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I just had a sad excuse to stop time.

Without being too Sag and sharing all the gory details, suffice it to say: I had a medical issue that demand I STOP and go inside. This is so NOT Sagittarius; however, what I did while I was down for the count was very Sagittarius…

I (and whoever I could enroll) spent hours watching spiritual videos. I took a deep dive into realms often left for those who call themselves philosophers or intellectuals—those who love to read and study.

During this double Sag sky (which is called a new moon in Sagittarius), we are asked to stop and go in.

I hope you guys have figured out by reading about Astrology that when the Sun and the Moon are in the same sign, it’s a dark sky—a quiet time. Even if it’s during a double Sag sky—where the Sun and Moon are in the fire sign of Sagittarius—even then, it is a time for reflection.

And so I went in. With effort I can find relief from the grand dramas of this life—from health issues to political silliness to ongoing depression to broken hearts—all by studying, by trying to see through the eyes of love, imagining how God would see these changes from her perspective. I ask really hard questions like a Sag would do.

For example: Why are we so limited in our ability to find solutions in our world about hard stuff, like the topics of refugees, world peace, or the end of war? How can we as a universal species inhabiting this planet address caring and sharing–for real? It puzzles me that we have solved dinosaur problems like disease: polio, cataracts, or how to get electricity into the largest cities in the world and running hot water for all of us in North America—yet we cannot find the simple essence of sustained kindness? One of the topics that especially affects me is refugees…

It hits close to home. I wouldn’t be in America if my grandparents weren’t forced on a large ship to go far away from their birth land of Russia, where violence forced them to leave and go to NYC. They arrived penniless. My great-grandfather died on the ship on the way over. It was hell.

They landed and had to learn a new language, society and lifestyle. The word ‘immigrant’ was a powerful word then. It described a chance to start a better life. Immigrant is now a scary word—like terrorism, sanctuary cities and deportation—words that my grandmother and grandfather did not know.

The only relief I can find when wrestling with these giant questions is to seek wisdom. To go toward concepts that suggest we are evolving. This is relevant for our topic of Sag.

Sag is the sign of the optimist who looks at everything through rose-tinted glasses: repeating ‘this too shall pass.’

No worries—we are growing as individuals and as a species—these are our growing pains. Don’t fret—this will change into a doorway of growth and change.

This is why it’s important to be in our Astrological community—we promote faith. Let’s keep our eyes on the flag of hope as we bow our heads and say: let us grow into a more evolved version of the human. We are just in growing pains. That’s where I want live.

Do you have optimism? Can I count on you to hold the positive angle to see the world through kindness? We need you. If you need some suggestions of what to read when you are down, here are some of my favorites:

  • Dying To Be Me by Anita Moorjani
  • The Afterlife of Billy Fingers by Annie Kagan
  • The videos called: Baraka
  • Go to and watch the show on Samadi

Just to mention a few.

Sending my love during this dark sky.

Pretend you are a Sag and stay positive no matter what…

You know how that goes: fake it until you make it? How’s that working for you?

Sending love,


  •' jeanine tamburro says:

    Oh the journey through change . You are in my prayers. Jeanine

  •' Chris Komine says:

    I have had many very hard falls in my mental and physical health over the last couple of years and transformed my self/Self completely several times, learning many life lessons along the way. I am Sag sun, Pisces moon, Scorpio rising, so I’m in it to win it this month!
    Whenever I am barely hanging on, I ask myself two questions, “how can I spin straw into gold?” or how can I learn from this negative situation and give in but not give up my heart’s desires. The second question I ask mindfully every day is, “I wonder what will unfold today?” This question keeps me present for gifts of abundance, seeing miracles unfolding in their process of becoming. It reminds me that I, too am in my process of becoming the spark of divine love I began as. Wondering keeps me in a curious state of mind, eager to let my inner child experience and learn. I have recreated my life into the creative/spiritual life I was always meant to live.
    Light your candle of truth in the darkness and be warmed and healed by the light.

  •' Paula says:

    Hi Debra… yup! You can count on me! As Ghandi said “ be the change you want to see in the world” . It can be tough sometimes but it’s soooo worth It. Sending love right back at ya! And to the rest of the world too! ? Paula.
    P.S. thank you sooooo much for all your insights and teachings! & Awesome energy’!

  •' Rocky DiSopa says:

    Very powerful, thank you for sharing. I just wanted to let you know I purchased your book “The Missing Element”. It is so interesting, immediately I began to experience lucid dreaming every night! So I’ve started a dream journal (recommended for us Air males anyway). Thank you so much, am enjoying the journey very much.

  •' Joanna says:

    Dear Debra, I thank you for your wonderful videos that enrich and educate. You have many people cheering for you with your health issue. May you be well and happy, and light shine all around and through you ❤️?

  •' Dinah says:

    Thank you, I’m in the same space….love your wisdom and walking the walk…❤️

  •' Sharon McMurry says:

    Hi Debra how are you this fine day? My name is Sharon and I am a 4 planet Virgo with a Scorpio Moon Sagittarius Rising Mars in Gemini Mercury and Venus in Virgo Neptune in Scorpio I am a true Rebel I am free no one can tell me otherwise I love you I love you I love you I love you you’re totally and completely awesome you are the only person I’ve ever met…who shares almost a mirror defined view of astrology …meaning…I loved your takes on each sign…to the point and tlreally this is how I see the individual signs …of course moons. To songs etc …makes for our individualitiesI’ve been involved in astrology since 14…I am 58 born in 1960 and. A little surfer girl now in the Northwest now I’m still a little blond ball of energy and I love it I filters life through the astrology…I I did charts when I was younger by hand in the 70s and Tarot cards for people ….I’m in desperate need of healing myself right now …I am kind of in a weird place..I have not bumped into anyone “healthy”…spiritually speaking for ages…
    Must fix this….have a super day…peace…love sharon

  •' Dominique Totah says:

    Thank You! Much appreciation for all of your wisdom and humor.
    Sending Love & Light From San Diego 🙂

  •' Whitney Wolf says:

    Thank you Debra you’re writing is beautiful and well stated and right on. ? love you ? take care

  •' Hollis says:

    Love your wisdom ??

  •' Karen Rhodes says:

    As always. Thank you Debra!

  •' Christina Caprez says:

    Thanks Debra,

    I always like to listen to you, you are informative and always funny! I love your book the missing element it helped me to unterstand myself better. I am Sagittarius and air!

    Hugs Christina

  •' Lisa says:

    Good luck, heal quick.

  •' Ti says:

    Yesterday, I was deep in the ‘what’s the point’ spiral, so I channeled the Sag curiosity and went on a wiki journey that started at “Existential Crisis” and ended with me listening to Alan Watts and exploring Positive Psychology. I’ve got a path back up to positivity, using my Cap discipline and Libra desire to connect.

  •' Christina Caprez says:

    Thanks Debra,

    I always like to listen to you, you are informative and always funny! I love your book the missing element. It helped me understand myself better. I am Sagittarius and air!

    Hugs Christina

  •' Carol Knoll says:

    I do work hard to stay positive. And I am a Virgo! But people see the light in me so I feel the importance of holding that and often after meditating I send light all around the earth.
    I think fake it til you make it is a good start but for me I know when I am faking and that is not acceptable. I need to live the light and love I have been so generously given ( and yes I have had challenges in life. Had a baby die years ago and since 2014 it has been loss and let it go over and over again.) I am grateful to have been told to let the past go so my hands are open to receive the future I know they were not just joking. These last years have changed me and freed me and that brings me great joy. When I started this journey at 30 my burning question was, “How do I get my insides and my outsides together?” I feel I am becoming whole.
    I find the refugees rejection so painful it makes me feel physically ill. Those souls have something they want to learn or experience or to demonstrate to the world how low we can go – whatever. I pray and send light. And give thanks for all I have been given. Keep my joy as I know it makes a difference.
    Your story is a good one. Bless your grandparents and bless you! Thanks for writing to us.
    With Love,

  •' Sharon says:

    Thank you. It is indeed a difficult time. Meditation helps, clear the mind, breathe and put one foot in front of the other until the fog lifts. Look for those “happy flashes!”

  •' Kathryn says:

    Hi Debra! Loved that impression you imprinted on all of us, at least me, today. I too wrestle with those big questions & I’m a Cancer with lots of Fire. It can get overwhelming listening to this political novel unfold in real time while there are so many people starving, kids having depression more & more, the division that is felt in this country, the need for water & food, the need to do something about climate change for our Mother Earth & her oceans, mountains, trees, animals on ground & in the waters, bees & so many, many things. I just need to stop & go into my crab shell & eventually look up to the sky & sun & moon & know that this is where we need to be & sometimes there are no answers. The only answer I know is go within, work on yourself from the inside, study astrology (it’s helped me so much & I’m 66yo & have been studying this stuff forever), connect with nature & the conscious universe through what ever means resonates with you (my discussions happen through Oracle cards). I had the need & aching to get more in touch with Spirit & nature. Sickness of all sorts came at me as I transitioned & through it I would think what do I want to do now. I wanted to reconnect to Spirit. Applied Astrology & Personal Mastery with Colette Baron Reid fell in my lap. I’ve rediscovered communicating the Divine & as I do my heart opens more & I have to believe that somehow, someway this is helping somewhere. I need to see the beauty in the world, the colors, the sounds, the stillness to know there is more to this, so much I have no idea of, but goodness is there. No faking it for me, I do not like that saying, I like starting where I’m at & keep moving up, expanding & loving.

  •' Donna Fargnoli says:

    Wishing you good health and peace during this holiday season. ✨?✨?✨✨✨✨

  •' Nancy says:

    Thank you for Shinning so Bright as an exemplar Roll Model . May your Holidays bring you Happy Happy and Joy Within ✨♥️??

  • Please I’d love more of your recommendations! I will watch the videos you recommended. I’ve read everything Anita Moorjani writes, and I’ve read Billy Fingers five times. I am hungry for more! I love your group, I love you and your coaches, and you guessed it: I’m a Sag Rising. 😉 With love and healing and wishing everyone wisdom and the peace that comes with it, xo Kathy

  •' Chris says:

    Debra Thankyou , I enjoy reading and listening to all even though I still have quite a muddle understanding everything . I’m Cancer Sun with libra rising and life certainly hasn’t been easy lately but amongst those darker days I’ve found room for growth . I’m a volunteer and so believe in helping others and just being there to support . Along the way I’ve heloed heal my inner child . Coincidence or cosmic programming ! Thanks again Debra for sharing so generously x

  •' Roslyn says:

    Accept the diognsis but not the prognosis.
    When you go within know that those three planets in Sag bring heat from the fire planet, warmth heals so feal the heat in your heart, focus on your well being and the love that surrounds you from near and like me the other side of this great big beautiful world.
    Biggest hugs.

  •' Tom says:

    Love your positive energy Debra. I have Sag moon. I’ve always been optomistic. I’ve always said, And this too shall pass. And best of all, I’ve been traveling the world all my adult life. There are a lot of positive people in the world evolving in the right direction. Lets keep the ball rolling.

  •' Linda Scull says:

    Keeping you close in prayer ♡♡I love you BIG ❣?❣XXOO

  •' Jennifer Smith says:

    Thanks, Deb! Light speed!

  •' Tonya Benton says:

    So grateful for your well-timed poetry and courageous vulnerability. I am a student of Astrology because of your 2011 radio show. My transits are giving this water child much opportunity to learn to do Fire, to turn on my Observer, and to distinguish my emotional body from the Collective. Grateful for all the Air and Earth to be a student of myself. Love to us all in the seasons of Light and Quiet. Jupiter is my morning guide here in chilly Seattle!

  •' SaggiPie says:

    Hi Debra, you’re such an amazing SuperWoman thanks for sharing your downs reminds me you’re human ?

  •' Jane says:

    Hi Debra,
    My prayers are with you. Thank you for your wonderful teachings this year. They saved me- no kidding. You are a genius!! Jane Reilly

  •' Tess Charbonneau says:

    Debra…you listen up….you got this and it’s time for you to pull way way back…..that’s all….use your great staff to navigate and you take a good long chill….This is your Scorpio Mama Tess from the Catskills howlin and a barkin at you like the mama wolf nippin at your paws….hang back…hang back..Peace and Love….Tess

  • Thank you, Debra. I absolutely love your work and videos. I really love this month’s blog post, and when you write, “Let’s keep our eyes on the flag of hope as we bow our heads and say: let us grow into a more evolved version of the human. We are just in growing pains.” Yes!!! We are experiencing immense growing pains. It takes so much effort to maintain any sense of center right now in this world. I guess that is the task we are practicing. So much love and gratitude for you, thank you!

  •' Jennifer says:

    Thank you for sharing this Debra. I have my Sun and Moon in Sag as well as rising, Mercury, Neptune and Jupiter. It is a lot of Sag to handle but have been much less reactionary and just keep going in to reflect and get the higher wisdom. It is nice to know I am on track.

  •' Holli Weatherington says:

    Double Sag living in a double Sag sky right here. I love this post! This is my brain daily – wrestling the big issues of the world and consciousness simultaneously with the issues of my own life. I love the advice to consume spiritual programs and books. Be sure to DISCONNECT from the news world and politics. Those are illusions within an illusion. They only serve to trigger your subconscious emotional responses which do not come from our highest level of consciousness. You can only digest so much information in any moment. Remind others to pull away from it and make changes within their own lives. It is a simple shift of energy in your own life that can actually influence the collective. It’s important to go within to the self, into nature, not to solve the world’s problems but to connect to the Source. Surrender, accept where we are right now, pray and visualize the change you want to see…then be that in your own life. Humans reflect one another, let’s put out what we want reflected back to us. (Now I have to get back to my schedule, sigh….so not SAG-like!) 😉 Love you woman! Things are moving and adjusting nicely. Can’t wait to meet with you again in the Spring! Stay tuned!
    Cheers XOXO, Holli from Memphis in Colorado.

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