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Discover YOUR Unique Astrology Journey…

Learn how Astrology can enhance your life’s purpose and career.

How can I personally utilize Astrology with ease? What makes a good Astrologer and is that my destined path?

There are certain indicators in your birth chart that support your astrological education path. We want to help you discover your unique sweet spots to shine your fullest in the world of Astrology. Most importantly understand how Astrology can be applied to your life, relationships and career.

This is a focused 20-30 minute reading specific to unraveling how you can use Astrology in this lifetime to enhance your career, your life and see if it’s written in the stars to become an Astrologer. This reading is facilitated by my some of my best Certified Astrologers, Kristen Masi and Malika Semper.

This is NOT a FULL Astrology reading. If you are looking for a comprehensive Astrology reading please go to the Certified Astrologer page on our site.

The reading will be booked for 30-minutes but will most likely take around 20-minutes to complete. When you reserve your spot please make sure to complete all the details of your birth information so your Certified Astrologer can pull your chart.

All readings will be held in a zoom room that can be accessed from your phone or computer.  All sessions are recorded, and you are provided with a copy of the recording at the conclusion of your session.

To book your reading with Kristen or Malika, simply click the button below and choose your date and time:

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