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This full moon has so much relevance.

It comes with a delicious suggestion to slow down and find space (hello COVID-19)—to relish in life’s simple delights. Eat slowly, walk slowly, kiss slowly. Be in the moment with full conviction, so you can taste the water, feel the wind and smell our newly-found spring springing.

Here is a simple truth: there are two kinds of people in the world: the ones who are humbled and the ones who are about to be.

Thank you COVID-19 for leveling the playing field…life has us ALL to some degree on our knees.

I don’t know about you, but this vague sense of the future, not knowing what is next (said the Astrologer) is both comfortable and not. Comfortable because it is supporting our practice of humility, but it’s also way too scary (said the full moon in Taurus who wants nothing more than to be in control). Well, truth be told: we, as a species, are out of control.

It showed up for me. My family was sequestered in a small space for the four of us, as is true for many. What became obvious is that complaining, keeping track of who did what, being nit-picky would steal any sense of pleasure. It became obvious that we had to make some space. One person decided the best thing they could do was go off to be on their own. Smart.

Our normal way of moving through life has been altered. Suddenly we are not in charge of what we do, where we go, and who we see. We are all being forced to let go of “normal” and business as usual. Some lost their jobs, others let go of their relationships. Under the circumstance, change has been forced on us.

We are being forced into humility and to surrender by a power outside of our control. Surrendering is a Taurus/Scorpio nightmare, UNLESS…

We do what Buddha teaches: practice being unattached. And then add to your non-attachment a radical acceptance of what is. Read that again. Non-attachment + acceptance of what is = wisdom.

This full moon demands we let go. Don’t argue. This full moon is after all Buddha’s birthday…let’s honor him.

In our household, we applied wisdom and adjusted. It’s liberating to be honest—to let go and trust the feeling of being out of control. Easier said than done.

The first chapter of my book, The Missing Element, is called Crisis, and the first sentence reads as follows:

“Sad but true, we all grow out of the soil of pain…The crises that arise in our lives are here to serve us, not hurt us. As counter-intuitive as this sounds, crisis is nothing more than your own soul trying to get your attention, to show you your path. The soul uses pain, crisis, and trauma to wake us up.”

Here is the full moon question: Are we awake? Are we facing reality? What are the safe parts you can trust and lean into, and what became shaky during this crisis?

Taurus/Scorpio is the flavor of the day. Practicing letting go and being down with this new reality. Sounds so spiritual smiritual…and it is. But it’s the answer to every issue.

During this full moon, please do not argue with fate. She always wins.

Accept what is.

Remember: we’re all in this together. The full moon has no cultural preference, nor does the virus.

Let’s celebrate the full moon with a big smile, fun and surrender.

How are you at surrendering to what is? I’d love to hear.



  •' Danielle says:

    You are blessed with the ability to speak frequency and we are so lucky to have you translate for us!
    I will follow your lead into the dark and start night.

  •' Jodi Winter says:

    I love your writing!

  •' Viki says:

    Letting go! Aarrrggghh today I find myself at the end of a road. Literally, sleeping on the floor of a house I just sold for way less than I had hoped after a serious back injury 5 months ago that stopped life as I knew it. Today is the final day of the packing and sorting. The end. Thank you for the suggestion of a ritual to honour this time, myself, the journey that was, and the journey that is yet to unfold. I absolutely LOVE your videos and the information you share. It has become a guiding light in the heavens of my soul that quickens my spirit and energises my heart. I’m looking forward to studying with you once I’m settled into the next chapter of this amazing life. BLESSING TO YOU and your loved ones DEBRA.

  •' Vasiliki says:

    Let go…Stop preparing for the moment life will start moving forward again.Dive into the eyes of those who really matter.Allow the beauty around you to fill your soul with beuty.Just be here,now,fully.

  •' Jill Brown says:

    Hello Debra, I’m actually grateful for this opportunity to return to some of the old ways. To let go of the societal greed and running on the hamster wheel. I’ve been making big changes over the past year and trying hard to get my life partner on board. He’s been resistant until now. This crisis has been a good wake up call for all of us.
    Thank you! Can’t wait for your book and my chart to arrive.

  •' Judie says:

    As painful as change and letting go is, I have found that after the acceptance and changes and the “dust falls and settles” it’s always been a richer and more meaningful life path that appears. It is true that when one door closes, another opens. And it still continues with the Virus changing everyone’s lives again. It’s much harder if you try to control what is happening. We have little control over so many things.. Once that is accepted, which is hard for the younger people, it’s easier to move forward and find peace.

  •' Janet says:

    I am a Taurus rising and Scorpio moon in my natal chart. This is such a relevant message. I am just reminding myself to be the Breather, and breathe. Order, disorder, reorder. All is well.

  •' Cynthia says:

    As always Wise advice Much love!

  • i’m surrendering to all this beautiful wide open time and space to be home and finish my children’s book, get it born! i’m surrendering to the passion that is in me, truly facing my demons and embracing my strengths.

  •' Joyce White says:

    I took a much needed nap this afternoon! Then created a sacred place in my home decorating it with some of my favorite things so that i have another room to go too when i just need to be alone to replenish myself and take care of me. I also added to my binder more sections for my self growth and I do have one designated for astrology!!! I have been working on organizing my material and study area too dive deeper into my many interests. And theough this organizing, just moved in a couple of months ago so I still had more to finish I found my last two books that I couldnt find. A Womans Worth and yours the missing element!!! So hapy to find them both, I had kept out to pack last before my move. And how do I remember that quote, it spoke too my heart so much. The forward to your book all I can say is that I felt so much grief and sadness. I have my cards and crystals with me tonight on the eve of the full moon and will be preparing to release. Sending you so much love and blessings. Thank you, your book did open my eyes, thank you for being so courageous. Oh, and earlier in the day after therapy I spent an hour in my bath tub,!!!! After my nap, I tried a new yoga instructor for a 10 minute wake my body back up!!!! Self care 101 today.

  •' Sue says:

    Thanks Deb Always look forward to your words! So true . We needed to lean it and go for the ride…

  •' Debra says:

    Simple pleasures, trying different meals, planting seeds, reading, learning new things about subjects that were always of interest but never took time for, sewing, and giving thanks, everyday for the blessings.

  •' Linda says:

    It is so less stressful to surrender to what is. In my lesson of acceptance I am throwing it out there that others will accept as well.

  •' Jessica says:

    Thanks so much Debra. I am trying to surrender to what is. Not have expectations, things are this way, why try to make them something else?

  •' Brigitte says:

    This is amazing… we were told by our landlords today that they wanted us to move out because our family makes noise at 6:30 am when we wake up… it’s a terrible time, and we only moved in four months ago, with two kids under five.

    But we are letting go… we started looking for a new place. It is what is. No need to hang on to an uncomfortable situation.

  • Feeling the moon big time
    Breathwork today was moving thru anger that my heart live us not healing the world! I’m never good enough, my love is never enough, so sit down! Let go. I expect to have the live power of an ascended master. Then, I thought, my love healing the world is no different than Faucci wanting to control world population with scary virus and control! Still a serious who control problems! So, I felt humbled and grateful to be stranded here and in control of my breath, my heart, my kind thoughts. Love you!

  •' Monika Dudezki says:

    Since I am not able to work right now, my husband and I have been going for longer walks or bicycle rides noticing birds,, the blooms and nature in general. My stress factor is down and as a result, we have both chosen to work on losing weight while cooking delicious meals. I have chosen to avoid alcohol something I tend to lean on when I feel stressed or tired. My husband has taught me backgammon and chess. As well, we have found new ways to communicate and play games with people online. I’ve also taken advantage of the free long distance calls to talk to a friend in need , as well as send calm thoughts to a friend who just lost his wife … all things that I would’ve been too tired to do in working. It is truly been an awakening!!

  •' Barbara says:

    That is such a wonderful review of this May full moon. I am a Taurus and love to control. But meditation has taught me to live in the here and now. I am more accepting of what is. Even if I had a heart attack when I realized the paint I bought for my hall way a year ago isn’t the shade it was suppose to be. Thank you for all that you share.

  •' Amy says:

    I chose to accept each moment as if i have chosen it myself, whether I like it or not. This really helps me let go of my “want” to control everything, and it opens my heart and mind up what the reality of a situation really is. I am a Scorpio moon, so I practically I live in the depths. I must say it is so refreshing and uplifting to release the heaviness that lives within me and lighten up a bit. What a game changer and life changing thing this is !!!!

  •' Kirsten Fountain says:

    Love this! Thank you. My birthday is Friday May 8th and i am smack in the middle of this and working in letting go and just enjoy♥️???

  •' Stefanie says:

    Thank you Debra for that !! I needed this today !:)

  • I’m surrendering to the unknown professionally. And I am really surrendering to my body wanting to comfort through food. Instead of battling and telling myself no, I am just going to say yes. Go for it. Eat the chocolate. Eat the butter. Keep taking the walks and doing the yoga and just enjoy the food. It’s all good.

  •' Miranda T says:

    I am a Gemini with Scorpio Moon I have been feeling this moon coming for the a least the last 3 days. (I’m not usually aware of feeling the moon)
    As far as surrendering to what is….This is when I feel lucky to be Gemini because I can rationalize “what is .. is what is”. With that I know I can get through anything the universe throws at me. Until my scorpio moon tries to get in the way. I can accept crisis and surrender to what is because there really is no choice when these things happen. You can only accept it, learn form it, and fight through it. Find a way to change and adapt. This is surviving, this if finding the freedom to be happy.

    Still the unknown scary

  •' Caralena says:

    Hi Debra!

    Great post. It’s nice to read even more confirmation that we are on the right path! There is a lot of rhetoric going around right now about the aim of life being happiness– but times like these show us just how true it is that life is suffering, so constantly striving for happiness seems both futile and extreme. Better yet to find meaning, come into Being, which I think is the completion stage of the archetypal journey-right before it swings around again. Radical acceptance, as you’ve written, feels like the practice of that.

    I’ll be celebrating the Buddha tonight!


  •' Naomi says:

    Thank you, Debra. I just took a breath and eased into the morning.

  •' Stacey says:

    I am a scorpio rising, sun piscean with a Taurus moon. I am saying to myself, i will my will to be thy will. And then breathe that in & listen….& breathe again…

  •' Sheri DuBois says:

    Surrender? Dang, I missed that one. Catching up on my surrender and it is going very well. Thank you. 🙂

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