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Dark. It is always dark when the Sun and Moon in the same spot (also known as a new moon). The Moon can’t be seen as the sky hides its radiance. This week’s Scorpio New Moon brings a deeper conversation about darkness.

We can call a Double Scorpio sky broody, emotional and a time for honesty. Are you following me here? It’s a hard conversation.

Topics that follow this theme: depression and emotionality. Depression is embarrassing. Who wants to talk about it? It’s like having a defect that would be better served by avoiding it, pretending it’s not there.

I recently did a webinar on this very topic (depression), and I got some great feedback. A listener wrote me, thanking me, saying she was a therapist and was so grateful I acknowledged the embarrassing part of this condition. She was treating depression with her clients, yet she herself had a hard time dealing with it.  It was unnatural for her to be social or get out of her house. I so get it.

You can’t tell by looking but I too have known the dark feeling of sadness. It’s heavy. Do I really like being alive? I used to wonder if anyone else wondered that?

I felt like gravity didn’t like me. As if I was carrying an extra load in my backpack, while everyone else was floating through their day, oblivious to gravity at all. I decided way back then that there are two kinds of people: 1- those who have walked through the door called: sad, heavy, lethargic, and 2- those who don’t know what all the fuss is about—life is great!

If you are in the second category, during this new moon, be open minded. Look around at your friends/family and wonder, even ask them: Do you suffer from life being sad? Do you find it hard to get out of the house to socialize? The funny part is this personality trait (Scorpio) often hangs out alone harboring secrets and silence.

When this conversation is opened, it’s very healing—for both parties. Because those that are introverts long for deep conversation and those that are not are missing out on the intimacy that life has when we take down our armor and show up with our humanness.

I have come to love life as it is. It took me so long. It may have to do with the fact I have changed from being a progressed Cancer for the last 29 years and a progressed Scorpio rising for just as long, to a Leo/Sag rising. I am playing for the other team now. I am one of those that has more positive energy available to me than ever before.

This may well be Astrological, in addition to all the work I have done with my own psyche in therapy and reading. Whatever the case, I understand Scorpio. I love double Scorpio and can track the pain. The first step to getting out of it is to share, to ask for help and to know that this too shall pass—slowly or not, it will pass.


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