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December 14, 2020, brings a double-Sagittarius sky (Sun and Moon in Sag) and a solar eclipse (the last eclipse of the season).

Do you want me to remind you that eclipses carry great significance in Astrology? It’s true — but only if you focus.

If you have a planet that’s on your birth chart in the last degrees of Sagittarius (25-29 degrees — go look at your chart), this eclipse is an opportunity, but it’s true for all of us, no matter what the degree…it is time to ask for what you want. Ask for all things Sag…which means to go ultra-positive.

The Sagittarian walks through the halls of wisdom as though s/he owns the place.

This new moon is about the seeker longing to make it all the way home — with a smile on their face — as they discover their own reflection for the first time.

Sag knows this life is but a dream — a poem. Our liberation comes after there is enough angst. We let go of ordinary reality — thereby loosening the grip of the ego — so we can walk away from how ‘others’ think of us.

‘Who cares what others think?’ Says every double Sag.

Be free enough to show up with no inhibitions, and remember: this life is just one long dream — continually awakening you, while at the same time lulling you back to sleep.

The souls wake up just as the egos go back to bed.

We are mirages, thin veiled versions of ourselves, steeped in an egoic narrative put in place by your inner child — that was hurt way back when.

Each of us are starring in this drama/movie/dream — call it what you will. The tricky part is that we are each convinced,  we are the only one on center stage.

Nope, look again — you are one of many. We are all in this together, whether you are alone or not in this life; however, all of us require someone to understand the dream. We each need to be interrupted and interpreted.

You cannot do it yourself. What makes you a good dream interpreter? You know so little about the language of the soul.

Let me help you: you belong here.

It was written in the stars that you would arrive here just as you are, including the crazy drama that has been handed to you.

You are not alone, weird, or separate just because you love Astrology and reading newsletters like this.

You are magical.

I bet you have been longing to get out from under the trance of this (very compelling) dream, set in place long ago with super glue.


Announcement: December 21, on the solstice, Saturn and Jupiter will arrive in the sign of Aquarius, together for the first time in 30 years, which means that in no uncertain terms: we are in for change, ready to let go.

Aquarius could care less about the past — they are not sticky.

As you now know from this blog, Aquarius supports Sag not wanting you to care about what others think.

The everlasting issue for all of us is how to stay put — in the here and now — to prepare for a new world.

We are walking forward, into the future. Bye-bye COVID, bye-bye number 45 (that would be Trump). We are entering the Aquarian Age.

There are angels amongst us who are longing to take us into this era…that may even be you…but they cannot lead us until you wake up.



  • mgage@mts.net' Maureen Gage says:

    This eclipse will be interesting it falls on my ASC 24 Sag. And trine Mars at 25 Leo in the 8th, sextile MC. Don’t know what all this will bring though. I also have progressed Venus conjunct natal Jupiter 9th Libra and trine Uranus 6th in Gemini. Any thought anyone?

  • nglenn02@yahoo.com' Nickie says:

    I’m a Pisces born 3/4/71. We are dreamers and this spoke to my soul. Randomly as I read, I meditated and envisioned myself walking completely in my destiny being as specific as Nicole possibly can be. I came across your message as I was cleaning out my emails so thank you!!! I admit, I’m skeptical a lot of everyone having the ability to do readings, forecasts etc but I think you are truly gifted and I connected with your message. All of this to say Thank You!!! I pray as much prosperity for you as you can handle. Peace and blessings ?❤️?

  • Salinas_Jasmin@yahoo.com' Jasmin Salinas says:

    Hi Debra! My name is Jasmin Salinas . I am a lover of Astrology and have been following you since 2016. I have a dream and desire to be one of your students. I have learned so much from you and want to expand my star knowledge to soon be a Astrologist therapist. I am wondering if you are offering any star scholarships I can apply to and also wondering when your next classes are to learn all about astrology. Thank you for your time !

  • Whatasnag@gmail.com' Sharisse Fiori says:

    Thank you for the POW ? this morning!! Have a beautiful day Debra!

  • lisapelkey@comcast.net' Lisa says:

    Love this so much! I turn 59 tomorrow December 14th and can’t wait to wake up! Thank you for the info!!

  • My moon is 23* Sag (Virgo sun) and boy this resonates with me! Thank you for your wisdom & humor in this work. All the cosmic best, Cherie Marie

  • Rosalea_Davis@hotmail.com' RosaLea says:

    so ready to see my devil may care new life arrive. Thank you for your insight and love your book, I have passed it on several times with lots of gratitude.


  • hooponyoony@gmail.com' Kelly+Jurgensen says:

    Wow. I’m inspired. Mahalo nui loa. ❤️

  • aadusumilli@gmail.com' Anisha says:

    Thank you Deb. We belong here. Let’s speak the language of our souls to each other. ❤️

  • jpaterm@gmail.com' James P Allison says:

    Wake Up all of you who believe you come first.

  • amolabam@aol.com' Cindy says:

    This was very enlightening. Astrology is so much fun and interesting. I do believe in 2021 more people will awaken in many ways! 🙂 I already see it happening.
    HOWEVER, 2021 is not the end of Covid or President Trump. Here is California, our political leaders are spreading fear through the media and giving very harsh lockdown regulations. They are trying to destroy small businesses, instill fear in people, control American citizens, defund the police, and take away our freedoms. COVID will continue into 2021 if these type of political leaders continue to rule in office. This will continue if people continue to trust political leaders instead of trusting God.
    HOWEVER, our nation will continue to live in fear and have our rights taken away if BIDEN takes office. He is a part of the swamp, of the elite, and part of the globalist. He is not change. Justice will be served in 2021, since the election was not fair. Change is coming, but not the type of change some people are predicting. Cheating should never be accepted, and it should not be accepted in a presidential election.
    2021 is the year of AWAKENING.

  • kdesmet@comcast.net' kate12 says:

    Wow Wow Wow Wow … one of the most profound things I’ve read…thank you, Debra for translating this period in such a powerful way. “The souls wake up just as the egos go to bed.” That’s gotta be a meme, stitched on a nightshirt, put on a bumper sticker…so, so, good. Much love to you!

  • kerry_zbukvic@hotmail.com' Kerry Zbukvic says:

    Thank you, I can’t wait.
    Permission to be myself and give to those around me. Free of past doubts to embrace the future.
    I hope and pray for this liberation.
    Thank you for the wisdom and astrology to open the door.
    Much appreciated

  • I just love that concept of waking up, moving forward, shaking off the melting icicle braces, running and running like Forrest Gump from the bullies that are out to break him. Well, they did not break him. They made him stronger and he ran and ran, and never stopped running, regardless of his heartbreaks, trials, and tribulations. We need more “Forrest Gump s” out there, believing and achieving, and following the truth. Ditch the bullshit. Learn from the past and don’t repeat its mistakes.

  • Lightfootaloka@gmail.com' Kathleen says:

    “ This new moon is about the seeker longing to make it all the way home — with a smile on their face — as they discover their own reflection for the first time.”

    Amen! Love this post!

  • jmotoo@aol.com' Joy M. says:

    We are Beautiful! Poems
    We all Belong here
    We are magical
    Walking forward into the future

  • rachelocean8@gmail.com' Rachel Ocean says:

    Beautifully put!

    “This new moon is about the seeker longing to make it all the way home — with a smile on their face — as they discover their own reflection for the first time.”

    This part is really sticking with me! My 29· Sag moon and Aqua stellium really feel this energy!

  • lalalalauren2222@gmail.com' Lauren M. Sprich says:

    This was the best ever. I feel like this is your wise yod in sag. Thank you ❤️

  • 3404wendy@gmail.com' Wendy says:

    This is a frightening and hopeful promise of things to come. Sun: 28 Sag, Moon: Cancer at the Solstice. We are ready for a fresh start on so many avenues.

    Thanks for being out guide.


  • Crystalqueen4u@yahoo.com' Chrystal says:

    Totally freakin awesome Deb!

  • rogtherese@reagan.com' Therese Rog says:

    Too bad politics enters.

  • natbeek@hotmail.com' Nathalie Janssens says:

    Thank you for these magical words, they surely stir a lot of emotions and energy inside me. 😉

  • Humminbird1217@gmail.com' Cynthia Eyer says:

    I have always been one to tell people who would talk about me, “Whatever you’re saying about me, I had fun doing whatever it is and I’ll do it again!” Then walk away laughing. They found their pettiness couldn’t phase me, so they stopped. I really don’t care, except when I know my choices could become at the expense of someone else. That’s the Sag with a Saturn in Scorpio and a Moon in Capricorn. What can I say? I’m a softy with a hard outer shell ???

  • wessels.claire@gmail.com' Claire says:

    Oh WoW!! Debra, I have just realised my true destiny! My true node is 24degrees in Sag and my ascendant sign is Aquarius – that means that this eclipse tonight is perfect for me to do exactly what you have described.”time to let go and be ME baby!” (ha-ha).
    I now understand exactly why I have always felt inadequate and constantly looking for affirmation from others.
    Now all I have to do is kick Mr Ego-pants over the rainbow and follow my dream.
    Thank you, this is all due to the re-framing video clips you have been distributing – as a Leo (on the cusp of Virgo) with an ascendant Aquarius, no wonder why I am as I am.

  • brandybrost@gmail.com' Brandy says:

    Stand Up and Be Seen, Stand Up and Be Heard, Stand up and Be Known!! Saggitarius wouldn’t want it any other way!!

  • lisalizard@hotmail.ch' Lisa says:

    Thanks Debra!
    My Jupiter is at 26 Sagittarius! (And my rising sign is in the teens) I want to do everything BIG! Haha.
    I’m happy to hear about this new moon bringing in the new — with some of us kicking and screaming as we hold desperately onto the old — but we’re not in Kansas anymore, Toto! And since I heard that song as a kid, I’ve been waiting for the “Age of Aquarius” to begin! Covid may be placated but much of the old world is gone, we just don’t know yet which parts are still here.

  • barnesmamie4@gmail.com' Mamie Barnes says:

    I am excited and ready to soar

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