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Can you imagine being a double Sagittarius? The luckiest sign in the zodiac doubled?

What does that even mean to have a ‘double’ sign sky? It means the Sun and Moon are standing together in one constellation right now. We call it a new moon sky, which makes it time to reflect on the flavor of Sag.

When I think of Sag, I immediately think of humor, fun and the sign that encourages us to get outside to jump around and be physical. Sag is the fire sign that invites us to think big, go wild and be our uninhibited selves. I have come to love this energy.

When I first started studying Astrology, this was one of the few signs I felt an immediate negative reaction to. Then I found out it was the sign of my life lesson (I have Saturn in Sagittarius). No wonder I wasn’t attracted to it. It asks us to smile and be happy with a kid-like quality I did not understand.

This energy asks us to be loud, outspoken, and wildly free. I don’t think I’m alone when I say many of us are allergic to this personality type. I never wanted to be that person—blunt, outspoken and taking up too much room. Sag can easily get judged for being too much, especially in times like this.

We are in the middle of an impeachment trial. Our country is split right down the middle. We are talking about children at the border living under abuse in a government-run organization—we’ve never even heard of this before. A climate crisis arrives in our cities and country—more words we’ve never used before. There are too many things to name. (Sag loves politics and is entertained by large topics.)

So we are supposed to be ‘happy’? We should hold a tough upper lip as they say. Sag encourages it.

This is Sag: make your life worthwhile by choosing happiness. I used to hate this kind of pretense.

I have learned (my Saturn in Sagittarius has served me well) that joy is the medicine that allows us to accept the harshest truths which follow us around daily.

I have this joke I repeat: “I am the President of the Jews for Joy club—but we have so few members.”

Why? Because I grew up with sorrow as the constant. I was always scared and waiting for the next shoe to drop. I worried everything would eventually break before too long. It did for my grandmother—she was an immigrant whose father died on the boat ride over here from Russia—she had a very very hard life.

But, under this dark sky we are invited to be joyful.

I heard a Rabbi once say: “You can spend your life joyful as long as you spend one hour a day crying. Don’t negate the sadness, and equally DO NOT forget the joy.”

Where do you fall on the spectrum? Joy or sadness? I am curious. This is a new moon—double Sagittarius—when it serves us to reflect on this meaningful topic. Joy and over-the-top humor and fun—can you do this without constraint?

Sadness comes too often. You tell me which one on the spectrum calls your name and just won’t let you go. Both are needed—this is the point of this new moon.

Sending you sweet sadness and a lot of joy during a double Sag sky,


  •' Mimsy Bouret says:

    Please accept me as a member of the Jews for Joy Club…. I too spent my life waiting for disaster to strike again and it did… again and again…. but I seem to have progressed beyond that phase and Joy now seems to reside within my heart consistently. Who knows what the future may bring but for now, I join you in doing the happy dance. My Jupiter is in Sag. I am learning to celebrate with abandon.

  •' Dawn says:

    Hi Debra,
    I am a Sagittarius Dec 6. I used to be free,playful and outrageous all the time. Somewhere between childhood and adulthood I lost something. I never lost the glass 1/2 full attitude.
    I am going to be 62 and returning to my youth in so many ways in which I think .
    Thank you for this. Many blessing.

  •' Amanda says:

    Hi Deb! Oh this is awesome. I’m a double sag and living in double sag energy! I have my sun and moon in sag and in the 9th house. I am a really lucky person and my world is filled with joy. Thank you!

  •' Jude Olive says:

    I am a Sag sun, Libra moon and Virgo rising. I work hard and find it difficult to be idle. I see everyone’s side in arguments and am often sought out to adjudicate but I am an absolute optimist and laugh loudly every day. I love life and despite having obstacles presented to me I find ways to overcome them often with a giant leap of joy. I grew up in a family of ten children all single births within 15 years. We had so much fun and very little money but not all my siblings share that sentiment. Bring on the sag energy!!!

  •' Tracy says:

    My Saturn in Aquarius, keeps me positive & hopeful for our future and in recognition of the changes happening in our country and globally. As a Catholic first born who married Jewish (mostly culturally), claiming emotions and the freedom to express them was uncomfortable to my former in laws. (I was with my ex for 27+ yrs) The ideas that have surrounded conformity and conditioning, for my lifetime, are no longer relevant…it’s not about competition anymore and who has the most stuff. Time for the individuals to recognize their right to self love and claim it. This is what attracts me to astrology, learning what’s beneath human motive, fear, desire and drive and how to best contribute my energy toward others’ finding theirs. The freedom of individual expression has been absent in our world for too long.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  •' Barbara says:

    SAG moon. It keeps me optimistic through tough times. It is a great reserve for me. But, a lot of the time, I don’t tell people what is going on with me, because I don’t want to bring them down, or feel like I am crying, “Poor pitiful me.” So, sometimes that smile on my face is FAKE. I am learning to be more authentic with those people that are willing to have an authentic relationship with me. My gift is I can “get over” most anything.

  •' Annabel Vnoucek says:

    I too have Saturn in Sagittarius but it sits with my Venus and Mercury. While it is out of orb in relation to aspect my Sun, because Venus and Mercury are in conjuction with my Sun, Saturn gets pulled into it. I try to like Sagittarius but sometimes I don’t which makes things difficult. I feel squashed by my Saturn. I also have a stellium in Scorpio (moon conjunct Neputune, Jupiter) which competes for attention. I often feel I am more Scorpio than Sag! It is all very uncomfortable.

  •' Sebastião says:

    Hey Debra! I’m a Sagittarius, AKA Fire Ball (6 placements in Sag) and my birthday was on the 25th! So surprised getting to know that it was also a Sagittarius new moon 🙂
    I got intrigued by your words on your Saturn sign being one of a life lesson, mine is in Pisces.. could you briefly give me some words on this?
    More and more I understand that it’s the reason why I wear my emotions so much up my sleeve..
    Thank you so much!

  •' Fadicula says:

    Love love the Jews for Joy concept of yours. Hilarious and yet, sooooo true. My life has had a full-time membership to that club for sure. But in more recent times, the Sag is slowly coming out more “organically”…. Spiritual awakening taking place. Have a great day.

  •' Ursula says:

    A very interesting article – it was a pleasure to read☺️.
    I call myself a double Saggitarius (Ascendent and Sun); this is not always easy to live?.

    Greetings from ??

  •' Veonica Carmosino says:

    I feel SAD and MAD and can’t help feeling that I am not doing enough too making it better.

  •' Deb Watson says:

    Excellent Debra Silverman! I most of the time “try” to feel neutral. Neither happy nor sad. It is very strange since I am a Cancer. I spoke with a medium who told me that I had a childhood trauma that caused a belief that if people lose control of their emotions they are crazy. And I stopped showing my emotions. I’m starting to work on it now. I have a profile out there on for my natal chart. Birth date is June 30, 1959 1:48 AM Arrington England. I would be most honored if you could have a look and see if you have some insights that will help me on this quest. Bless you, and thank you so much for all you do!

  •' Keri says:

    I have Sun and Moon in Scorpio – does that mean it was a new moon?
    I easily default to sadness. Both my parents had very hard childhoods and as a child I was reminded of it daily. Because of this I too always waited for the worst yet praying so hard daily for the best. My parents always said our family was cursed. Bad stuff (house foreclosure, car repossessed, dog ran away and so on…) kept happening and they would blame it on “the curse”. Now as an adult trying to rewrite my brain to joy has been a challenge. I have 2 children and bring lots of joy for them but on the inside I’m usually hurting and hiding my fear. I must say I feel the lightness of Sag. Energy was super heavy in my Scorpio and I did lots of crying. I’m thankful for the shift. Thank you for the article! It was comforting to read and spill some of my story.

  •' Natalie says:

    Love this post, Debra! I’m a double Sag and I’m absolutely loving the energy right now…but apart from this time of the year (and other fire dominant months) I do tend to have a harder time finding the joy that seems inescapable during this season. Regardless, happy to relate so strongly to a post and enjoy this season of giving and JOY!

  •' Amy Kennedy Fosseen says:

    Wow. This spoke to me! I am a Sagittarius (irritatingly so), but I have walked beside so much pain and grief–it may have tempered me a bit, but I still choose joy. I call myself a Happiness Warrior because you can always get through the pain to the other side, maybe with a Katana maybe with a smile maybe with as the Rabbi said, “…don’t negate the sadness, and equally don’t forget the joy.”

    I choose happiness over suffering, not sadness. Thank you for writing this Debra

  •' Cynthia Eyer says:

    I’m a Sagittarius and I have Sagittarius in my in my Mercury, Mars, and Jupiter. Lots of Optimism! Much Love Debra!

  •' Nadine says:

    I’m a Sagittarius!!! I’m Loud!!! I’m Proud!!! I take up all the space! I packed TWELVE pairs of shoes for a THREE DAY Vegas trip!!! I’m always happy. Until someone steals my sunshine. Then i have to kick the shit out of them. Then i laugh. And I’m happy again

  •' Leslie says:

    I can dig it.

  •' Susan Perry says:

    I am a look on th bright side kind of person
    I can pull the positives out of all situations
    I’m a Pisces and can definitely feel all the feelings all the time. I choose happiness ❤️❤️

  •' Tal Schwartz says:

    I always enjoy ur perspective n expertise! Thank you, Tal Schwartz

  •' kate green says:

    Thank U for this
    I have a Sag moon
    I am joyful.
    And I do not shrink from abusers.
    He is GOING DOWN‼️

  •' Fredda Tourin says:

    Dear Debra: I love your blog and I love your class. My upbringing was similar to yours (except both of my parents were Fire signs so although my Leo mother was a worrier, it was balanced by my Sag father’s enthusiasm and optimism-when he wasn’t worrying about my mother). I have learned, especially in the past year, to greet each new day with openness and joy, and to trust that the Universe has my back. I have also learned that although I studied astrology when I was younger, there is always something more to learn. So I guess that makes me a member of Jews for Joy, one of an increasing population, I hope.
    Thanks for your teachings.

  •' Betsy says:

    My Jewish grandmother came her from Russia as well, Debra! I will happily join your Jews for Joy club! I’m an optimistic Gemini, but with sun, mercury and venus in the 12th house, I’ve endured my share of sadness and disappointment. I have Saturn in Capricorn and I just finished the last hit of my second Saturn return. Pluto is currently opposing my moon in Cancer. Skin cancer right under my eye and not-so-pretty scar there was one of Saturn or Pluto transit (?) “gifts.” Still I embrace JOY because I need it if I’m going to be here. I want to be happy! I want to feel good. Much love and I loved your article! <3

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