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Shailene Woodley is a very unusual person. In typical Scorpio fashion, she turns challenges into opportunities, infuses her passion into every acting role she has ever performed and brings boundless dedication to her advocacy work.

I had the pleasure of sitting down recently with this young woman to discuss her interest in astrology, our mutual ability to delve into metaphysics and our love for truth.

More Than Just a Pretty Face

Whether she’s on the red carpet, advocating for clean energy or championing indigenous rights, Shailene Woodley commits fully. This amazing young woman, who’s just 26 years young, started acting when she was eight and has already worked with superstars George Clooney in The Descendants; Nicole Kidman and Reese Witherspoon in the HBO hit mini-series, Big Little Lies; and Kate Winslet in The Divergent Series (to name a few).

Oh, and on top of all her film work, she’s also started a non-profit with her mother and brother called All It Takes, which cultivates youth leadership by teaching young people to practice honor, acceptance, compassion and respect in order to create positive change in the world. Shailene echoed the mission of her non-profit during our conversation, saying: “…one of the biggest takeaways of astrology was being able to understand my inner psyche from a place that was compassionate, not from a place that was judgmental.”

Shailene and Millennials Embrace Astrology

Like many of her Millennial peers, Shailene Woodley is looking to astrology for guidance, and she’s using her voice to speak out against injustice wherever she sees it. And people are listening. Last year, Woodley was honored at the 20th Anniversary Global Green Environmental Awards where she received the Entertainment Industry Environmental Leadership Award for co-founding the All It Takes organization.

Shailene is truly inspiring, and I can’t wait for you to hear my conversation with her! Wise beyond her years, Shailene observed during our chat, “The truth always wins. You can’t hide from truth. And truth is always—in my experience—love.” I want you to have access to the kinds of wisdom that shaped Shailene Woodley into who she is.

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