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Wesak is the name for this full moon, titled by the Buddhists. They consider this the most powerful full moon of the year, because it’s Buddha’s birthday.

When you think about a big, fat moon in Scorpio (with the Sun in Taurus), it’s not a bad idea to think about Buddha as the medicine to take out the Scorpio stinger.

Scorpio gets a bad rap. They are easily judged, considered dark and at worst, mean.

Taurus also can be relegated to the back of the line, with people judging them for being boring or insecure.

None of that is entirely true. Neither of those projections are accurate, as seen through the eyes of the esoteric astrologer; in fact, quite the opposite.

Scorpio is the part in all of us that will pierce the illusion of pretense and superficiality. Alice Bailey says that Scorpio is willing to destroy their Ego in the pursuit of their Soul.

Translation: Scorpios will read your diary, under the disguise of being a detective. They will disturb a relationship by speaking to the unspeakable. They will ask the hard questions, like “Do you really love me? Do you even know me?” They go deep.

It’s the investigator in all of us that will take nothing less than the truth, even if it really hurts…

Like when my Scorpio client hunted down her husband’s affair by looking through everything she could find and calling him out.

Was that mean? Or was that a serious truth-seeker who couldn’t walk over her intuition any longer?

She just knew he was having an affair. She could smell it.

Taurus, in Esoteric law, represents the Buddha. This is the part in all of us that stays in a relationship for comfort, at the expense of truth. This is the part in all of us that longs for security at all costs.

When the Moon is in Scorpio and it stands opposite the Sun in Taurus, nothing matters more than the truth!

No matter what it takes, Scorpio will get to the bottom of the pretense… as did my client who destroyed the illusion of her husband’s image.

Use this full moon energy to ask yourself: Is there anything in my life that requires a detective’s eye?

It could be as simple as your diet and the unconscious seductions that occur, making you eat anything and everything you want. Some part of you knows you need to change your diet; however, comfort has you under its spell.

It could be that your child has been displaying suspicious behaviors, but you walk past the clues because you don’t want to be the shit-disturber just yet.

Buddha’s message to us was ‘All suffering comes from attachment.’ If you are attached to maintaining a pretense of comfort, this full moon has the potential to rock your world.

Here’s the good news: There’s nothing more delicious in this life than truth (Scorpio) mixed with chocolate (Taurus). Oops! I mean there’s nothing more delicious in this life than finding true love, honesty and transparency.

I think we all need to indulge ourselves in the sweetness of truth — not the scary part. I scare myself when I say I love the truth more than anything in the world — even more than love.

‘Hard reality is what I live for,’ said every Taurus/Scorpio, creating a firm, stable ground to stand on.

Tell me what you know for sure. Give me a list of what in this world is solid and true.

I’ll begin…
I know for sure (said the Astrologer) that the planets are completely dependable.
I know for sure that I am devoted to staying awake in this life.
I know for sure that we are in a radical transition as a collective. Nothing will be the same. Everything changes. And I’m okay with that, even if I don’t like it (said the evolved Taurus with the full moon in Scorpio).

I would love to hear what you know for sure in the comments below.

What in your world is changing that may or may not be comfortable?

And in true Taurus fashion — without the attachment for life to be what you thought it would be — how can you accept what is?

My client didn’t want to get divorced, but she did.

I hate the disparaging reality of the ‘haves’ and ‘have-nots’ that live inside this reality. It hurts me so much that people do not have what they need to eat or live off of.

What do I do about that? I share all that I can. We need to help others in the name of this full moon combo.

Let’s make a practice of taking an action step under every full moon to help raise the vibration of this planet.

That’s my deepest desire. What do you know for sure? And what can you do to help?


PS: Not sure where to start? Raise your own vibration by discovering your soul’s blueprint, through the planets.

Join the waitlist for the upcoming FREE training, where you’ll get access to 3 FREE videos (+ some extra NEW goodies).

I will introduce you to my planet friends and show you how to apply their insights directly to your life. It’s my job to help you remember how the stars will lead you back to you.



  • jeanroman@gmail.com' Jean says:

    I know that I’ve ignored myself.

    • meganserra@hotmail.com' Pearl says:

      You are not alone. My diet and self care has taken a back seat. Time for the Truth and acknowledging that for myself. ?️??

  • DojaaBb.yaa@gmail.com' Cheyenne says:

    I absolutely love this!!!

  • Hi gorgeous.

    What I know for sure:
    – I am changing. I am growing and accepting the light and shadow sides of me more readily.
    – I am positioning myself in my business with more authenticity and I love knowing I am enough exactly as I am.
    – I know for sure that I’m looking to live my life from love rather than from fear of …. whatever….

    Big hugs from Sweden,

    • tgminnesota@gmail.com' Tal says:

      Beautiful! You are on your path to a better, more joyful life! Being true to oneself is a journey of daily discovery. Once you realize where you want to go, you grow and evolve to who you came here to be. Thank you for sharing.

  • 21stcenturyoracle@gmail.com' Diana Turner says:

    Well said! Thank you for modeling this Scorpio/Taurus alignment and giving a call to action! By starting with getting to know our own soul and raising our vibration through discovering our blueprint thru the planets!

    I adore your humor! Thank you for describing this wesak moon in terms of truth mixed with chocolate!! Your use of humor to cushion the blow of waking up to truth is brilliant!

    What is changing for me is excruciatingly uncomfortable. Stepping up to the plate of being seen through social media and taking my place at the table of thought leaders is something I have been flight, fight, and freezing from for the last 11 years. I’ve gained incredible experience in the trenches of building diverse community in that time. Yet i’ve been guided to retreat, heal deep wounds, and allow my roots to go deep on family land bought from Annishinabe ancestors almost 100 years ago, where I’ve been for a year now alone finding my way in Trump country a mile away from the Indigenous tribal reservation border. I’d rather just stay anonymous off-grid in the woods. Yet the truth of whiteness has been far too long been overshadowed by mis-truths and the truth shall set us free.

    Thank you for your leadership and boldness to package yourself so beautifully, artfully, and effectively. Id be thrilled to ask you a few questions on what tech your using if you’ve got the bandwidth sometime.

    I have bought two of your modules and have yet to go through them because I am consumed with getting off the hamster wheel of poverty and attempting to navigate the technological joining of platforms and bridging going from anonymous to viral. I need to serve with assisting the transformation of white fragility into radical truth telling. I’m coming out as Mrs Knobel Knows; white fragility, intersectionality of racism and environmentalism, and the mystic of nature. I too want to serve. My audience of white women 28-80 need to discover their blueprint in order to not remain as the dangerous silent. I offer facilitation for self-forgiveness, mindfulness, and intimacy with natural cycles. I will be providing guided virtual listening circles to offer a container to hear oneself to coming to the truth.

    I will be directing clients to your array of offerings as knowing ones chart is so helpful in this transformation process!! Thank you for all you do! The manner in which you do it is sooo elegant and classy. You inspire me to go deeper!

  • elymaegirl@yahoo.com' Christie says:

    Coming from a Taurus born under a Scorpio full moon 49yrs. ago, I can relate to so much of what is being said here. Thank you!!

  • Anastasia.805@hotmail.com' Stacey Massey says:

    I know for certain that I am being asked to put the law of detachment into practice.
    I know that leaving my 15 year healing practice, selling my home and giving the Universe the blank slate it needs to work through me will result in placing me with my tribe.
    I know that nothing matters more than preparing myself for the shift that is coming.
    I know for sure I don’t have the full picture yet of what they will be asking me to do, but I know in my soul it’s something big.
    And I know that by studying astrology for the last year will be an important part of my path forward.
    I know that my stellium in Scorpio in the 9th house will not allow me to waver from my dharma♥️

  • Whiteaudra@hotmail.com' Audra says:

    Scorpio energy is super raw and emotional for me. I tend to keep these folks around at all times as they are ones that simply call out fault and indeed seek for retribution as well.

    I find the Taurus – Scorpio combo is perfect to balance the fires here. It seems the Scorpio can gather strength from these earth signs to restabilize.

  • la.fla@live.com' Lisa says:

    I am eager and ecstatic about this full moon in Scorpio!
    Bring on the beams of moon light!!!

  • gildae@comcast.net' Evelyn H says:

    My sun is in Virgo, but my rising is Taurus and my moon in Scorpio; so is there a very distinct difference in this explanation when examining someone having rising Taurus as opposed to sun Taurus?

    • ktbeffis@gmail.com' Katrina Merfeld says:

      I know for sure that I am raising my vibration by exploring the “alternative” thoughts on living & celebrating life.
      I know for sure that I am doing my personal best to raise the vibration of everyone I encounter!!
      I know for sure that I am doing my part by sharing the knowledge I gain with everyone I can.
      I know for sure that I will be taking a nap today!

    • Omg i have the same as you sun in virgo , sun rising taurus , moon in scorpio…
      You must feel the scorpio , no?
      The sun rising agains the full moon in scorpio makes everything what you call your securities wobbly .. could this happen in these days?

  • anaruiz1947@hotmail.com' Ana says:

    I know my health is not what it should be. I know I have to be better off financially than I am today and don’t know how to get it better. I know I am stuck in a job I don’t like and I want to retire soon.

  • Trudy3023@gmail.com' Trudy says:

    I really enjoyed your message today. It’s exactly what I needed to hear as I have been working on acknowledging and speaking the Truth. It has been difficult at times but so worth it. And I absolutely love your idea to raise the vibration of this planet every full moon. I’m in!!!

  • Celticgrl11@gmail.com' Linda says:

    I know for sure that my actions are based on integrity no matter the outcome. I know for sure I am worthy of love in all forms.

  • marsinelli@yahoo.com' Sarah says:

    Thank you

  • 1wildgram@att.net' Kathy says:

    Going to try this. I very appreciate Debra’s astrology information.

  • Ntamllos@gmail.com' Astrogem says:

    I know for sure that my sexuality is shifting ? hahaha is that Scorpio full moon enough

  • shariyallen1@gmail.com' Shari Allen says:

    Leaving a relationship where I’m still totally in love with the person but, the relationship is not healthy; for either of us… Guilty of staying in the “comfort” and ignoring any calls to change/explore/grow – or acknowledging some of my own traits. I’m not able to walk down the “expected” (by me OR others) path. I’m searching for who I AM and need to FIND my own path.

  • Love your great sense of humor way, of telling it like you see it and you make it real as you break it down and thanks, for always being the true You. I know, for sure, that the the truth is what I seek and knowledge is power and I love seeing more and more people waking up ⬆️ and I am glad to be part of helping others change for the better and see more truth.

  • dotnyjets@aol.com' Barbara says:

    What I know for sure is, this Taurus has a lot of trouble letting of things & thoughts past & present that no longer serve me. But, I am getting better at this, through astrology i have learned I am not alone in this and I accept myself more now. I know for sure that I am committed to being more grateful for this life and doing what I can to help this world to be a better place.

  • tgminnesota@gmail.com' Tal says:

    I really enjoy your writing, especially your injected sense of humor…As a Pisces/Aries Cusp, I am still figuring things out, however, your guide is helping me see things more clearly.

  • starchris99@comcast.net' Christina McKeon says:

    I am a natal Scorpio moon 26 degrees conjunct south node, so all of this is posing or soon will (sun, Venus, mercury, NN, Uranus). This is a hard one. I know the truth, I always do and that is good and bad, mostly it feels like a curse. But I obviously chose it and can’t ignore it. My Virgo stellium 12th won’t let me, but my libra ac stays stuck in codependency and all the water in my chart makes me overly emotional and overly
    Compassionate to the point of my own detriment.
    This chart I have is a difficult one to live

    • Jgiroux22@ymail.com' Jennifer says:

      There are no mistakes or accidents for you being you. Every energy in the chart is bipolar when it moves or is otherwise triggered. You can always get better! Hang in for now maybe, but consider reframing what you wrote into a positive. You have your stellium super powers.

      I too understand the curse of awareness and clairaudience.

  • beasbox2@yahoo.com' Beatrice says:

    I know for sure that I’m here to ‘be more love’. I know for sure that I feel invisible to my immediate family and my marriage hasn’t been healthy for over 30 years. I know I stay because we are in business together as a family and I don’t want to tear that fabric apart. Every time I’ve truly asked the universe what I’m supposed to be doing, the message I receive is, “Find the place on the stage of your life marked with an X where Love performs. Go stand there and do the work in front of you.” I know I sometimes feel small and inadequate but, a few years ago I purchased Debra’s, “The Missing Element” and realized I’m triple Air, with very little earth and fire. I know learning about my personal astrology has helped to save my life. I know for sure I strive daily to serve those whose paths cross mine, with love and kindness and not expect reciprocity. I know for sure I am grateful for Debra Silverman’s beacon of light in my life

  • kdesmet@comcast.net' kate12 says:

    What I know for sure:
    *The Truth is what I am here to meet in every moment
    *When I meet the Truth I am home.
    *When I live the Truth as much as my awakened self can, I feel free.
    *Love created me as its’ child and has never left me, even when I have left Love.
    *My body is a healing rockstar!
    *Teachers and guides show up right on time (thank you, Debra).
    *I’m alive right now because I got stuff to do, a planet to help, and a boatload of judgments to drop.
    *The powerful planetary lineup with my Libra Sun at the moment of birth helps me understand why I’m here. Thank you Venus, Neptune, & Mercury!

    • josephh910@gmail.com' Joseph P Hughes says:

      Hi Debra , i have a great respect for your insight and i Thank You for that . Now , if we all could get the thoughts out of are heads that life is not fair and start feeling the gratitude of LOVE in everything we are, there would be no unhappiness , because there would be knowone judging us because of who we are or what we have .
      How would you try to chamge everyones mindset from FEAR to TRUST . No ill will or thought toward anyone or anything might be a good start . It is a very nice thing to envision a world with only Happiness and no tears . What do you think about what i said?? josephh910atgmail.com Thanks

  • car55_@hotmail.com' Carol says:

    This full moon sounds exactly like me! I am a Taurus with Scorpio ascendant and Saturn in Scorpio. I have been called a detective many times, have an investigative nature and although I mean well, it seems my tongue can hurt certain sensitive souls. Although my Sun is in Taurus, I resonate more to the Scorpio part of me andvto my Moon in Pisces.
    Thanks for the information, very helpful ?

  • maureen2160@aol.com' Rev. Maureen White, EdD,SPHR says:

    Well, Debra, from reading all the preceding responses and insights, seems that you ROCK, and are rocking our awareness and truth.
    I am concurrently reading Caroline Myss’ Entering the Castle, after her Defy Gravity. It is a challenge to live in this earth plane(t) and
    be still to the voice of the soul; to love and serve and support others through this challenging time, without wondering if and when
    we are going to become famous for all our contributions…I also embarked on a new adventure after retiring earlier to oversee my
    sister’s healthcare, then hospice care, and now her Trust. I started the Clinical Chaplain program at Kaiser, and do not like wearing
    a mask, since I have been fully vaccinated. Why was I called to this challenge and opportunity?
    I will ask the Scorpio moon.
    Blessings, everyone.

  • lynnabird@gmail.com' Lynna says:

    What I know to be true for sure is that my stealthy Scorpionic intuition is always smack on point, leading me to the truth no matter the price to my ego.
    I know that to speak up and share my truth is ever so empowering, exhilarating, and not as scary as a part of me wants to believe.
    I know that to be fully in the light of my soul is to claim all parts of me, acknowledge my depth, and honors the me I came here to be.
    I know I need to lighten up and laugh more!
    This was just what I needed today. In gratitude!

  • Kacinicleo8195@gmail.com' Kaci says:

    I don’t know why but for the past 3 days I was always annoyed or angry all time and I couldn’t stop eating like a stoner I don’t know why but reading this explains it lol and then today 4/26 I had a dream of me letting go of my ex who is a Scorpio and last year in 2020 I left him at a full Scorpio moon I am a Leo and his and I relationship was toxic not just the zodiac reasons but among others I was with him for 7 years and it’s been a full year since I left him and I’m still healing and I have learned not to be codependent I love being on my own and to this day I am scared that I will get in a relationship for the wrong reasons I don’t know how to deal with that I’m hoping that it will just go away at time goes on

  • Moon in scorpio ascendent taurus ..i am all in and with you, chocolate and love ..the truth is..everything is always moving and changing..and i am slow in changing but this is the only thing i cannot change..so i go as long as i can the comfortable way ..30 years of marriage..i found out about his 4 year affair ..i found out every detail, when , where , what , who , how..and then i nailed him and kicked him out although it broke my heart…thats exactly 2 years ago…26/4/2019..now i am living the best time of my life, chocolate and love…and i know it can change, and i know it scares me , but i also know i can survive anyhing?❤️

  • jcmagick@yahoo.com' Jacki C. Shaw says:

    What I know for sure…. I was born under this energy. Taurus Sun, Scorpio fill moon and Leo Rising. Change is a constant that I’m learning a love. And although I’m still learning to sit in the middle of these energies and use them to my advantage and to help others, it’s better than fighting them! Applied Astrology was the perfect compliment (missing piece) to my life coaching certification. I’ve always been able to go deep and take people on that journey but now I can give them those much needed permissions to realize why they are the way they are… and be free to Love themselves instead of sitting in judgment. ?

  • Ceph1330@gmail.com' Peace Frog says:

    I know for sure that this is a challenging and hopeful day. I have enrolled my two teens and I in a program to support their healing from trauma, especially the younger one who is not taking care of their body and is a tortured soul, triple Scorpio.
    Today is the day that I dive into this program, vulnerably, heart open, leading my kids through their most challenging phase yet–doing the real work, and generations’ worth of it.

  • AgelessSage8@AOL.com' Patricia G Slye says:

    What I know for sure is that I have seen many changes and suffered many losses of loved ones, including my sons, over these 85 years. What I am finding so difficult is dealing with more health problems, less mobility and the inability to do so many physical things like gardening and walking. To heck with the housework!! Trying to just be patient with myself and focus on what I can still do.

  • feelgoodyoga4u@gmail.com' Barbara says:

    I love this, “without the attachment for life to be what you thought it would be — how can you accept what is?” To me, “it is what it is”.
    Another that comes to mind “the truth shall set you free”. For decades, When people are not truthful then I had no time for them. But then a major event happened to me I never ever thought I could forgive and was disrespected, and it took a lot of healing where I both sides dug deep and know that God is the one who judges not me. I could have left but truly felt deep down there was more deep spirituality to this relationship that was forthcoming after this event happened. And it did.

  • normajeanfromabilene1965@gmail.com' Norma Jean says:

    I know for sure that I am here for some extremely cool, specific and significant purpose. I just don’t know what that purpose is currently.
    I also know for sure that the Universe always puts me in the right place, at the right time.
    I know for certain that patience is not (never has been, never will be) one of my virtues.

    Norma Jean from Abilene

  • mcdevittginger@yahoo.com' Ginger Mcdevitt says:

    We are all aging! We can’t turn back the clock. Realizing our immortality!

  • marycain1@comcast.net' Mary Cain says:

    I know the universe provides for us all, we get all we need even if at the time we do not recognize it.
    I know I trust in the universe to guide me in the direction I need to go. It’s my choice weather to go there or not.

  • susantkerry@gmail.com' Susan Kerry says:

    I know for sure that I hold on long past the time to let go. I know for sure that time is short. I know for sure that I don’t honor or love myself with the conviction I deserve. I know for sure that the circades will arrive when the soil warms to 64 degrees. I know for sure that I need to temper the truth with kindness. I know for sure that I need to say, “I’m sorry I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings” more often. I know for sure that the more I know the less I know. sun- Sagittarius, moon-Aquarius, rising Taurus

  • geoff@gelageo.com' Geoff says:

    Rather belatedly I wish to query your labelling this full moon as the Wesak one as my understanding, verified by Google of course, is that the Wesak moon is the May full moon which this year is in Sagittarius on the 26th

  • kpage830@gmail.com' Kimberly Page says:

    I know I never expected to loose my husband and wind up in a nursing facility
    I know for a fact that God ,the angels,stars and planets have a special path for. Me

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