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When a heart breaks, it leaves behind a scar that fades, yet never fully goes away.

So different than childbirth… It’s so easy to forgive the pain when the baby’s fingers wrap around yours.

However, we do not forget the pain of betrayal, injustice, ghosting another, or cheating, for a very very long time — if ever.

This double-Sag sky asked me to give you a positive angle on one of the hardest topics we know: forgiveness.

Forgiveness is not hardwired into our operating system. We have to learn it.

I have no memory of a class in high school that tested us on FORGIVENESS…do you?

Think of how different the world would be if we practiced forgiveness effortlessly — like your liver gets rid of toxins. Your mind would effortlessly release the wound, and quickly thereafter, cherish the word forgiveness as if you were breathing, turning pain into gold.

There is no need for the other person who struck you to be involved; they don’t even need to know you are seeking forgiveness. You forgive, on your own, and set yourself free.

Since 2020, I have hurt more and lost more friends than I have at any other point of my life. At first the stinger was so painful; I couldn’t stop crying. Then, I did serious therapy and owned my side of the street.

After a year or two, I realized only time would take the stinger out. Time and wisdom — generous scoops of both.

I was on a path seeking redemption (definition: to release from blame or debt; to free oneself from the consequences of sin). I wanted to free myself of guilt, and to stop blaming the other.

I did it with a lot of Sag energy. I had to be philosophical. Every time I would touch my water (my emotional body), it hurt too much. So, I learned to slide into philosophy.

For example, this thought was liberating (lyrics from a song by Motörhead):

“Everyone is guilty, there is no one to blame.” 

I found myself reading ‘The Wisdom of Forgiveness’ by the Dalai Lama. It can work with just one participant. Forgiveness is a one-way street.

This was his suggestion:

How To Forgive Someone Who Has Hurt You

Forgiveness begins with a decision not to make the same mistake. You must realize that forgiving someone does not mean you are saying what they did was okay or that it didn’t hurt you, but that your anger and resentment toward them are no longer there.

Here are some tips:

  1. Take a deep breath.
  2. Decide to forgive the person and let go of your desire for revenge.
  3. Ask yourself why they did what they did and try to see it from their point of view.
  4. Focus on how you will be a better person if you forgive rather than remain bitter and angry.
  5. Say sorry for your part in the conflict, even if you don’t think you are at fault.

This double-Sag sky is filled with uplifting thoughts. No matter what has happened during this last Eclipse cycle (which was a strong wave of change) or what you are face-to-face with, life has your back. This is what I have learned and repeated to myself for a very long time.

Under this New Moon, the prayer is:
Help me to lighten up (said every double Sag).
Let me see the positive in all of this life. 

When the pain is too big, remember to look up. Every Sag has within them a latent optimist that can squeeze wisdom out of any experience. That is the gift of this sky.

Life has your back.

This is the time to pray for positive energy to find its way to you. Ask and you shall receive (there is another Sag one liner — and it’s true).

Last but not least: be thankful for ALL THINGS.

All things? Yes, all things.

You will see how life is merely trying to stalk you to have faith and seek the high road.

Wow, this is a spiritual newsletter. Double Sag is like that.

So often, the spiritual one-liners do not carry weight, and we bypass our emotions with one-liners and taking classes. I am asking you to see how you are at forgiveness? To be honest, this was not my strong suit — but in true Sag fashion, it is becoming so.

Did you know that Sag prospers and becomes settled later in life? Mid 40’s and on is their time. So if you haven’t been able to let go fully—there is time. Who’s in a rush when we have forever to get this right? (Another one liner.)

The Sag in me made up that line and it’s been serving me for a long time. Just know that forgiveness is the theme of the double-Sag sky.

Sending you my love,


  •' Christy says:

    So moving and something I will take into my thought processes over the next month while I am focusing on gratitude and forgiveness. I feel for you on the friend loss. As I’ve undergone changes, I’ve seen friends drift away and I decided to let go. It’s a hard process.

  •' Joan Dreyer says:

    Great guidance. Delivering ones own soul from the clutches of a heartless injustice was a 20 year journey of self evaluation, learning not to take blame for others failings, and releasing the desire for revenge. I chose the high road, knowing it would be the difficult path, but hoping it was the right and honorable one. It wasnt easy. I was vindicated by forces far beyond my self, my vengeful wishes and by a spirit of super justice. Thank you Debra for helping me find a wise path of spiritual understanding.

  •' Theresa says:

    Hope is gone tho I will be the last man/woman standing that’s a promise

  •' MaryRose Regan says:

    Thank you Deborah
    I have a Sagittarius Rising and Sagittarius Moon with Chiron conjunct
    I am still working on forgiving my mother

  •' Darlene says:

    Thank you and thank the Divine for optimism. Forgiveness is an inside job. I’ve looked within and found it.
    My granddaughter is the Sagittarius in the family. (Scorpio rising.) I’m so blessed. Scorpio is my house od family with Neptune , I’ve always dreamed of having a girl and now she’ll be 5. ❤️

  •' Ona Lise Lie says:

    Beatyful written 🥰. So true.

  •' Jennifer says:

    Thank you for this. Forgiveness and. Compassion are so important for my heart ,body, mind, and soul to experience healing on multiple planes and dimensions. When I am able to have forgiveness and turn to live, I’m not only healing myself but I’m healing past, present, and future generations . I appreciate the reminder of the importance of forgiveness. I think occasionally we all lose sight of the importance it holds in our transformative lives.

  •' Liane Launer says:

    Forever grateful you came into my world! Another wise and insightful sharing!

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for inspiring me to go deeper, trust more and digging for the optimist in me. I am currently in Level 2 with Debra D. and booked for Level 3 in March 2023. I am beyond excited to expand my knowledge and understanding of this beautiful science. 💕🌟🪐

  •' Tracey Anne Byng says:

    I would like to leave a message saying thankyou for your time and I always look forward to hearing from you. Your friend Tracey Anne Byng. Born 31 August. 1972.

  •' Megan Kemplay says:

    Beautiful Debra. I’m a Sagittarian through and through! I’m about to turn 60 on 1st of December! I haven’t prospered financially yet however I’m super resourceful and always find a way to meet the needs of myself and my sons. And I’m blessed with a my first grandchild Layla Willow.
    I love this saying and it relates to Forgiveness. ‘Holding only resentment is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die’ It’s so true!
    I’ve certainly had my fair share of hurt and it is so important for me as an Empath to Clean myself to clear the icky muck inside. So I make a point of owning my part to play and do my best to make amends. A lot of people think that my apologising lets them off the hook. I guess they stopped listening after Sorry and didn’t hear ‘for my part to play’ 🤣
    Anyhow, Thankyou always for your wise words of wisdom. I’m off to dance in the moonlight because I really am surprised I’m nearly 60. I think I have 11 more days left to say I’m in my 50s 🤗🤗🤗

    Blessed Be
    Megan (NZ)

  •' Lynette Abberfield says:

    Two females I love the most in this world..Have been spiteful and hurtful to me. Words have been used that has scared me deeply. I did not expect it from the youngest female. I’m never cruel or want revenge. I just want that to much to ask for. Love and Light. Lynette.

  •' Patty says:

    Needed to get that message. Thank you

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