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The Sun and Moon are both in Scorpio this weekend—an opportunity to go deep.

It is so timely that as a company, the Debra Silverman Astrology team has decided to delve into the topic of racism. We hired consultants to assign us readings, educational videos, and TED talks on the topic.

I found myself going deep into “The #1619 Project” on YouTube, covering a compilation of material about racism through the eyes of history, poetry and stories.

I am humbled. I am truly humbled.

I know so little about Black history. I know so little about how the unconscious agreements we live with. The more I study, the more aghast I am. To think that I unconsciously hold ideas that live in the basement of my mind that require study and curiosity to be healed. What if I didn’t take this dive?

One of the poets I listened to referred to this line that I can’t stop thinking about: “Black people have not been considered human beings.” What did I just hear?

That sentence made me weak, made me cry…because it’s true. There are way too many examples: large ships from Africa, countless slaves, endless shame, a million projections of what a Black man or woman cannot do based on that sick sentence.

It hurts so much. Which is why a double Scorpio sky asks me to touch this pain. No sign has a greater pain threshold than Scorpio.

I do not want to live in pain; I have, though. All my life, these topics of segregation, prejudice, and slavery have carried the deepest wounding in my soul, so in the past, I’ve stayed away from them—as if I have always known the human condition was scarred and pained.

As a healer, I was scared that we could not fully heal from our history of abuse, and just scratch the surface with therapies and practices of forgiveness; however, luckily I am an astrologer—one who consistently looks up. I have always known that just a small thought can change everything.

“I am light. I am not the color of my eyes. I am not the mistakes that my family has made.” I am including these words from a song of India Arie’s that I play on repeat. This double Scorpio sky demands that we take these words in. It is possible to change humanity. I have to believe it is when we realize—truly realize—that India is right: we are light.

My best friend has Saturn in Scorpio. For years, she’s had dreams where she is running or fighting throughout the night. Recently, as the pace of our anxious world was running highest (right before the election), she woke up bruised. She had hit her hand so hard on the side of the bed, she hurt herself. A reoccurring dream of a far-distant place lives in her unconscious where she must protect her people, so she flings her arms around.

This is so Scorpio. You would never imagine she would suffer at night like this. Scorpios hide their dark side—even from themselves.

We all resist calling ourselves racists. Hard to acknowledge that we carry old wounds from past lives, the collective unconscious, and the programming that sticks to us like phlegm during a cold. Phlegm is generated in the body’s defense to protect you—even while making you sick.

Scorpios, at worst, are part of this sabotage mechanism. They lie to themselves without knowing it. At best, they are the death doulas or addiction counselors who make it so safe to go deep and not feel scared with them by your side.

This newsletter is about heavy things: racism, my friend’s scary nightmares, and all things Scorpionic.

I have learned to outpace my fears—catch them before they sneak up on me.  I do therapy and stay close to my negativity.

Recently, in honor of Scorpio, I captured a scary thought—I am secretly a pessimist. It evolved from having heard way too many stories of broken childhoods and the abuse that happens that you don’t want to know about.

Plus I now know racism has been breaking my heart. I am changing both of these truths through my studies. I am taking an active role to shift my fear.

Just like my friend, who is working with hypnosis and changing her inner story, I have been massaging my fear.

What are the shadows you are trying to bring light to?

What negative program are you shifting?

Have you captured your negativity and brought it to the light?

Are you aware of your racism?

We have to do the work. This is how we will change this planet. Pluto demands it. Change or die.

It’s real. I am on it. How about you?

Blessings under this very dark sky,


  •' linda says:

    Best post ever Debra. Thank you. I have Scorpio ASC and 12th house moon with my Taurus sun and I have been suffering too.
    But just made an appt with a psychologist to talk thru anger issues, etc. and tomorrow an starting a course on Compassionate Listening.
    So that internal pain is being turned into something constructive for me now. I need to heal and so feel the collective pain in the environment.
    I love your insight and your thoughts about our lovely black folk. Their voices need to be heard and compassion sent to validate the harm that
    was done to them. May God and the Goddess help us through these times.
    I have been feeling vibrations coming from both locations in different cities where I have lived during the past 3 years. And over the course of that time, the
    vibration has gotten faster and more chaotic. Last week, during the night while I was in bed, the chaos was aggitated greatly for a minute and I
    thought that an earthquake might come.!!!! I really dont know if I am hearing the earth hum, or what the vibration is, but something is UP !!

  •' Kelly Jurgensen says:

    Everyone in America needs to read the book Caste: The Origins of Our Discontents by Isabel Wilkerson. It’s a tough read and should be: it’s an astoundingly necessary piece of work. Go get it….

    •' Shelley Seguin says:

      I’ve heard that! I’m getting it

    •' Annette says:

      Another good resource: “White Fragility: Why It’s So Hard for White People to Talk About Racism” by Robin DiAngelo. She has several presentations on youtube……..
      Annette, Scorpio rising, Neptune in Scorpio 12th House

  •' ScorpioGemriser says:

    Wow. Thank you taking this on. I have a Scorpio sun, Moon and Neptune in fifth house. Mars in the sixth. Right now for me politically I have felt every symbolic whip lash of pain for humanity. I’m sure you will get some antis but that is why it is needed. Thank you.

  •' Amy Rodriguez Miller says:

    Feeling extremely anxious these last few days. As a Latina American I felt unheard and void of my voice. I too also fell party to systemic racism. In this life atone for my sins.

  •' Luisa says:

    Hi Debra, I can relate to your friend so much! I have Sun (conjunct Pluto), Mercury and Saturn in Scorpio in the 8th house and I have nightmares for years about people chasing me/ trying to kill me and I have to escape from them, what does that mean?

  •' MaryLou says:

    I admire you for taking on this endeavor! I lived it….blacks were bused to my school in 1960. They were scared, didn’t want to be there, we whites tried to make them comfortable. I was a junior then. You see unknowingly to our parents my friends and I would get together with black “neighbors ” we always had a ball! My first job was with mixed race, my children grew up went to school and most children’s parties at my home were filled more with black than white. I agree this subject needs to be addressed…strongly…..but until our society finally admits they belong as much as anyone….their history will always be be dark. I am very proud to have these African Americans as my friends, I also live among them! In some ways I wish history could repeat and do differently for these wonderful folks. Apologies for this being long, MaryLou

  • What is happening in England right now feels lie Germany in the 1930’s – ”They” are trying to make us so frightened that they will be able to control us – well I am not having it- I was born on 9thNovember 1938 in London – so have experienced a lot of life & know that fears a weapon – we just need to keep aware of what is happening – are we just visiting what happened inGermany in the 1930 – I have always wondered what we would have done here in UK.
    I have Aquarius rising – we need to let the light in for this new age together going – with 9 grandchildren I feel it is very important…….oxo

  •' Gloria says:

    Greetings, and thank you. Aquarian Sun, Scorpio Moon, and Capricorn Ascended. Are we really readyfor The Truth? Hummmmmm. History of the present is buried deep in the past. Truth do not change or past a way. What your Ancient Forefathers and Foremothers were we are today with out doubt or contradiction. In short the key to why in this present day and time, we are witnessing, the misuse, the abuse, killings etc. mainly center around the so called, blacks, african Americans, negros,colored folks etc. is because of the classification and identification. There were lawful processes that was suppose to have taken place after the Civil war, concerning the whole slavery issue and Actual Freedom. Human Beings, real citizens.(1865). These Laws are permanent parts of the Constitution and must be enforced to save the nations all Humanity, which includes The 1st 7 Articles of the Constitution, All 4 of President A. Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamations, September 22, 1862, Preliminary or Initial, Compensated, December 1,1862, Supplemental January 1,1863 and Oath of Amnesty and Recontruction, December 8, 1865, inclusive of the original 13th, Amendment with 20 Sections, not the 2sections that is being active in these times. Because these Laws have been swept under rug, we are all now Corporate Slaves. The answer is (Nationality is the Order of The Day). We are operating under a defacto government system, all about the $$$$,Racism Hummmmmm. The Truth must be told. We are all Human beings, the true identity and race must be returned to these Original People that was taken away during the time of slavery in order to return back to the human families of nations with all Human Rights. Thank you for allowing me to share just some thoughts. This my 1st, I just stepped out on Faith. Again, thank you Debra for opening this door. I love you. PEACE in LOVE. Gloria ??

  •' Arthur says:

    You’re precious! This is not an easy sea to navigate.Blessings to you for taking the courage to leave the shore.

  •' Shelley Seguin says:

    Debra, I am so glad you wrote this. Each community is receiving its wake up calls, and I am very grateful to see that you are sending out yours. The way I see it, if any one of we humans suffers, since all is connected, we each suffer. Until equality is global , we will feel unrest. We may not be able to define it, but it will be there until it heals, everywhere. My eye opener began when I was seven years old and travelling through Georgia in the USA. As I was strolling with my parents I cheerily greeted an elderly ( black ) women walking down the same sidewalk. She replied and addressed me as Ma’am. I was shocked and didn’t understand. My parents explained the history ( what they knew of it) and I remember it disturbed me. When I got older I made it part of my life’s goals to learn more and do what I can to change my part , including learning about my unconscious biases and judgements.I guess my ascendant Scorpio knows I need to face this head on. I’m sure we have many years to go before this ongoing damage is stopped and healed but at least some leaders like yourself are speaking out . Way to go, Deb, and again, thank you ?

  •' Vinceanna says:

    Love the deep. Mahalo for this. We have so much work to do on the collective. So many uncomfortable things to bring too light. The realness of it all so we can change

  •' JRG says:

    Yup, I have the Saturn in Scorpio. I too have the night place I go in some dreams. Luckily, all of the Gemini in my chart allows me to return with more understanding, and sometimes communicate it. I have seen how some of my negative environments have impacted me, but I have also fought all of my life toward my strong ethical beliefs, and have acted according to them instead more times than less. Connecting beyond false limits has actually led to some of my greatest joys – free of regret. I have been working on my blind spots too during this period, and I feel I’ve had some success… I’ve moved to a new dream place for the first time in my life, and it’s a much better place for me to be! (Your friend might like to know that’s possible) Oh, I’ll still dive deep – it’s my way. And I’ll always listen for any whispers of wisdom that I can garner for the imperfect, but striving, person at my core.

  •' Amandala Be says:

    Thanks Deb,
    I’ve been looking deep into the shadows recently with chats with my ex husband Rwandan about our time together in the Congo immediately after the genocide there . He’s in lock down in France at the moment with his family with more time for reflection .

    I’m also doing 3 different astrology guided kundalini yoga kriyas in rotation for 40 days to purge, transform the subconscious and rebirth.
    And my current racist learning is listening to “Dark Emu” about the settlers who came here and plundered the land and our indigenous family. I hadn’t appreciated how vast the destruction was as a result of our perceived & projected entitlement.
    So sad, many many tears and very humbling…

  •' Juno says:

    Tell Me A Story seems like it will be a very helpful course to heal Scorpio pain. Since you are so concerned with the black plight. Will you be offering this course at a discount race for your black customers ?

  •' Wendy says:

    I remember that at age six or seven, wondering what these people who were just like me, except for their skin color, had done to create such fear of a loss of control of them. Fifteen years later, my father took me to a musical play, South Pacific, and I head a song called “You’ve got to be carefully taught.” It was the beginning of an explanation for the baseless discrimination, that is alive and well today. Wake up! The time for change at the cellular level is overdue. BLM! The light of love will prevail.

    I also worry about your loss of a special friend, and how you are doing. I know you have important work to do now. Thanks for being the gift for us.

  • I am Scorpio sun with Taurus rising and thrash through the night. No one can sleep with me because I thrash into them while I’m asleep. I dream when I do sleep, which is not much, and my dreams are usually about architecture–rising through several stories, trying to get to the top to escape what’s going on below. Very interesting post. Was looking for a birth month forecast, but got this instead.

  •' Judy Doctoroff says:

    This was so moving, Debra. Your honesty brings the light ever closer. I have always made the effort to be honest with myself, above all. To accept all of the shortcomings I have and to acknowledge them, and then to use that knowledge to rise above them.

  •' Jerrine Egloff says:

    Yes Humans! what a shabby mean animal we can be. I am a proud Scorpio I was in Firenze with a cape vervain friend..we are both od he is with a walker..a great painter himself…we went into local restaurant near the Ufizzi it was raining and cold the place was full..everyone turned and stared at us..they guessed we were a couple and hated was visceral I’ve never felt that before ..i’ve heard black friends talk about that horrible sensation..We need to heal is like stabbing youself in the heart to continue.

  •' Liz Koch says:

    Thank you Deb for speaking these words and thus moving us into curiosity about whiteness. As a somatic educator focused on “bio-intelligence”core expression. I have been exploring “moving whiteness” as a way of dissolving our colonized thinking and nourishing our souls, supporting fully recognizing every white person’s part in racism. When we think of including other I believe we must instead turn toward ourselves and our colonizing ancestors who took other’s homelands and lives (and which we celebrate in the USA each year as Thanksgiving), stole, bought, and traded human beings keeping them enslaved and now think of ourselves as colorblined. I see that we look as if it happened in the hands of someone else. It is our work of white bodies as colonizers to take apart the systemic racism by recognizing our complacency and our complicity. The dissonance I recognize in the white body is a reflection of shock and trauma…and incoherency that stemes from lack of connection to the larger field of life; a frozenness that leaves us shaking our heads, wondering what to do, or feelin overwhelmed – what is called “white fragility.” We each have a part to play and I so appreicate your starting the conversation and the movement necessary to realize people of culture and indigenious peoples do not want what we have actually we need what they have – a deep relationship with the earth, a belonging, and a profound and creative capicity to nourish the soul of humanity.

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