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I’ve made a new friend with this exact combo. Robert is a Marine Biologist who owns the largest aquarium supplier company in the world. He is in his early 60s and competed in the world class Crossfit world. These are Sag things to say: the biggest, the largest, the most. They are not likely to go small on anything. It’s a problem for this combo: life in the ordinary, slow lane is for sissies. Politically incorrect and judgemental, they love to shock with their straight up truths.

The heavens right now are screaming: it’s your turn to get real, go big. There will be no beige. We have had Mars in Gemini for almost six months—insisting that we talk now, activated by the Full Moon in the same sign—we need to talk.

That’s what I have been doing with my new friend; true about meeting all new friends there is something so exciting about getting to know someone. First things first: is it fun to talk to this person? Do we have a ping-pong quality of friendship here?

Intrigue is required with a Sag/Gemini. When someone goes big, when their vision is beyond just their own ego and actually includes a cause or a mission, I listen. Sags always have a sense of purpose attached to their enthusiasm.

He has started a 501c3 to help the health of the ocean specifically addressing the coral issues and its sustainability in a warming sea. More than 50 percent of the coral on planet Earth has been killed. Watch Chasing Coral.

Robert’s organization Coral Arc is trying to not only raise awareness about the coral, but also to find a solution that can replace the suffering ecosystem in a very real way.

Knowing my fixation on how to help our planet, you can imagine how reflecting with this Full Moon in Gemini guy, with a sun in Sag, has inspired enthusiasm.

These newsletters are here to inspire. To ask you the hard questions: if you are open to Astrology. If you follow my videos at all, you are open to the largest cosmic conversation. My favorite big question I live with all day is: what can we do to make a difference?

This Full Moon is all about honesty, saying shit, hello Sag, and not holding back. I have noticed that whenever I speak to the climate issues on my page we get less and less attention: why? It’s the same reason this Full Moon is dangerous. Someone with this combo has gotten in trouble for having been too blunt, too honest, too much.

You may have some Sag in you if you speak to the unspeakable without knowing when to stop, or if you address the superficiality of our world with distaste and then address the underbelly—speaking to truth that is best left behind.

In the last few years I suddenly noticed I had nicknamed myself Debbie Downer. Over time I realized: ok, let’s not talk about the future of the health of Earth with such a negative projection—let’s future pace with positivity and act on solutions. I have found the positive energy. I just moved from Debbie Downer to Accepting Alice—but not without deep thought. I realized the negativity was getting us all nowhere.

So, when I found an organization like Coral Arc—I thought this is a great way to make a difference. Maybe I could help. https://www.thecoralarkinternational.org

This Full Moon in air is echoed with more air, not just the Gemini Full Moon but the many planets in air in the sky. Saturn has been in Aquarius (air) for almost two years. By the way, we are almost out of this cycle that was demanding we all stop. Thank you Covid. We did stop for a while.

Mars has been in Gemini (air) for weeks now. What does this mean? It means we have to talk. Share. Think about what we can do to help.

Next stop: coming soon to your neighborhood, this spring is Saturn in Pisces asking us to get real about our emotions about the state of affairs. Not just to stop, think and share, but also to evaluate and feel the effects of our passivity.

I’m so honest. I’m too honest. This Full Moon begs the question: can you face the music? Do you call yourself out when you are off the mark, an asshole, a scaredy cat? Whatever you are hiding, this Full Moon wants you to stand out, be honest and raw. And tell us what it is. So curious….

I will never stop asking hard questions—I am air. My Saturn, my life lesson is in Sag: the lesson to be willing to make waves even if it makes others uncomfortable. I am on task.

Now tell me…what is it you are not saying, or doing? Let us know.



  • Hi Deb thank you for this newsletter – I loved it for many reasons – how it resembles my sag – how it informed me – how vulnerable and honest it was – and BTW I think you have been brave and afraid since the day i met you. The world does need what you have to offer and I am so glad you are still pushing, exploring, experiencing and living your best life. Love sss

  • D@coachingwithd.com' D.Lisa says:

    I’m talking about my adult art camps my own art and my mystery school programs and getting out of my scaredy-cat quiet of not telling people what I do and how awesome it is. Eeeeek

  • debbiesgi@yahoo.com' Debra Esterline says:

    Wow! Thank you for sharing your insight, Debra.
    My name is also Debra / Debbie. My moon is in Gemini, Aquarius Ascendant, Saturn in Aquarius, progressed sun in Sagittarius, and I’m going through my 2nd Saturn Return. I can so relate to your post. I find myself no longer willing to remain silent, or to have “Peace At Any Price”, as us Libras are guilty of. I think that my combination of progressed sun in Sagittarius and Saturn return has made me much more outspoken / blunt / honest, and I’ve had to work hard to learn to set healthy boundaries with people.

    Also, there’s one music artist that was my absolute favorite, John Denver – 12/31/1943, who was an advocate for saving planet earth and all of its creatures. He worked tirelessly talking and singing about the issues we are now facing on our planet many years before. He displayed many of the Moon in Pisces qualities of being the visionary that he was, and he was my first inspiration about the serious issues we face on our planet. There are 2 songs that come to mind that he wrote, “It’s About Time”, “I Want To Live” which expresses some of how he felt about some of these issues.

    Thank you again, Debra, for sharing your insightful astrology guidance,

    Debbie Esterline

  • Gladymirramos@yahoo.com' Gladymir Ramos says:

    Wow wow Ty so much for this. Being a rising Sagittarius ♐️ sometimes is thought because we are so blunt and straightforward. I can’t wait for what is in store with this Full Moon. Ty so much for your amazing job. Blessings.

  • bentonts@yahoo.com' Tonya Benton says:

    Grand cross transit for a generation! Gemini north node activation!

  • Mymedicaremama@gmail.com' Sheila McInerney says:

    I have Sag rising and Moon in Gemini. I’m always blunt. Did I mention I’m a Taurus . Hope people can stand me..

  • Thank Debra. Very interesting. Being positive is crucial 💜 I’m naturally an Accepting Alice…Aquarius Sun ♒️ Aquarius Moon ♒️ Sagittarius Rising ♐️

  • zbritfly@gmail.com' Britain Hammell says:

    Well I have a few messages for Debra I have not shared. One from Spirit. And One from the other side. I’m thinking she know who from.

  • kelkreates@gmail.com' Kelly says:

    Hmm…what is it that I am not saying or doing? That is a prickly question. I AM accepting and moving with change. In the past year I made the decision to leave a 32-year marriage that had become toxic. I handled the entire divorce, sale of the house, taxes, etc. (Double Cap with moon in Taurus here.) I struck out on my own, and I’ve been experiencing moderate success in my profession, which is freelance writer.

    I had a reading from one of your students recently, and she confirmed that I am on the correct path and moving forward rapidly. But then her trainer/evaluator came on the call and advised me that I need to be mindful of my health over the next year. She felt that the student did not put enough emphasis on that aspect of my chart (although to her credit, the student did point it out.) I believe that this is the area that I am not addressing. I’ve lost the motivation to take care of my physical body. I’m a Type 1 diabetic and keeping my blood sugar stable is extremely important. Lately I’ve been letting this slide, giving myself a pass to ignore my condition. I’ve gained weight, stopped exercising – none of this is good. I have all the tools in place to maintain my health, but I continually fail to use them. This is the one area of my life that is out of control. And if I am to believe your student and her teacher, which I do, it’s time for me to get my act together and get this situation under control.

    I’ve just returned from a week in Costa Rica, where I ate well, spent time in the warm sun, took joy in the sudden rain showers, and hiked in the cloud forest. I earthed and grounded with abandon. I spent time with the people that I love the most. And I realized that I am not ready to leave this life behind, not yet. I am not ready to let ill health claim my future. I have too much work to do, too many stories to tell. Your question has driven home the urgency of doing what I need to do, even though I don’t really want to do it. It might also be a good idea for me to get back into therapy for a while to examine why I am punishing myself in this way. But most importantly, I need to follow Nike’s advice: Just do it!

    Darn you, Debra! Now I have to take action because I can’t un-admit what I know to be true. Thanks a lot, girlfriend. All joking aside, thanks a lot, girlfriend. We all need a swift kick in the butt every now and then, and you’ve provided mine!

  • earthmajik7@gmail.com' Alaya says:

    I’m Sagittarius Rising ♐ too! I always thought my bluntness came from my Sun in Aries ♈, but my Pisces ♓ Moon tends to create confusion when it comes to relationships! I get so concerned about the other’s feelings, tend to forget that I’m important too! I Love people who aren’t afraid to be blunt! Sometimes that’s exactly what need! I am Done walking on eggshells around people who are afraid to Be Real or Get Real! That’s why I love you so much Debra! 💖♐

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