing fun things and filled with love for each other…and I don’t think I could ask for more than that.

  • truckingpsychologist@msn.com' Kimberly Carter says:

    Buy crystals… Lots of them 😆

  • Robincapone10@gmail.com' Robin Capone says:

    My husband passed away, then covid hit. My work is in the senior market and all meetings stopped. I was sad, lonely, empty. I started watching videos of horses who were abandoned and shipping to slaughter.one little baby caught my eye. No more than a yearling, beautifully bred, with total fear in her eyes. I went out on a limb And bailed her, brought her home , and slowly trained her to the touch of humans. and she has been my love, my cherished gift. She brought a whole new family to me – my barn family. I think this story describes having trust in something when nothing makes sense.
    Go with the flow of the universe and see what magic it brings.

  • bettygawthrop@sbcglobal.net' Betty Johnson says:

    Dear Debra, I am having a hard time finding any JOY since my 21 year old son was killed in a car wreck on January 19, 2021. We had a difficult relationship to say the least. He was my birthday present since he was born July 22, 1999 and my birhdate is July 23, 1964. HE was my sunshine. I feel I have spent my life defending him. He was not accepted/loved by my family because he looks and possible acts like his father who no-one could tolerate. I am constantly kicking myself for not wrapping my wings around him more. I should have protected him against the doctors who put him on drugs for ADHD, against his teacher who didn’t know what they were doing, against my own family who would not accept nor help in his raising, and against his own father who was an abusive husband and father. I never spanked him because of the treatment he and my other son received from their dad. I FAILED AT THE MOST IMPORTANT TASK OF MY LIFE.

  • susan@spmprop.com' Susan says:

    I like you Debra and very sensitive to the collective pain. I am a Sag, so I am always trying to to be optimistic (but my Heart is sad). What brings me out of the sadness is my daily walk in nature with my Big dog Darth (who is really a gift from the Gods and my daily chocolate bar), and my amazing husband (also a daily chocolate bar). I am so blessed in this lifetime and so grateful for my blessings, however the “Sadness” is always there and for the life of me it just refuses to leave. I am going to borrow your mantra and declare that there is no more complaining about living on this planet ( I really just want to go home too). Thank you Debra I love you and I am in gratitude for your gifts so freely given. I have a smile on my face always (even if my soul is in tears). Life is magical!!!!!

  • kathy.filippelli9@gmail.com' KATHY FILIPPELLI says:

    Hi Debra, thank you for allowing me to express how I feel when I am sad, I think- this is healing, writing to someone you don’t know and expressing your true feelings can take you out of your comfort zone rather than journalling and only you can read. When I get into a slump, my usual routine would to crawl on the couch and lay there in midst of my head throwing negative comments. But I am smarter now, I have learned it’s tactics and I tell myself to get up! I push real hard and find myself wanting to go outdoors, nature is the best medicine- there is no judgements, ill thoughts, only Love, freedom, grounding. I find myself smiling inside- it’s my happy place.
    This pandemic has put me on a roller coaster ride, I am super emotional. Somedays I’m on a high and I tell myself I MUST keep going, and other days the pit of despair. I tell myself this is just a short period of time and it shall pass. Friends also are the true grit of staying sane, it’s a lot different before we were able to all get together but now we send happy texts, uplifting messages, play games, some weekends we just text Good Morning! At the end of the day thanking God for the day and gratitude for all that is.
    oh and my inner child wants to go out and play- so we do gardening and enjoy nature around us- she particularily loves the birds.
    Thank you Debra for allowing me to share my feelings, I will look upon at the moon and the stars and wonder what they have in store for me today! Blessings Kathy

  • dlmanasco@att.net' Diana Manasco says:

    Debra, I love your words. I have lived a long life of 72yrs and have had “many” challenges. My heart believes that I’m a survivor and each day is a blessing to me. I have lived a life of feeling energies around me and though I capture their orbs and thank them for visiting me, I also can feel peoples emotions and their sadness. This past year has put my heart and soul in a rollercoaster depression and everyday I pull up my “big girl pants” and enjoy my day. I listen to music, I sing & dance with my animals, I fill my time with crafts and my beautiful flower garden. I love life and the beauty of the moment I’m in. I have raised 5 wonderful children and have 13 beautiful grandchildren and my heart is full. This past year I came upon your website and felt that I was an old friend of yours.(haha) In my early years I was into Astrology and life happened…….I lost touch with that part of what I loved so much. I want to thank you for being ” Exactly Who You Are”!! I look forward to listening to you, reading your thoughts, and feeling your positivity!

    In short, I live each day as a Blessing to me and fill myself with the beauty of Nature & Life. xoxo Diana

  • Kategiuchici@gmail.com' Kate says:

    My daughter has a set of 4yr old twins (who happen to be Geminis) for best friends. We play with them almost every day. We are surrounded by parks and I’m so glad to see the masks starting to come off. I’m Aquarius with Leo moon Sagittarius rising, I am a big kid. I find it difficult to let go of that when I have to play the mom. I would rather be her friend.
    During all this past year, I haven’t ventured far from the house. I recently took the bus on an errand alone and was blasted with the reality of life. I decided I prefer to be sheltered and oblivious to the rest of the world. I’d rather play with the kids in the park, blowing bubbles.

  • amywlff@yahoo.com' Amy Wolff says:

    When the pandemic hit and everything shut down, I felt a sigh of relief, the world finally stopped and I felt that I could take a breath. It has been rejuvenating for me. I’m a Taurus, Leo rising and moon in Aries. I’m also super sensitive to all of these energetic downloads that have been occurring, and the past few days I feel that I’m doing a lot of releasing as well, which isn’t easy but I know it’s for my highest good. All in all, I feel fantastic! 😊

  • monika.dudezki@gmail.com' Monika Dudezki says:

    Hi Debra!
    I am a Sagittarius with a Gemini rising and my Mercury is in Sagittarius… So you figure I’d be really upbeat and happy and full of energy, full of vim and vigour?? Right??? Wrong!! Covid has made it increasingly difficult to maintain a happy and positive outlook. But your email at least helped me see that Covid has taken its toll . I find myself feeling negative, sad, frustrated and angry. Sleep is disturbed and so are my dreams. I lack joy in my life.

    Thanks for all your support and daily you tube videos. I hope one day I’m lucky enough to get a free reading. Something has derailed me and I’m not sure it’s just Covid.

  • ashleystanding@hotmail.com' Ashley says:

    Yes. I’ve been feeling it. My days are like roller coasters; I find my joy when sharing time with others or doing an activity I enjoy but then in the in between moments it’s a deep plunge into a drowning sadness and debilitating despair. Each time I break out I forget how bad it was until I’m there again and somehow it feels worse. I’m afraid of that process. I don’t like it. I want to break free.

  • Vitamingirl32@gmail.com' Cathy Bernard says:

    My partner and I moved to our happy place, Hawaii, during the pandemic. It took us 12 years to work through the complexities of our lives to finally be ready for our transition into semi-retirement in paradise. We continued to struggle throughout 2019 working to make our move happen. It wasn’t until July of 2020 that we arrived to our island home and have spent this last year settling in and making Oahu our permanent home. It hasn’t been easy, getting to know people has been next to impossible. Thankfully we enjoy each other’s company and now as the restrictions begin to lift we can reach out more, and hopefully be openly received by new friends and neighbors. I feel very blessed to have had my dream come true during a pandemic. Even covid couldn’t stop us from moving forward and living the life we longed for. I guess the moral of the story is…”never give up, never ever give up!”

  • goldnava888@gmail.com' Catherine says:

    Thank you Debra for your rawness. JOY? I can’t say I have ever felt true JOY. I was to busy trying to survive that joy, peace, prosperity, health and oneness with God, everything took a backseat for many years. But this year has been different. I am actually thinking what it would be like to have joy? have health? have peace? have prosperity? be the light with God? This year I am just now being aware. I couldn’t, focus on anything for years from the past. It was pure survival mode. This year is different, I already feel it from head to toe. I have been doing breathing exercises and telling myself breathe in God’s life, and this feels good. So for May 26, 2021 I request in my life, Joy, Peace, Oneness with God, Health, Prosperity, and gratefulness and thankfulness. Yes, that feels good. Debra my birthday is May 27, 2021 I am a Gemini. And if I am dreaming big dreams, I would also like the one hundred pounds of extra fat on my body to release from my body, in a timely manner. I hope my comments are not to heavy for some people but its where I am at and where I have been and where I may be going. God Bless all of you on your journeys.

  • reginapeyoti@gmail.com' Marti says:

    Sag sun, Gemini moon here! And i feel so powered up as everytime at this time of the year. I feel hopeful, trustful and uplifted. And than i’m struggling to sleep at night time. Caught in allthe things i could/should do to empower myself and the world..
    To center i walk in Nature, dance, sing. Play and be silly. These things save my life on a daily base. My prays that have been listen from past years: external emotions are not affecteing me as much as they would (and i used to be hyper sensitive to others energy). This realization has been a turning point for my well being! Everything is possible beautiful souls!
    Happy eclypse season y’all xx

  • I had one of those moments this week where you pause and think, “I can’t believe I’m a grown up”. I mean I’ve been a grown up a long time, I’m 47, but do you ever have those weird moments where it’s almost disorienting and you feel like you should be home with your parents? Not being the parent in your own grown up home. Just writing that makes me feel nostalgic and a little lonely. But for what? I think my inner child when feeling vulnerable wonders who is going to take care of her. And just as I am nursing my 10 year old who just broke her arm, I get to nurse me and watch funny videos and make yummy food and yes, pour that glass of wine! Cap Sun/Sag Rising/Taurus Moon. 🙂

  • nancy.briggs@iname.com' Nancy says:

    Hi Debra,

    Thanks so much for starting this conversation and sharing so honestly! Yes, a lot of people seem sad, angry, lonely during this covid experience. We are still in lockdown in this part of the country, so we cannot even go shopping or socialize as yet, so this makes it harder, for sure. For Mother’s Day, my lovely daughter gave me a little framed mirror, with 3 little birds looking into it, so they see their reflections! It is beside my bed and reminds me of Bod Marley’s song “Don’t Worry”. I found a loop that plays it on youtube and put that on now every morning as I get dressed! It reminds me of all the good things in Life, and I get my Sag groove back pretty quickly!

    In great appreciation of your work! I love the daily horoscopes and find them very helpful!


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