Live Phone Astrology Reading

Learn about your life’s purpose according to your soul and personality.


Each session includes a personality assessment based on birth date, time and place along with a highlight of timings, cycles and themes within your birth chart. All sessions are recorded for you, and you are provided with a copy of the recording at the conclusion of your session.

All readings will be held on a toll-free number that can be accessed from your computer. For longer sessions, Debra also offers a Video Conference option (at the same price).

You can also book an in-person reading in Boulder, CO – but these are very limited in availability and must be booked 3-6 months in advance.

Contact to schedule your astrology reading with Debra.

Getting a reading from Debra is where the tires hit the road. You’ll go from theory straight into reality. You can read about astrology, you can get multiple readings from psychics…but when you have a session with Debra, your life can change.

Debra will not only give you astrology information such as: timing, dates, personality issues and relationship patterns, but more than that,  she will give you homework and answers to some of the most important questions a soul can ask like: What is my purpose? Why am I here?

Debra is concise and direct…she has a strong Gemini/Sagittarius influence, so she gives you the blunt truth — making you laugh and cry, and by the end of your reading, you’ll realize she just nailed you. So many people leave their sessions saying, “Debra, you know me better than I do.”

With her psychology background and 40+ years of experience, she will give you specific directives to change your life. Her gift is compassion and healing in the name of those hard truths. Yes, for some she is pricey—but that is because you will only need one or two sessions to change everything.

Some astrologers talk — Debra listens — to you and your soul, so that you can find your voice, your purpose, and the right timing.