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Ok, double Scorpio — if you don’t mind, I am gonna hitchhike on your energetics. I think we have to speak to the depths lingering in our zeitgeist at this time (Fall of 2022). Here goes…

I just read that for the first time in our recorded history, the Alaskan snow crab has gone extinct. Apparently global warming hits again; the water has warmed and discontinued that species.

I heard that children/teenage suicide has increased beyond any other time in history.

Oh yeah, and there are more sales of Viagra than ever before — apparently men are needing some help.

Those were all Scorpio topics. (One of those three things may or may not be scientifically true. You guess which one is the surprise!)

The point, however, is the dark side — the male side, which has a history of misusing energy — is asking for light.

Let’s use this new moon to speak to the hardships that are in our collective narrative. Words like trauma, anxiety, and depression ran rampant. Democracy is wearing thin. Can we face our shadows and speak to them? Thank you for the invitation, double Scorpio.

What is in the depths of our reality in this very deep time? (Asks the Astrologer who has ample amounts of Scorpio in her chart.)

Scorpio loves to address the shadow, to be naked, and to acknowledge the truth of our inner animal: greed, fear, hunger, passion. This is the part in all of us that has instinctual reactions that override logic. It’s the stuff that can embarrass us: when we orgasm, get violent, or lose our shit.

In this era, our inner animal has good reason to be reactive, angry, depressed and scared. It’s just true. For the first time in our lives we use words like ‘extinction.’

“The planet has experienced five previous mass extinction events, the last one occurring 65.5 million years ago which wiped out the dinosaurs from existence. Experts now believe we’re in the midst of a sixth mass extinction.” (Source: World Wildlife Foundation)

Wait. We should all ask: ‘What do you mean that we are going extinct?’ Do we have to learn how to accept such a truth?

If this is true, this eclipse is asking us to be real, to read, study, prepare, have the hard conversations, and to open your heart and say: the animal in me is scared.

The sooner we reveal our authentic inner truth (our humanness that is filled with caring and hope), this story will be changed. I believe these newsletters and our conversations about Astrology open the door for us to be staring at the dark from the vantage point of the light in our souls, who have faith.

I have faith. I know that this is not surprising to those who watch us, protect us, and try to inform us of alternative ways to upscale this reality.

I am obsessed with Steven Greer’s work on help from the highest realms. In addition to the scientists who know that there are surprises, miracles in the wings are waiting to give us alternatives.

I know we are being held. If there is a function of this eclipse on Tuesday, October 25, 2022, it is to be ‘real,’ to seek faith, and to pray.

Here is the prayer for this new moon:

Let me rest in the dark womb of the one who knows all is well.
Let my nervous system calmly absorb the peaceful state that is rightly mine.
Show my animal self that love always overcomes fear, and light always overcomes dark.
Love is just a thought away.

Ok, this was a heavy newsletter — but I had to share my hope in the middle of the dark sky. That’s what Astrologers do: they find the light, right there in the dark.





  • Hello@acupunctureontour.com' Holly says:

    Thank you

  • rebecca.moberly@yahoo.com' Rebecca says:

    I love Scorpio season because I am invited to go deep, look at reality, and transform! Beautiful Scorpio.

  • marketinfo58@gmail.com' Denise says:

    Loved this! Thanks for your message. Denise

  • Debby Deep. Great Image for Scorpio.

  • reganmaryrose@gmail.com' MaryRose says:

    thank you Debra, you are the light in my dark tunnel.
    My sun, in Leo is in the eighth house. Although I have no planets in Scorpio it is my 12th house and I fell the darkness often,,,,

  • codeystory83@gmail.com' Codey says:

    Hello Debra and team! This REALLY hit home for me and was divine timing. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

  • noelle@noellenadeaukhoo.ca' Noëlle says:

    As always, you have the most graceful, bold and matter of fact way of addressing the celestial sky and the elephant in the room.
    As always, thank you for sharing your light.

  • Jeannadavis96@yahoo.com' Jeanna davis says:

    Amazing refreshing and deep. Thank you. Much love peace and happiness to you. Also that’s a song by chamberbrothers for all time

  • vivianep39@gmail.com' Viviane Paolini says:

    You are the light for most of us.
    Yes bad times are coming, men made bad times unfortunately. Good times will come just after, we will not wait long.
    Lets hope for the light and throw scorpio out.
    Thank you for your beautiful and well said words

  • Pattyrupp@yahoo.com' Patty says:

    Yay, I do love Cleaning up pollution of any kind! Nov.14,1966.I snap back everytime.My (animal)I am tuning in and learning responsibility and restraint .I will know my true self can deliver softness with Sovereignty baby. I am here for the masculine to find light I bet.Thankyou for being real for me tonight Debra. Peace,prosperity,purification,knowledge,compassion to us all on this eclipse

  • PaulaTaylorPsychic@gmail.com' Paula says:

    Yeah, Scorpio deep transformation. Necessary, as is Pluto, but many people refuse to explore their shadow side, until it is foisted on them from circumstances, and then get angry and destructive, blaming others or the environment. I just went through a very, very dark Scorpionic home invasion that lasted for two months, and almost caused suicide. But I resolved never to be defeated, kept chanting Nam Myoho Renge Kyo, and fought my way through to the Light. I can’t think of a more horrific and enduring experience, except dying of a fatal disease or being attacked in war. I really hope that was my Scorpionic transformation, don’t think my emotional, spiritual, or physical self can withstand another one. I feel like you are also going through something traumatic at this time. Hang in there!!

  • blbarker43@icloud.com' Bonnie says:

    Keep rattling our cages…i need these pushes, realities…spent a week prior to this New Moon in blissful love and action within different sources, serving womankind…thank you always for your inner thoughts, questions and depth of awareness…❤️ for the prayer. ?

  • vjcarmosino@aol.com' Veronica Carmosino says:

    Thank you Dabra, but I’m tired of praying, hoping and thinking positive.
    It’s time to fight back and fight back hard!

  • Jen_ruth_ladd@yahoo.com' Jennifer ladd says:

    Hi, we can never go deep enough coming from a stallion in my 8th house and IC. Having studied level 3 and now working as an Astrologer who combines art. I am trying to put the depth we all seem to avoid on the canvas. I love this post and thank you for your wisdom ? ❤️ ? ?

  • pdkjeepers@gmail.com' Dawn says:

    OMG. You hit the nail on the head. I just didn’t associate the lack of sleep with the timing of the moon. No wonder I feel like I’m being attacked from somewhere/something. Things are changing for sure. Protection is needed for sure. I love the with light of love. Thank you for much needed words of wisdom. May the light of healing touch you today.

  • whitede4@gmail.com' Denise White says:

    Beautifully written! Someone needed to say it! Yes, the animal that I am is scared, very, very scared! Now that you’ve illumined us to this dark Scorpion influence, is there anything in the cosmos to offset, challenge, help correct ir mitigate these energies? If so, perhaps you can enlighten us in the next newsletter?


    Thank you lovely helpful inspirational Debra! You are the best! You always lift my spirits.

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