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Double Scorpio: the Sun and Moon hanging out, holding hands under a dark sky.

Shh. It’s so dark outside and it’s getting colder. How about we settle in around the fireplace…ready for some truths?

Welcome to Scorpio.

Truth: this life is not easy.

Truth: not one person you know has it easy, because of that mysterious chamber called the unconscious mind (Scorpio’s favorite hangout).

Truth: the unconscious mind rules the human condition. If only we could acknowledge that Scorpios believe there are way too many words, and not enough quiet.

What’s not easy is that honestly, everything revolves around your need for contact and intimacy. This is gold in life, and also the source of great pain when we don’t feed the hungry animal who wants to be touched and held.

How willing are you to admit that you operate with a PERSONA which INSISTS THAT you pretend? Can you admit that words are far too many when the simple truth is: you suffer, you long, you are scared, and you miss love? Rarely is any of that ever said until the health crisis, the breakup, or depression and then we (sometimes) have the courage to share the truth.

I ask you under this dark sky as we are sitting around the fire: can you talk about your innards? Are you willing to confess that your tender (Scorpio) heart longs to be wanted, desired and missed? Are you willing to confess that you are a vulnerable creature?

I have learned to embrace my vulnerability. I know how much I need my BFF, my partner, my kids, and the dog. I cry easily and write love letters all year round. I have come to discover in my deep Scorpio self that all that matters is love. If you are sad, lonely, or disconnected—it starts by telling the truth and asking for help.

This is a hard life. We are all in it together. I know how much better I feel after I cuddle up to those I love and admit—with my little girl’s voice—that my unconscious mind, my longing and my vulnerability, deserve to be touched and heard.

The prayer for this new moon:

Allow me the wisdom to touch my tender heart and admit I am human. I long for, need, and miss those I adore—even if I have pretended for far too long that I am self-sufficient. May I know how to share from my depths without pretense to find the miracle of this double Scorpio sky.

Good luck with that, haha. We run away too fast from emotional truths. Try telling your favorite people just how much you love and need them during this dark sky—and let us know how it goes.

How I love me some Scorpio. I even sleep with one, haha.





  •' Mona Weitzel says:

    Love this. Thank you Debra

  •' Annah Robinson(on our fb page) says:

    Tough week my phone lit up with your email…I really needed to hear that I’m all healed up three years out from a narcissistic (clinically)relationship and now I crave exactly what you said …having holed myself up to recover I anxiously await God’s plan…I love being comfortable in my own skin again!.. thanks for this word of discerning hope and encouragement…AJ

  •' Bella says:

    Oh yes I am going out with a Scorpio he is very suclusive..keeping me at arms distance ..but then all of a sudden when I’m right there with him ..
    I’m even frightened as a Cancererian to let him know how I feel least it over shells him ..So we dance ..
    Such a heart he has also me lol ..
    Thankyou for sharing ?

  •' Cristina Nasso says:

    That was said quite beautifully and truthfully. Thank you for that❤

  •' Tess says:

    I love this writing that you wrote for this deep Scorpio time.! This speaks to my vulnerable Scorpio self with Mars Mercury and Neptune all in Scorp

  •' Tracey Chance says:


    I LOVE THIS SECTION!! I LAUGHED LIKE HELL when I read (ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE)!! I’ve been in my feelings for a few years now as a 10/26/76 3:02am baby(yes ma’am I’m looking/learning my chart) but, (this is where my moon in libra likes to get a little wordy-tee-hee) and Spot on with the Psychology side bar!, and I digress, I have been saying to ones I know and or even meet (that Scorpio vibe) that life really is so simplistic when we remove our Ego selves, peeling back all these “layers of the onions”(Shrek) and realize it really all boils down to Love. It’s that simple.
    I wish everyone could get on this page. Thank you kindly Ms Debra for all of your knowledge as I grow more into my higher self. Many blessings to you and all you influence <3

    Kindest regards,

    Tracey Marie Chance

  •' linda says:

    thanks for inspiring the courage in me to really express my heart — without fear of the outcome. love ya debra!

  •' Sara says:

    I reached out to my twin sister ( She and I Have Scorpio moons) Saturday evening and asked IF the opportunity was available IF she could/would add my Mother, my niece and me, and herself into a healing ceremony she was attending .
    She snapped back at me in a defense way that she “certainly appreciated me asking her to do so, but she has been doing that for years ” I’m not sure how I am to receive this . I’m trying not to project my feelings into it, but it hurt my feelings and I felt rejected-abandoned .
    She has disconnected from our family but still is very attached to me in unsupportive ways and it’s been very hard on me.
    I was advised by my therapist to stop asking her for any kind of help and I suppose this was the last straw for me to WAKE UP! And realize my relationship with her is not what I project it to be and he reality is not mine.
    Thanks for all you do Debra,
    Much love to you ,

  •' Sara says:

    And I meant to say : adding us into any open space for prayers and love during the healing she was attending to add us (my Mother, my niece, myself, and her-we are all treading through the depths of significant losses and transformations in our family)

  •' Kathy says:

    I am good with knowing I need others and especially long for the love of my family, they truly have a closeness they share together that is not extended to me. I tell them often how much I love them and show them daily how deeply care with acts of service, yet there is very little responds I think it will be interesting to see how this time unfolds. Thank you Debra for all you share.

  •' Pamela Conover says:

    Very heart felt honesty and truths in this vignette.
    Unmasked desire are the heartbeat of vulnerability.
    ” Trust your intuition for it will not forsake you.
    We are all HUMAN ! Be your TRUE Self, all things will fall into place in due time. Ole souls are wise beyound their years and youthful in heart.
    Inspired by your WISDOM.
    Thank you for being that guiding light.

  •' Linda says:

    I love you Debra!

  •' joy greenfield says:

    Thank you for reminding me. I am always telling myself how self-sufficient I am. This Scorpio – Libra needed your reminder. Many blessings to you for all your work.

  •' Kathryn Wheelock says:

    Hi Debra…didn’t realize you are a Scorpio…that’s nice!! I just wanted to tell you I love your astrology videos. And I enjoy your personality.
    God Bless you and have a great tomorrow!!

  •' Rocky says:


  •' Cynthia Eyer says:

    I have come to realize these truths before I read this. I have been deeply sad and crying and come to realize that it is because I do not want to be alone for the rest of my life and that I need to have love in my life–real love, not emotional baggage. I desire a strong circle of strong women I can go to lunch with and when I speak about ideals they don’t abandon me we aren’t like minded.

  •' Cyl Askins says:

    Thank you for all you give and share so freely with others. Here’s hoping you receive infinite love in return.

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