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This weekend’s full moon also has four planets in Taurus. The lovely moon is standing opposite those four planets in Scorpio.

This Taurus/Scorpio sky is the same as Buddha’s birthday. It is called Vesak (pronounced with a W), which always falls on the day of the full moon in the month of May. For Buddhists around the world, this is their most sacred day. It began two and a half millennia ago, in the year 623 B.C. when Buddha was born.

A being was born on that special day, making May 19 almost like what Christmas Day is for Christians. Two Masters left behind a legacy that has lasted thousands of years. Why? Because their teachings never age.

Christ said: Love everyone and keep your heart open at all costs. Buddha taught us how to turn off the mind and find peace; he taught non-attachment.

Funny enough, we celebrate Christ during an Earth sign solar cycle—during Capricorn. And we celebrate Buddha under Taurus—also an Earth sign.

Grounded wisdom: where spirituality has legs.

All the theories we study, all the yoga we do, all the books we readduring May, we try to apply our wisdom, to plant seeds, to put our money where our mouth is… Taurus wants to make spirituality real.

Do you know the story of Siddhartha (Buddha)? He was painfully distressed upon realizing the real world was full of injustice and violence. He spent long periods of time in meditation seeking answers and peace, and that he did!

Buddha is our example of a hard-working Taurushe worked not for money and status, but for peace and love. He found meditation as the most solid path to getting there.

The four planets in Taurus right now are offering us an easier access to stillness, calm, and quiet joy. Smell the flowers, slow down, and honor the moment. But we need a practice.

I was just with my sons on Mother’s Day and they profoundly asked me: How do we avoid depression and negative thinking?

You nurture your faith. You cultivate it with Taurean energy. You have a practice and stay solid, even when you don’t want to do it.

Think Buddha during this full moon and plant the seeds for your enlightenment. This is how you can be sure to use the sky’s energy during mid-May.

What do you do consistently that is serving your peace?

Time is always waiting for you to be willing to do the work. Now is the time to seek the sincere longing for peace, quiet, and spiritual joy. Even if you think it impossible to release the bondage of your mind and its pains, like Buddhadon’t give up.

What is your practice: Yoga? Gardening? Singing? Cooking? Meditation comes in so many forms.

There is a lot of solid, grounded energy in the heavens right now. Use it to seek what you need/want. This full moon is a time to ask for what you need. The sky is the limit!

Sending you love. During these four planets in Taurus, go for it! Your depth is waiting for you. Make a practice and follow itI promise you, consistency gets results. I am speaking straight from the well-worn Taurus in me.

With so many blessings,


  •' Alesha says:

    Thanks Debra, you are a light that the masses flock to, your wisdom and practice expands growth for many and you are one of life’s greatest miracles.

  •' linda says:

    Thank you for sharing.

  •' Mona says:

    You speak & teach from the heart, I love that!

  •' Cassandra Mousey says:

    Such grounded truth! Absolutely love it thank you Debra!

  •' Avery says:

    I love and share your diversity of faith foundations. There are many doors to peace and freedom. Blessings Ax

  •' Daniel says:

    You rise and shine with these heavenly angels. I feel so much gratitude to have stubbled upon you. Although I continue to stumble and fall in learning this AWEsome world you place before me. It is in my getting back up, I send grace and gratitude to you, your message and stellar wisdoms!

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