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Sun in Taurus, Full Moon in Scorpio

A Full Moon in the east in the month of May is called Vesak (wesak). It signifies Buddha’s birthday, as well as the day he attained enlightenment, and the day he died. This year it lands on Friday, May 5. In Buddhist countries this is one of the most important Full Moon/holidays of the year!! Let me share with you what Wikipedia says:

“On Vesak, devout Buddhists and followers alike assemble in their various temples before dawn for the ceremonial and honorable hoisting of the Buddhist flag and the singing of hymns in praise of the holy triple gem: The Buddha, The Dharma (his teachings), and The Sangha (his disciples). Devotees may bring simple offerings of flowers, candles and joss-sticks to lay at the feet of their teacher. These symbolic offerings are to remind followers that just as the beautiful flowers would wither away after a short while, and the candles and joss-sticks would soon burn out, so too is life subject to decay and destruction. Devotees are enjoined to make a special effort to refrain from killing of any kind. They are encouraged to partake only of vegetarian food for the day. In some countries, notably Sri Lanka, two days are set aside for the celebration of Vesak, and all liquor shops and slaughterhouses are closed by government decree during the two days.”

This is a holiday to celebrate Buddha; they are so in love with their teacher – not unlike Christians on Christmas, or the Jews on the New Year. Everything stops and time is made to celebrate and give thanks for the One, or the path holders who showed up with such evolution and inspiration that they made this life meaningful.

I have always carried a strong tie to Buddhism. The moment I heard of this religion, time stood still. I remember where I was seated in my religion class in 12th grade, at Oak Park High School with Mr. Goff as my teacher, and I thought: “Wait, what? There is a religion that does not believe in God – but rather in a practice of mediation and devotion to simplicity?” I was struck and found a resonance that has never left me – even before I really understood their principles or ever started meditating.

It’s no surprise that Taurus, the Sun sign Buddha was born under, revolves around the Buddha’s teaching: “All suffering comes from attachment.” Where is a Taurus who can let go easily, especially with a Moon in Scorpio? That was the Buddha’s placement. This is the combo that longs for safety, security and holding on to what is comforting to them at all costs.

Reflect with me: What if we were not so attached? What if we were able to let go, forgive, change on a dime without resistance? It would be so much easier to live on this planet. To be that free. Easier said than done.

I just heard someone today say that she lost her life’s savings as a result of being scammed – it started with a phone call from some disguised crypto guy pretending that her money would multiply while offering her so much confidence. She fell for it. She gave him her inheritance and then voila: it was all gone. With no police or service to get it back.

A nightmare. Why? Because all suffering comes from attachment – and that was all the money she had. How could we not take that as cause to do drama and react? We all would. I was so impressed how she was dealing – she was using her faith and standing up to those phone calls, went to the police and did ‘all the things’. Her spirit was not caving in.

What would you do? This is where spirituality falls short: when money is involved. How could you use the philosophy of Buddhism to not identify with money as your number one value? Good luck. We are not enlightened enough (yet) to be free enough to let it go.

This Full Moon begs this question:

What are you attached to that if you lost it, it would impact you so badly that you instantly began to suffer? What an awful question. Everything you are attached to that matters would scream ‘No” if you were threatened with losing it. Human nature does not resemble the Buddha.

Quite the opposite. Those holy men and women who’ve reached a level of enlightenment that gives them freedom from attachment are usually not married, they do not have kids, or pets that they are in love with. They pay their deepest respects and love energy to their Guru, God, Christ, Buddha.

That’s not us. However, under this Full Moon may we all ask ourselves: can I let go a bit? Do I feel safe in this modern world? Do I share my stuff? Am I free enough to love and let go? Such great questions. These are all for you under the Full Moon.

Happy big Moon in Scorpio asking us to learn how to trust life no matter what. Wow, what a tall order.


  • amberdurrell@gmail.com' Amber Durrell says:

    Theology is fascinating and I wish I could have taken a class in school. Growing up catholic, I didn’t know much about Buddhism. Detachment wasn’t something I considered positive. But I wasn’t taught to be attached to material things because, you can’t take it with you. Money is a tool and extra should be shared. However, people are harder to let go because the heart is invested. I’ve been lucky, but losing my father this year has been my first test. I can rationalize and accept it 95% of the time, but that last 5% creeps in and the sadness is hard to deny. But that’s the price of love.

  • jdschoenecker@gmail.com' Jen says:

    What a great reflection! As a Taurus rising, Scorpio moon, letting go is difficult, yet I know it is the key to my personal happiness and an important step towards freedom and enlightenment.

    Any chance you’d lead a pre-dawn meditation Friday in honor of Buddha, faith, simplicity and letting go? Just a thought!!

  • waller_ka@yahoo.com' Kimberly Tavernier says:

    What a great read! Attachment is such a deep topic and it is not just about attaching to our material possessions or loved ones, but it is also about attaching ourselves to our expectations. Personally, I think this brings a lot of “unnecessary” suffering. I think in the end it really comes down to letting go and trusting “the all that is” (however one identifies with God) that things will work out for the greatest and highest good of all, even when it doesn’t feel that way. It might even be a great time to be curious when things don’t “feel” like they are happening for our greatest good. Of course, processing emotions is important, but curiosity might be an interesting place to travel after the healing process. This is definitely a practice and I am most definitely a lifetime beginner/newbie ;-)!

  • dottieadams62@gmail.com' Dottie says:

    I love to read since becoming disabled(2020)
    But surprisingly not to many things interest me. My point is astrology along with Yur blogs are never non- believable. Striving to learn is empowering. In my past life I assume, I had to survive without money somehow day to day. Because I have always had a mindset that money is EVIL!. 8 years of Catholic school did not teach me this, or they would not request a collection during every mass service. Deb, I get lost in yur INFINITE WISDOM. I would really love to here if you were a monk lol in yur past life… Do a podcast on that subject for yur fans maybe.

  • kaytiestack2019@gmail.com' Kaytie Stack says:

    Wow! Last night, talking with a friend about facing June with no home or direction of where to live the conversation moved towards being thankful I am about to be free of all shackles – except the most important one, my beautiful companion, my dog Vela. I had played around with the idea of buying an RV and moving around. The Taurus sun and Virgo rising were a little aghast at this idea before. Now? Why the hell not! 9th House adventurous spirit says yes, why not? Travel across Canada, just the two of us! “Oh but I’m 66 years old, this is not safe….”
    To hell with that – let’s go!!

  • zbritfly@gmail.com' Britain Hammell says:

    Thank you for this and everyday Debra!!

  • talibschwartz@hotmail.com' Tal Schwartz says:

    Thank you Debra for ur keen insights, sharing n Being. Truly appreciate YOU🙏🏻👏🏻💐

  • kris10walter@gmail.com' Kristen Walter says:

    Thank you for this. I have already been struggling this week with thoughts coming up of self doubt, unworthiness, fear, and heartache. As a mars, sun, mercury, Venus, & Chiron Taurus, I’ve been filling it with food and sleep and couldn’t seem to shake it. I knew it was the full moon eclipse and I knew it was falling opposite my 15 degree mercury but I didn’t know how to shake it. Now I can at least work on letting go of attachment. My lesson since last eclipse season in 2022. It’s a lesson I will apparently learn again and again and thus reminder really helps ease the pain – if just a bit. Thanks Deb.

  • moellerlori@gmail.com' Lori J Jaques says:

    Debra, I really love your stuff but WOW, this one REALLY resonates and couldnt have found its way to me with any more appropriate timing! Blessed be.

    I appreciate you 🙏

  • jcmagick@yahoo.com' Jacki Shaw says:

    Thank you for your insight, Debra. This touches me deeply as I have my Sun in Taurus with Full Moon in Scorpio. I’ll be 55 this year and although I’ve always been able to remove things/people from my life completely that I found to be toxic… I still get so attached to a few things/people that if taken from me, I’d be deeply disturbed. That Taurean passion is definitely a double edged sword. Coupled with Leo ascending… well, you can see me coming from a mile away if I love you! 🥰

  • cmt4405@gmail.com' claire says:

    I am still learning this life lesson . I just think I have mastered letting go and letting God, when the anti is upped , and I’m on my knees. Pain in more parts of my body , then I knew I had.
    Heaven is accepting Hell is resisting.

  • Dear Debra,
    Thank you so much for this article.. I also discovered Buddhism at a young age. To my delight and surprise right in my Public school library here in Southern California. It took the Mormon religion I was born into and turned it upside down. Although, I had my doubts and questioned everything at a very young age. I am facing the possibility of losing 2 nieces and a grand niece to life threatening problems.This all within the last month and simultaneously. I am very close to all of them and yet I I understand that I have no control over what happens. I am am doing my best to detach, however the emotional pain of being human is challenging. I will be meditating and attempting to vibrate at a higher level for them. I am a 29 Degree Scorpio so knowing the information you sent is a gift. Thank you for all you do. With much gratitude.
    Peggy Woodward

  • 3stonesandrocks@gmail.com' Phil says:

    I go in the woods all the time,and lately the town juvenile delinquents are killing trees for no reason and now they are doing it to some that are hundreds of years old like how do you not feel pain and not be attached to that? Same with every time you go by another swath of woods that has been wiped out? I feel pain off of that.

  • First of all, I’d like to start by saying how much I look forward to your blog posts every new & full moon. I get lots of astrology emails, and I always find these to be my faves. When you mentioned Oak Park High School, I was so shocked because one of my exes (the Big Ex, if you know what I mean) went to that high school, and I just so happened to think about her right when I woke up this morning. I sat back in my chair with my jaw on the floor, thinking *what does this cledon MEAN?!* then I kept on reading your blog post, and it really clicked with this part–“What if we were not so attached? What if we were able to let go, forgive, change on a dime without resistance?” I guess I had unconsciously been holding on to wounded dreams of how things could’ve been different. I’m ready to let go and fully stand in my power yet I also have to hold space for patience with myself when I feel human. So thank you for this message and for sharing your deep wisdom; I appreciate you so much!

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