Intensive Breakthrough

An intensive is a gift you give yourself when you are ready to change your life. This two-day process will answer the question what did your soul take on this lifetime based on your life story. You and Debra will go into your history and your potential and possibilities from your souls point of view. An intensive is a highly beneficial process for breakthroughs for those who are in transition or at an impasse in their life.

The intensive begins with a full witnessing of and deep compassion for your life history. Each detail – your lineage, your first love, your relationships with family, partners, and children– is expressed. You will see yourself in a way you have never seen yourself before. Using your astrological chart and your story, Debra assists you in letting go of the pain and understanding the Divine purpose for the way your life has unfolded, allowing you to become your own healer.

The next step includes a powerful Voice Dialogue session. You will come into clear relationship with the most fundamental parts of yourself, bringing the elemental voices of water, air, earth and fire into inner balance and alignment. The Voice Dialogue helps you become the aware and conscious orchestrator of your own life. Once you have done that powerful work you will focus on practical topics such as finances, food, diet, exercise, money and sex. This is where the tires hit the ground in the therapeutic process.

We come up with an action plan, and create a structure for actualization so that the work has marked results. This is usually a half day process, and completes with a prayers list – affirmations, intentions and prayers for whatever we established as the core issues and the behavior changes needing to take place.

The intensive is a means to open your heart to yourself and claim the fullness of your life—as one client said, “Debra gives you back to yourself.” Working with my unique blend of psychotherapy and astrological insight is an extraordinarily effective process that enables you to accept and love your core essence. My gift is to allow you to see yourself anew—to become aware and appreciative of your idiosyncrasies and personality traits that just won’t go away. Through the intensive process, you receive the gift of “loving yourself,” which is essential to finding the harmony in family and intimate relationships that is your birthright.

Length: Two Days – total of 8 to 12 hours

Cost: $6,000

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